YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Make No Sense [Official Music Video]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Make No Sense
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  1. bootche24

    bootche248 soat oldin

    This so go hard even tho it was called tina turner slime 💵

  2. Naybahood Chris

    Naybahood Chris9 soat oldin

  3. jamia Ellis

    jamia Ellis9 soat oldin

    Aye sen for whoeva did dat bitxh ass nigga shit and disliked big bro video bogus lil nasty ass sluts dis song bus no cap

  4. Tonn 4

    Tonn 49 soat oldin

    your jacket doesnt fit you you have to give it to me #GLEEE

  5. G Dog

    G Dog9 soat oldin

    Bruh u gotta alot ice and crack or what ever that is ___________________________

  6. ZåÝňôş ŅêphiĻ!m

    ZåÝňôş ŅêphiĻ!m9 soat oldin

    .75 speed🔥🔥🔥

  7. the qrrfq

    the qrrfq9 soat oldin


  8. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy10 soat oldin

    Teacher: so what’s your talent? Me: 0:27


    MINECRAFT BEBESİ TR10 soat oldin


  10. legendsnow SK

    legendsnow SK10 soat oldin

    This blew up on Spotify

  11. Anthony Ambriz

    Anthony Ambriz10 soat oldin


  12. Anthony Ambriz

    Anthony Ambriz8 soat oldin

    @bowen voowy oohh

  13. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy10 soat oldin

    ChristianAdamG don’t be capp’in dis mofo dead aaa be “singing talking” bruh...I’m just waiting for him to say “Momma I’m sorry” xD

  14. chunky 123

    chunky 12310 soat oldin

    Sometimes school don't make sense nigga

  15. Kia Joseph

    Kia Joseph11 soat oldin

    4kt slime nigga I'm bout date all lat DUMB shiii

  16. iGNi vlog

    iGNi vlog11 soat oldin

    sound great with youtube speed up player

  17. Agness Sadarakha

    Agness Sadarakha11 soat oldin


  18. GR Wae

    GR Wae12 soat oldin

  19. Caleb city fan Oof

    Caleb city fan Oof12 soat oldin

    Tina turner

  20. ZaMora Pruitt

    ZaMora Pruitt12 soat oldin

    Gucci mane

  21. Kanye West

    Kanye West12 soat oldin

    Niggas who say; "rEaL fAns kNew tHiS soNG wheN it waS caLlLed tInA tuRneR" make no *(fucking)* sense,

  22. Janitañ Bouknight

    Janitañ Bouknight12 soat oldin

    NBA youngboy Me and homies we rap and I am make a rap it's. About to hard I just got to find the right beat. And I always subscribe to your channel and hit the bell and hit thumbs up.

  23. Kyle Napier

    Kyle Napier12 soat oldin

    short bus video

  24. Frick 9ine

    Frick 9ine13 soat oldin

    This video: leaves the UZgo trending chart Me: it make no sense

  25. kentavius minnifield

    kentavius minnifield13 soat oldin

    Me getting suspended for giving my friend a Pokemon card mom: it makes no sense

  26. Trevon Guyton

    Trevon Guyton13 soat oldin

    Younboy snap on this shit

  27. Jack Gomez

    Jack Gomez13 soat oldin


  28. Roy Muzuwa

    Roy Muzuwa13 soat oldin

    ChristianAdamG don’t be capp’in dis mofo dead aaa be “singing talking” bruh...I’m just waiting for him to say “Momma I’m sorry” xD

  29. Jamari'a Willson

    Jamari'a Willson13 soat oldin

    This song is already 🔥

  30. Fresh Out

    Fresh Out13 soat oldin

    Bro i swear i heard this like 2 years ago wtf 😂

  31. Helder Gonzalez

    Helder Gonzalez13 soat oldin

    Legit the only nba song i rock with

  32. Trevortni Desserped

    Trevortni Desserped13 soat oldin

    Not his best work imo, but it's listenable. That's me being nice.

  33. Helder Gonzalez

    Helder Gonzalez13 soat oldin

    Trevortni Desserped you like this one?

  34. Trevortni Desserped

    Trevortni Desserped13 soat oldin

    The only ones I like are Bandit, I Am Who They Say I Am, and some of his older work. I hate his newer shit, for the most part.

  35. Yolanda Jones

    Yolanda Jones13 soat oldin

    i know i’m not the only one who that was jania😂 0:17

  36. Shannon Bailey

    Shannon Bailey13 soat oldin

    Shit Go Hard

  37. Aaiyden Brown

    Aaiyden Brown13 soat oldin

    You're the best NBA youngboy

  38. Dustin Hansen

    Dustin Hansen14 soat oldin


  39. MFK D Steppa

    MFK D Steppa14 soat oldin

    Everybody listen to the link please


    YTM MUZIK14 soat oldin Travis Scott type shit

  41. Pat pat

    Pat pat14 soat oldin

    who ever helping you wit them beats you better stick wit them and i said it so fly

  42. El Cristiano - Topic

    El Cristiano - Topic14 soat oldin

  43. Treven Mcfee

    Treven Mcfee14 soat oldin

    Is no one gonna talk about how hard 0:56 to 1:00 is?

  44. Blessin Flimdoza

    Blessin Flimdoza14 soat oldin

    Just love this young man music such a gangsta lil nigga 😈🔥💕

  45. Sticks Weezy

    Sticks Weezy14 soat oldin

    Me: Teacher I need help on the test. Teacher: What Me: 1:11

  46. indy_dez

    indy_dez14 soat oldin


  47. Rhonda Joseph

    Rhonda Joseph14 soat oldin

    The song don't match the video 😂

  48. John C

    John C14 soat oldin

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  49. Freddie Green

    Freddie Green14 soat oldin

    They can't fuck wit that boi and they no true shit ride the wave fuck wit em the world no who the truth is facts

  50. Gaisha Boast

    Gaisha Boast14 soat oldin

    0:01 when the teacher said you talk but whisper only

  51. Maycon Cruz

    Maycon Cruz15 soat oldin

    look at this

  52. Finn Cool

    Finn Cool15 soat oldin

    Put this on gta radio

  53. X X X F A N

    X X X F A N15 soat oldin

    I sang the lyrics “I feel like I’m Gucci mane in 2006” and so on. And my friend was listening this is when the song came out. And a month passes and he’s like “you didn’t make that song up” I’m like bruh you dumb you know nba youngboy like the best rapper his face tho nba you have a new fan buddy ur welcome

  54. Mitsuki

    Mitsuki15 soat oldin


  55. 4KT Bonner

    4KT Bonner15 soat oldin

    Hit him with the cutter😂🔫🗡

  56. jay Mila

    jay Mila15 soat oldin


  57. Mike Tucker

    Mike Tucker15 soat oldin

    It don’t make no sense these bitches wearing shorts and half shirts and it’s cold asf... supposed to be cold asf

  58. Jaylon Phillips

    Jaylon Phillips15 soat oldin


  59. Slapah YT

    Slapah YT15 soat oldin OMG I HOPE RODDY IS OK

  60. Bossman Greg

    Bossman Greg15 soat oldin

    They smoking TF out them cigarettes tho that don't make no sense


    HOTBOY ROME15 soat oldin

    was this song raw like if was, dislike if its not you're tripping if you say this song is not raw

  62. Victoria Richmond

    Victoria Richmond15 soat oldin

    This beat tho

  63. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui15 soat oldin

    Me: heard it before Also me : it make no sense

  64. Lin

    Lin15 soat oldin

    This video don’t go

  65. Morgangot Cwaves

    Morgangot Cwaves15 soat oldin

    aye aye aye young boy