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this is the end.

this is the end.

11 kun oldin

Thank You Kobe. RIP
  1. Leah Garcia

    Leah Garcia8 soat oldin

    Your going to the gym

  2. Isai Olguin-Dominguez

    Isai Olguin-Dominguez8 soat oldin

    10:43 the gym or to play basketball

  3. Dana King

    Dana King8 soat oldin

    Did anyone see the at 2:15 on Anthony’s side

  4. Luis Santamaria

    Luis Santamaria8 soat oldin

    Faze Jarvis date Sommer rey did u know that

  5. Cassandra Apholz

    Cassandra Apholz9 soat oldin

    All that time in your place and u still ain’t change the colors of your room.

  6. Rakha Abdelrahim

    Rakha Abdelrahim9 soat oldin

    I wish I was Booker I would get so much love

  7. Zachsツ

    Zachsツ9 soat oldin

    you guys really should get back together


    STEVEN ADHAR9 soat oldin

    Austin and my sister are the same age

  9. Daniel Wilson

    Daniel Wilson9 soat oldin

    they not together no more?

  10. Cayden Valles

    Cayden Valles9 soat oldin

    SuNS gAmE

  11. Yaboi_SkillZzz Alex

    Yaboi_SkillZzz Alex9 soat oldin

    Keylan and rug don’t even talk

  12. Leslie Luna

    Leslie Luna9 soat oldin

    Mama rug’s reaction tho lmaoooo it seemed like she saw a roach when she saw brawadis😂😂😂😂im dead

  13. Kameron andrews

    Kameron andrews9 soat oldin

    Og remember the 679 intro bring it back now

  14. Neharikaa _

    Neharikaa _9 soat oldin

    How many of you tell bradon is crazy😂subcribe to me❤😂

  15. CMVthePRO 17

    CMVthePRO 179 soat oldin

    That guy in blue got left hanging 9:57

  16. Austin Puckett

    Austin Puckett9 soat oldin

    I saw the final product and I thought someone hacked my phone and played a video from years ago.

  17. Rathaana Srivarathan

    Rathaana Srivarathan9 soat oldin

    ❤️🥺 you aren’t ugly. You look amazing but hugely I’m not a big fan but I don’t hate it!!! We just need time to get used it it again haha!!! ❤️

  18. alexander fernandez

    alexander fernandez9 soat oldin

    kfc i better because it for black and fat people like Antony

  19. Koen Vine Central

    Koen Vine Central9 soat oldin

    The kid on the phone vandalized his car has guts

  20. Luis Rivero

    Luis Rivero9 soat oldin

    Yeah he is turning crazy he hasn’t worn a Phoenix suns shirt

  21. LIO SOL

    LIO SOL9 soat oldin


  22. Rex Clyde

    Rex Clyde9 soat oldin

    Favorite memory : Anthony’s birthday!!!!!!

  23. Jameela Kosar

    Jameela Kosar9 soat oldin


  24. esmail omer

    esmail omer9 soat oldin


  25. Golden

    Golden9 soat oldin

    Who is watching this from 2020 thinking its corona virus

  26. RELS udaria

    RELS udaria9 soat oldin

    mr beast out there

  27. Alex Castro

    Alex Castro9 soat oldin

    You look so ugly

  28. Noah Ehrenhaus

    Noah Ehrenhaus9 soat oldin

    Rip black mamba you will live on forever

  29. Tisha Calder

    Tisha Calder9 soat oldin

    first I didn't like it that much. but while I kept watching it, I started to love it. It's like I went back in time. To the old days.

  30. Lalo Jimenez

    Lalo Jimenez9 soat oldin

    So did he die

  31. Christian Wilson

    Christian Wilson9 soat oldin

    Please get back with jackie

  32. Manisha Sagar

    Manisha Sagar9 soat oldin

    Grow the beard back 🤣

  33. aliyah miller

    aliyah miller9 soat oldin


  34. xphant_1

    xphant_19 soat oldin

    This nigga is cringy Af🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  35. aliyah miller

    aliyah miller9 soat oldin


  36. Nik to lit Travis

    Nik to lit Travis9 soat oldin

    Looking goood

  37. Lucky C

    Lucky C9 soat oldin

    Keep it u look cool

  38. Braylon Rogers

    Braylon Rogers9 soat oldin

    Yessir that’s the move.....🔥🔥

  39. Niki Singaram

    Niki Singaram9 soat oldin

    I dreamer about cuevo

  40. Eh Ler

    Eh Ler9 soat oldin

    You look batter without a bear’s

  41. Ruby.rodriguez Mwahh

    Ruby.rodriguez Mwahh9 soat oldin

    i really want brackie back:(

  42. Eileen Elena

    Eileen Elena9 soat oldin

    Yay she here for 72 days

  43. Spazzz

    Spazzz9 soat oldin

    Jackie touched her face 😭😭😭

  44. LG secre kill

    LG secre kill9 soat oldin

    I like it leave it like that maybe you go back with your ex

  45. Austin Elmore

    Austin Elmore9 soat oldin

    I think you should keep it cuz Jackie likes it

  46. Bart Simphson

    Bart Simphson9 soat oldin

    You look good and I’m not just saying that you look like the old brawadis

  47. Fishy Boy

    Fishy Boy9 soat oldin


  48. Munir Hussain

    Munir Hussain9 soat oldin

    Happy birthday to Jackie

  49. Peyton Hunkus

    Peyton Hunkus9 soat oldin

    Brawadis you should do a prank on mama rug and papa rug that you got them a dog but it’s a stuffed animal puppy

