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Im Bisexual

Im Bisexual

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Let's talk

Let's talk

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lets be real.

lets be real.

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im having regrets
  1. Shay's Life

    Shay's Life19 soat oldin

    Yes please make a video of the IVF ❤️

  2. Momma Cat

    Momma Cat19 soat oldin

    Domo i think u are amazing and so HUMBLE, Loving,Sweet,Honest. Great mom,big Talent.

  3. Rabeccah Baskin

    Rabeccah Baskin19 soat oldin

    Give me that fertility video girl, I’m trying to figure out prices, I can’t conceive on my own!

  4. Hannah Sarkodie

    Hannah Sarkodie20 soat oldin

    I love how open minded you are, you are truly other way to say it. And for anyone else , they should be able to see it even if they don’t know you personally, like me

  5. Hannah Sarkodie

    Hannah Sarkodie20 soat oldin

    LMAO! Those dudes messaging you talking negatively like that, lie what!? Lmao, with you as their mother , there ain’t no waaay ....y’all are amazing and keep speaking it into existence!! 🤩 you know what too, the best father figures right now like you mentioned is your instant and close family/relatives for your little man and in general. Family is family and nothing breaks that!

  6. Veronica Penwell

    Veronica Penwell20 soat oldin

    Yasssss video of all your knowledge on this topic, your experience, your opinion, and the money facts for this! Thanks🙌🏽

  7. Hannah Sarkodie

    Hannah Sarkodie20 soat oldin

    You deserve to be happy and screw the “society norms” when it comes to having a family (man, woman and kids) you can be a happy single mom your whole life. Just like you said, if someone comes a long then maybe you’ll choose to build a relationship but everything happens for a reason!

  8. Hannah Sarkodie

    Hannah Sarkodie21 soat oldin

    Yesssss mommaaa!!! #UNBOTHERED , do you and fuck the trolls baby boo. Love you sooo damn freaking much, you and the little prince! O.

  9. amaya Town

    amaya Town21 soat oldin

    if elsa can survive w/o a guy than Domo definately can.


    HER WORLD21 soat oldin

    She’s so mature 👌🏻👌🏻

  11. Luv'N Lane

    Luv'N Lane22 soat oldin

    Yesssss pls make a video on cost , medicine all the details etc! I'm looking to get pregnant on my own (by choice) and want to know the entire process start to finish

  12. Blessed Brandy

    Blessed Brandy22 soat oldin

    I have my own rings too. I bought it for myself. I am committed to myself and will always be that first.

  13. mia and celina

    mia and celina22 soat oldin

    Girlll haha those guys who say that are kids real man will except you and your child like me I got pregnant at 15 had my baby at 16 now I have a one year old her father has not been in the picture what so ever and I met someone who accepted my child love her as if it was his and I love that about him and even if a female came in my life and would have accepted my daughter.... amazing

  14. Kristiana 12

    Kristiana 12Kun oldin

    Totally understand where you coming from about being happy being alone and starting your own family. I’m the same way and am trying to start my IVF journey it’s just hard and expensive but please send positive prayers my way!! I need everything I can get

  15. the tea show

    the tea showKun oldin

    this beautiful woman is such a great person and perfect mother to her adorable little boy, idk why some people have to be negative as if they were raised under a rock or something but anyways i truly cant wait for baby number 2 because i know he or she is gonna be as amazing as wick!!!!!

  16. Alexis Oliver

    Alexis OliverKun oldin

    Please share the process. I am very interested because I have been thinking about this option for a couple of years but haven't because I get negative comments about choosing to have a baby by myself if I don't end up being with someone.

  17. Holly Hood

    Holly HoodKun oldin

    *Girl, I feel you! My poor grandma ask me every time she see me when imma “get married 💍 and have a baby 🍼” I’m like grandma 🙄 I ain’t stuntin that right now 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂*

  18. CuteNComfy 23

    CuteNComfy 23Kun oldin

    You look so happy

  19. Soraya Franco

    Soraya FrancoKun oldin

    Girl, I love you way to much. Not only is you pregnant but ALL of us are pregnant.♡

  20. Jeiana Lottie

    Jeiana LottieKun oldin

    Crissy? U can tell this was before all the drama in 2018

  21. Jeiana Lottie

    Jeiana LottieKun oldin

    I had tears too

  22. Milanz Worlddd

    Milanz WorldddKun oldin

    0:12 omg I can’t😂

  23. Janee H

    Janee HKun oldin

    Always be yourself don't let anyone change you i still love you no matter what I would continue to be your supporter

  24. Spanyelle p

    Spanyelle p2 kun oldin

    You just don't know how you can change a person day.

