WWE remembers the lasting legacy of Rocky Johnson

A look back at the incredible life and career of WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson.
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  1. Maya Drumwright

    Maya Drumwright3 kun oldin

    Dang the rock sounds just like rocky



    So they have a Chinese Dwayne Johnson.... THE WOK.

  3. Evan Brown

    Evan Brown5 kun oldin

    Nova Scotia Hero!

  4. L.A. Rican

    L.A. Rican6 kun oldin

    all them fake punches tho LOL staged AF....for real tho R.I.P. Rocky Johnson

  5. Jabez Reji

    Jabez Reji8 kun oldin


  6. zLeox22

    zLeox228 kun oldin

    Rip big man


    GAME ZONE9 kun oldin


  8. D4drd Ftcfcgc

    D4drd Ftcfcgc10 kun oldin

    Im just wondering does this mean dwayne johnson is technically half black because he looks more islander than an islander

  9. Shoubhik

    Shoubhik10 kun oldin


  10. Kevin K

    Kevin K10 kun oldin

    He wasn't there for the Rock growing up. He was a father but not a daddy.

  11. shihab salman

    shihab salman10 kun oldin

    Legends are not born , they are made

  12. Thomas Phillips

    Thomas Phillips12 kun oldin

    Miss you grandpa

  13. HELP

    HELP12 kun oldin

    Toute mes condoléance a Dwayne Johnson et a sa famille et aussi a la wwe...

  14. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez12 kun oldin

    Dwayne your father was the greatest & coolest of his time.💪😎 He'll never be forgotten. Just like every legend theres a story we tell our children. About a man that defies all odds & became a champion in our hearts.

  15. Gabriel Gomes

    Gabriel Gomes13 kun oldin


  16. Isiac Artison

    Isiac Artison14 kun oldin

    Rocky Johnson was a big dude

  17. Mateusz 007

    Mateusz 00714 kun oldin

    He looked better than his son

  18. Adrian Gamos

    Adrian Gamos15 kun oldin

    the lasting legacy of rocky johnson is The Rock.

  19. 666

    66615 kun oldin

    Where's Dwayne Johnson comment?

  20. Wes Collins

    Wes Collins15 kun oldin

    Sure nice of vince to show up pissy drunk at his funeral

  21. Neri Ashley Cabajar

    Neri Ashley Cabajar16 kun oldin

    Good job Dwayne, you're still following in your dad's footsteps!


    METAL AND PROUD16 kun oldin

    102 thumbs down? One day you will have to burry your dad.

  23. Sethuz sz

    Sethuz sz16 kun oldin

    Hero of my hero.......

  24. Lilyanne Levetonsmith

    Lilyanne Levetonsmith17 kun oldin

    RIP rocky

  25. Ryan Newton

    Ryan Newton17 kun oldin

    He was bigger then the rock. Lotsa roids in that era

  26. 귀무자

    귀무자19 kun oldin

    복싱링 위에는 무하마드 알리가 있다면 레슬링 위에는 락키존슨이 있다 락키존슨님 삶과고인의 명복을 빕니다

  27. 12-Mojo

    12-Mojo19 kun oldin

    That HOF speech though...:’(

  28. Dibakar Ghosh

    Dibakar Ghosh20 kun oldin

    RIP sir..💚

  29. Born again Sledge master

    Born again Sledge master21 kun oldin

    He was awesome! Always reminded me of a muscular “Blacula”!

  30. Pearl Bakshi

    Pearl Bakshi21 kun oldin

    Great video .

  31. Lunamaria

    Lunamaria21 kun oldin

    RIP to a legend!

  32. Vinoth Shepard

    Vinoth Shepard22 kun oldin

    I thought rocky was from hawaii

  33. leah Renee

    leah Renee22 kun oldin

    ❤ The soul patrol!!!!

  34. Poli Gonzo

    Poli Gonzo23 kun oldin

    Imagine being in this era where Rocky Johnson was fighting in the WWE with all that racism going on probably was very tough for black or Spanish to make a living out of the WWE even today you see that racism all over the place imagine in the 70s and the 80s I can't, to Savage

  35. Woo Trigg

    Woo Trigg23 kun oldin


  36. JB B

    JB B24 kun oldin

    He was so amazing and started a beautiful legacy. RIP Sir Rocky!👍👏💝

  37. ChrisS82

    ChrisS8224 kun oldin

    What a damn physique that man had. R.I.P Soulman

  38. Derek Calunsag

    Derek Calunsag24 kun oldin


  39. Derek Calunsag

    Derek Calunsag24 kun oldin

    RIP Rocky Johny

  40. Surf City Video

    Surf City Video24 kun oldin

    Rocky was over!

  41. William Grantham

    William Grantham24 kun oldin

    2:30 Kobe Bryant 1928-2020

  42. William Grantham

    William Grantham24 kun oldin

    William Grantham Was Sad (Bayley & Sasha Hugs Him For William's Lakers Sad Kobe Bryant)


    RADIO BOOMBA24 kun oldin

    A legend!!!!

  44. overhandbog not

    overhandbog not25 kun oldin

    0:29 dang

  45. theresa webb

    theresa webb25 kun oldin

    Rock johnson is a true inwresting making history in professional wrestling.

  46. Twan Miller

    Twan Miller26 kun oldin

    R.I.P. Mr Rocky Johnson ✊

  47. Graham Allen

    Graham Allen26 kun oldin

    RIP.... R.J..

  48. Tonio TV

    Tonio TV26 kun oldin

    I had the privilege of driving Mr. Rocky Johnson (along with Jimmy Hart and others) through Rosemont back in November....not many people can boast of something like that....Thank you Mr. Johnson for treating me so well, and ..... that's a great Dad you have there, Rock!

  49. Aliullah Hayat

    Aliullah Hayat26 kun oldin

    Today We have a great warrior gone, his name was ROCKY JOHNSON, in The History Books you will still be able to read of his courage.

  50. Sid Hicbab

    Sid Hicbab27 kun oldin

    He brought my childhood to life he was wonderful

  51. Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen27 kun oldin

    I was 14 in 1982 when I first watched Rocky Johnson on WWF Championship Wrestling

  52. Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen27 kun oldin

    Very inspiring wrestler. Always a thrill to watch.

  53. Deval Yadav

    Deval Yadav27 kun oldin

    I did not see sir rokcy fight but if he was rock dad then I think he is great werlture

  54. Maximum Effort

    Maximum Effort28 kun oldin

    Dwanye sounds so much like his dad

  55. Tia F

    Tia F28 kun oldin

    RIP Rocky You paved way for many, forever a legend. My childhood hero ❤

  56. Faiz Haneef

    Faiz Haneef28 kun oldin

    I thought he was Samoan

  57. boondocks

    boondocks29 kun oldin

    Rest in Paradise ROCKY.

  58. Andy Cano

    Andy Cano29 kun oldin

    I used to watch Rocky Johnson, Roddy Piper, Ivan Putski, Blackjack Mulligan, and the Mongolian Stomper in the mid 70's at the San Antonio Municipal Auditorium.

  59. Blastryder Mega

    Blastryder Mega29 kun oldin

    Rest in peace Rocky Soulman Johnson and thank you for the wonder memories you have giving to us your fans

  60. Kenny Casillas

    Kenny Casillas29 kun oldin

    Wrestling is fake.

  61. Marco Evans

    Marco Evans29 kun oldin

    And now Kobe Bryant