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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolfOy oldin

    RIP my hand 😩

  2. EeveeGamerYT

    EeveeGamerYT12 kun oldin

    SSSniperWolf what happen to it?? :(

  3. Sad Wolfie Gacha

    Sad Wolfie Gacha16 kun oldin

    That singing thing was so relatable

  4. Khadija Duncan

    Khadija DuncanOy oldin

    I love you as a boyfriend

  5. Gissy Torres

    Gissy TorresOy oldin

    Appreciate all the dedication sorry but your handle

  6. Apple Crumble

    Apple CrumbleOy oldin

    SSSniperWolf what did u do are u ok

  7. Jay's Humming

    Jay's Humming10 soat oldin

    Yeetus depression to the deletus

  8. Jay's Humming

    Jay's Humming10 soat oldin

    Early 2000's gang where you at!?

  9. Veera Sharma

    Veera Sharma23 soat oldin

    Literally eating Cheeto right now

  10. Rachel Delayne

    Rachel DelayneKun oldin

    We had a project in 4th about owl poop. So we had to dig thur the poop to find bones of small animals them find out what type of animal it is. Sorry for the random comment.

  11. Jamil MacConnell

    Jamil MacConnellKun oldin

    Lol same when I sing im like wow im so good but when I record myself and watch it im like..... omg my voce is so badddd xD

  12. Alight Rose

    Alight RoseKun oldin

    Bro that aint baby yoda lmaoo


    ZIKERIYIA BABERS2 kun oldin

    SSSniperWolf feel better you have the best video and you are so generous person I love you so much 💖

  14. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    No that she and Pat was a gremlin you can tell because baby on his face and the gremlins face are different there ears are similar but their faces are different

  15. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    I still want that karaoke ear phone though

  16. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    Yes and I hate it I’m actually good singer but when I hear myself on a recording I just hated my whole family says I’m a good singer and when I listen to my recordings they like them but whenever I hear them back they always just sound like trash to me but I found myself singing because I seem songs on my iPad without using my headphones

  17. BenzTek 86

    BenzTek 862 kun oldin

    At Pali Camp, we dissected owl vomit. It is actually owl pellets. They can not digest the fur and bones of what they eat. I might actually buy this because it was fun and an experience that I will never forget.

  18. Leah Stinson

    Leah Stinson2 kun oldin

    4:00 we did that in 4th grade and when I didn’t want to touch it ( obviously) they got mad at me and told me that It’s JUst OwL THrOwUp

  19. Game expert

    Game expert2 kun oldin

    The cheeto is a winning cheeto for money

  20. Game expert

    Game expert2 kun oldin

    The cheeto is a wining cheeto for money

  21. Isabella Rodriguez

    Isabella Rodriguez2 kun oldin

    RIP lia’s hand

  22. Sherry Hood

    Sherry Hood2 kun oldin

    sniper wolf: i got olivia right here who wanna bye her? me: ya know no one is there right? sniper wolf: YEETS WATER AT ME* BOI IT FOR DA VID M\ me: okie Sniper wolf: .......... ok

  23. Olivia Antonio

    Olivia Antonio2 kun oldin

    She used my name yay

  24. Baine Hooper

    Baine Hooper3 kun oldin

    plz stop cursing

  25. Itz Aiden

    Itz Aiden4 kun oldin

    I really did that in my class

  26. Allison Gonzalez

    Allison Gonzalez4 kun oldin

    Once my cousin told me to give her my phone to play games.... but idk how... SHE BENT IT FOR REAL 😹

  27. ROBLOX- -Noob

    ROBLOX- -Noob4 kun oldin

    I guess I am for sell now! *My name is Olivia lmao 😂*

  28. Linda Bosway

    Linda Bosway4 kun oldin

    LOL at my school we dissected thouse owl pellets \ owl through up

  29. Møøn Łuña

    Møøn Łuña4 kun oldin


  30. Gachalogic5784

    Gachalogic57844 kun oldin

    Who else new the "baby Yoda plant pot thing" IS a grimlen, its Gizmo from the movie Gremlins!

  31. Preston Wallitsch

    Preston Wallitsch4 kun oldin

    3:59, its not just random owl vommit, it is owl pellets to see what the owl has eaten.

  32. Emilie H

    Emilie H6 kun oldin

    Don’t water that chia pet after midnight

  33. Battery Low 1

    Battery Low 17 kun oldin

    I’m 1 month late check!

