Weirdest NAIL ART that should NOT EXIST 2

Weirdest NAIL ART that should NOT Exist part 2! Once again we're looking at some weird but cool nail art designs, leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Part 1 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolfOy oldin

    Hello friends! On today’s episode of what can u fit in your nail.....

  2. rose medina

    rose medina6 kun oldin

    Umm idk anything that is small

  3. RubyVlogs Xx

    RubyVlogs Xx9 kun oldin

    Oop and dats all I need to say

  4. Eleanor Anderson

    Eleanor Anderson23 kun oldin


  5. Cookie Brat

    Cookie Brat24 kun oldin


  6. iiAmxthyst

    iiAmxthystOy oldin

    Imagine having a tiny brick in your nail

  7. Soraya Dhont

    Soraya Dhont5 soat oldin

    Nail artist: so,... wich beast or insect do you want on your nails today?

  8. Liza Agajan

    Liza Agajan7 soat oldin

    Hi SSSNIPERWOLF can I get a shout out also like your vids😇😙

  9. Luis Vargas

    Luis Vargas16 soat oldin


  10. Dalton Garrett

    Dalton Garrett18 soat oldin

    I wanna know how they made these nails like this

  11. run zheng

    run zheng18 soat oldin

    Do you have freckle’s

  12. Nahla Paco

    Nahla Paco19 soat oldin

    Me wearing a face mask and laying in my bed.... O.O AHHHHBB

  13. ioanna tsagkarli

    ioanna tsagkarliKun oldin

    I feel bad for the ant's but I got a story for them a SHORT ONE: eyyyy bob how ya doing inside you're Nail hotel? Bob: im good have you got food bc im hungry?? Ant: bob it's a one star nail hotel we all don't have food!. Like if you thought it was funny😂

  14. X0Zayn0X

    X0Zayn0XKun oldin

    It's not worms its leeches

  15. Mum Cristina-holland

    Mum Cristina-hollandKun oldin

    Who likes Lazy egg

  16. daniel haney

    daniel haneyKun oldin

    what are finger shins

  17. Hyper_ Fox_58

    Hyper_ Fox_58Kun oldin

    The fact that the nails In 9:19 or edited in lol

  18. Joanna Cheung

    Joanna CheungKun oldin

  19. Nikki Scudder

    Nikki ScudderKun oldin

    i love your vids like if you do to

  20. Heather Towell

    Heather TowellKun oldin


  21. Amy S

    Amy SKun oldin

    Nail Artist: "So would you like a kitchen appliance or an insect first your nails today?" Me: 🙅🙅🙅🙅

  22. Maddie Playz

    Maddie Playz2 kun oldin

    Sssniperwolf:Smack the knife if HELL NAW Me:Snack the knife if HELL NAW? Like u agree EDIT:STILL NO LIKES I GOT NOTHING IN COMMON DANG IT

  23. Kristen Bauer

    Kristen Bauer2 kun oldin

    That's a magit

  24. Emily Rogers

    Emily Rogers2 kun oldin

    Those spider nails are a HELL YES for me

  25. Alayna Cahill

    Alayna Cahill2 kun oldin

    How do you know oscars name you be watchin sesamie street

  26. Alayna Cahill

    Alayna Cahill2 kun oldin

    Omg lol

  27. Lorey Dumas

    Lorey Dumas2 kun oldin

    Bug in nails that is very cruel 🕷🐜🐌🦑🦐🦞🦀🦋🦂🦠🐞🦗🕸🦂🦟

  28. 刘佛

    刘佛3 kun oldin

    *Makes baby toe* Me:U mean pinky nail

  29. Vampire Queen

    Vampire Queen3 kun oldin

    When they say humans are not humans anymore... Shame

  30. B Ramirez

    B Ramirez3 kun oldin

    I like your nail super pretty !!!

