Whitaker on the upcoming release of DOJ IG's report on Russia probe

U.S Attorney General Bill Barr drops hints Justice Department Inspector General's report on the origins of the Russia probe 'imminent.' Former acting attorney general joins 'The Story' to share why he thinks the report will be the most 'consequential report' we've had in many years. #FoxNews

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  1. Big Brother PPG Abel Feria

    Big Brother PPG Abel Feria2 kun oldin

    I ask when is all this becomes Treason!! to our Nation🤔

  2. Jack Cameron

    Jack Cameron2 kun oldin

    What about the Judge. Either the FISA Judge was corrupt, lied to or incompetent? Which one is it?

  3. Edith Glover

    Edith Glover3 kun oldin

    Over whelming evidence

  4. Oldliver Goodhag

    Oldliver Goodhag3 kun oldin

    Brennan is the one sociopath who needs executed for treason.

  5. Jim Lewandowsky

    Jim Lewandowsky7 kun oldin

    I guess that didn’t turn out quite the way republicans were expecting it too.

  6. mighty mouse

    mighty mouse7 kun oldin

    Democrats will try to LIE their way through the report. THEY might BRIBE the IG's REPORT. All the facts need to lead to arrests and convictions if not get rid of the IG

  7. Sam Spodofora

    Sam Spodofora8 kun oldin

    Did shift withhold evidence from Muller? Evidence that was more than circumstance? Evidence that Shift has that Muller and a team of democrats could not find? The answer is NO. He did not. What he did do is lie. Lie to Congress, the media, and the American People! He lied when he made up a phone call of the two presidents, someone should make a video list of all the lies and put that on UZgo! ASAP !

  8. Lou Casas

    Lou Casas9 kun oldin

    What in the Hell is taking so long for this report to be released??

  9. DBeazRN 3

    DBeazRN 310 kun oldin

    Durham’s investigation will be more “historical” - I don’t expect too much from the IG honestly. Horowitz was the one that determined that political bias DID NOT play a part in neither the Clinton email nor the Trump investigations. We really shouldn’t get our hopes up.... yet.

  10. she livesforJesus

    she livesforJesus10 kun oldin


  11. Allen Pakow

    Allen Pakow10 kun oldin

    Brennan looks like a crazy man imagine him interrogating you put toothpicks under his nails he'll talk then

  12. carol matthews

    carol matthews11 kun oldin

    They should all lose their homes and pensions after criminal charges are brought down

  13. Obassi Van

    Obassi Van11 kun oldin

    Oh that John Brennan. He is so awful. He belongs in jail.

  14. Vince F

    Vince F12 kun oldin

    The anti Trump establishment,the media and the Democrats have forgotten the Magna Carta and the Constitution. How convenient. CIA needs to be reminded they are for foreign matters and the FBI needs to be reminded they are for domestic issues. And none of the aforementioned are supposed to undermine a duly elected POTUS.

  15. DividedWeFall1000

    DividedWeFall100012 kun oldin

    Sorry Folks Don't look for any real indictments or arrests by Barr, he just showed everyone paying attention that he's a deep state cover upper by announcing that all of a sudden, he has video proof that Epstein killed himself because the video (I thought the Vide cameras weren't working because they were broken) showed that no one entered or left his cell at the time he committed suicide. FROM VIDEO CAMERAS THAT WEREN'T WORKING? Yeah Right!

  16. Will Borzatti

    Will Borzatti12 kun oldin

    Did anyone pick up on Brennan saying he welcomed investigation on when "WE" were in government?? The CIA was never in government!!! GUILTY

  17. James Stanley

    James Stanley12 kun oldin

    lock up all of these criminals now


    RIC REMIXX12 kun oldin

    Whittaker is weak and out of touch with deep-state facts!

  19. Richard Kirk

    Richard Kirk13 kun oldin

    Horowitz better watch out he doesn’t catch the Arkansas flu like Epstein did.

  20. eng yeh

    eng yeh13 kun oldin

    Whittaker, my man!😆👍

  21. Carrie Thompson

    Carrie Thompson14 kun oldin

    This is exactly why the left didn't want Trump to win. KARMA dumocrats! WE THE PEOPLE want jail time for these people, ALL OF THEM.

  22. Ck Jenks

    Ck Jenks14 kun oldin

    I want 2 things. AG Barr report to be thorough, truthful and come out soon! And second....every person that committed a crime to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Americans will not settle for anything less. We will NOT accept a report exposing these people and just let it go. Prosecute or face the wrath of an entire nation.

  23. Deyeye Goodluck Mento

    Deyeye Goodluck Mento14 kun oldin

    My public comment would be that the judiciary and every participant in the judgment be soaked and be possessed with the three aspects of wisdom to be put to play in their testimony against every accused persons for the developing nations to learn and follow, to allow peace to reign in the world.

  24. Beverly Longenbaugh

    Beverly Longenbaugh14 kun oldin

    Brennan is a poisonous viper

  25. deborah elliott

    deborah elliott14 kun oldin

    brennan is mad as hell. all his friends have to get a job.

  26. el bee

    el bee14 kun oldin

    "...Jeffery Epstein... I don't know the gentleman..." - William Barr, Drumpf's personal Attorney General

  27. Edith Glover

    Edith Glover14 kun oldin

    You are liars, and corrutp.

  28. regenerated wordsmythe

    regenerated wordsmythe15 kun oldin

    waiting, waiting, waiting, crimes have been committed. Americans are tired of waiting!!! IG Horowitz is a swamper. All diplomats, the State Department needs to be shut down. These people take these jobs and live in luxury and lots of axx kissing from foreigners! Durham needs to start issuing warrants!

  29. constitutionfst

    constitutionfst15 kun oldin

    I welcome see Brennen getting frog-marched off to prison.

  30. Lirpa Hey

    Lirpa Hey15 kun oldin


  31. Frank Hardie

    Frank Hardie15 kun oldin

    john brennan treasonous snake... military tribunals coming for him and obola

  32. Ada Johnson

    Ada Johnson15 kun oldin

    Every time i see him i fill sick! He is a Traitor.

  33. Ada Johnson

    Ada Johnson15 kun oldin

    Listen money honey it is that simple.

  34. Euan Brown

    Euan Brown15 kun oldin

    Trump = scum.

  35. {// WTF! //}

    {// WTF! //}15 kun oldin

    I do believe that this bubble headed bleached blonde, along with the intravenously feeding CNN/MSNBC clan, is going to be in for a very rude awakening about their "chosen people"... I'm not holding my breath though... past performance is a very, very good indicator of future expectation. What I AM doing, however, is cleaning and oiling my AR15 anticipating that it may become useful in a self-defensive posture very, very soon...

  36. Boss Hog Zoomer

    Boss Hog Zoomer15 kun oldin

    They had better start flipping on each other while the flipping is good.🤓🤓🤓

  37. ytpete509

    ytpete50915 kun oldin

    Cause Brennan is culpable

  38. Bob M

    Bob M15 kun oldin

    The people wait, and if no justice is down by official channels, it will come to pass by other means out of the hands of the system.

  39. xxcirbygamerxx

    xxcirbygamerxx15 kun oldin

    Nothing can stop what is coming!!!

  40. Magrrem Caihar

    Magrrem Caihar15 kun oldin

    Mr. “I-won’t-Be-intimidated “ Barr. Love the guy for his perseverance. Hope he gets to pick the orange jumpsuits for all the Dems who are now mocking him. “Fools mock but they shall mourn....as the sparks fly upwards.” Ok ok, I mixed two books of scripture, so sue me. 🥴