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If Kidzbop did rap
What's in my camera bag?
my $4500 vlog camera
time for a change..
  1. Vic 34

    Vic 347 soat oldin

    the 17k dislikes are from apple employees

  2. Niya Vlogz

    Niya Vlogz7 soat oldin

    Him: "the invisacase" Apple: " I hope yall are getting this”-

  3. Alex velasco

    Alex velasco7 soat oldin

    I did everything you told me to do and hope to win the Apple Watch

  4. LowKeySavage

    LowKeySavage7 soat oldin

    Bro do part 2 please

  5. Beast Gaming

    Beast Gaming8 soat oldin

    Sended this to my crush and she said this “😂🤣 bro I’m taken 💀 “ 😢

  6. melina ugh

    melina ugh8 soat oldin

    He sent this to me I’m just like: 💀

  7. Mitchel Kvidera

    Mitchel Kvidera8 soat oldin

    MMMMMMMM! i cant contact her without her contact info!

  8. Xander Bentley

    Xander Bentley8 soat oldin

    5:59 the last second of the vid on the chan

  9. karem contreras

    karem contreras8 soat oldin


  10. Jordan Freeman

    Jordan Freeman8 soat oldin

    If you lose them you can use the find my iPhone app and it will make them beep but it only works if you can get them to connect bluetooth wise I think first and if they are charged haha

  11. Axel Rodriguez

    Axel Rodriguez8 soat oldin

    Why this is making me laugh so hard

  12. PineappleSavage23

    PineappleSavage238 soat oldin

    It’s funny how accurate this is

  13. SkyNerdGames

    SkyNerdGames8 soat oldin

    You should have done this with Rino and Noah Boat

  14. Hannah Politis

    Hannah Politis8 soat oldin

    This was the funniest thing!

  15. Esmeralda Pineda

    Esmeralda Pineda9 soat oldin

    I love these vids😁😎😃

  16. The Gamer Duxe

    The Gamer Duxe9 soat oldin

    where did he got his airpods back!? 3:27

  17. S Johnson

    S Johnson9 soat oldin

    Loveliveserve Cameo!

  18. cayden palmer

    cayden palmer9 soat oldin

    Can u do vol. 12

  19. Banjola Adesina

    Banjola Adesina9 soat oldin

    His face when he said health 😂😂😂

  20. Ara T

    Ara T9 soat oldin

    "Mind reading" 😂

  21. Cora N

    Cora N9 soat oldin

    I’m BaD aNd bOUiji

  22. Harjap Singh

    Harjap Singh9 soat oldin

    I swear you just put a tic tac in your ear

  23. Tjaz Hawkins

    Tjaz Hawkins9 soat oldin

    Team Android here Baby! #NoiCultForMe

  24. Junizion

    Junizion10 soat oldin

    Apple Watch

  25. OneLiveFilm Entertainment

    OneLiveFilm Entertainment10 soat oldin

    CEO of apple

  26. Junizion

    Junizion10 soat oldin

    Apple watch

  27. FaZe Ben

    FaZe Ben10 soat oldin

    0:53 This ain't sad. This is happy.

  28. Mohammad Mohsin

    Mohammad Mohsin10 soat oldin

    Rob jobs is the real ceo of apple

  29. Mita M. Supardi

    Mita M. Supardi10 soat oldin

    MADE MY DAY :))))

  30. Ryan M Cook

    Ryan M Cook10 soat oldin

    At 4:56 you can still see the middle finger. I am just saying.

  31. Malaka C

    Malaka C10 soat oldin

    I sent this to my friend who was bragging about his new iPhone X

  32. Meme Review

    Meme Review10 soat oldin

    low key the beats in the music sound like im being hipnotized

  33. UCzDwella201

    UCzDwella20110 soat oldin

    Woah woahlivia is cute

  34. amir al-sbeihi

    amir al-sbeihi10 soat oldin


  35. CMD Pulse

    CMD Pulse11 soat oldin

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  36. angry shark

    angry shark11 soat oldin

    This is a 🔥song gotta admit

  37. Synnce

    Synnce11 soat oldin

    this is kinda fire tho

  38. physical

    physical11 soat oldin

    Is that the guy in loveliveserve

  39. You basswhole

    You basswhole11 soat oldin

    4:21 that got me

  40. Aaliyah Edwards

    Aaliyah Edwards11 soat oldin

    What’s Donald Trump‘s number??

  41. littlerascle59

    littlerascle5911 soat oldin


  42. littlerascle59

    littlerascle5911 soat oldin

    #Apple 

  43. Aesthetic Pineapple - Gaming

    Aesthetic Pineapple - Gaming12 soat oldin

    I actually am watching this with AirPods in.....................

  44. Mimi Sharma

    Mimi Sharma12 soat oldin

    Huuuuuuuuuuummmmbleee guy my a$$$

  45. Nicole’s Morejon

    Nicole’s Morejon12 soat oldin


  46. KingAmarGaming -Roblox!

    KingAmarGaming -Roblox!12 soat oldin


  47. Mason Chalmers

    Mason Chalmers12 soat oldin

    *Sends it to t series

  48. A g e

    A g e12 soat oldin

    Is that Patrick?

