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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"

UFC 246: Fight Motion
Top UFC ESPN+ Moments
UFC 246: Weigh-in

UFC 246: Weigh-in

15 kun oldin

UFC Busan: Weigh-in
UFC 245: Weigh-in
UFC 245 Athlete Panel
  1. RKS HQ

    RKS HQ6 soat oldin

    when she call you bro 0:31

  2. I got dropped 3 time by a featherweight

    I got dropped 3 time by a featherweight6 soat oldin

    0:32 The black a.k.a kevin fart guy said “he only got a left” there you go Mr fart

  3. Matthew Allen

    Matthew Allen6 soat oldin

    What retirement were they talking about

  4. Itsplainxalex

    Itsplainxalex6 soat oldin

    I was waiting so long for this

  5. Doonie

    Doonie6 soat oldin

    Joe Rogan is annoying, he a cringy mf now, fire him.

  6. Thierry Henry

    Thierry Henry6 soat oldin

    0:18 Lol Tyson Fury in the back

  7. Itsplainxalex

    Itsplainxalex6 soat oldin

    I was waiting so long for this

  8. HunterWolf

    HunterWolf6 soat oldin

    0:32 Guy with the cable looking for Tony Ferguson

  9. MA63

    MA636 soat oldin

    Can we get a real contender in the octagon? I want to see Conor’s brown belt grappling skills to back up the hype. I don’t need another Ronda.

  10. Tupac Nation

    Tupac Nation6 soat oldin

    Can someone please tell me how Conor is ranked 14 at Welterweight when he hasn't even beat a ranked opponent? And he's ranked 4 or 5 at LW?? How..he's 1-1 at LW and the only guy he beat 3 years ago isn't even in the UFC anymore. I'm confused.

  11. J D

    J D6 soat oldin

    “Conor only has a left hand” 00:32

  12. The Predator Ultimate

    The Predator Ultimate6 soat oldin

    Сливной кавбой!

  13. John Scott

    John Scott6 soat oldin

    Tyson Fury is so tall he is probably like 20 rows back and he looks like he is right behind Conor's lil ass family.

  14. A very Tall midget

    A very Tall midget6 soat oldin

    “I see a lotta holes in the cage” -Kevin Lee

  15. Ling Kaha

    Ling Kaha6 soat oldin

    Surprise! Surprise! The King Is Back... To all the haters shut the fook up...🤣😂🤣

  16. Proof He's Real

    Proof He's Real6 soat oldin

    How many times has McGregor won and rumors start about the fight being fixed?

  17. my Kirk

    my Kirk6 soat oldin

    Someone hit the )shit talker( on the bar stool. That old sag needed to be hit 4 so ling niw.

  18. Omar Kocak

    Omar Kocak6 soat oldin

    Hey ufc can you start doing highlights

  19. Deep Zepp

    Deep Zepp6 soat oldin

    “I love you Donald. My left shoulder fucked you up”.

  20. Alen Linux

    Alen Linux6 soat oldin

    Tony The Cable Guy Fergusonnnnnnnn

  21. The Eagle

    The Eagle6 soat oldin

    15:15 *so THAT'S why they call him "RAZOR" BLAYDES!!!!*

  22. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler6 soat oldin

    McGregor is a joke Obviously fixed

  23. nitpoon

    nitpoon6 soat oldin

    ha ha ha ha ha shoulder lmfao cowboy paycheck cerrone

  24. Ricky Bravo

    Ricky Bravo6 soat oldin

    That Peaky Blinder vibe in the end was good!

  25. HunterWolf

    HunterWolf6 soat oldin

    0:32 CM Punk

  26. Biggieboss power

    Biggieboss power6 soat oldin

    They Irish done it again ^^ that reminds me of the old Connor i hope it will be a new Chapter where he Knocked everybody out since Markus Brimadge what a Run that would be reminds me when everybody was daubting him !

  27. Mirko Krokop

    Mirko Krokop6 soat oldin

    Странная стойка у оверима стала!

  28. HunterWolf

    HunterWolf6 soat oldin

    0:32 the face and the glove says it all ahahahahaha

  29. King Savage

    King Savage6 soat oldin

    He was fighting for his career I’m so happy for Conor McGregor All he been threw the king is back👑🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  30. Abdul Raheem

    Abdul Raheem6 soat oldin


  31. jay ferson

    jay ferson6 soat oldin

    Plot twist: cowboy retires to become a diving champion.

  32. Always Teste

    Always Teste6 soat oldin

    I dont care what anyone says, Cowboy is a bum

  33. Ermek Ermek

    Ermek Ermek6 soat oldin

    John Kavanagh was just sitting there and appreciating the moment. His prodigy is finally back on track.

