What was up on Raw between Brock Lesnar and R-Truth?: WWE Now

R-Truth briefly declared for the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match, then quickly changed his tune once he found out WWE Champion Brock Lesnar was also entering.
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  1. you're a shitty person

    you're a shitty person19 kun oldin

    Brock corpsing?

  2. Andy Garcia

    Andy GarciaOy oldin

    I thought at the end was going to show the part of Brock Lesnar going to say that’s what’s up to R-truth

  3. Vikramaditya Sinha

    Vikramaditya SinhaOy oldin

    R-truth gets a clothesline from Brock, then a massive F5 and loses his 24*7 title to MOJO for being so entertaining?! Yo That's What's up!

  4. Rikesh Shrestha

    Rikesh ShresthaOy oldin

    What happened to Lil Jimmy?

  5. Dragonite Ash

    Dragonite AshOy oldin

    R-Truth to Paul Heyman :- *You may be the MOST FAVOURITE to win Royal Rumble* Brock Lesnar :- A'ight, I'mma head out...






    ??? 1:00 ??? ???

  8. Skafut Nickfutnick

    Skafut NickfutnickOy oldin

    Connor and cowboy got tons of respect last night without being silly dancing or looking like a moron lmao truth thinks embarrassing himself for a brand makes him a legend lmao no fool it makes u tyler perry lmao beibg taken serious is a choice. Brock will never go down as a joke like this guy. Because he would never say "yes master" like Truth 💯

  9. Usman Khan

    Usman KhanOy oldin

    i thought it was the rock in the thumbnail..😂😂

  10. Ayoub Benmezoughi

    Ayoub BenmezoughiOy oldin


  11. Ayoub Benmezoughi

    Ayoub BenmezoughiOy oldin




    She is Mckenzie Mitchell

  13. Imran Dhankot

    Imran DhankotOy oldin

    R Truth eliminates Lesnar in the Rumble. And thats not a prediction, that's a spoiler!!

  14. Dquan IsSavage

    Dquan IsSavageOy oldin

    Appreciate The Updates Today WWE!!🙌😎😎🐐🐐🐐

  15. FromTheHeart

    FromTheHeartOy oldin

    lmfao, who the hell was the guy who kicked down r truth for the belt... wow....

  16. Anil Jadhav

    Anil JadhavOy oldin

    Where is Cathey kelley

  17. Marvel Antonio

    Marvel AntonioOy oldin

    Wait, Mojo Rawley’s still employed?

  18. saiful ikhwan

    saiful ikhwanOy oldin

    we want goldberg to come back to wwe. wwe very bore now

  19. MR. END.

    MR. END.Oy oldin


  20. Franklin Ibeakanma

    Franklin IbeakanmaOy oldin

    But he know (R-Truth) you will go flying over the tpp rope Brock Lesner !.. And I will (Brock Lesner) take you to Sioux Falls City R-Truth.

  21. Lake Luck

    Lake LuckOy oldin

    That Brock Lesnar laughed and broke character is such a big accomplishment 😍 for Truth he is just hilarious 😂🤣

  22. Devon Sinegal

    Devon SinegalOy oldin

    Truth is the Truth😎😎 had Brock rolling hard😂😂😂😂

  23. Manuel Sacha

    Manuel SachaOy oldin

    Gotta admit: R-Truth is comedy gold.

  24. Jack Walsh

    Jack WalshOy oldin

    That was funny tbf, I know Brock's incredibly aggressive but I didn't expect that clothesline and F5, literally came out of nowhere! Lesnar is the greatest of all time, under appreciated since day 1.

  25. RDS

    RDSOy oldin


  26. Jonny Rodriguez

    Jonny RodriguezOy oldin

    Brock Lesnar is the only reason I tune in to wwe atm

  27. Daniel Jackson

    Daniel JacksonOy oldin

    Brock Lesnar vs. Mascarita Sagrada in Hell In A Cell match.

