Why Car Colors Are Boring Now

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Plum Crazy. Ginsburg Yellow. Grabber Blue. These are just a few of the coolest colors to be put on our favorite cars. But there’s a problem: automakers don’t seem to paint their cars like they used to. Join Nolan and explore what changed in the automotive market, and find out why carmakers choose to be less risky with their color palettes. It’s a problem!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media8 kun oldin

    What's a color you wish your favorite manufacturer would bring back?

  2. Aaron Whitesell

    Aaron Whitesell7 kun oldin

    GM deep Adriatic sea blue. On my 94 k2500HD

  3. Fred Tan

    Fred Tan7 kun oldin

    Guard Green for the Mustang!

  4. A1MAR

    A1MAR7 kun oldin

    Anything vibrant and fun really

  5. Prashant Maharana

    Prashant Maharana7 kun oldin

    Red colour

  6. Matt Nutt

    Matt Nutt7 kun oldin

    Goodwood green

  7. David Hodgin

    David Hodgin9 soat oldin

    My dad was a manager at a sherim Williams for years, pretty sure he could talk about this for awhile.

  8. J. Andrés Moreno Mtz.

    J. Andrés Moreno Mtz.9 soat oldin

    Your vids are really cool, can see you put a lot of effort in it and I appreciate that, nice topics, nice investigation, nice editing skills, keep it up man! 👏👏👏


    BOX PICTURES9 soat oldin

    Its not boring but its elegant colours

  10. CFG P1965

    CFG P196510 soat oldin

    Nolan: I feel there is another recession in the near future Virus: Allow me to introduce myself

  11. Johnny Cache

    Johnny Cache10 soat oldin

    I once had a 1995 SL in brilliant silver... and no matter what you might think about that color, it was pretty much impossible to get it dirty! Right after that I had a black CLK convertible and it was always dirty. Even when I just washed it... But Plasti Dip seems to be the solution to that problem... ;)

  12. AugmentedGravity

    AugmentedGravity10 soat oldin

    We definitely are in a recession now... just look at the economy and what the coronavirus has done to it.

  13. Sean Van Buren

    Sean Van Buren10 soat oldin

    British racing green is one of my favorites

  14. Phaelyn

    Phaelyn10 soat oldin

    Imma have a bumblebee car lol

  15. Cunuda Murica

    Cunuda Murica10 soat oldin

    Havnt bounced back from 2009... good thing we are going into another recession lol

  16. AugmentedGravity

    AugmentedGravity10 soat oldin

    Chillin with my bright yellow EK Civic

  17. Stephen Holtom

    Stephen Holtom11 soat oldin

    One thing that would have been worth a mention, is that a lot of the changes in paint now have been in aspects other than hue such as various flavors of metallic, matte, pearlescent paint etc. In fact I'm going to make a prediction: the next fad will be some kind of texturing effect; a paint that does not appear to be perfectly smooth.

  18. nitehawk86

    nitehawk8611 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="650">10:50</a> Well that comment was out of date by the time the video was released. :)

  19. TotallyNotAnEel _

    TotallyNotAnEel _11 soat oldin

    I like white color cars. If I want to add anything to it it looks a lot nicer and more professional.

  20. Toasty

    Toasty11 soat oldin

    This is a great topic! Interesting

  21. Verum Perditio

    Verum Perditio12 soat oldin

    Honestly, i wanted to buy a blue truck but they don't produce my truck in all blue without having the chrome. I hate chrome. So I ended up buying the blackout edition.

  22. Matthew Sheldon

    Matthew Sheldon12 soat oldin

    I have always loved Silver cars because my dream car is a Silver STI

  23. Nick Ingram

    Nick Ingram12 soat oldin

    Insurance rates aren’t affected by your car’s color.

  24. Christian Wertti

    Christian Wertti12 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> Also sounds a lot more I dunno Metallic?

  25. Kevin Kolteryahn

    Kevin Kolteryahn12 soat oldin

    I just want to know where a type r is for sale for 16k...

  26. PokemonBoyPranGon

    PokemonBoyPranGon12 soat oldin

    I like green-colour car. I live in Nepal, and we mostly drive hatchbacks, and besides white and silver, colours like blue and maroon-red is common. My Fotd-Freestyle CUV is brownish colour. Black is only available in highrange-sedans.

  27. air pods

    air pods12 soat oldin

    im gonna go ALL NEON COLORS even my blood.

  28. Devon Gee

    Devon Gee13 soat oldin

    Glad my red Kia Stinger got featured in this video. ❤️ Shouts out to the non-boring folks

  29. Shadow of a Daud

    Shadow of a Daud13 soat oldin

    Yay, stonechips! My next color will be white, again. Originaly, I wanted orange though.