  25. Zaravia Nicole

    Zaravia Nicole2 kun oldin

    You're skin is looking so refreshed🥰

  26. Shannon Leslie

    Shannon Leslie2 kun oldin

    Domo, I'm so happy and proud of you.

  27. Chez Chapman

    Chez Chapman2 kun oldin

    Dang Domo I 👀 You With The Flawless Skin You're So Beautiful Many Blessings To You Wick And The Little One That Is Soon To Come

  28. Sydney Ellis

    Sydney Ellis2 kun oldin

    When I was pregnant with my son an older man who’s close to my family asked me if my baby was white 🙄 “cause no man is going to want to marry a single mom with black children” swear people can be so ignorant and RUDE. He then told me about a white woman with 2 black children that was THIRTY SIX and still single, like first of all; 36 is NOT old and second, YOU DONT NEED A MAN.

  29. Ellachristie9

    Ellachristie92 kun oldin

    “I look a mess” Excuse me? No you don’t you’re so beautiful!!!!

  30. Chanteria Davis

    Chanteria Davis2 kun oldin

    PLEASE make a video about the IUI process! I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible bc I want to take that journey myself!

  31. Astrid Trujillo

    Astrid Trujillo2 kun oldin

    She fucken amazing 💜

  32. Groza Family

    Groza Family2 kun oldin

    I love this simple refreshing feeling I get from this video

  33. Janessa Ortiz

    Janessa Ortiz2 kun oldin

    I love this video😂😍😍😍

  34. Randy Marvin

    Randy Marvin2 kun oldin

    After the baby we knew u was bi like duh

  35. Jade Hulse

    Jade Hulse2 kun oldin

    Yes yes yesss Domo! I looovveee everything about this video!! I love ur energy. I love how you’re speaking shit into existence. I love how positive you’re being. Just everything! Now I know you may be hesitant and nervous about sharing this second pregnancy with the world but I want you to know that there ARE people out here that support you, aren’t judging & are actually happy for you! We stand behind you 110%! We wanna see you do good, be good and be happy and healthy. I love the Domo that you’ve grown to be. We love you. We got your back & we’re ready to see how everything unfolds! ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Jeiana Lottie

    Jeiana Lottie2 kun oldin

    U don’t look like a mess you look like a mom🤷🏾‍♀️😁😀👍

  37. Lupe Barragan

    Lupe Barragan2 kun oldin

    I love your positivity💯

  38. Chloe Katzartones

    Chloe Katzartones2 kun oldin

    I'm just so proud of you and how far you've come! ❤

  39. natural. kaï

    natural. kaï2 kun oldin

    I love you oh my goodness you're so beautiful

  40. Katrice Channel

    Katrice Channel2 kun oldin

    Yessssssssssss I was the same way I couldn’t wait for a gender reveal me and bf just was like yes I wanna know and we having a boy May 19th 2020❤️

  41. Zoe Williams

    Zoe Williams2 kun oldin

    exactlyyyyy😭😭 ppl swear I be ignoring them when really I just go mia for no reason 😂 like just bc I don’t talk to you everyday doesn’t mean I don’t love you😭😭😭😭

  42. Shoshannia Gibson

    Shoshannia Gibson2 kun oldin

    I wish you’d follow me back I don’t feel apart of “Domo family” 😢 I love youuuuuuuuuu 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  43. Marcy Ostrander

    Marcy Ostrander2 kun oldin

    Domo you seem like a sincere, beautiful soul.💖 I wish you and your family the best!⚓🦋🌈

  44. Kasha Flagg

    Kasha Flagg2 kun oldin

    Unbothered all 2020 lol

  45. Tonia Benedict

    Tonia Benedict2 kun oldin

    I love you Domo thank you for showing the world that it doesnt matter who you are you can do what you want

  46. Cee Cee

    Cee Cee2 kun oldin

    Domo red is a whores color !! LMFAO I’m Jp😭♥️

  47. Jessica Webster

    Jessica Webster2 kun oldin

    I know i work my ass off being a mother of 11 kids i put my self last to make sure my kids got and have everything thay need.

