"Living life on the goon side"

  1. armando patane

    armando patane22 daqiqa oldin

    Shop looks great

  2. Fianso Anderson

    Fianso Anderson26 daqiqa oldin


  3. armando patane

    armando patane28 daqiqa oldin

    Seems to rain all the time in Tennessee

  4. Sean Cunningham

    Sean Cunningham34 daqiqa oldin

    Goonzquad goes to supermarket... Automatic door opens.... "THAT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING"

  5. mike odoski

    mike odoski39 daqiqa oldin

    Who are the 700 idiots who dislike this video? 2 young guys working hard and learning as they go, and not being afraid to try things.. good job guys!! You have come a long way since this build. Keep it up cause you guys are gonna go really far!! 🤙

  6. Legend sst

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  7. Kevin Mendez

    Kevin Mendez54 daqiqa oldin

    I want to buy the GTR

  8. Thomas John Tighe

    Thomas John TigheSoat oldin

    Hello Thomas the supervisor long time no see. Good to see Thomas back on your Vlogs guys

  9. Jordan Salmons

    Jordan SalmonsSoat oldin

    Leave the front and rear bumpers carbon and carbon wrap the rest of the car

  10. Haseeb Qamar

    Haseeb QamarSoat oldin

    Song at 13:35

  11. Eric Sade

    Eric SadeSoat oldin

    14:28 "if you need to take yours off of your Ferrari, there you go" Nah, can't say that I have that problem

  12. armando patane

    armando pataneSoat oldin


  13. Gabe Meat

    Gabe MeatSoat oldin

    Where is the boat????

  14. Scott Michael

    Scott MichaelSoat oldin

    I may have missed it in a previous video, but have there been any updates about the new shop? I'm sure it will be killer.

  15. Devin Smith

    Devin SmithSoat oldin


  16. TheBoss8960

    TheBoss89602 soat oldin

    What kind of cat breed is Thomas The Technician? He looks so majestic

  17. jeff59rt

    jeff59rt2 soat oldin

    Every Goonzquad build has to have the bumpers on and off 10 times.

  18. john creech

    john creech2 soat oldin

    guys let pop in on some more videos

  19. Rewind the Wreck

    Rewind the Wreck2 soat oldin

    The Soooopercharged fuzz 👌👍💕

  20. Joseph Atnip

    Joseph Atnip2 soat oldin

    I should have pulled the dents out of that tailgate the best you could use a little body filler and then repainted it when you repaint it the fender and door I mean you already had the paint out you probably had enough paint

  21. armando patane

    armando patane3 soat oldin

    Sweet carbon fiber

  22. Khalid Edros

    Khalid Edros3 soat oldin

    Fuck that bumper looks sick😮

  23. evlqueen

    evlqueen3 soat oldin

    yall need a toolbox sponsor like tavarish has.

  24. Joseph Atnip

    Joseph Atnip3 soat oldin

    Still haven't replaced the front bumper sensor

  25. jenny poole

    jenny poole3 soat oldin

    Hi guys, been watching the channel for a while now and enjoying the builds. I totally agree with all the comments about the oil jet heater being dangerous around paint spraying and the possiblity of carbon monoxide poisoning, but thats not what my main comment is about it's about the lining tape thet you use do you get any paint bleed under the edge and if not whats the best way to avoid it. love the show always look forward to the next episode keep building.

  26. armando patane

    armando patane3 soat oldin

    Carbon fiber

  27. armando patane

    armando patane3 soat oldin

    Should go carbon fiber hood wrap

  28. armando patane

    armando patane3 soat oldin

    I’m addicted to your channel guys/ I telling everyone I know

  29. armando patane

    armando patane3 soat oldin

    I hope you guys when u sell these cars get top dollar for all ur work and time

  30. Ted Coombs

    Ted Coombs3 soat oldin

    Your new Dyna-Glo will have warnings about carbon monoxide poisoning. Did you have headaches after working in the closed garage?

  31. Em-j Daskalakis

    Em-j Daskalakis3 soat oldin

    why you guy trying to copy tj hunt and novice garage

  32. Ahmed Slim

    Ahmed Slim3 soat oldin

    can you pleaaaase pait the whole car dark gray because it will look sick with the carbon fiber bumpers and leave the carbon bumpers without painting

  33. Argenis Perez

    Argenis Perez4 soat oldin

    How does it feel to sand away Ferrari paint

  34. Pieseł Piesełowy

    Pieseł Piesełowy4 soat oldin

    Next build bugatti veyron like kom

  35. Ken Eich

    Ken Eich4 soat oldin

    Ugh. Don't paint the carbon...

  36. Car Man

    Car Man4 soat oldin

    Fuckin inbred tards

  37. Tori L

    Tori L4 soat oldin

    I'd put another layer of sealer on that hood to cover those red spots. White is super tough to get right without a ton of layers and having the same color across the panel will make it way easier.

