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MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer
  1. عادل الطاهر محمد عادل الحمر

    عادل الطاهر محمد عادل الحمرSoat oldin

    التحديث الجديد خرب علينا المتابعة تكون تشاهد يتغير فجأه

  2. 2016BMWi8

    2016BMWi82 soat oldin

    Is this worth driving 12 miles to see in the Theater??????

  3. Vicious Panda

    Vicious Panda2 soat oldin

    anyone else get this "blade" vibe for this trailer? or is it just me?

  4. Dagaminstudios

    Dagaminstudios2 soat oldin

    Jared became the very thing he swore to destroy.


    MON BEBE LIFE2 soat oldin

    Wow süper

  6. Biggi On Xbox

    Biggi On Xbox2 soat oldin

    Alex Rider the movie may not have broke any records, but it's trailer looked much better then this one! I can see there will be no season 2.

  7. Jeremy Francis

    Jeremy Francis2 soat oldin

    Harold and Kumar fight the grudge?

  8. Aaron Tillery

    Aaron Tillery2 soat oldin

    Hold up......Is that Dj Khaled getting beat up by Will Smith???😭😭 1:56

  9. אריאל גולני

    אריאל גולני2 soat oldin


  10. sukhbat sodnomdorj

    sukhbat sodnomdorj2 soat oldin

    Can't believe that he is 48.

  11. Avengers Newbie

    Avengers Newbie3 soat oldin

    Did we just watch whole movie

  12. xxDaddyxxThanosx

    xxDaddyxxThanosx3 soat oldin

    Just watch bad boys instead

  13. 邊緣人Man on the Brink

    邊緣人Man on the Brink3 soat oldin


  14. ADnan Umar

    ADnan Umar3 soat oldin

    Edward de vere knows as william shakespeare... Shakespeare didnot write any thing at all.

  15. Anthony Stotts-Westra

    Anthony Stotts-Westra3 soat oldin

    Woah. Thought this was a movie at the start. So glad they're making it a TV show instead. Looking forward to watching it!

  16. Callen Valkyra

    Callen Valkyra3 soat oldin

    Am I the only one not attracted to Timothee?

  17. Khalina Yaman

    Khalina Yaman3 soat oldin

    Hey , i hope so that you put Emma Watson and Tom Felton in any romance film that you makes , it'll be so lovely to see them each other be as partner

  18. Phu Le

    Phu Le3 soat oldin

    They must've found the fountain of youth


    QUAVO REYES3 soat oldin


  20. PunchFor Pound

    PunchFor Pound3 soat oldin

    Didn't they release this like 5 years ago?

  21. Alan Joseph

    Alan Joseph3 soat oldin

    First time I saw this was after watching Paranormal Activity with my ex she fell a sleep the whole Zombieland movie Now watching the second part by myself again.

  22. B M

    B M4 soat oldin

    Leto welcome to marvel

  23. Andy of Avalon

    Andy of Avalon4 soat oldin

    Finally Ghostbusters 3. I was in the queues with my Dad at 11 pm for Ghostbusters 2 at the cinema. My Dad let me stay up waaaay past my bedtime on release day because he wanted to watch it with me. First film I remember was on my Dads lap at a drive in for Empire Strikes Back (I think I was 2). RIP Dad, I am glad you aren't around to see what they did to our memories.

  24. JaKe SwOrD

    JaKe SwOrD4 soat oldin

    and . . I have an erection . . lol thanks Sony!

  25. YB. Jufeiyui

    YB. Jufeiyui4 soat oldin

    Malaysia?? Woww nice lahh...

  26. The Big Daddy G

    The Big Daddy G4 soat oldin

    Ok, I’ve got an idea for a movie. What if we took Steven Hawking, and made him into a mutant vampire-bat

  27. Blessed Always

    Blessed Always4 soat oldin

    I just watched this movie and I would recommend it. It was great to watch. People just don't know how to let things be in this movie. They won but wouldn't go on about their lives. I would have said, thank God I won but went on with my life. They say, curiosity kills the cat.

  28. NeanderthalRetardo

    NeanderthalRetardo4 soat oldin

    Who knew Quaid could play such a convincing creep!