  30. Dauzh Prakoso

    Dauzh Prakoso13 soat oldin

    You are right bro

  31. Wade Rutkowski

    Wade Rutkowski13 soat oldin

    I love the old seafome blues and greens

  32. Nepi

    Nepi13 soat oldin

    not only colors are getting boring, cars are also, nowadays most cars are fucking boring ass suv's and ugly shit like those.

  33. jennifer cole

    jennifer cole13 soat oldin

    Interiors were even more drastically influenced. Every new car we've purchased since the 90s was based on what was available without a drab cigarette-ash gray interior (and even when there is an option other than gray, it's usually the only other option).

  34. Ilie Cristi

    Ilie Cristi13 soat oldin

    Violet is a crazy color and dark green too

  35. Man Eating Tree

    Man Eating Tree13 soat oldin


  36. zidaryn

    zidaryn14 soat oldin

    I like blue. Dark blue for my car. So when I got my car I got it in Dark Blue. I find black and white are too hard to keep clean. You notice every spec on them. Also they're boring.

  37. GuyWhoLikesTheSnarkies14

    GuyWhoLikesTheSnarkies1414 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> *Hol up, this ain't some Melon reviewer channel right!?*

  38. Praveen neevarP

    Praveen neevarP14 soat oldin

    So TVs went from black and white to color while cars went from color to black and white.

  39. The Caffeinated Owl

    The Caffeinated Owl14 soat oldin

    My fave color is green! And all my cars have been some shade of it

  40. Argon Byte

    Argon Byte15 soat oldin

    I picked up a bright magenta Fiesta recently. Wasn't sure about the color at first, but it has grown on me and it really does look nice.

  41. ur mom xd xd

    ur mom xd xd15 soat oldin

    Well I love green color with purple mix in a car

  42. Mason Johnston

    Mason Johnston15 soat oldin

    These are exceptions to the strand man cars


    ILKIN LAMBORGHINI16 soat oldin

    No one: Ford Lightning: hold my beer

  44. Sérgio Alves

    Sérgio Alves17 soat oldin

    Of course trends play a role, but the main reason why people pick boring colors is that they woke up to the value of depreciation. It's not the cost of the colors themselves because plenty of people pay extra for fancy metallic shades of black and grey when a solid green would have been cheaper. Thing is nobody wants to buy a green car, not only is it worth a lot less second hand, but with more expensive cars if you've got a green one and want to sell it you'll be sitting on it for months before anyone wants to buy it. Second hand buyers may not care as much about color when they're buying an Accord or Camry because they just want something with wheels and some space that's not too expensive to run, but people buying more upmarket cars do care a lot about the color, you'll never get rid of a used green or yellow BMW or MB.

  45. Kian Koon Lim

    Kian Koon Lim18 soat oldin

    Chrome next

  46. Laykwood

    Laykwood19 soat oldin

    Corona Red

  47. Chris Locke

    Chris Locke19 soat oldin

    Not into mustangs but that Grabber Blue is sexy as hell

  48. Tony_yeung

    Tony_yeung20 soat oldin

    Was stingray painted with stingray?

  49. loui loui

    loui loui20 soat oldin

    white is just clean 🤤

  50. Kyle Wagoner

    Kyle Wagoner20 soat oldin

    lol at "another recession in the next couple of years." Try next couple of days.

  51. Kyle Wagoner

    Kyle Wagoner21 soat oldin

    Just realized watching this that all four cars in my driveway are white, silver, or grey. They were all bought used so it wasn't my choosing!

  52. Metal Rebel

    Metal Rebel21 soat oldin

    I want classic car styles back. Muscle cars are like sports cars now and don't really look cool anymore

  53. Aeighty

    Aeighty21 soat oldin

    Anyone else hate in video games when people have for example purple rims and green body paint it looks so ugly lmao 😂 it don’t even match. I always have realistic car colors in video games like black, grey, red, white.

  54. PetCin88

    PetCin8822 soat oldin

    If you look at my channel my car is a nice shade of orange ✌️

  55. Daniel Thomson

    Daniel Thomson22 soat oldin

    No one: Ford lighting:hold mah beer

  56. Stuart Leckie

    Stuart Leckie22 soat oldin

    And what’s with all the shades of Grey right now? I’d love to see the stats on how many more accidents cars of those colours are involved in? I mean seriously, the same colour as the road? So difficult to see.

  57. Scott Newville

    Scott Newville22 soat oldin

    We need to end this myth about red being a cop magnet. being a dumbass is the cop magnet

  58. Jordan Rodgers

    Jordan Rodgers23 soat oldin

    Anybody know the song from Their in video Ad?