  38. El Pantrax

    El Pantrax5 soat oldin

    I say y’all should just do a full carbon Ferrari

  39. thelyricalpaprsmackr

    thelyricalpaprsmackr5 soat oldin

    Bro bro go’n ahead and do the ‘Daaang Sun’ t-shirts

  40. Moe Black

    Moe Black5 soat oldin

    Why you boys don't go back in the paint boot??

  41. bliglum

    bliglum5 soat oldin

    0:12 "Brought to you by Carl's Jr!"

  42. Benoni Hjelle Gravelseter

    Benoni Hjelle Gravelseter5 soat oldin

    can you buy a porsche 911 gt2. I think many wants that.

  43. trebor8171

    trebor81715 soat oldin

    95% blah blah blah blah and 5% actual work.. waste of time watching.. This video should be a drinking game.. they say "alright guys" guys guys guys guys .. Drink every time they say guys we'd all be in a coma.. STFU!

  44. TheLemartes

    TheLemartes5 soat oldin

    Is it me or is Thomas one of those classy cats, who appears when you do exotics :) ? Thomas: Police car? No Thanks! Also Thomas: Ferrari?! Look at me I am all over it!

  45. Corey Adcock

    Corey Adcock6 soat oldin

    Go to Lowe's and look at the new kobalt toolboxes too

  46. Buks Groenewald

    Buks Groenewald6 soat oldin

    What happend to the boat that you had to get wrapped?

  47. Andy Millsaps

    Andy Millsaps6 soat oldin

    Lord boys it's cold here in chatt town put some clothes on

  48. tony monchanic

    tony monchanic6 soat oldin

    What kind of sandpaper yall using for the dry sanding

  49. 1ST General

    1ST General6 soat oldin

    When they say 300 dollars for a heater that's how I feel when they use the high dollar soap suds and I hope the gas can was for something else and the kerosene particles in the air will affect most finishes especially when painting as long as you have fresh air coming in the flashpoint will be too low for ignition. People love the smell of quality goods ,so it's a shame Thomas won't get to use that quality cardboard for his cat crib mansion


    EZOPERATOR6 soat oldin

    Leave the side insets Carbon!

  51. J D

    J D6 soat oldin

    Why get carbon fiber bumpers to just paint it. I’ll just wrap it

  52. Tim Glass

    Tim Glass6 soat oldin

    C"mon Guys, Seriously, I wanted to buy the Ferrari for Big Bucks until I saw you using two dollar rattle can primer on the hood and then painting the Carbon fiber bumpers. you just don't do that with a Ferrari. what a shame, hopefully I'll find another one somewhere.

  53. Chris Wayne

    Chris Wayne6 soat oldin

    Shopping for a heater in shorts 😂

  54. greg work shop

    greg work shop7 soat oldin

    looking good

  55. hello there

    hello there7 soat oldin

    Did you try rice?

  56. Renu Gogna

    Renu Gogna7 soat oldin

    A request please shorten up the duration of your videos a little bit 😊

  57. minitrucker007

    minitrucker0077 soat oldin

    I took about a month last winter to research tool chest combos because that's the weirdo I am and I ended up with that 36" Husky. It was the best bang for the buck. The best metal thickness and best drawers for the money.

  58. khaox 01

    khaox 017 soat oldin

    what's the point in getting carbon fiber if you going to cover it with paint might as well get fiberglass

  59. Gaming World

    Gaming World7 soat oldin

    you should have paint the car black and let the carbon exposed, but and with the white color will be awesome

  60. Enrico Siben

    Enrico Siben7 soat oldin

    Si coloriamo la Ferrari con la bomboletta top

  61. DAVID

    DAVID8 soat oldin

    I'm glad you boyz are going to use a paint booth to spray this magic supercar ferrari 458

  62. The Power of Dream

    The Power of Dream8 soat oldin

    19.00 This is exactly how it happened to the previous owner and crashed


    JD TANK VIDEOS8 soat oldin

    you 2 have totally awesome cars on your videos and you 2 have totally awesome cat and dogs manybe if you 2 can do a videos about your cat and dogs just asking

  64. Cohimo

    Cohimo8 soat oldin

    There is one thing I don't get: what happened to the paint booth? They did really fantastic paint jobs in there and now they are willing to paint such cars like the ferrari in their shop with all the dirt flying around. Why would you do that?

  65. Rafael Sevilla

    Rafael Sevilla8 soat oldin

    Also one more thing being how you guys are at Home Depot quite a few times I will see if Home Depot would be willing to sponsor you guys.

  66. Rafael Sevilla

    Rafael Sevilla8 soat oldin

    Thomas the cat is a great co-owner he always involved in checking out all the correct parts come in and also the new projects how they came in. Tomas the cat is a true co-owner making sure that he is always on top of his game.

