We Made HUMAN SIZED Candy Buttons... How Do They Taste?

Today we're scaling up another nostalgic candy. This time we're making giant candy buttons, also known as candy dots. How will they taste?
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  1. Kk Red

    Kk Red5 soat oldin

    So A question I have always had has partly been answered all of the couple I didn’t have children

  2. Robert Price

    Robert Price5 soat oldin

    Can you make giant chocolate bars and slabs

  3. Miss Hobbit

    Miss Hobbit6 soat oldin

    big foot sounds an awful lot like a moose

  4. Vince M

    Vince M7 soat oldin

    make a giant snicker since it has layers

  5. JamesG2104

    JamesG21048 soat oldin

    Mega sour patch Kids

  6. Devon Borgoyne

    Devon Borgoyne8 soat oldin

    Giant Jolly Ranchers!!!!

  7. Daniel Nichols

    Daniel Nichols9 soat oldin


  8. Amira Bestward

    Amira Bestward9 soat oldin

    you guys should make a Giant life saver

  9. Mops SPOOF

    Mops SPOOF9 soat oldin

    I’d like you to try and freeze dry maple syrup

  10. Megan Thomson

    Megan Thomson10 soat oldin

    Canadian smarties, Fun Dip, Twix, Gummy worms, and Jolly Ranchers

  11. Jesse Gao

    Jesse Gao10 soat oldin

    piping lesson?

  12. Sparrow Jeff

    Sparrow Jeff10 soat oldin

    make a huge star burst

  13. Jamie Williams

    Jamie Williams10 soat oldin

    You sound sick

  14. chris Dieringer

    chris Dieringer13 soat oldin

    make a huge marshmallows

  15. Zack Halim

    Zack Halim13 soat oldin

    Giant pez dispenser

  16. Mixed_dcKeyPHD

    Mixed_dcKeyPHD14 soat oldin

    make a giant ice cream sandwich

  17. Emilia Darling

    Emilia Darling15 soat oldin

    Or wax paper will work

  18. Makayla Henderson

    Makayla Henderson16 soat oldin

    You should make Reese's cups

  19. The Fake Scientist

    The Fake Scientist19 soat oldin

    I've never heard or seen or had any of that candy stufd

  20. PANdaramic Firefox

    PANdaramic Firefox20 soat oldin

    Pop Rocks, maybe?

  21. Nikki Schiffman

    Nikki Schiffman20 soat oldin

    Okay but does Cali have covid19

  22. MrBeckett74

    MrBeckett7421 soat oldin

    Forget the piping lesson. I want a video on the Giant Ginger Bread houses

  23. Justin Moody

    Justin Moody21 soat oldin

    im no pro in making royal icing but I have done it a couple times and (not that this affects the quality of the icing) I'm pretty sure that using egg whites straight from the egg is unhealthy, so I suggest using pasteurized egg whites.

  24. Theoden092

    Theoden09223 soat oldin

    make a giant cookies and cream hershey bar

  25. frisk sans

    frisk sans23 soat oldin

    Can you guys make like alot of those giant sized candies and send them to me

  26. Kevin Klein

    Kevin KleinKun oldin

    Runts would be nice to see also try it as cotton candy please.

  27. Logan Dent

    Logan DentKun oldin

    she sounds like she has corona

  28. Heather Parr

    Heather ParrKun oldin

    Make a giant giant jaw breaker! Or pop rocks would be really cool too. Thank you guys for the fun videos, my son and I watch almost every night 👍🏼

  29. Lily Henderson

    Lily HendersonKun oldin

    you should try to make giant cadbury eggs and giant twix.

  30. {Abigail’s} [Life]💙💜💙

    {Abigail’s} [Life]💙💜💙Kun oldin

    Lol I have never had those

  31. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Kazuto KirigayaKun oldin


  32. Jaida Smatt

    Jaida SmattKun oldin


  33. Vanessa Berthiaume

    Vanessa BerthiaumeKun oldin

    If you make a giant sour punch straw, I wanna be there! Lol. Also, my kiddo wants to know if you could blend Mac and cheese?? I have no idea why but that is his request.