  28. D3N6A

    D3N6AOy oldin

    R Truth is a straight clown 😂 this was a funny segment

  29. FZ Essex

    FZ EssexOy oldin

    R truth shd have been wwe champion at least once... I mean come on he's a former NWA world champion

  30. FZ Essex

    FZ EssexOy oldin

    @Daniel Jackson Same guy dude... Vince just hates black ppl

  31. Daniel Jackson

    Daniel JacksonOy oldin

    THAT was Ron Killings! Now he's a lamb.

  32. Jelly Jelly

    Jelly JellyOy oldin

    I watched this segment over and over... it was HILARIOUS!!!

  33. Tyrell Grey

    Tyrell GreyOy oldin

    The funniest moment in WWE RAW 💯

  34. Mr Show Stopper!

    Mr Show Stopper!Oy oldin

    lol what if Brock won the 24/7 championship

  35. Zion Haze

    Zion HazeOy oldin

    People in the comments saying how great R truth is because he made Brock Lesnar laugh, like he's so great but he is really wack , id rather see R truth hit Brock with the Lie detector

  36. cortez west

    cortez westOy oldin

    My boy truth lost his title

  37. S. B

    S. BOy oldin

    A clean match between Brock and R Truth would be good. And it should not be made just a squash match.

  38. Valent Nikolas

    Valent NikolasOy oldin

    Correction Mitchell: R-Truth didn't interrupt Paul Heyman, Heyman called Truth out. 😂😂😂

  39. amit1986

    amit1986Oy oldin

    Finally the two best champion of all time finally came in the same ring together.

  40. AGSA5

    AGSA5Oy oldin

    R-Truth > Brock Lesnar It's a fact! Now give truth his WWE Championship title, WWE!

  41. Universally Soul

    Universally SoulOy oldin

    Please upload full segment between truth and Brock

  42. Odin Gaming

    Odin GamingOy oldin

    Sad thing is... Truth is still in the Rumble.

  43. wow

    wowOy oldin


  44. Alana Ash

    Alana AshOy oldin

    yo legit r truth cracks me up

  45. Suganya Pari

    Suganya PariOy oldin

    I love you Mitchell

  46. mind full

    mind fullOy oldin

    I love you Brock Lesnar 🦌🦌🦌

  47. Anthony Roberts

    Anthony RobertsOy oldin

    Movie stars

  48. Hensser Argueta

    Hensser ArguetaOy oldin

    Leyes go r truth

  49. joker Mieles

    joker MielesOy oldin

    R true should win the world championship at least once

  50. Mike H.

    Mike H.Oy oldin

    Rtruth did not deserve this.

  51. Jordan Kimbrell

    Jordan KimbrellOy oldin

    Why did R-Truth never win the WWE Championship? We know he acts stupid on purpose but he's way older than most wrestlers right now and the WWE needs to have this happen before it's too late.

  52. Skafut Nickfutnick

    Skafut NickfutnickOy oldin

    "I like the part where the black guy acts confused and stupid and gets squashed by the champion." -the wwe universe in every single scenario 😂

  53. mickey mousse

    mickey mousseOy oldin

    r truth is the only entertainer left in the company

  54. Gaiven Stedenburg

    Gaiven StedenburgOy oldin


  55. Silent Guardian

    Silent GuardianOy oldin

    R-Truth, by far one of the best things to ever come from WWE. This man better be inducted into the hall of fame (obviously few years from now)

  56. Monish Nair

    Monish NairOy oldin

    suplex city

  57. Ulfric Stormcloak

    Ulfric StormcloakOy oldin

    Who is this blonde woman? You will tell me now! 😡 🍆

  58. Deadman Walking

    Deadman WalkingOy oldin

    Mojo Rawley has won a championship before Sami Zayn, that’s an insult

  59. Xavier Stubbs

    Xavier StubbsOy oldin

    I'm calling it truth vs brock for the universal championship and truth wins by leverage pin in under a minute

  60. Man Gurung

    Man GurungOy oldin


  61. Fine- I''ll do it myself

    Fine- I''ll do it myselfOy oldin

    Sioux Falls city - yeah that sounds about right 🤣🤣

  62. Becky Freakin Lynch

    Becky Freakin LynchOy oldin

    The fact that Brock Lesnar broke character and started laughing at R truth proves that he’s a great comedian.