Westworld | Season 3 - Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)

03.15.20 #Westworld


  1. Darren Wade

    Darren Wade9 soat oldin

    1st season was good, 2nd season was a flop, 3rd season will be the last!

  2. Jeff D

    Jeff D9 soat oldin

    Oh is this show still on?! After being gone for over a year I thought they had been cancelled. Maybe I should wait until 2022 so I can watch 2 seasons at once. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. JC

    JC9 soat oldin

    When this first popped up on HBO i honestly thought it was a teaser for a new Assassin's Creed series.

  4. michael clark

    michael clark14 soat oldin

    0:10 all the Westworld right wing fans hate it now! HAAHA

  5. Saber Chief

    Saber Chief15 soat oldin

    Así que en el futuro, en Buenos Aires se muere el presidente de USA. Hilarante!

  6. Ash Perry

    Ash Perry16 soat oldin

    I just wet myself with excitement 😁

  7. antzman710

    antzman71020 soat oldin

    Solomon build .06. FUCK I LOVE THIS SHOW

  8. Feanor

    Feanor21 soat oldin

    Thou shalt not make a Machine in the likeness of the Human Mind. December 2020.

  9. Евгений Степанов

    Евгений СтепановKun oldin

    03.19.37 - 2nd russian civil war; does it mean, russians will suffer Putin yet 17 years??? F*ck😒😒😒

  10. Vice TOLUCT

    Vice TOLUCTKun oldin

    Why is this shameless ripoff of Fallout in my recommended?

  11. notrabepep

    notrabepepKun oldin

    Looks like we are all in a simulation after all.

  12. poloboss77

    poloboss77Kun oldin

    Vincent cassel speaking here !!

  13. Andre van Rooyen

    Andre van RooyenKun oldin

    Dark Souls darksign..... But honestly hyped for this.

  14. brian stcyr

    brian stcyrKun oldin

    “We [humans] live in loops as tight and as closed as the hosts do; seldom questioning our choices, content for the most part to be told what to do next.”-Robert Ford Every line in this show has a deeper meaning than we all realize. Think about Dolores' speech to the MIB about how the earth belongs to something that is yet to come....... Ultimately the future scenes with the MIB is about an experiment. The biggest experiment ever to answer the ultimate question- Does free will exist?

  15. argella1300

    argella1300Kun oldin

    Beware the ides of March

  16. Frank Marcopolos

    Frank MarcopolosKun oldin

    This video contained less Thandie Newton than I would have preferred.

  17. min may Ngo

    min may NgoKun oldin

    Omg Hong Kong is mentioned right off the bat, my home God bless Hong Kong

  18. Robert Lundkvist

    Robert LundkvistKun oldin

    "What's it mean?"

  19. Ariel Brener

    Ariel BrenerKun oldin

    This is giving me Asimov's Foundation Series super vibes... Awesome!

  20. Feanor

    Feanor21 soat oldin

    Speaking of, what news of Caves of Steel?

  21. holderness muzah

    holderness muzahKun oldin

    " it doesnt look like anything to me "

  22. Mark Parkinson

    Mark ParkinsonKun oldin

    Does anyone think the circle in the thumbnail of this video is visually similar to the circle used in the film Arrival (2016)?

  23. Leo Mendoza

    Leo Mendoza2 kun oldin

    Are you kidding me???' I cannot wait any longerrrr

  24. Masako Toda

    Masako Toda2 kun oldin


  25. Jacob A. Williams

    Jacob A. Williams2 kun oldin

    I'll be waiting for season 3's... Arrival.

  26. mwood341

    mwood3412 kun oldin


  27. Babanco

    Babanco2 kun oldin

    Cok gec

  28. val

    val2 kun oldin


  29. Daryn Wiseman

    Daryn Wiseman2 kun oldin

    I'm excited to see this new season. It's always been a pretty unique series for HBO and it's always been ambitious, but it appears Season 3 could turn out to be even more intricate since they had time to develop it properly.

  30. Malena Cazon

    Malena Cazon2 kun oldin

    What is this about? A HBO serie?

  31. Malena Cazon

    Malena Cazon10 soat oldin

    @Saber Chief And what's about?

  32. Saber Chief

    Saber Chief15 soat oldin

    Yeah, "Westworld".

  33. Rob Braun

    Rob Braun2 kun oldin

    Season 1: The Maze, Season 2: The Door, Season 3: The Divergence?

  34. Amit Kenan

    Amit Kenan2 kun oldin

    Season 3: The New World

  35. Taiwo Thomas

    Taiwo Thomas2 kun oldin

    So there would be dates in this new season. I have always wondered what year the story was set in.

  36. Taiwo Thomas

    Taiwo Thomas2 kun oldin

    I just started season 1 again.