  34. Annie Mackey

    Annie MackeyKun oldin

    can you guys make a giant reese´s peanut butter cup

  35. Shadow Fox

    Shadow FoxKun oldin

    Make a giant warhead, please

  36. Macekiller 13

    Macekiller 13Kun oldin

    Make a giant nerds rope

  37. Nevaeh Lee

    Nevaeh LeeKun oldin

    You can find them at five and below

  38. Joselyn Wolford

    Joselyn WolfordKun oldin

    I had not tryed those

  39. Name

    NameKun oldin

    U guys should do caprisun!!☺☺☺☺👉👈👉👈👉👈

  40. As It Should Be

    As It Should BeKun oldin

    nice experiment but be careful; dentist are closed now.. lol

  41. shawn smoot

    shawn smootKun oldin

    Reese’s peanut butter cup

  42. Jax 0

    Jax 0Kun oldin


  43. Lovely Rose

    Lovely RoseKun oldin


  44. SGM_Skylar M

    SGM_Skylar MKun oldin

    Trolls gummy worms pls

  45. Rebecca Farmer

    Rebecca FarmerKun oldin

    Make a whatcha-ma-callit! (Not sure how to spell it)

  46. RanashiRose

    RanashiRoseKun oldin

    Fun Dip

  47. Myles Locke

    Myles LockeKun oldin

    Do Swedish fish

  48. shiny stars

    shiny starsKun oldin

    kit kat or resses or

  49. izzy chan Nyan Cat

    izzy chan Nyan CatKun oldin

    Giant candy sticks

  50. summer fairy

    summer fairyKun oldin

    Can you try to make cookie rice balls

  51. daviy one

    daviy oneKun oldin

    i wish they will sell them in a store

  52. Jaster Mareel

    Jaster MareelKun oldin

    Giant Nerds!

  53. Ryan

    RyanKun oldin

    I thought the thumnail was acid tabs

  54. Jade Langley

    Jade LangleyKun oldin


  55. Micotheone

    MicotheoneKun oldin

    Giant gummy worm!!

  56. EpicUndead

    EpicUndeadKun oldin

    Pop Rocks would be a neat one.

  57. Maddie P

    Maddie PKun oldin

    u should make a giant twix candy bar or mounds

  58. Naomi Johnson

    Naomi JohnsonKun oldin

    Cali and Nate: they are really hard to find here Me: I live in Australia they are not even a thing here And also how did you find all the stuff for this with corona

  59. woah carolyn

    woah carolynKun oldin


  60. Jerry Beckham

    Jerry BeckhamKun oldin

    can ou do baby bottles?

  61. Millie Bobby brown 2.0 UwU

    Millie Bobby brown 2.0 UwUKun oldin

    wut if your allergic to eggs

  62. E M S Cool Videos

    E M S Cool VideosKun oldin

    Big foot sound that he did sounded like a duck or like a dieing duck

  63. Colleen Buvala

    Colleen BuvalaKun oldin

    Make a giant ring pop!

  64. Honey Cookies

    Honey CookiesKun oldin

    i have never had candy buttons...

  65. Caitlyn Jones

    Caitlyn JonesKun oldin

    It would be really cool to see them team up with Claire from Bon Appetite

  66. Brooklyn Smith

    Brooklyn SmithKun oldin

    Colorful twizzlers

  67. CheeseNinja

    CheeseNinja2 kun oldin

    Please do giant jolly ranchers

  68. Demon king

    Demon king2 kun oldin

    Make a big samsung s20 or any phone but iphones :)

  69. loren weisser

    loren weisser2 kun oldin

    Make giant twizzlers!

  70. Josiqueen Dixon

    Josiqueen Dixon2 kun oldin

    Little door

  71. Ryland Burnham

    Ryland Burnham2 kun oldin

    You should freeze dry normal and the HUGE candy buttons

  72. Karen Crutchfield

    Karen Crutchfield2 kun oldin

    Should have used parchment paper!

  73. Marianna Thompson

    Marianna Thompson2 kun oldin

    First thing that comes to mind when I saw this video is : taste the rainbow

  74. Cerberus the pup

    Cerberus the pup2 kun oldin

    Make a giant push pop

  75. Quintavy

    Quintavy2 kun oldin

    Giant Twix

  76. Cassidy Anthony

    Cassidy Anthony2 kun oldin

    Giant Hershey!

  77. Caysie Krawczyk

    Caysie Krawczyk2 kun oldin

    You should make giant sour patch kids

  78. Rae sandwich

    Rae sandwich2 kun oldin

    My first and middle name is Raechel Rae

  79. Hadley Albracht

    Hadley Albracht2 kun oldin

    Y’all need to make a giant jolly rancher

  80. Minnesota Pride

    Minnesota Pride2 kun oldin

    Do m and ms I