1. Jose Rios

    Jose Rios4 kun oldin

    God after they showed what the crowd looked like....embarrassing that anybody would choose to look like that

  2. Jose Rios

    Jose Rios4 kun oldin


  3. linda sapiecha

    linda sapiecha13 kun oldin

    Fine as a rare occurence Great Fun but it wasnt boxing 😃

  4. bunetoff

    bunetoff14 kun oldin

    Mad amount of 12 year olds commenting here, slandering boxing and the veterans who disliked the circus. Who are you children to tell people significantly older, and more invested what to do? They care, it's their life. For you, it was your weekend to watch your guy do something other than playing Minecraft or posting pictures of leased cars.

  5. Ben wishton

    Ben wishton14 kun oldin

    You should know that's all you have been putting on here for the last two weeks I'm glad it's over

  6. RedHood

    RedHood15 kun oldin

    U can easily see that sky is saying all that rubbish just to pull away the fact that they wanted them to fight on their broadcast for the views and sponsors

  7. J H

    J H15 kun oldin

    both shit cunts

  8. Shane Jordan

    Shane Jordan15 kun oldin

    These guys are haters....

  9. Vicente Guerrero

    Vicente Guerrero16 kun oldin

    the match is funny for the kind of fan who like watching train wreck versions of boxing

  10. Mr99RAT

    Mr99RAT16 kun oldin

    They really piss on the inside about the fight

  11. Jordan Monk

    Jordan Monk17 kun oldin

    Sky just shot themselves in the foot with this one, this is clearly a indirect message because they want to stick to their 1800's britsh empire mentality... but Eddie Hearn if youre watching i'd say move your alligience to DAZN and you'll become the super promoter of professional and celebrity boxing...

  12. BillyCBoxingFan

    BillyCBoxingFan17 kun oldin

    Absolutely ridiculous views. Boxing is supposed to be for anyone and everyone, like any sport. These two have just brought a lot of potential new fans, might have even inspired some kids to give it a go, who might be future world champions. I just don't get the hate from some people in boxing.

  13. André

    André18 kun oldin

    I'd say good and bad :D

  14. Bear

    Bear18 kun oldin

    It’s bad for boxing because it mocks the sport and is purely about 💰 and nothing else. They boxed really bad and was horrible to watch along with the fake beef it was a circus act pure shite

  15. Juan B.

    Juan B.18 kun oldin

    good or bad who cares... probably got some cats into watching that event but ultimately just a side show rip off with a boxing label attached to it. I aint mad at them for putting on this event. but calling it boxing is disrespectful. all this was hyped up event, twice.

  16. Ernestas

    Ernestas18 kun oldin

    Ok boomers

  17. Hank Storm

    Hank Storm18 kun oldin

    “I don’t see why they can’t just do it in their own space” They did that, but they had to wear headgears and were limited by other regulations. This time they wanted a real fight, and for that they were required to turn to your proprietary professional boxing licence.

  18. BlackGuy Izzy

    BlackGuy Izzy18 kun oldin

    *last time watch another sky boxing video* .. cows

  19. Michael Drew

    Michael Drew18 kun oldin

    I'd say anything that can get more eyes on the sport then great. They had the balls to step in the ring

  20. Gary r

    Gary r18 kun oldin

    Pair of BIG cunts fucking joke

  21. Dean

    Dean19 kun oldin

    ok boomers

  22. Josfur Gaming

    Josfur Gaming19 kun oldin

    ignoring the fact that KSI vs Logan was more entertaining than the previous fight that featured world champs and contenders is just mind blowing.... people were booing in the audience and ignoring the fact that those same people were clapping after KSI won the fight is just rediculous people want entertainment and the message was clear now the boxing fighters need to somehow make it happen or it will get worse.

  23. callum wardle

    callum wardle19 kun oldin

    My opinion. Might bring more people to the sport. But there definitely not professional... I can’t stand when I hear people say that. The only thing what got them into the ring was there fame and money. No skill or Technique. I’ll stick with watching Tyson fury Thx.