  37. tunic productions

    tunic productions2 kun oldin

    Can't waiiiiiit!

  38. King Noctis

    King Noctis2 kun oldin

    Yes can’t wait to see Cyberpunk 2077

  39. Sahara L

    Sahara L2 kun oldin

    i feel like westworld might be running its course. sometimes creators should just know when to end a story before it becomes a convoluted mess. dont get me wrong, i adore the series. i just hope season 3 isnt just them trying to force some sort of shock factor & go ooOO DidNt SEe ThaT coMING NoW DID ya??

  40. Jerb Herbert

    Jerb Herbert2 kun oldin

    I wonder what AOC was doing in Buenos Aires.

  41. Alfred Wodgesmythe

    Alfred Wodgesmythe21 soat oldin

    You Yangers are really frickin weird.

  42. Feanor

    Feanor21 soat oldin

    Probably trying to convince people that getting $1000 bucks a month with no strings attached is a bad idea.

  43. darson100

    darson1002 kun oldin

    The show is dead, it was murdered in season 2.

  44. Junaid Raza

    Junaid RazaKun oldin

    i dis agree

  45. The Mortonator

    The Mortonator2 kun oldin

    This is the new season, and in the new season you can be whoever the fuck you want.

  46. Madeline Harper

    Madeline Harper2 kun oldin

    Ready to stay confused!

  47. Princess Probably

    Princess Probably2 kun oldin

    Much sooner than I thought!


    IA MERROR2 kun oldin

    Why has this season taken so long to get here? I'm not even excited for it anymore, I could care less at this point.

  49. Daniel Worrall

    Daniel Worrall2 kun oldin

    there isnt a 15th month

  50. Mr Moderator

    Mr ModeratorKun oldin


  51. Mattastic Mattattack

    Mattastic Mattattack2 kun oldin

    Im somehow scared the world is about to be invaded by aliens 👽👽👽👽👽🎷

  52. Nina Claras

    Nina Claras2 kun oldin


  53. Akshay

    Akshay2 kun oldin

    Ewww give us Succession instead pleaseee

  54. Don Martin

    Don Martin2 kun oldin

    1:15 music 🎶 concludes

  55. Theutus

    Theutus2 kun oldin

    Words can't express how uninterested I am after that shit show of a second season.

  56. LP for ever

    LP for everKun oldin

    Good for you. But why should the creators care?

  57. Brian Bacis

    Brian Bacis3 kun oldin

    This was so dumb. It's all been filmed before recent events, and then they threw in HK and the impeachment to make a statement. Typical liberal HBO. Impeachment is a badge of honor for our president.

  58. LP for ever

    LP for everKun oldin

    This is not a statement.... Those are just events that took place....

  59. Rubaida Allen

    Rubaida Allen3 kun oldin

    Love this show. Cannot wait for season 3. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw season 1. Season 2 was excellent.

  60. Stephen Soukup

    Stephen Soukup3 kun oldin

    my 2nd fave show. Cant wait.

  61. alvaro ramón ruiz correa

    alvaro ramón ruiz correa3 kun oldin

    They arrival

  62. David Agiel81

    David Agiel813 kun oldin

    Let's just hope it doesn't become Wokeworld. Time jump should be between when they first arrive outside the park and the robot uprising. Then season four should be like planet of the apes in the far future when robots use humans as slaves the end.

  63. S P

    S P3 kun oldin

    Dystopian, but empowering.

  64. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent3 kun oldin

    You knew that the release date had to be soon since they have been running WestWorld Marathons on the HBO channels.

  65. sliovic

    sliovic3 kun oldin

    3/15/2020 ?? But there are only 12 months in a year!!

  66. Mr Moderator

    Mr ModeratorKun oldin


  67. bearshark p

    bearshark p3 kun oldin

    Fuckin love this show

  68. Reggie Noble

    Reggie Noble3 kun oldin

    Nice, looks like I’m going to postpone killing myself. Thank you HBO.

  69. Feanor

    Feanor21 soat oldin

    I want to live long enough to see the rest of humanity exterminated lol

  70. Matt and Chase

    Matt and Chase3 kun oldin

    Let's get weird this season! :D

  71. Artificial Stupidity

    Artificial Stupidity3 kun oldin

    "03.15.20" (Month.Day.Year) You already know its gonna be a confusing season by the order in which they wrote the date.

  72. Artificial Stupidity

    Artificial Stupidity3 kun oldin

    @Ryben Flynn well damn...😅

  73. Ryben Flynn

    Ryben Flynn3 kun oldin

    That is standard in the U.S. All you foreigners do it as 15.3.2020

  74. Héctor Hervás

    Héctor Hervás3 kun oldin

    I need to finish season 2