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  1. William Edgar 21

    William Edgar 2110 soat oldin

    William Edgar 21 sub

  2. guccigabster

    guccigabster10 soat oldin

    Your content is actual cancer....

  3. Shift

    Shift10 soat oldin

    Why is there no tea in the video

  4. AntFN

    AntFN10 soat oldin

    Jarvis aim in Fortnite:100% Jarvis shooting a box with pencils:1%

  5. Alex Seay

    Alex Seay10 soat oldin

    Good thing he didn’t waste the Pringle’s like morgz

  6. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin

    Ex girlfriend and boyfriend are you gay smh

  7. St3aker

    St3aker10 soat oldin

    9:57 Jarvis would know a lot about hacking, wouldn't he ;)

  8. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin

    Doing the L dance wrong to

  9. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin

    I make more money from hacking accounts

  10. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin


  11. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin

    What did you think was gonna happen

  12. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin

    Your so stupid for posting a video of aimboting

  13. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin

    Your life is sad

  14. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin

    So sad

  15. lIlIl

    lIlIl10 soat oldin


  16. STDNT

    STDNT10 soat oldin

    Next vid: I got kicked out of Faze house

  17. AzureDoges

    AzureDoges10 soat oldin


  18. Finlay Gavillett

    Finlay Gavillett10 soat oldin

    Don't use aimbot on this vid

  19. Abdulahad Sajid

    Abdulahad Sajid10 soat oldin

    Holyyy Jarvis


    W1N_DESTROYER10 soat oldin

    Jarvis: says anything Kay: repeats with 10 times volume

  21. William Fortin

    William Fortin10 soat oldin

    Best way to solve problems “Duck tape “

  22. Roblox123

    Roblox12310 soat oldin

    U can't sing 🎶 😝

  23. J D

    J D10 soat oldin

    If I had aim bot I’d whant Jarvis aim

  24. Svetoslav Bochev

    Svetoslav Bochev10 soat oldin

    I want fortnite

  25. Mohammed Taha 13

    Mohammed Taha 1310 soat oldin

    When he said hey Siri mine worked

  26. Christos Papavasiliou

    Christos Papavasiliou10 soat oldin

    90% of comments are for band jarvis. 10% five months before that the video was uploaded Do you agree? 👎🏻

  27. IlI IlIl

    IlI IlIl10 soat oldin

    absolute garbage

  28. 다니엘

    다니엘10 soat oldin

    Dear faze clan if I one v one faze Kay, faze orba and faze adapt can I go in, console player btw

  29. Christos Papavasiliou

    Christos Papavasiliou10 soat oldin

    Listening to juice wrld Rest in peace juice wrld😥😥


    COOLMANJP10 soat oldin

    Your insane

  31. Games of Pyro

    Games of Pyro10 soat oldin

    Jarvis : how did I get banned from a game Also Jarvis : title UZgo video aimbot 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Adrian Iglesias