  29. fRoOtlOop's YT

    fRoOtlOop's YT4 soat oldin

    "We're number 2!" This movie is number 2.

  30. John Piazza

    John Piazza4 soat oldin

    Egon, this reminds me, of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head... remember? That would have worked if you hadn’t have stopped me.

  31. Thunder Bird

    Thunder Bird4 soat oldin

    2:10 Spiderman "murderer". So he's from the same verse with spiderman / Tom Holland / Avengers

  32. Be Know

    Be Know4 soat oldin

    I like this trailer only for rohit shetty sir say 😂😂😂😀

  33. Darlyne Jean-Noel

    Darlyne Jean-Noel4 soat oldin


  34. Maram Bahaa

    Maram Bahaa4 soat oldin

    why?? why delete it :(

  35. Thunder Bird

    Thunder Bird4 soat oldin

    2:13 Doctor who is that you?

  36. Dana White

    Dana White4 soat oldin

    One last ride

  37. xRa

    xRa5 soat oldin


  38. Nuclear Okapi

    Nuclear Okapi5 soat oldin

    The doctor looked extremely pissed, I don't think Morbius will last long

  39. Mark Stepanof

    Mark Stepanof5 soat oldin

    Only good thing about this trailer is the SONG , do you remember when the last time you did a good movie with out the ROCK

  40. OneEyedGhoulX

    OneEyedGhoulX5 soat oldin

    I thought this was a brand new Resident Evil movie for a split second when I saw this on my Recommendations.

  41. Víctor Axotla

    Víctor Axotla5 soat oldin

    Paola Nuñez, Amazing and beautiful !!!

  42. roman empire

    roman empire5 soat oldin

    Who is here after Akshay Kumar tweet about bad boys.... 😍😍😍

  43. NOOBster

    NOOBster5 soat oldin

    AKSHAY Kumar ke tweet ke baad kaun kaun aaya idhr?

  44. triillin

    triillin5 soat oldin

    Milo as Kevin hart the funniest combination ever

  45. Doctorkat

    Doctorkat5 soat oldin

    Doctor Who !!

  46. Noverolajimenez Noverola

    Noverolajimenez Noverola5 soat oldin

    Es que este trailer ya este otro nivel literal

  47. neosunrider

    neosunrider5 soat oldin

    When these two are actually old men...

  48. Mike S

    Mike S5 soat oldin

    That sound brings be back

  49. Splash

    Splash5 soat oldin

    Im going to see this just to throw it in the SJW’s face

  50. Nicholas Dorris

    Nicholas Dorris5 soat oldin

    Anybody get the christine reference?

  51. Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android

    Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android6 soat oldin

    You should be sleeping with the Captain already yet here you are playing basketball and getting boxed out with some Rebels.

  52. Walter walter

    Walter walter6 soat oldin

    In this universe is a crossover with Big momma

  53. Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android

    Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android6 soat oldin

    I want Bad Girls like the story of Bad Boys 2. I wouldn't mind being the last at taking the buzzer beater when you should be a Captain already then over take both your Andy Warhol Porsche with Silence, the Ecstasy Ferrari?

  54. Master Daniel M. GODLIKE

    Master Daniel M. GODLIKE6 soat oldin

    just pour the the entire city with holy water and use big load speakers to let speak the priest

  55. Larry Legendary

    Larry Legendary6 soat oldin

    Now this is what we should've gotten during Snipes run on blade but ya know what I'm glad we're getting it now💯

  56. Jannette Garcia

    Jannette Garcia6 soat oldin


  57. msariah

    msariah6 soat oldin


  58. Reyhan irsyad

    Reyhan irsyad6 soat oldin

    The music background almost same avengers infinity war trailer 2

  59. Faiz Amirul

    Faiz Amirul6 soat oldin


  60. G o o s e

    G o o s e6 soat oldin

    2:12 Hey it's the 11th doctor, probably gonna kill this vampire tbh

  61. Steel Driving Crew

    Steel Driving Crew6 soat oldin

    "I don't know. Looks like there's gonna be girl Ghostbusters. Definitely gonna wreck it!" Do you see how silly that sounds 2016 Ghostbusters.