  59. soinu foig

    soinu foig22 soat oldin

    Yes! I'm about to order a blue Honda CR-V. The color is called "Brilliant Sporty Blue (Metallic)". I didn't want a boring colour :-)

  60. Professor Clone

    Professor CloneKun oldin

    The short answer to why car colors are boring now days....it's cheaper when buying the car in most instances, since majority of manufacturer's/dealerships charge a premium for any "flashy" colors...because they can why not?

  61. soinu foig

    soinu foig22 soat oldin

    In Europe at least, the sweet Honda Civic comes red as standard, and that's pretty neat.

  62. Ghostpiggy'sHere

    Ghostpiggy'sHereKun oldin

    No one: Ford lightning: hold meh beer 🍺

  63. Chris Vee

    Chris VeeKun oldin

    Scratches are practically hidden with white

  64. cyrilio

    cyrilioKun oldin

    White is also popular with companies because it’s easy to slap your brand on and Any other color might have a strong link to a competitor.


    GROOVE ECHOKun oldin

    India red Pearl effect from Audi circa 2001. Orient red metallic from Porsche circa 2001. Laguna seca blue from BMW circa 2002

  66. Chris Jamieson

    Chris JamiesonKun oldin

    White is fine on a type R with red seats. But otherwise, Mk2 Focus RS green is cool from 2009 & then the MK3 introduced a cool light shade of blue.

  67. Eddie Flickinger

    Eddie FlickingerKun oldin

    Modern day colors on cars don’t generally age well since the body styles are pretty average



    What I would do for a classic Porsche in Rubysone Red ❤️ dream

  69. Montgomery scott

    Montgomery scottKun oldin

    It's not a choice but a lack of options!

  70. LMacNeill

    LMacNeillKun oldin

    I have a green Ford Explorer... And had a Ruby Red Ford Mustang... Until I traded it for a silver Ford Ranger. LOL.

  71. Jeremy Madison

    Jeremy MadisonKun oldin

    Nolan when I worked at a range Rover dealer I convinced the salesmen to get a red and green range rovers to put on the and they end up having a birthday at the dealership because apparently everybody likes white or black.

  72. John Cossack

    John CossackKun oldin

    Man! Does nobody QC these before you upload them? "Comma"? It's a colon. And your white taking over silver animation was silver taking over white for the top spot

  73. Itapius

    ItapiusKun oldin

    Moral of the story, colourful cars start recession's and wars

  74. Stig Gjerstadli

    Stig GjerstadliKun oldin

    VW Blue

  75. Louis-Charles Ouellet

    Louis-Charles OuelletKun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="547">9:07</a> I work in the insurance industry and I can tell your for a fact that the color of your car doesn't affect your premium. Most of the time we don't even ask what color it is

  76. Hynekjhael Riesling

    Hynekjhael RieslingKun oldin

    In Europe at least, the sweet Honda Civic comes red as standard, and that's pretty neat.

  77. John Paterson

    John PatersonKun oldin

    Yes! I'm about to order a blue Honda CR-V. The color is called "Brilliant Sporty Blue (Metallic)". I didn't want a boring colour :-)

  78. optimus prime

    optimus primeKun oldin

    No one: Ford Lightning: hold meh beer

  79. [ironic name here]

    [ironic name here]Kun oldin

    Mazda Red is classic and shall never die, best color around

  80. Sam Adeli

    Sam AdeliKun oldin

    You've forgot one important factor repainting the car. First, white is white, it doesn't need mixing. So is the black. Second, no matter how advanced is paint formula it changes toward yellow in the long run. For white it's simply means adding a little yellow, for other colors it would be extremely difficult. And the third is the economy of scale. Setting up painting lines for new paints us extremely costly. Manufacturers love to sell all their cars in a single color

  81. Alex Savić

    Alex SavićKun oldin

    Because this are heart colded times so they use cold colours even for cars bro 😔

  82. Mustang_S550

    Mustang_S550Kun oldin

    Honestly they should have stopped designing cars back the 70s and keep it that way

  83. Alonzo

    AlonzoKun oldin

    Lime green but I've always wanted a starburst orange car, its so nice you know just thinking about it i can taste sorbet

  84. Darren Fredrickson

    Darren FredricksonKun oldin

    my favrate color is white

  85. The_Swoletariat

    The_SwoletariatKun oldin

    I have a T/A 392 in destroyer grey, and I know grey is drab but with the matte look of it and the black matte, it makes the car pop. Not all silver/greys are the same!

  86. Jack Rotter

    Jack RotterKun oldin

    Enter: *Corona Virus* Lady's and Gent's get ready for even more boring colors... I'm happy in my flame red Wrangler XD


    TREEGO TOP TOPKun oldin

    White black and grey dont bother me but I cant fucking stand silver cars