  49. Joey Bobby

    Joey Bobby12 soat oldin

    In the past I bet we didn’t think we wouldn’t even like are fancy technology of the future

  50. Fernando Perez

    Fernando Perez12 soat oldin

    Where’s xxxtentacion

  51. isaac Sanchez

    isaac Sanchez12 soat oldin

    Anyone watching in 2020 also rip juice wrld 999

  52. Adam Duong

    Adam Duong12 soat oldin

    Wtf was that

  53. Splack Vines

    Splack Vines12 soat oldin


  54. Josh PCB

    Josh PCB12 soat oldin

    Amazing ad transition 😂

  55. craig woodgate

    craig woodgate13 soat oldin

    IPhone would become great if you could expand the memory and customise your home screen I hated not having the ability to hide your apps in an app draw that's why I moved to android

  56. Green Eggs

    Green Eggs13 soat oldin

    Stepping on a lego really isn't that painful but y'all gotta be dramatic about everything

  57. B GameZ

    B GameZ13 soat oldin

    I need it Just give it to me

  58. Noah Phillips

    Noah Phillips13 soat oldin

    Rob Is it true u bought subscribes

  59. Poldark

    Poldark13 soat oldin

    I tough for a minute that this was tlc

  60. Great Zrate

    Great Zrate13 soat oldin

    I'm a bit late but apple watch

  61. Ijene YourTravelbae

    Ijene YourTravelbae13 soat oldin

    I can only hope to put out content as funny as this some day. I laughed all the way thru. Pls take this subscribe. I can't. 🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾 #teamsamsung

  62. fire

    fire13 soat oldin

    Ew sorry I can’t hear broke. I gotta use transparency mode

  63. Taroco

    Taroco13 soat oldin

    Please do more of these videos I'm fucking addicted

  64. Life Rider

    Life Rider13 soat oldin

    The controller wasn't even on.

  65. Rebekka Bratlie

    Rebekka Bratlie13 soat oldin

    Why do u have ø in your youtube channel? Its a real letter. Confuses the hell out of norwegians

  66. ꨄKawaii DonutYTꨄ

    ꨄKawaii DonutYTꨄ14 soat oldin

    Who searched for this

  67. Hallie Webster

    Hallie Webster14 soat oldin

    Did the loud beep in the beginning scare anyone else😂


    DR4KESNAKE YT14 soat oldin

    But I want the Apple AirPods prow mini

  69. 《Wild Zombie Online》

    《Wild Zombie Online》14 soat oldin

    I sent this to my hater (Now hes mad but its funny :)

  70. Rose Universe

    Rose Universe14 soat oldin


  71. crookie crafters

    crookie crafters14 soat oldin

    Oh this is pure art

  72. Latvian Video

    Latvian Video14 soat oldin

    yes, im broke... these are headphones i got 5yrs ago for christmas, and i hot glued one earpiece to the frame of the headphones because these are the best fking sounding headphones i have listened to

  73. Marc Andrei

    Marc Andrei14 soat oldin

    Are you romanian?Pentru ca eu sunt.

  74. Jackson Hahn

    Jackson Hahn14 soat oldin

    This is crazy bro! ❌🧢

  75. OG Bushcamp

    OG Bushcamp15 soat oldin

    My hair just curls at the front and looks terrible

  76. Aisha Nabila

    Aisha Nabila15 soat oldin

    This is just a flash back to “songs in real life”

  77. bex

    bex15 soat oldin

    It also happens in indian idol too bro

  78. kapiotson 66

    kapiotson 6615 soat oldin

    Apple is for gays honestly...

  79. H82T Gaming

    H82T Gaming15 soat oldin

    Apple watch

  80. Jared Pinkney

    Jared Pinkney15 soat oldin

    "Tings" 😂😂

  81. Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones16 soat oldin

    My boy Noah Boat😂

  82. juiceboxtings

    juiceboxtings16 soat oldin


  83. W9H

    W9H16 soat oldin

    This is actual fire holy

  84. Jonathan S.

    Jonathan S.16 soat oldin

    4:25 I felt that 😞

  85. SuperstarAJVX

    SuperstarAJVX16 soat oldin


  86. Q L

    Q L16 soat oldin

    i watch this twice a day it makes me laugh so muchERUREIEOWO

  87. D03 Villa

    D03 Villa16 soat oldin

    Give Kredit To @ItsTrey No Kap!❌ he Been did this

  88. Gustavs Šteinbergs

    Gustavs Šteinbergs17 soat oldin

    Dont be lazy on his wall Roddy ricch :ima beee laaaaazzyyyyyy

  89. Itz_MobzillaBTW

    Itz_MobzillaBTW17 soat oldin

    Funny how the controller was off

  90. Wiljami Alhonen

    Wiljami Alhonen17 soat oldin


  91. Neah Lewis

    Neah Lewis17 soat oldin

    4:27 HOW DID HE KNOW?!

  92. acoustic ishit

    acoustic ishit17 soat oldin

    Damn you are like Jimmy Fallon

  93. The Curse

    The Curse17 soat oldin

    Think what he could do in a week

  94. V 28 Gamer

    V 28 Gamer17 soat oldin

    Apple products are like 2k games

  95. Wiljami Alhonen

    Wiljami Alhonen17 soat oldin


  96. najeelah S

    najeelah S17 soat oldin


  97. Xhesika Channel

    Xhesika Channel17 soat oldin

    Hahahahahahahahahahah so trueee

  98. Sslay

    Sslay18 soat oldin


  99. McGreesi

    McGreesi18 soat oldin

    I got airpods pro. They are worth 200 not $300 including AppleCare +

  100. selfdeprication dOtexe

    selfdeprication dOtexe18 soat oldin

    "look at the screen, its black, meaning you can see your reflection" me, watching at 3AM with lights off: sIKE