WWE SmackDown Full Episode, 8 November 2019

Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin collided in Manchester, England, but The Big Dog would ultimately have to deal with a lot more than just The King of the Ring by match’s end. Also, Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman came face-to-face yet again in a WWE ring, this time with a potentially even more shocking conclusion.
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  1. Radim P97

    Radim P973 kun oldin

    Corbin is king off trash :) Roman in is king Smackdown :3

  2. Konrad Fesk

    Konrad Fesk19 kun oldin

    I hate the new day!

  3. Konrad Fesk

    Konrad Fesk19 kun oldin

    Great episode!

  4. JR Gabe

    JR Gabe20 kun oldin

    Cesaro for universal champion please

  5. Paul

    Paul20 kun oldin

    Tried to watch. No, this is still trash to me.

  6. Nui CHz.

    Nui CHz.21 kun oldin


  7. Александр Алекс

    Александр Алекс21 kun oldin

    Есть на русском языке

  8. Melsa Icha

    Melsa Icha21 kun oldin

    You is the best ramon and i like you

  9. Adam Setiawan

    Adam Setiawan22 kun oldin

    Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan make it at survivor series!

  10. อิเล็กทรอนิกส์แบบชาวบ้าน [Studios]

    อิเล็กทรอนิกส์แบบชาวบ้าน [Studios]22 kun oldin

    I'm so funny, Semi Zayn 😆😆😆

  11. Paul-PHX

    Paul-PHX22 kun oldin

    What's common between WWE and Epstein hanging himself?

  12. Staalstraal

    Staalstraal22 kun oldin

    YES: - Bryan vs Fiend - Sasha's themsong NO: - Doggy pooppromo - Apathic Bailey - Fury and Strowman are suddenly friends??

  13. Blame TO

    Blame TO23 kun oldin

    I want to see Raw vs Smackdown vs NXT

  14. fadril surachman

    fadril surachman23 kun oldin

    Sasha theme song sounds like Remix of Samoa Joe theme song

  15. Marcus Thorén

    Marcus Thorén23 kun oldin

    Why did they remix Sasha's theme song so bad? Ugh... If you're gonna change it so much, make a completely new one - like Bayley's.

  16. Kampee Triphoneagson

    Kampee Triphoneagson24 kun oldin

    King Of The Wolrd Corbin!!!!!!!

  17. Nashar Nasharr

    Nashar Nasharr24 kun oldin

    i hope dean Ambrose in NXT and former members the shield is part of they are shows

  18. ReeF

    ReeF23 kun oldin

    I hope you know Dean is long gone grom wwe

  19. ReeF

    ReeF23 kun oldin


  20. American Indonesian Descent

    American Indonesian Descent24 kun oldin

    Without Brock Lesnar, Friday Night Smackdown will be boring. Without Brock Lesnar, monday night Raw will be fine.

  21. Bâťĥ ÝŤ Bath

    Bâťĥ ÝŤ Bath24 kun oldin

    Jhon cena

  22. The Oldman Standing

    The Oldman Standing24 kun oldin

    is it possible " USO vs young buck for wwe tag team champion "

  23. nick man

    nick man25 kun oldin

    Roman never come alone coz your opponents don't come alone and they cheat you and make you lose fight always.

  24. sandryanus jeff

    sandryanus jeff25 kun oldin

    NXT just a coward

  25. MyThaitanium

    MyThaitanium25 kun oldin

    Thk from Thailand

  26. Yorian Krijnen

    Yorian Krijnen25 kun oldin

    Shayna and Nikki versus bayley and Sascha!

  27. Johhan Asskicking

    Johhan Asskicking25 kun oldin

    вангую эра закончит как нексус

  28. TheM4

    TheM425 kun oldin

    1:14:22 the dude gave baron corbin the middle finger

  29. Andrius Andrius

    Andrius Andrius25 kun oldin

    why Bailey so pathetic

  30. Abdirazak Hassan

    Abdirazak Hassan25 kun oldin

    So the fiend brock lesnar and adam cole are gonna face off at survivor series

  31. Julian Untoro

    Julian Untoro25 kun oldin

    I want Toni Storm 😭❤❤

  32. American Indonesian Descent

    American Indonesian Descent25 kun oldin

    I hope she'll be draft to Friday Night Smackdown!

  33. Sandtraps15

    Sandtraps1525 kun oldin

    I miss her too!

  34. MeRiaS GaMeR

    MeRiaS GaMeR25 kun oldin


  35. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke25 kun oldin

    No one wants to be allied w Sami. Sami sucks

  36. jekinsan

    jekinsan25 kun oldin

    кликуха его замочит одной левой!!!

  37. jekinsan

    jekinsan25 kun oldin

    че он пизданул про кличко??!!!

  38. SixshotFin

    SixshotFin25 kun oldin

    WWE needs strong man like Brian Shaw on their roster

  39. Theocharis2 arkopelos

    Theocharis2 arkopelos25 kun oldin

    this episode for me had no interest.. first and mostly, why so many tag team matches? why wwe doesnt make any triple threat match or a fatal 4 way match or a fatal 5 way match? why only in main events triple threat matches take place? where is the 24/7 title chasing moments through the ring or the weird pinfalls outside the arena? why wwe doesnt make a similar match with 24/7 title like hardcore match which used to be..like extreme rules.. no disqualification? u waste so many money on pyros and great displays and great promotions and the content of paper view is blank.. u hav to put various matches every episode..not only one vs one and tag team matches..even mixed tag team matches are boring anymore.. and titles are not likeable as they were use to be ..it must be one women's championship, one women's tag team championship, 24/7 championship , wwe championship, world heavyweight championship(full gold belt) and tag team championship(for men) , intercontinental championship and united states championship.. women's belts must hav the colour white and gold.. men's belts must hav black colour and gold except intercontinental championship.. superstars must hav a real professional name..not "shorty g" ..it intimitates the superstar.. under the ring always must hav many objects not only table chair ..raw roster was good because of brock lesnar because he makes things out of control and action things..not only fight pin and finish.. also superstar's outfits must be more wrestling style and not too many colourful clothes..i hope this feedback helps wwe

  40. Black Market Fan Boy

    Black Market Fan Boy25 kun oldin

    The women can also capture the 24/7 title. Tamina and Carmella for example.

  41. Winni Liang

    Winni Liang25 kun oldin

    I hate king Corben! Like this comment if you love romein rings!

  42. Zikry Hafidin Mukti

    Zikry Hafidin Mukti25 kun oldin

    Sasha banks entrance 🔥🔥🔥


    HERDI AGUST DP25 kun oldin

    So they're back to sd live tron again..

  44. Vevo2

    Vevo225 kun oldin

    Mne nih penggemar Roman Reigns🤙

  45. Bang Erik

    Bang Erik12 kun oldin


  46. Josh Roring

    Josh Roring19 kun oldin

    Anjayy +62

  47. Rudolf Dominko

    Rudolf Dominko23 kun oldin

    Roman reins

  48. Abdulloh Azzam

    Abdulloh Azzam23 kun oldin

    dari negara bar bar juga

  49. Molodoy

    Molodoy24 kun oldin


  50. Rofid fid

    Rofid fid25 kun oldin

    NXT 👎👎👎👄👅