  34. na lu

    na lu8 kun oldin

    I used an owl pellet in science before and it stink so bad😝

  35. Alex Mann

    Alex Mann8 kun oldin

    Dissecting owl pellets you can fold so many animal bones

  36. Angel Demon

    Angel Demon8 kun oldin

    @SSSniperWolf what app do you use to edit

  37. SMB Pls

    SMB Pls10 kun oldin

    Why dose she talk like she’s black?

  38. sylveon films

    sylveon films10 kun oldin

    You think through up is bad me and mah boi's over here examining poop in biology class so y'all think you have It bad....🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 ps. OUR TECHER TOLD US TO SMELL IT EWWWWW...... IM 8 PEPOLE 8!!!!!

  39. Sienna Samuel

    Sienna Samuel11 kun oldin

    I’d let someone pick my baby’s name for $50k. Just use some of the money and change it right after 😂

  40. Destiny Harrison

    Destiny Harrison11 kun oldin

    3:30 I could use that for my Halloween costume


    ANGEL REAL DENIZ12 kun oldin

    That’s not baby yoda that’s GIZMO

  42. Jacob Totten

    Jacob Totten13 kun oldin

    Wht happens to your wrist

  43. Joel Kelly

    Joel Kelly13 kun oldin

    Thqt owl sht is what i do in school

  44. John Marshall

    John Marshall15 kun oldin

    scifactsyt you know that the only thing water bottle companies like Aquafina produce is plastic not water! PLASTIC!!!! ps can i get a shout out sssniperwolf :)

  45. EzikJ 55k

    EzikJ 55k15 kun oldin

    My brother tried to sell me

  46. Breanna Serrano

    Breanna Serrano15 kun oldin

    Can you play more naughty games

  47. Nalysa Lim

    Nalysa Lim16 kun oldin

    We had to dissect owl pellets for school... and identify the bones

  48. Delphinium Rose

    Delphinium Rose16 kun oldin

    Lol we did the owl puke thing in my class

  49. hcid roblox

    hcid roblox17 kun oldin

    Owl pellets-lol my science teacher buys them for disecting

  50. Karito_ Nightfox

    Karito_ Nightfox17 kun oldin

    I need that bendy phone

  51. Kristy Kelly

    Kristy Kelly17 kun oldin

    I need to stop dropping my phone and get something really CHEAP that DOES NOT work off of amazon and pay and get a BEED back.

  52. Elizabeth Wilson

    Elizabeth Wilson19 kun oldin

    i would say that they can buy the rights but would keep the money and name it whatever i want XD


    CLUMSY SILENCER19 kun oldin

    The baterries use pee. The brand of the battery is nopopo. Guess you cant use poop. :(

  54. IsaBella van Roosen

    IsaBella van Roosen20 kun oldin

    those japanese batery powerd by PiPi thaT MADE ME laugh AS a pig

  55. Olivia Roder

    Olivia Roder20 kun oldin

    Aww! I'm your imaginary friend lol. 1:47 My name is Olivia

  56. Olivia Roder

    Olivia Roder20 kun oldin


  57. Zaina Canan

    Zaina Canan20 kun oldin

    bro I dissected pellets in 6th grade its legit

  58. Happy__ life0256

    Happy__ life025620 kun oldin

    There called owl pellets and we had to dissect some My reaction:🤮🤢🥴😷

  59. It’sMe Braylee

    It’sMe Braylee20 kun oldin

    Why do you have that cast think on your wrist? (Love you btwww) 🤍💜🐺🐺🐺

  60. Lilly Willis

    Lilly Willis20 kun oldin

    3:54 my science camp had us disect these😂I loved it my friends not so much

  61. Princess G

    Princess G20 kun oldin

    lmao I have bacon bandages 😂😭.

  62. Lucia Munoz

    Lucia Munoz20 kun oldin

    My teacher bought the owl vomit and made everyone “explore” it. It was DISGUSTING!

  63. Byron Betton

    Byron Betton20 kun oldin

    Who would buy a chip holder

  64. Byron Betton

    Byron Betton20 kun oldin

    Buy this buy that

  65. Byron Betton

    Byron Betton20 kun oldin

    Rip to your bank acount

  66. alex

    alex21 kun oldin

    when she said ijustine i was SCREAMING