  50. Gustavo Gomez

    Gustavo Gomez9 soat oldin

    looks fire tbh dude

  51. Juju Khaddaj

    Juju Khaddaj9 soat oldin


  52. Naima Ahmed

    Naima Ahmed9 soat oldin

    Who was bored than just watched this video

  53. ? ADHD

    ? ADHD10 soat oldin

    Day three: They are together again Day four: they make out Day 5: they have s-

  54. Lil_Reflex

    Lil_Reflex10 soat oldin

    I watch every video that is old


    RANDY HERNANDEZ10 soat oldin

    it not that bad

  56. Bart Simphson

    Bart Simphson10 soat oldin

    I thought Brandon hated the lakers but he still have the stuff hang up In his room

  57. Jordan Cole

    Jordan Cole10 soat oldin

    I had a brother die at 1 hour old. I fell u bro.

  58. Bryan Torres

    Bryan Torres10 soat oldin

    Wtf was that

  59. Jeremiah Fernandez

    Jeremiah Fernandez10 soat oldin

    Ask Jackie out

  60. Jak Jak Ong

    Jak Jak Ong10 soat oldin

    bruh it felt like i was watching ones of his old videos.

  61. gaming whith chelo

    gaming whith chelo10 soat oldin

    Booker the dog is so jealous he actually kiss both you

  62. Jorden Ukpong

    Jorden Ukpong10 soat oldin

    You guys should do the "doing the dirty prank" on someone!

  63. Lauren chacon

    Lauren chacon10 soat oldin

    I like it you look like how you looked in 2016

  64. Grady Dude

    Grady Dude10 soat oldin


  65. Clappz

    Clappz10 soat oldin

    Brandon imagine if you and Jackie get back together then later have a baby and then start a family channel imagine the title and tumnail

  66. Munir Hussain

    Munir Hussain10 soat oldin

    Jackie is so kind ...happy birthday day

  67. High Tower

    High Tower10 soat oldin

    Jackie “Its a joke fuck y’all 🖕

  68. Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas10 soat oldin

    That looks so bad

  69. gaming whith chelo

    gaming whith chelo10 soat oldin

    17:36 was a good move brawadis


    SASSYDUST LOL10 soat oldin

    Dr.pepper lol

  71. Youssef Farouk

    Youssef Farouk10 soat oldin

    I don’t like it actually😂

  72. Sripaad Bhat

    Sripaad Bhat10 soat oldin


  73. Elijah Miller

    Elijah Miller10 soat oldin

    Brian can suplex that was nice

  74. Unknown TY

    Unknown TY10 soat oldin

    Shave the gote

  75. Munir Hussain

    Munir Hussain10 soat oldin

    Happy birthday Brandon

  76. Christopher Martinez

    Christopher Martinez10 soat oldin

    I felt bad

  77. Tirza Dion

    Tirza Dion10 soat oldin

    I am sorry

  78. Ace Cloak

    Ace Cloak10 soat oldin

    he look like faze rug

  79. Chaka Gamer

    Chaka Gamer10 soat oldin

    You look good bro

  80. Elijah Miller

    Elijah Miller10 soat oldin

    In this vid Anthony was a bad guy

  81. Mukesh Kumar

    Mukesh Kumar10 soat oldin

    I am just 11 but I was crying while watching him...

  82. Loyal Mr.mythicalboi

    Loyal Mr.mythicalboi10 soat oldin

    You look so much better like this beardwadis was not the move lollll

  83. Gaming God

    Gaming God10 soat oldin

    I am a huge lakers fan

  84. Serg0614

    Serg061410 soat oldin

    Ali in the post is similar to an old school player named Rony Seikaly for the Miami Heat. They used to say he would put people in the spin cycle with his footwork

  85. Johanna joiiis Lindström

    Johanna joiiis Lindström10 soat oldin

    Omg you look younger 😱

  86. Fatima Husain

    Fatima Husain10 soat oldin

    You look better with a beard

  87. Seth Gadford

    Seth Gadford10 soat oldin

    Gatorade vid

  88. Bibak Syrup

    Bibak Syrup10 soat oldin

    You are going to the basketball court

  89. Om Patel

    Om Patel10 soat oldin

    The egg video

  90. Thelma gallenmakaya

    Thelma gallenmakaya10 soat oldin

    When you did a fake s”x prank in your parents

  91. Cassandra Diaz

    Cassandra Diaz10 soat oldin

    Thumbs up, no beard👍💙

  92. Sanjay Ramjanam

    Sanjay Ramjanam10 soat oldin

    You should put a go pro on booker

  93. David McNeilly

    David McNeilly10 soat oldin

    I didn’t no mr beast wis there

  94. Eyad R

    Eyad R10 soat oldin

    Please redo this prank but on someone else, that was a master prank

  95. Elias Rojas

    Elias Rojas10 soat oldin

    Start packing

  96. Eyad R

    Eyad R10 soat oldin

    The freakin' music is making it worse man...

  97. Xszy lynx ッ

    Xszy lynx ッ10 soat oldin


  98. Jose garcia

    Jose garcia10 soat oldin

    he wants to date her again

  99. Matt Brady

    Matt Brady10 soat oldin

    I thought that papa rug was a warriors fan not Lakers fan

  100. Fatheroftfue

    Fatheroftfue11 soat oldin

    I mean you look weird rn but the girls love it so keep it going