  48. Sasha Natalie

    Sasha Natalie2 kun oldin

    My oldest is autistic. He is so loving and caring and such a amazing kid . My two younger boys do not have it . But god I’m so happy to have a high functioning autistic child .. they are the best

  49. Elizabeth Pawlowski

    Elizabeth Pawlowski2 kun oldin

    ⚠️ and fuck those people who are saying that you shouldn't use the same guy because you might have another child with autism. So fucking what! Domonik is amazing and any other child will be too ❤

  50. Kayl Rayford

    Kayl Rayford2 kun oldin

    My baby domo finna be the 2nd YUNG MIAMI😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  51. Emily&Family

    Emily&Family2 kun oldin

    My 5yr old is autistic 🥰💙

  52. Lina Luv

    Lina Luv2 kun oldin

    Domo, your skin is on 100. What are you doing differently? New regimen? Did u cut out certain foods out of your diet? That glow tho.

  53. Septic Phan

    Septic Phan2 kun oldin

    I love this whole video setup actually lol you deserve to relax in the tub and wear those cute glasses and be proud of your messy hair

  54. midjahinc

    midjahinc2 kun oldin

    Don't EVER doubt yourself and your decisions. You ARE making all the right choices. For YOU! PERIOD! ...and that "princess" story is MY story too. I did everything by myself on purpose and all of my kids turned out all above average and very successful. Just keep being you and continue to have faith and believing in yourself. You'll be just fine sweetie.

  55. Summer Layyy

    Summer Layyy2 kun oldin

    13:26 I was talking abt you to my friend today and I was really telling her “ion know Hhiw ANYONE can be hating on Domo. Like she is a sweetheart” and I was also saying how it’s always the ppl who don’t watch you too. Like, you’re amazing!!!

  56. Muhammad Fattah

    Muhammad Fattah2 kun oldin

    Wats good domo

  57. Tujuana Jones

    Tujuana Jones2 kun oldin

    I’m in a the process of having my 2nd child... I lost my first baby Nov3rd at 19 weeks so I’m about to try again.

  58. shaqueela watson

    shaqueela watson2 kun oldin

    I need to get on my domo wilson shit fuck letting anyone else dictate what you are meant to do or be. I want another child and I'm thinking about going it alone, it takes a strength that i finally believe i possess. Thanks domo for being an inspiration and an excellent mom.

  59. Cianna 2866

    Cianna 28662 kun oldin

    ayeee let’s make it to 2mil domo ❤️


    MZLOVLEA12 kun oldin

    Omg Domo... I am that friend as well! I honestly am not the type of friend that I need to talk to you every day or even every other day. I am the type that I don’t mind being left alone.

  61. Abril Brantley

    Abril Brantley2 kun oldin

    We need more bath and convo with domo 💕💕

  62. lyssa

    lyssa2 kun oldin

    I love her. Seems so genuine.

  63. Mommy and Me

    Mommy and Me2 kun oldin

    Domo first let me say I have been following you for a few years now and i cannot stress how proud I am of you. You have blossomed into not only a amazing mom but a talented artist. Im 35 I have 3 kids and i wish i had tour mentality at your age when i was younger. You keep doing what your doing. I cant think of anyone who deserves another baby more then you! Sending baby dust your way! *fingers crossed*

  64. Karen Lewis

    Karen Lewis2 kun oldin

    love you Domo, and i really love your channel

  65. Stephanie

    Stephanie2 kun oldin

    In my reality Domo is out here doing the right thing. She is emotionally, and financially secure, both her children are planned, and they share the same biological DNA from both sides. Compare to most other ppl in the world, Domo seems to be doing it right. I wish you nothing but happiness and safety in your upcoming pregnancy Domo 💪🏾💪🏾🥰😇🤰🏾🤰🏾🤱🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  66. Lauren Garcia

    Lauren Garcia2 kun oldin

    Omg I’m gonna send u and wick something when u get a pobox!!!

  67. Summer Layyy

    Summer Layyy2 kun oldin

    10:28 everytime you say unbothered, I go back to your song😂. And i feel like that song gets me super hyped and super confident. Like yesss “no I can’t be touched”

  68. mama lynne

    mama lynne2 kun oldin

    Domo!! Im super excited to see pregnancy and watching yoi glow up!! Having kids is the biggest blessing you could ever have.. You are a wonderful mother.. do you and do what you want to do!! Love you girl.. god bless!!❤❤

  69. Reina Perez

    Reina Perez2 kun oldin

    Omg I just loved this video 💋💋💋

  70. Ms Booker

    Ms Booker2 kun oldin

    Hey Domo, I feel u 💯 most people don't understand inner peace and choosing to be alone and will move when you choose to because ur ok and you know who you are. Im so proud of you and your journey and your new addition to your family very soon! You got THIS 💯!!! ... Girl name Domi Wilson 💝👑👶🙌💪🙏👆

  71. Jordan H

    Jordan H2 kun oldin

    You look so cute here!

