We Painted the Walls our Skin Color

Today, we're painting walls in our house the same color as our skin. RL #011

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Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Rhett & Link

    Rhett & Link2 oy oldin

    Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Dacal LP

    Dacal LP13 kun oldin

    12.345 Likes! I'm the 12.346th! yaay

  3. JasBringIt

    JasBringItOy oldin

    Is Jenna Single?

  4. Avi Gottlieb

    Avi GottliebOy oldin

    how do you know to record in advence so many times

  5. The gaming Chicken

    The gaming ChickenOy oldin

    Ok I noted

  6. Cheyenne Warner

    Cheyenne WarnerOy oldin

    I honestly don’t even recall any comments about cover.... so.....? Yah. Ty tho!

  7. salt boy

    salt boy10 soat oldin

    rhett and link create f l e s h i n t e r f a c e s

  8. Santanu Kumar Mahalik

    Santanu Kumar Mahalik20 soat oldin

    racist walls XD

  9. filthysock

    filthysockKun oldin

    It actually looks very Art Deco - oddly enough.

  10. Ayla

    AylaKun oldin

    i'm sorry but can we agree that Rhett looks homeless

  11. Marina and The Devil

    Marina and The DevilKun oldin

    We obviously all came for the sexy thumbnail

  12. Jane Morrow

    Jane MorrowKun oldin

    Ocean eyes!

  13. Brooke Wenzel

    Brooke Wenzel2 kun oldin

    The yeah after “demonetized zone” gave me life 😂😂

  14. Cole Smart

    Cole Smart2 kun oldin

    If someome breaks into your house just get naked and stand next to the wall. THIS IS GENIUS!

  15. Za’Laiiyah

    Za’Laiiyah2 kun oldin

    EYEBROWS when Rhett did the ad

  16. H&M Science

    H&M Science2 kun oldin

    U should have painted white on the tape and do the colours

  17. SLAV

    SLAV2 kun oldin

    Wth, I originally thought this was such a bizarre and ridiculous idea but how come I actually like the skynwallz in the end??? XD

  18. Kretes

    Kretes2 kun oldin

    A-are they getting old ?

  19. Just Cakes

    Just Cakes3 kun oldin

    I like how they casually talked about identity theft

  20. Liberina

    Liberina3 kun oldin

    I love how the whole time they sound completely sarcastic and completely serious at the same time.

  21. 0range !!!

    0range !!!3 kun oldin

    “It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again.” Lmao 🤣

  22. Zara Dude

    Zara Dude3 kun oldin

    They're so tall, every time I see them in comparison to something it's like I realise they're tall all over again, and I've been watching them for years xD

  23. Mom Life

    Mom Life3 kun oldin

    Why do I want to try this.

  24. Joelle Seiden

    Joelle Seiden3 kun oldin

    UZgors make the best content when they're running out of it

  25. Myra Ting

    Myra Ting4 kun oldin

    Honestly this would be so easy for me black hair,black eyes and yellow

  26. nword boi

    nword boi4 kun oldin

    now that's a thing that would be done by *somebody that i used to know*

  27. c l o u d y s t a r s

    c l o u d y s t a r s4 kun oldin

    So what do they do when they become taller

  28. iOS player Noice

    iOS player Noice4 kun oldin

    Link needs to shave his tiny beard he looks aged

  29. Brendan Pike

    Brendan Pike4 kun oldin


  30. Maddy. uwu

    Maddy. uwu4 kun oldin


  31. Maddy. uwu

    Maddy. uwu4 kun oldin


  32. Evie Van den Biggelaar

    Evie Van den Biggelaar5 kun oldin

    The tape is not what went wrong but you had to peel it right up after u paint it and not let it dry.

  33. Red Byrom

    Red Byrom5 kun oldin

    I want a skin wall

  34. Diana Montero

    Diana Montero5 kun oldin

    this is super creative!

  35. Shayna Pulley

    Shayna Pulley5 kun oldin

    this is trippy af

  36. 4p HD

    4p HD5 kun oldin


  37. Lydia Miller

    Lydia Miller5 kun oldin

    "This might be the best idea we've ever had... If you don't rank any of our other ideas." - Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal III, 2020

  38. Chiara chiara

    Chiara chiara6 kun oldin

    this sound like something Jenna marbles would do😂

  39. Little Pea

    Little Pea5 kun oldin

    Chiara chiara there was a recommended video on my thing that said something with Jenna marbels

  40. jess brown

    jess brown6 kun oldin

    they’re like the cool uncles you wish you had

  41. jess brown

    jess brown6 kun oldin

    ‘yea I’m basil leaf lake house man’ I laughed so hard

  42. Seth Mackenzie

    Seth Mackenzie6 kun oldin

    “so then when we cone to the wall its like... camo”

  43. Cameron Myers

    Cameron Myers6 kun oldin

    Why didnt they using paint rollers for the skin color because that would be more efficient

  44. islanddoc90

    islanddoc906 kun oldin

    You cant convince me that the thumbnail isn't an intentional Gotye reference

  45. BlueBerry Muffins

    BlueBerry Muffins6 kun oldin

    There old :(

  46. best gaming 2

    best gaming 27 kun oldin

    Thw intro is mentally retarted

  47. Alex Foster

    Alex Foster7 kun oldin

    It’s my OCD wa stuck in my head after this video I have no idea why

  48. Ксюша Осипенко

    Ксюша Осипенко7 kun oldin

    But what are u gonna do with the third wall?