    Adrian Iglesias10 soat oldin

    I know I ain’t got it yet but I want that fararie

  33. FT CLAN

    FT CLAN11 soat oldin


  34. DeadSpy

    DeadSpy11 soat oldin

    Yes but depends on the school

  35. Oskar Saksjaak

    Oskar Saksjaak11 soat oldin


  36. Ilyas Mamoun

    Ilyas Mamoun11 soat oldin

    This guys a prick copying other youtubers for views

  37. xd orna

    xd orna11 soat oldin

    4:35 wtf is there a mouse pointer on his screen

  38. fire

    fire11 soat oldin

    Bro did you see his finger at 4:52 if looks broken

  39. Rickt

    Rickt11 soat oldin

    This is how many times Jarvis said “We Got Duck Tape” 👇🏼

  40. Calix GamingYT

    Calix GamingYT11 soat oldin

    Pls 1 v 1 FaZe sway

  41. Julian Koehn

    Julian Koehn11 soat oldin

    “Hard work and dedication” Uses aim bit to win 🤦‍♂️ 1:07

  42. Anthony

    Anthony11 soat oldin

    dude looked like Wolfie in the thumbnail lmaoo

  43. 32_crazy_braden

    32_crazy_braden11 soat oldin

    fav song after 10 hours hearing it

  44. SRB Vlogs

    SRB Vlogs11 soat oldin

    0:48 *FBI enters the chat*

  45. 223 chopp i

    223 chopp i11 soat oldin

    You Can get the scramble thing in flying Tiger copenhagen in the mall and it cost 1$ and a scrambler cost 3$

  46. Alex Walton

    Alex Walton11 soat oldin

    2019: Hacking Fortnite 2020: Hacking Life

  47. Cynixotic

    Cynixotic11 soat oldin

    My man copied Wolfie 😵

  48. MetalDrummer 09

    MetalDrummer 0911 soat oldin

    Lmao 🤣

  49. KieranHill ,

    KieranHill ,11 soat oldin


  50. firerainnzz

    firerainnzz11 soat oldin

    How much auto tune can you use

  51. Janina Richardson

    Janina Richardson11 soat oldin

    Sam and Colby

  52. Erxsorz

    Erxsorz11 soat oldin

    Imagine crying over a dead game

  53. Clumsyy

    Clumsyy11 soat oldin

    The thumbnail is like: OH MY GOD GUYS THIS IS INSANE. WAIT I NEED TO SQUAT. OKAY GUYS THIS IS INSANELY CRAZY MAN. *literally the first attempt of taking Kay’s picture for the thumbnail* Photographer: okay now squat and be like you “accidentally” destroy his car. Get it? “Accident” Kay: HAHA, ye man. Photographer: *takes pic* Kay: *silently farts* Also kay: okay bye bro i gotta go to jarvis for a while Photographer: oh okay. *8 seconds later* Photographer: EWW WHAT IS THIS SMELL

  54. actuallycorbin

    actuallycorbin11 soat oldin

    He's practicing to shoot up the Epic Games headquaters

  55. Quinn Hoang

    Quinn Hoang11 soat oldin

    I won a game of call of duty Jarvis: that’s insane 13:56

  56. actuallycorbin

    actuallycorbin11 soat oldin

    You could've used a nerf gun. This is very appealing for your 5 y/o audience.

  57. Ace PoEr

    Ace PoEr11 soat oldin

    The people who comment on this comment are the people that want an unban button and smash it 😈

  58. Funky Boi

    Funky Boi11 soat oldin

    I’m 13 and I can freestyle better than he can think about his lyrics😂

  59. black clan

    black clan11 soat oldin

    King = jarvis

  60. Hamza Sheikh

    Hamza Sheikh11 soat oldin

    So shit 🤮🤮🤮

  61. Sharon Hallinan

    Sharon Hallinan11 soat oldin

    What happend to jarvises hacks where dat aim bot jk love your vids u shouldnt be band is some bs

  62. KingRetake313

    KingRetake31311 soat oldin

    Jarvis ur a bot

  63. Aniruddh Nair

    Aniruddh Nair11 soat oldin

    Y make yourself a bigger meme after getting yourself banned.dont tell u love your fans cuz u made this shit song for sympathy and make us feel sad

  64. Wavey S1

    Wavey S112 soat oldin

    your the best charlet

  65. Swift Fortnite

    Swift Fortnite12 soat oldin


  66. TaKe13 Trick

    TaKe13 Trick12 soat oldin

    4:40 how big a distake I’ve made 😂😂

  67. AJ Ratkus

    AJ Ratkus12 soat oldin

    Jarvis bro ur insane

  68. Ensienio Oehlers

    Ensienio Oehlers12 soat oldin

    No one : Jarvis : i got banned from fortnite No one again : Jarvis : lets see if these tik toks work