  31. Nandana Nambiar

    Nandana Nambiar3 kun oldin

    Tommorow happy newyear

  32. Angela Arredondo

    Angela Arredondo3 kun oldin

    Poor ants🐜🐜

  33. Tay’s Art Gallery

    Tay’s Art Gallery3 kun oldin

    What if the worm nails broke while they were wiping 🤢🤢

  34. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez3 kun oldin


  35. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez3 kun oldin

    Too cheesy for me srl did you have to

  36. Taylor Delgado-Ozelius

    Taylor Delgado-Ozelius3 kun oldin

    9:20 boi dats photo shop

  37. Kaitlyn Baubie

    Kaitlyn Baubie4 kun oldin

    what what if you break your nails and than the bugs came out

  38. Althea Himan

    Althea Himan4 kun oldin

    I subscribe to UZgo videos

  39. holly roy

    holly roy4 kun oldin

    Me: give me a special!(๑•﹏•) Them: dead spider in your nail.. Me: ಠ﹏ಠ ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  40. holly roy

    holly roy4 kun oldin


  41. Yin Yang

    Yin Yang4 kun oldin

    The worst was the legs with hair you could shave🤮

  42. {itz dat wolf gurl}

    {itz dat wolf gurl}4 kun oldin

    Poor ants :

  43. Michael Coulter

    Michael Coulter5 kun oldin

    I love you ssniperwolf

  44. Honey Kenney

    Honey Kenney5 kun oldin

    She said it was a worm🤦🤦do you know about Magots!?!?

  45. Layla Gines

    Layla Gines5 kun oldin

    Do you have freckle??

  46. michael rodriguez

    michael rodriguez5 kun oldin


  47. Maryam .A

    Maryam .A5 kun oldin

    Living inside her nails “ this is not a drill” me : dieng of laughter .

  48. Jalil Dayle

    Jalil Dayle6 kun oldin

    This is gross people are threaks

  49. Brandy Lynn Thompson

    Brandy Lynn Thompson6 kun oldin


  50. undertale superfan

    undertale superfan6 kun oldin


  51. Alayla Carter

    Alayla Carter6 kun oldin

    I feels for those ants

  52. Danna Heras

    Danna Heras6 kun oldin


  53. Fluff-Fei GAMER Muffin :3

    Fluff-Fei GAMER Muffin :36 kun oldin

    Nail art that “isn’t” real Me: THE ANTS ARE REAL!!!!!!!

  54. Aubree Brockhum

    Aubree Brockhum7 kun oldin

    what if you just like. smuggled drugs into your nails????

  55. Slimadelady

    Slimadelady7 kun oldin

    I do not like bugs in my nails

  56. Nicole Aldrey

    Nicole Aldrey7 kun oldin

    Those are not worms they are MAGETS

  57. B D

    B D7 kun oldin

    Those are called anemones but I think the coral

  58. Cat Coronado

    Cat Coronado7 kun oldin

    does she have drawn on freckles?

  59. Lindi Kitty

    Lindi Kitty7 kun oldin

    Lia:Are those worms. Those cannot be worms Me:lia, those aren’t worms those are even worse, those are Maggetts

  60. Krista Ring

    Krista Ring8 kun oldin

    Oscar nails my dog's name is Oscar

  61. Nicole Hake

    Nicole Hake8 kun oldin

    Always the spider is the first thing I see!!!??

  62. Minty Leaf

    Minty Leaf8 kun oldin

    2:22 that’s my friend’s school profile pic

  63. Carmenn Romero

    Carmenn Romero8 kun oldin

    You are loud

  64. Jasmiine Izabella

    Jasmiine Izabella8 kun oldin


  65. Nia Love / Ashley 101 royalty

    Nia Love / Ashley 101 royalty8 kun oldin

    Plz safe the ants 🥺🥺🥺

  66. Nia Love / Ashley 101 royalty

    Nia Love / Ashley 101 royalty8 kun oldin

    I feel bad for the ants ☹️