When talking trash to your opponent goes badly wrong.
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  1. editinking

    editinkingYil oldin

    Thanks for watching. Video likes are always appreciated. Keep your suggestions coming for Part 5.

  2. Jonathan Gilbert

    Jonathan Gilbert26 kun oldin

    Zach Nunez 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Zach Nunez

    Zach NunezOy oldin

    Listen to 6:14 with your eyes closed

  4. sha broussard

    sha broussard3 oy oldin

    editinking second fight, mayweather is a bitch for that cheap shot. Sure the guy shouldn’t head but and he should have got a point taken. But the guy was apologizing and trying to make it right and mayweather unloaded on him. This is why I hate that guy.

  5. Hector Rodriquez

    Hector Rodriquez8 oy oldin

    editinking Mayweather the aderral user bs fighter

  6. Cup 666

    Cup 666Yil oldin

    After rewatching all the vids over and over Mayorga has to get some props for going on out there and Keep talking even after getting busted up multiple times

  7. jonathan

    jonathan4 soat oldin

    Gf.. you should of killed him. Me.. you gunna do the time for me babe?

  8. mike12345807

    mike123458076 soat oldin

    Shane Mosley's wife needs to stfu. That shit looked staged. Why would she bend over right in front of him? Who has their wife at a press conference

  9. bengt lundgren

    bengt lundgren7 soat oldin

    What a coward fuck him!

  10. Joe Perez

    Joe PerezKun oldin

    That was dirty. That ref is no good.


    ON FREEZERKun oldin

    And a black bitch to it and She seen he was getting at him and still tries to belittle him she never should have been up there with him Black women have no respect for there men

  12. dupey

    dupey2 kun oldin

    floyd won that fight via cheap shot smh

  13. Juan Vasquez

    Juan Vasquez3 kun oldin

    Mayorga could have been a good fighter , if he only could have controlled his mouth .

  14. Jorge Lourenço

    Jorge Lourenço3 kun oldin

    That fucking twat woman, should shut the fuck up and let the man deal with it as he did. Jesus

  15. Walker Smith

    Walker Smith4 kun oldin

    More steroid mad boxers

  16. Cesar Arroyo Carrillo

    Cesar Arroyo Carrillo4 kun oldin

    Floyd mayweather vs victor ortiz I don’t consider that a real fight bcs Floyd punched him while victor was trying to dab him up

  17. obliviously dope

    obliviously dope5 kun oldin

    I'mma keep Cumming

  18. sef

    sef5 kun oldin

    is that ksi 8:09

  19. SiLenT366

    SiLenT3666 kun oldin

    Mayweather very clearly cheated.

  20. SoJinxed Hunter

    SoJinxed Hunter7 kun oldin

    He wants to bang? I'll bang... dude... Ortiz...

  21. Sal Fondle'em

    Sal Fondle'em7 kun oldin

    “I’m Mexican and I’m going to do this for all the Mexicans”! Says the Mexican. You got knocked the fuck out papa.

  22. Private Hudson

    Private Hudson7 kun oldin

    Hager was the best he took tommy's best right hands and kept coming.

  23. John Doe

    John Doe7 kun oldin

    Mayweaather trash he would of trashed ortiz

  24. sheriyar khan stark

    sheriyar khan stark8 kun oldin

    Pacqiuao thinking am i a joke to you

  25. Fight Milk

    Fight Milk9 kun oldin

    That ass grab was staged between them all

  26. Octavius Bailey

    Octavius Bailey9 kun oldin

    Ortiz and Mayweather wanted to make out

  27. Scott Free

    Scott Free10 kun oldin

    I remember watching the Hagler vs Hearns fight live on TV. Hagler beat the ever living shit out of Hearns. You could see the regret in Hearns's eyes. Hagler was the hero of every kid who was shorter and stockier brawler style fighter who grew up in the late 70's and 80's. He never said a lot proved it in the ring and was tough as nails. We had good role models back then.

  28. Mario Champlin

    Mario Champlin10 kun oldin

    9:24 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Patrick Rasnake

    Patrick Rasnake11 kun oldin

    You know what’s funny. I know he talks TOO much shit, I know he doesn’t really focus on boxing enough. But if mayorga had applied himself to boxing 100%, he could have been great. He was really good, he had hard fast hands and a good chin. He never backed down from a fight. Just too much of a clown. And there was nothing more satisfying in those days than watching him get pounded by a real boxer!

  30. Frogger89 Frog

    Frogger89 Frog11 kun oldin

    mayweather wasnt with that hug shit sheesh

  31. ah1bz

    ah1bz14 kun oldin

    Where is habib 😂

  32. Ken's Studio

    Ken's Studio15 kun oldin

    Lesson learn: don't ever be a fucking show off... Take notes Logan

  33. Dave xjs

    Dave xjs15 kun oldin

    Hope he got rid of thr]e bitch

  34. Farhaan Said

    Farhaan Said16 kun oldin

    Ortiz fucked up he probably would of knocked him out but That gave maywheather all the right to knock Ortiz out like that after the headbutt. Respect to both boxers two of many that inspire me everyday.

  35. Cindi Thompson

    Cindi Thompson17 kun oldin

    joe cortez is the worst ref ever

  36. OG Gwapo

    OG Gwapo17 kun oldin

    Mayweather a bitch

  37. OG Gwapo

    OG Gwapo17 kun oldin

    Mayweather a bitch

  38. Φανοσ στε

    Φανοσ στε17 kun oldin

    6:54 name a more punchmeintheface face ,i ll wait

  39. Rob the Great

    Rob the Great18 kun oldin

    Not many people know this about Floyd Mayweather but he has 1 lost in his amateur record a Mexican American defeated him Latinos are the only ones that really broke Floyd Mayweather Castillo cotto Hernandez defeated Floyd

  40. fire trails

    fire trails20 kun oldin

    4:47, wow what a cheap shot. Mayweather is a great boxer. Why did he have to do this to beat this guy?

  41. Christian Davis

    Christian Davis7 kun oldin

    But the headbutt was ok? Man, stfu.

  42. Knowledge Strength Integrity

    Knowledge Strength Integrity10 kun oldin

    It was cheap but still legal

  43. Total Music Beats

    Total Music Beats20 kun oldin

    6:12 when your girl is on top and your about o climax but she stays on

  44. Memosツ klett

    Memosツ klett22 kun oldin

    Logan should be in this one

  45. mexpue jmz

    mexpue jmz23 kun oldin

    Ortiz would win if he didn't tried to give a hug

  46. The Hole in Dans Sock

    The Hole in Dans Sock23 kun oldin

    Tommy Hearns at the end here smiling all the way till he is knocked out.... He probably kept the smile stiff on the ground.. Thats the definition of emotionally confused. Who smiles before they get KO'd?

  47. Tomss concepcion

    Tomss concepcion23 kun oldin

    floyd is a bitch for doing that wtf