  69. Wreck_t

    Wreck_t12 soat oldin

    Why can’t Jarvis get unbanned :(

  70. Twitch Psyfy

    Twitch Psyfy12 soat oldin

    Jarvis fisting a water melone😂😂😂

  71. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley12 soat oldin

    Jarvis made the watermelon squirt

  72. TEAM PyroX

    TEAM PyroX12 soat oldin

    Holy Javis

  73. zenbie yt

    zenbie yt12 soat oldin

    10:08 blaze was playing javis x gf

  74. RAZZY

    RAZZY12 soat oldin

    900th comments

  75. AJ Ratkus

    AJ Ratkus12 soat oldin

    epic games needs to give him another chance, he didn't know wtf would happen. If I was apart of that group I would give ppl second chances! Obviously he's loved the game since it came out, and he's obviously really really hurt ab this. Have u ever heard of forgive and forget? Maybe epic games should give all people second chances if they deserve it.

  76. Upalola 99

    Upalola 9912 soat oldin

    Can u do with frazyer a gane video something like play together in faze kay and jarvis videos

  77. Ascxnd

    Ascxnd12 soat oldin

    Please tell me you cleaned up from the watermelon 😂 Jarvis: I want to make watermelon jello Cheo: Aight bet Jarvis: Spills liquid jello everywhere Cheo: Have fun with that 😂

  78. RxR3s

    RxR3s12 soat oldin

    5:30 new ww3 weapon leaked boiz

  79. MikiGaming_YT

    MikiGaming_YT12 soat oldin


  80. Witemy gamer

    Witemy gamer12 soat oldin

    Rip ta juice wrld

  81. RxR3s

    RxR3s12 soat oldin

    4:23 jarvis pro doctor Available from 14 pm to 19 pm Dm me for reservation

  82. Ristom Baraki

    Ristom Baraki12 soat oldin

    He might be UNBANNED just you don't have to worry!

  83. 負け犬に勝った負け犬ですよ

    負け犬に勝った負け犬ですよ12 soat oldin


  84. XxNormalRoguexX _

    XxNormalRoguexX _12 soat oldin

    When he said hey Siri it happened on my ipad

  85. XGC Slasher

    XGC Slasher12 soat oldin

    9:58 so I think that guy was hacking Me:you should know

  86. Progon game Tv

    Progon game Tv12 soat oldin


  87. Boro Bobby

    Boro Bobby12 soat oldin

    Wich juice wrld song hate me hear me calling ransom ft juice wrld suicidal ft juice wrld legends lucid dreams graduation

  88. SkullCowboy

    SkullCowboy12 soat oldin

    Nobody: Me:they said they have s*x 3 times day hahahahahahhahahaha

  89. ioNic TEX ヅ

    ioNic TEX ヅ12 soat oldin



    -COOKIEZILA -12 soat oldin

    4:25 men in the kitchen

  91. Archie HarleyYT

    Archie HarleyYT12 soat oldin



    -COOKIEZILA -12 soat oldin

    But thats so... much... salt...


    VERX DEIMIS BTW13 soat oldin

    Omg you get unbanned

  94. just gytis 123

    just gytis 12313 soat oldin

    Bruh i dont think its a good idea to get views. You should try to play other games like gta 5 or some other shooting games

  95. m. Faizkender

    m. Faizkender13 soat oldin

    Hey jarvis can u go to my house pls

  96. Mutasem AL-AHMADI

    Mutasem AL-AHMADI13 soat oldin

    u only date him cuase u only want to meet faze duhh so ur just using him

  97. VapeAddict Gt

    VapeAddict Gt13 soat oldin

    Jarvis stick to using aimbot

  98. Vanix_duh

    Vanix_duh13 soat oldin

    Jarvis and kay are so cringe why we're they even invited into Faze

  99. Ricky Montaldo

    Ricky Montaldo13 soat oldin

    holy gay

  100. Jamall Nelson

    Jamall Nelson13 soat oldin