WWE 2K19 - Roman Reigns vs Mojo Rawley | PS4 Commentary Gameplay

Make no mistake about it-Brock Lesnar was humbled Sunday night, as he was beaten in just over one minute following two gut-busting Spears and a Jackhammer.
While many will argue that the loss ruined his aura, killed the effect of Lesnar ending The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak and left him a shell of the draw he was prior to the bout, that is not the case.
Every victory boosted Lesnar's arrogance. He became the untouchable bully on the recess yard-a man among boys. Then Goldberg came along and shut the bully down, proving once and for all that no man is unbeatable.
Now, Lesnar must regroup. He must refocus himself and avenge the loss.
That will make for a more dangerous former WWE champion than ever. Coming off the humiliating and embarrassing moment, he will wreak havoc and demolish everyone until he reclaims his place as The Beast.
Expect madness, chaos and broken bodies in his wake. That is when Lesnar is at his best-when he is destructive, scary and monstrous. It will make for more entertaining television and reintroduce an element of Lesnar that fans have not seen in quite some time.
Revenge will fuel him, and that will be a bad thing for anyone unlucky enough to confront him.
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