  62. Logan S

    Logan S6 soat oldin

    Yes! *The Real* Ghostbusters has returned, life is now balanced once more

  63. Dizzy Love

    Dizzy Love6 soat oldin

    I am super into this: Mike Keaton, Jared Leto, AND Matt Smith

  64. cre92468

    cre924687 soat oldin

    If i saw nothing else about this trailer, just seeing the ecto-1 and hearing the siren was enough for me. I'll definitely see this in theaters at least once.

  65. Titangamerhd

    Titangamerhd7 soat oldin

    Yo this looks crazy dope. The shots and the music are well done, and I had a feeling Marvel had something to do with it

  66. Gucciwolf45 AJ

    Gucciwolf45 AJ7 soat oldin

    Slappy is the best monster ever!! I’ve loved him since i started reading goosesbumps

  67. hafifi latif

    hafifi latif7 soat oldin

    Finally. Malaysia!!! 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  68. to be

    to be7 soat oldin

    when my world was crashing and falling mr rogers was there to give some sort of normalcy. he was a kind friend and we had many great afternoons together. i miss you mr rogers

  69. Jonno83900

    Jonno839007 soat oldin

    Fans that's read the books: I'M SO HYPED Also fans that remembers how the series ended: I'M READY TO GET HURT

  70. Huyasee

    Huyasee7 soat oldin

    Is everybody ok? Well, the god damned hippies aren't, that's for god damn sure

  71. The Last Outcast

    The Last Outcast7 soat oldin

    Oh yeah

  72. Jonathan Quiros

    Jonathan Quiros7 soat oldin

    We didnt know it would be a MASTAPEECE

  73. JoesTV *

    JoesTV *7 soat oldin

    Movie of 2020!! Bad boys for life

  74. Andy Walker

    Andy Walker7 soat oldin

    there making a fucking sequel

  75. Pimpin Aint Dead

    Pimpin Aint Dead7 soat oldin

    Bullshito!!! That's Spanish for yeah right!

  76. BlestFawn6642

    BlestFawn66427 soat oldin

    I demand an explanation.

  77. Asad Shahid

    Asad Shahid8 soat oldin


  78. Jonathon King

    Jonathon King8 soat oldin

    1:49 Morbius Teleporting🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇 Nightcrawler: The [email protected]👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  79. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei8 soat oldin

    Confused MCU Fans: Is this movie for us? Me, an intellectual: It's for Elise.

  80. Gonnatell Thetruth

    Gonnatell Thetruth8 soat oldin

    Nice.. I LOVE the original cast... You could just tell it wasn't Michael bay behind it.. Cant wait for BB spin off

  81. Yogesh Arondekar

    Yogesh Arondekar8 soat oldin

    Is this movie available in hindi dubbed?

  82. Gregorius Alvin

    Gregorius Alvin8 soat oldin

    Storm breaker reboot?

  83. Michele Walburn

    Michele Walburn8 soat oldin

    This is not the fantasy island I remember. Lol

  84. Lilx Riku

    Lilx Riku8 soat oldin

    Yayyy!!! 😊 can’t wait

  85. Shreeya D

    Shreeya D8 soat oldin

    Kristen is such a badass

  86. Elthenar

    Elthenar8 soat oldin

    One M-16 would have solved this problem.

  87. Anonymous-SilentMurderer. Deadman

    Anonymous-SilentMurderer. Deadman8 soat oldin

    I deleted my other comment. After re-figuring out how the story begins here, with Jared. Everyone has a point. It’s like Jared made us visualize a crossover. Nor, foreseeing a character from DC Universe. Their very own. Meeting. Marvel’s very own character.

  88. Phantom Lancers

    Phantom Lancers8 soat oldin

    these ppl not getting older?

  89. Laura Nwogu

    Laura Nwogu8 soat oldin

    lool it was awesome, can't wait foe the next one guys💛💛 graciiiiaaasssss


    DONNA THOMAS8 soat oldin

    the best movie have seen in years.. I want to get a DVD of this movie.

  91. dlz124

    dlz1248 soat oldin

    Alex N**&&