  67. Hrishikesh _hrk

    Hrishikesh _hrk8 soat oldin

    Awesome progress on that 458 . Might as well you guys can paint some pin stripes on the front splitter and the rear diffuser’s fins It really adds a pop to it and it make it look menacing 😈😈😈😈

  68. Justin Crim

    Justin Crim9 soat oldin

    Why dont you guys just fix the dent in the tailgate? You all have done much worse body work than that before

  69. Carlos k

    Carlos k9 soat oldin

    say hi to i Brazil 😁

  70. Tony Notstated

    Tony Notstated9 soat oldin

    Imagine you just bought a Ferrari. Would you really want these guys touching it? No thanks

  71. Rashid Dewees

    Rashid Dewees9 soat oldin

    Forget Tomas the mechanic more like Tomas the model

  72. Marquise Thomas

    Marquise Thomas9 soat oldin

    A home depot ad pops us while theyre at home depot, coincidence ? I think not..& a now second one, these boys are getting paid

  73. prettyASeyes

    prettyASeyes9 soat oldin

    Thomas needs a playmate, like Buddy!!

  74. Rohan Tanawade

    Rohan Tanawade9 soat oldin

    What about the boat??

  75. Wiljhon Diendo

    Wiljhon Diendo9 soat oldin

    Why not wrap the other parts to look like a carbon fiber?

  76. SeaDooEric

    SeaDooEric9 soat oldin

    Part 11.....I’ve lost interest

  77. Alabama Woodsman

    Alabama Woodsman9 soat oldin

    Watch this before you go out and spend tons of money on drilled and slotted rotors unless money is no object.

  78. Hitesh Patil

    Hitesh Patil9 soat oldin

    Paint the vent grills white too. the contrast will be catchy

  79. Sam

    Sam10 soat oldin

    Goonzqaud Sema 2020 make it happen boys

  80. the rockers

    the rockers10 soat oldin

    Paint it black or dark gray

  81. Jim Shorts

    Jim Shorts10 soat oldin

    You should have replaced the pipe. The shape of the converter is a cone, which when gutted, will cause a resonate backpressure . You actually removed power and when you light up the forest, you go straight to jail.

  82. The Dude

    The Dude10 soat oldin

    I recommend a natural gas type heater the kerosene is so nasty. I would spend the coin and add one to the roof like the pro shops do... your going to have to for the new shop hell ya might need 2 for new shop..... get a buy 2 get 1 at half price deal......... try the Dura Flame logs for the wood burner they cost a little bit but last way longer and produce a good long heat not lot of mess... stay warm cuz its freezing in the windy city

  83. Fianso Anderson

    Fianso Anderson10 soat oldin


  84. Frontofax

    Frontofax10 soat oldin

    btw guys could you check out my bmw flyby exaust sound on my channel and tell me what you think pls I need some feedback. Thank you!

  85. Grathy Fertiers

    Grathy Fertiers10 soat oldin

    You are going to be Ferrari brothers

  86. Jordan R

    Jordan R10 soat oldin

    You are a fool

  87. Zakery Cloutier

    Zakery Cloutier10 soat oldin

    What is going on with the new shop?

  88. lars van de weerd

    lars van de weerd10 soat oldin

    The're also carbon fiber Ferrari shields, might look good also?

  89. Automobile Universe

    Automobile Universe10 soat oldin

    Rear bumper : am i a joke to you

  90. haz staa

    haz staa10 soat oldin

    Graphite Gray would be nice on this 458

  91. Jimmy J

    Jimmy J10 soat oldin

    The whole car should be painted so that if someone in the future wants the wrap off. That would be such a disappointment to have it removed and then be like dang son, my whole car has to go to paint and body.

  92. Charles Schramm

    Charles Schramm11 soat oldin

    Jet fuel is just like diesel (JP5 or JP8).

  93. Harrison Pope

    Harrison Pope11 soat oldin

    Can you please do a road trip in all the cars

  94. Wei Cheng Lee

    Wei Cheng Lee11 soat oldin

    wat a lovely dog

  95. Tshepo Ncamane

    Tshepo Ncamane11 soat oldin

    I like the supercar rebuilds,you guys do great work

  96. Fiq Tag

    Fiq Tag11 soat oldin

    Thomas the supercat....

  97. sara z

    sara z11 soat oldin

    paint car in black..leave all carbon part..

  98. Nurman RIDER

    Nurman RIDER11 soat oldin

    It is very sad that you get rid off the carbon. To me just leave the front and rear bumper carbon and add side skirt carbon.. the combination carbon and white to me just look like AE 86 in Initial D or just like the panda. Anyway it is your car and i enjoy the video. 👍

  99. Jacob Dobrenen

    Jacob Dobrenen12 soat oldin

    You guys should do a paint job so that you can see the carbon through the paint like the paganis

  100. cicatriz

    cicatriz12 soat oldin

    This is by far the best set of videos on youtube. so sick!