  49. Ксюша Осипенко

    Ксюша Осипенко7 kun oldin


  50. Yasss G

    Yasss G8 kun oldin

    Pro tip with painting (just incase you guys do any other projects) when you apply your tape make sure you paint the ends with w.e the color of the wall currently is for example : for white walls you paint just the tape edges white . It stops paint from bleeding through . Or you can use caulk that helps too

  51. Litten Girl

    Litten Girl8 kun oldin

    “Getting skinwalled” sounds like a really strange innuendo

  52. suuultry

    suuultry8 kun oldin

    for what god's sake

  53. Erol B.

    Erol B.9 kun oldin

    Never growing up is the best thing you can accomplish in life.

  54. PhatBoy Crazy

    PhatBoy Crazy9 kun oldin

    Mindcraft wall

  55. Jeziah Melton

    Jeziah Melton9 kun oldin

    rhett look's pink

  56. Nomaswazi Madi

    Nomaswazi Madi9 kun oldin

    So all ppl are brown according to that machine?

  57. Peppermint Leafy

    Peppermint Leafy10 kun oldin

    A part of me died a little when they didn’t put a white base coat over the tape. That prevents the paint from bleeding! -an artist

  58. Thomas the Jet engine

    Thomas the Jet engine10 kun oldin

    "Doesn't this look like something that you'd see somewhere" Uhh yes?

  59. Donald The chicken

    Donald The chicken10 kun oldin

    I can’t help but ask why they didn’t do the nipples.

  60. eden is a gamer

    eden is a gamer10 kun oldin

    why- why am i watching this?

  61. Reshma Haresh

    Reshma Haresh10 kun oldin

    I thought they painted his body in the wall's colour

  62. Therese

    Therese10 kun oldin

    Blondes get darker as they get older, Rhett looks like a dark blonde

  63. Alexandre Levine

    Alexandre Levine10 kun oldin

    im so confused do they live together or camera worm

  64. Camille Hatfield

    Camille Hatfield10 kun oldin

    Rhett should get a haircut.

  65. Romline

    Romline10 kun oldin

    Îs this rasist ?

  66. Kuroko

    Kuroko11 kun oldin

    I want to do this now...

  67. Mary Rolled It

    Mary Rolled It11 kun oldin

    At the laaaaake house, where black people, and white people buy skynwallz™.

  68. Ashley Bruss

    Ashley Bruss11 kun oldin

    Link: “We’re criminals?” Rhett: So nonchalantly.. “yeah”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. summer

    summer11 kun oldin

    I reallt love this

  70. Averyill Linnemeyer

    Averyill Linnemeyer11 kun oldin

    Looks like steve from Minecraft

  71. Kiersten Wahl

    Kiersten Wahl11 kun oldin

    Chadwick brown is an actor....

  72. кукуруза сан

    кукуруза сан11 kun oldin

    ma life: you think we're done? Im gonna destroy you for par... me: AH MAN lets see how to guys share the room in different colors. Damn, Im starting to wonder if youtube is watching my browser history

  73. T-bo debates

    T-bo debates12 kun oldin

    Tbh, I would totally do this! It actually does look so artistic.

  74. Amanda Condrin

    Amanda Condrin12 kun oldin

    Whoever buys that house after them is going to be like... what is going on here???

  75. Moonlight_Angy

    Moonlight_Angy12 kun oldin

    Rhett and link: we’ll steal their identities. The government: too late!

  76. MIW trash

    MIW trash12 kun oldin

    Skinwall.XXX hah😂😂😂

  77. Ninica1

    Ninica112 kun oldin

    Wow, I want skin wall! ... Wait, that's just a brown wall... :/

  78. DieBoss Eyyy

    DieBoss Eyyy13 kun oldin

    I got this in my recomendations randomly and was immediately intrigued

  79. just flove

    just flove13 kun oldin

    The walls in my home are my skincolor, but it wasn’t intentional...

  80. illuminachos_YT

    illuminachos_YT13 kun oldin

    noooooooooope chuck testa

  81. Dead Meme

    Dead Meme14 kun oldin

    some times you need to remember your watching two men paint a wall based on their appearance

  82. Blake Johnson

    Blake Johnson14 kun oldin

    Hear me out, get a shirt that's the exact same colour as your skin.

  83. Cfranklin1

    Cfranklin114 kun oldin

    rhett and link have been constantly high since 2014

  84. Anonymously Stupid

    Anonymously Stupid14 kun oldin

    to get there eye color just get a picture of there eye and eye drop it and you'll get numbers and you can get paint with those same numbers

  85. Cici Woods

    Cici Woods15 kun oldin

    "This might be one of our best ideas yet...if you don't count any of our other ideas" the SAVAGERY

  86. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats16 kun oldin

    was not prepared for skin wall triple x lol

  87. Avery Ocallaghan

    Avery Ocallaghan16 kun oldin

    when he said COME GET SOME BEANS BOI i died