  72. Ms Boone

    Ms Boone2 kun oldin

    U can’t get more intimate with your subscribers sitting in the tub looking beautiful and sharing your life with us 💯

  73. Cinny Gang

    Cinny Gang2 kun oldin

    Domo vibe in this video 😍💯 is everything lol keep strong domo

  74. Cali GirL Pretti

    Cali GirL Pretti2 kun oldin

    Your son looks just like you

  75. Lifewith aliciaa

    Lifewith aliciaa2 kun oldin

    Awe I'm so excited we'll be doing our second pregnancy together my first baby is close in age with domonic too 💙💙

  76. _Nxo R

    _Nxo R2 kun oldin

    Aww im happy for you

  77. Miss Mimi

    Miss Mimi2 kun oldin

    I chose to be a single mother of 2 and they are 16 and 13 now. People tell me how lucky I am because my kids are so great. I did that, i love them, support them, and give them a happy healthy single parent. Although I've only dated 3 people in their lives, I have NEVER had an ADULT say it was an issue. Pretty sure those comments come from kids.

  78. Vickie Franklin

    Vickie Franklin2 kun oldin

    Bring it all on & i can't wait!

  79. RaSheedah MCKEON

    RaSheedah MCKEON2 kun oldin

    The ring is beautiful I like it

  80. officialec

    officialec2 kun oldin

    Domo you’re an amazing mother 😭❤️

  81. Slim kay

    Slim kay2 kun oldin

    Dayanara if it’s a girl 😩💗

  82. sandra moulton

    sandra moulton2 kun oldin

    Thank you so much for sharing with us everything about your up and coming pregnancy and for being open and honest I ❤️that

  83. midjahinc

    midjahinc2 kun oldin

    So pretty with or without makeup.....goofy girl! Lol, im a 50 year old single mom( all my kids are adults now) and you always make me laugh. Thank you so much.

  84. RaSheedah MCKEON

    RaSheedah MCKEON2 kun oldin

    I love you in your videos you’re very awesome i’ve been watching you from day one and will not stop I love you

  85. Rayven E

    Rayven E2 kun oldin

    This is just a thought but I think for a girl name Destiny would be cute and for a boy Dakota. I just think that because you want a name with a D. Btw I love you . Have a nice day 😁

  86. Nakeyla Stokes

    Nakeyla Stokes2 kun oldin

    We love you DOMO 💕😌

  87. Melissa Merrill

    Melissa Merrill2 kun oldin

    Girl if your proud with baby #2 you post as many pics as you want and need!! It's nobody's fucking biz on what you do and how you live your life!! Jealousy is a big issue! Ppl gonna be butt hurt to bad for them!!! I can't wait to see baby pics! Girl you wear pregnancy so good girl!!

  88. Mz TR

    Mz TR2 kun oldin

    Thanks for sharing....blessings 🤞💕

  89. Vickie Franklin

    Vickie Franklin2 kun oldin

    I wish i was in the tub cuddling with u! So sexy! Damm!

  90. Mia Hoadley

    Mia Hoadley2 kun oldin

    I always like the video before watching it because i know the video will be good 😂❤️

  91. Simply Mya

    Simply Mya2 kun oldin

    Use me as the "I hope she has a girl" button!

  92. Kaley Fisler

    Kaley Fisler2 kun oldin

    Been here since the crazy bitch phase. Im SO PROUD of who you've become and the mother you are add becoming❤❤ so inspiring. Love you Domo❤ keep being a inspiration😍

  93. Zoe Caldwell

    Zoe Caldwell2 kun oldin

    I am super interested in the cost and the details of this process, please share more. I am so excited for this next chapter for you! 💛

  94. Trinity Gay

    Trinity Gay2 kun oldin

    You are so beautiful domo 💕💕

  95. Keondre

    Keondre2 kun oldin

    Name the baby Dominique if it's a girl

  96. YN Qwazy

    YN Qwazy2 kun oldin

    Lmao u should have a girl honestly

  97. Miranda Robinson

    Miranda Robinson2 kun oldin

    Dream is a beautiful name for a girl🥺😍

  98. Vickie Franklin

    Vickie Franklin2 kun oldin

    Beautiful lady, do u & stay true as well! Don't stress, relax & i'm ready 2 baby sit! Lol! Much love!

  99. Brioniquex3

    Brioniquex32 kun oldin

    Please do make a iui into video.... im pregnant rn naturally but will still be a single mom & I’m thinking to do iui with my next baby because i feel that’s probably what’s best for me

  100. Sherry A

    Sherry A2 kun oldin

    Omggggg there’s a slight chance that baby no. 2 will be born in September which is my birth month!!!! 😆😆😆