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  1. Magda Florea

    Magda Florea5 soat oldin


  2. Sienna Brooks

    Sienna Brooks6 soat oldin

    Uh... Caronuvirus

  3. Rachelle

    Rachelle12 soat oldin

    Why do the Japanese keyboards have English letters?

  4. Vanessa Speed

    Vanessa Speed12 soat oldin

    I love you

  5. Madison Dunn

    Madison Dunn15 soat oldin

    Japan won't share their good stuff with us.😭

  6. KittyQueen Asher

    KittyQueen Asher15 soat oldin

    That’s we’re I live or in my area and I don’t live in Japan the car machine in phoenix

  7. Chloe Sell

    Chloe Sell17 soat oldin

    I get U Leah I can’t have Kitcats either I’m allergic to peanuts and it’s made in a peanut factory

  8. MISTER Queen potato

    MISTER Queen potato18 soat oldin

    We have car vending machines in america. Also I'm pretty sure color blind people can't tell the difference between red and green.

  9. Alora Lindt

    Alora Lindt19 soat oldin

    In the car one that was Like the second one that she showed she didn’t realize that it was sold out

  10. Nevaeh Hernandez

    Nevaeh Hernandez19 soat oldin

    Anyone watching in 2020?🤔

  11. Ellie's life

    Ellie's life19 soat oldin

    Lia:STAY AWAKE 3am. Me: ok ok!!!!!! thx i guess??? Lia:UR WELCOME:) 3am. Me:ok bye im leaving the planet BYE!!!!!!!! Lia:MHAMHAMHA 3am. Me:ok??????????????

  12. Ellie's life

    Ellie's life19 soat oldin

    btw it caribein u say it like cara being

  13. George Anderson

    George Anderson21 soat oldin

    2020 didn’t even get the Pepsi

  14. Sunny Tong

    Sunny Tong22 soat oldin

    My mom: *goes to japan and buys 4 boxes of cute stuff* Me: mom your craz

  15. lol this channel is dead

    lol this channel is deadKun oldin

    the first is chinese :D

  16. Janel lynn

    Janel lynnKun oldin

    I've had the wasabi kit Kat and it is not spicy at all and I hate spicy foods

  17. Dashiell Silverio

    Dashiell SilverioKun oldin

    Kunitchiwa! (‘7;85(82@)

  18. Dashiell Silverio

    Dashiell SilverioKun oldin

    Sniper kit kat i want sniper kitkat XD my frend calls me kitkat

  19. Aaliyah Docherty

    Aaliyah DochertyKun oldin


  20. Galaxy-fury-GachaX-X GG

    Galaxy-fury-GachaX-X GGKun oldin

    Is it gluten free cuase I wanna try?

  21. Galaxy-fury-GachaX-X GG

    Galaxy-fury-GachaX-X GGKun oldin

    Being celiac sucks

  22. Cute Panda

    Cute PandaKun oldin


  23. pro gamer

    pro gamerKun oldin

    That's weird because the whole world is normal but Japan 🤔🤔🤔

  24. Evie Shaw

    Evie Shaw2 kun oldin


  25. Chiharu Animations

    Chiharu Animations2 kun oldin

    I think those boards are in chinese not japanese..

  26. Da Crazy Potato

    Da Crazy Potato2 kun oldin

    I know a lotta bout japan

  27. Frqitxy

    Frqitxy2 kun oldin

    Listen to 4:49 like if your mad...

  28. Allison Gonzalez

    Allison Gonzalez2 kun oldin

    Omg I tried tea KitKat ITS SO DAMN GOOD :D

  29. Arlene Smith

    Arlene Smith2 kun oldin

    Do you know of the virus is japan

  30. Mariam tiktok for fun

    Mariam tiktok for fun2 kun oldin

    Lia your the best not ganna lie I watched waaaayyyyyy more than half ur vids

  31. Vincent Toledo

    Vincent Toledo2 kun oldin

    mE ToO I WaNt gO oN jApAn🇯🇵 I aM CrAzY nOw FeEl CrAzY

  32. Rainbow Eevee

    Rainbow Eevee2 kun oldin


  33. topaz gacha

    topaz gacha3 kun oldin

    The one where they wear anime mask I've seen em

  34. topaz gacha

    topaz gacha3 kun oldin

    I can sing in Japanese

  35. topaz gacha

    topaz gacha3 kun oldin

    Ik wut it means

  36. topaz gacha

    topaz gacha3 kun oldin

    The first one lmao


    AK SPAMZZ3 kun oldin

    try Potato Chips And Cream Cheese its rlly bomb

  38. iconic RoseBlows

    iconic RoseBlows3 kun oldin

    Lia: “you can only pick one what one will you pick” Me: *ChOcOlAtE*

  39. Carlos Batres

    Carlos Batres3 kun oldin

    1:32 SOLD OUT

  40. just me plays

    just me plays3 kun oldin

    By the way you can dip fries in ice cream and it taste soooooooooooooòoo bomb

  41. Master Z

    Master Z4 kun oldin

    Yes I would try the doritos

  42. Marcelina Tocohua

    Marcelina Tocohua4 kun oldin


  43. Stephania Jean-Baptiste

    Stephania Jean-Baptiste4 kun oldin

    Sakura:trash Pepsi:dieabeates Both of them:trash dieabeates

  44. kalikat1117

    kalikat11174 kun oldin

    Leave a like if ur always wondering how old SSSniperwolf is

  45. SStrixaregood

    SStrixaregood5 kun oldin


  46. maria chavez

    maria chavez5 kun oldin


  47. maria chavez

    maria chavez5 kun oldin


  48. Miraculous Lizzy Shipper

    Miraculous Lizzy Shipper5 kun oldin

    Why Japan?

  49. William Parker

    William Parker5 kun oldin

    That black burger looks Blackbear sh*t

  50. Icelandic Acro Team

    Icelandic Acro Team5 kun oldin

    Caribbean gold like pirate piss

  51. XxWolfiexX ._.

    XxWolfiexX ._.5 kun oldin

    Her: stay woke *meanwhile me at 3 AM* •_•

  52. I McDermott

    I McDermott5 kun oldin

    Its corona time

  53. 듸컨Deacon

    듸컨Deacon6 kun oldin

    0:55 those are chinese characters not japanese

  54. Mr.Raelm

    Mr.Raelm6 kun oldin

    Press this if your over 7 | ¥

  55. Jaque LaMarr

    Jaque LaMarr6 kun oldin

    wth, why is this not in the U.S.A for reel. 😧

  56. blacktntworld

    blacktntworld7 kun oldin

    i actually have tried sakura pepsi and peach coca cola

  57. Siren Head

    Siren Head7 kun oldin

    I’m kinda glad cuz I’m going to japan in 3 days!!!! I’m staying for 3 years

  58. Tamara Lamarr

    Tamara Lamarr7 kun oldin

    And 1952

  59. Kookie Evrdy

    Kookie Evrdy7 kun oldin

    I get infusions , so I can eat everything except nuts and corn

  60. Kookie Evrdy

    Kookie Evrdy7 kun oldin

    I have chrones disease, which is pretty much the same.

  61. William Yaniel

    William Yaniel7 kun oldin

    The snow Pepsi taste like snow