  24. FratBoy Jim

    FratBoy Jim19 kun oldin

    I dont like these cunts

  25. Will Watt

    Will Watt19 kun oldin

    Two twats

  26. Irsyad Asyraf Mohamad

    Irsyad Asyraf Mohamad19 kun oldin

    when boxing boomer talks about ksi vs logan paul match be like that....

  27. Wayne Alexander

    Wayne Alexander19 kun oldin

    BAD!! 👎🏾

  28. Michael K.

    Michael K.19 kun oldin

    "Why can they not do it in their own space" you're literally getting paid by the same YT paycheck you mug. Who the fuck do you think you are hahahaha

  29. Bodhi Dhruv

    Bodhi Dhruv19 kun oldin

    What boxing really lacks is characters.. Highlighted so much by the KSI v Logan fight.. People were just super invested in the battle of characters because a lot of people watching connected with these guys because of their stories, it doesn't even matter that it was boxing, boxing was just the medium through which these two characters chose to express their feud. They gifted Boxing the clue it needs to re-imagine itself. End of the day I care very little about 2 robotic fighters who have no story. and not many people do. Give us a story to care about and to invest in and boxing will come to life... Learn this and boxing will thrive. Remember Prince Nassiem, Chris Eubank, Mike Tyson, Ali.. Ever wonder why?.. Great Characters. 💖✌🐱‍👤🙌


    HOSTOBI HD19 kun oldin

    Golovkin is the best pound for pound boxer

  31. Herb Dee

    Herb Dee19 kun oldin

    It was an absolute joke. Laughable.


    SCOTT CUMMINGS16 kun oldin

    Herb Dee sorry Herbert

  33. StretchGames HD

    StretchGames HD19 kun oldin

    Sky sports just lost all new aubs what stupid people they are at sky

  34. Gareth

    Gareth19 kun oldin

    These guys think they're 'hardcore boxing fans', yet they're talking about pound-for-pound based on who has the biggest name? Seriously? The fact that Sky Sports allows this type of shit to be put out when Eddie Hearn was the person who put the event together so the actual proper fighters could get paid handsomely is just insane. These two tween wearing cunts need to get in a ring before talking shit about anyone. Clarke needs to stick to taking care of his slanted face instead of talking shite. Fuckin' dinosaurs.

  35. Harley Mills

    Harley Mills19 kun oldin

    This belongs as a sideshow at a fair in some small town.

  36. Jo Fisher

    Jo Fisher19 kun oldin

    When your sport dies, you will regret not embracing this new age form of entertainment

  37. tom brown

    tom brown19 kun oldin

    Sky sports wanted in on it this time. JJ was happy to do it on his on knobs, however I think he is largely done now outta chioice

  38. WaterBucket

    WaterBucket19 kun oldin

    Ofc it’s good for boxing lmao

  39. Reece Tyzzer

    Reece Tyzzer19 kun oldin

    ‘I don’t see why they can’t do it in their own space’ they were doing that when KSI fought Joe Weller and also when KSI fought Logan Paul the first time. Eddie Hearn came to KSI vs Logan 2 and offered them a lot of money, not really KSI or Logan’s fault

  40. robz8701

    robz870119 kun oldin

    Totally respect the opinion of these 2. Very logical, I totally get it but let’s be honest it’s been shoe-horned into professional boxing. You can’t just pass a medical and say you’re pro boxers. It may bring more eyes to the sport but it detoriates the quality of life boxing . Purely my opinion, there was no harm in it. Just nope it doesn’t set a dangerous precedent where “popular” people can turn pro and headline events where established boxers are on the undercard

  41. Jedi Knight

    Jedi Knight19 kun oldin

    i think it was ok but they have limited skill,s but its great to see two people slug it out sometimes ,but i do hope neither of them fight again and with all there money they dont have to , there both too soft for boxing and would get slaughtered by a boxer ones done it all his life , i started boxing when i was 8 years old by 9 years old i was already looking like a pro but i was naturally born to box , where these two its not natural and you can tell they can get more teaching but there not going to improve much so its really not worth them bothering to be honest and why get your brains bashed in when you got all that money , boxing is for people like me who got dragged up from a poor estate we have natural ability because we want to kill you where as people these days have life way to cosy thats why boxing is a little flat at the moment theres no natural killers coming up like the old days. even AJ is a soft lad lol.