  34. Jhonny Walker

    Jhonny Walker6 soat oldin

    I'm just worried Jones don't take Reyes lightly like Anderson did to Weidman. He's finished many opponents cuz he got power. I hope Jones respects the game and go in full focus and put another show to remember

  35. Kuda95 M

    Kuda95 M6 soat oldin

    Oooouuuh i have been waiting for this🔥🔥🎉

  36. SWeMX

    SWeMX6 soat oldin

    Conors fans are crying as little babies ''WAAAH WAAAAAH!'' HAHAH cry some more bitches, cry some more.

  37. Re gale

    Re gale6 soat oldin

    Where I can find Ufc 229 thill and sneak peak ??

  38. abhEdits

    abhEdits6 soat oldin


  39. Colby Covington

    Colby Covington6 soat oldin

    Cowboy is a filthy sellout.

  40. JAB TV Just About Boxing

    JAB TV Just About Boxing6 soat oldin

    Wtf what about stipe knocking out DC!!!

  41. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse6 soat oldin


  42. Mohsin Shaikh

    Mohsin Shaikh6 soat oldin

    It was looks like the match was fixed and dana knew about it because he want khabib rematch but dana make sure note this point if khabib vs conor 2 will be happen conor will loose again

  43. Never Believe Government

    Never Believe Government6 soat oldin

    Cowboy sold out

  44. L Leon

    L Leon6 soat oldin

    Fans before fight "Conor is washed" Fans after the fight "Conor the GOAT"

  45. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue6 soat oldin

    Conor: “....and give fighters make believe belts “ Masvidal: grins awkwardly

  46. 777777 88888888

    777777 888888886 soat oldin


  47. Dorian Pažin

    Dorian Pažin6 soat oldin

    "whats are the odds paddy, what are the odds?" - ben askren after getting ko'd in 5 seconds

  48. The Irish Lad

    The Irish Lad6 soat oldin

    Who else here is Irish?? 👇👍👍

  49. adam hags

    adam hags6 soat oldin

    John looking like Conor just lost the fight 😂

  50. Mikah .H

    Mikah .H6 soat oldin

    beyblade's elbow

  51. Lucas Freeman

    Lucas Freeman6 soat oldin

    Aren’t these videos for more than just the main event. I was interested to see the part of Roxanne and Maycee. In all reality they should’ve been the co-main event. More people cared about that fight than Holm & Pennington.

  52. T Series Stan 😍

    T Series Stan 😍6 soat oldin

    Conor the type of guy to break your nose, kiss you on the forehead, tell you how he broke your nose, then hug your grandmother

  53. Alfie Jones

    Alfie Jones6 soat oldin

    Cowboys corner jaws dropped.

  54. ErdosainNueve

    ErdosainNueve6 soat oldin

    The fake fight.

  55. HunterWolf

    HunterWolf6 soat oldin

    0:15 Look at Johnny Walkers reaction LMAO

  56. Amar H.

    Amar H.6 soat oldin

    Kavanagh summoned his inner Kevin Lee and actually saw holes in Conor's game.

  57. Urayis wish l

    Urayis wish l6 soat oldin

    umpire was a fucking wanker,should of stopped it on the second


    OHIO ARROWHEADS6 soat oldin

    That Ellenberger KO had to have been the weirdest one I've ever seen.

  59. la electro

    la electro6 soat oldin


  60. Ryan Kaoz

    Ryan Kaoz6 soat oldin

    Great fighter. Shit whiskey. I'll stick with Jameson. It actually has flavor.

  61. Rebel 7

    Rebel 76 soat oldin

    Great to see this. Two real men humble from start to finish. Consummate professionals.

  62. Suryansh Singh

    Suryansh Singh6 soat oldin

    It is saying in hinduism when fold your hand in front of other be older or younger then God will help you in all circumstance and will look after you🙏🙏🙏

  63. manchester city real fan

    manchester city real fan6 soat oldin

    John Kavanagh reaction was like "I'm not surprised Mother F*ckers" 0:13

  64. Letty Arámbula

    Letty Arámbula6 soat oldin

    That shoulder impacts like a boulder............wow

  65. Bosna u srcu i duso H

    Bosna u srcu i duso H6 soat oldin

    Ilir Latifi vs Mcgregor by Nice ficht....

  66. Sajid Abdurrahman

    Sajid Abdurrahman6 soat oldin

    4:20 That guy on the right was "The Agony"

  67. Lee Harvey Gibbles

    Lee Harvey Gibbles6 soat oldin

    Exactly my face at 0:33 . Bullshit

  68. Jacomus SAOR ALBA

    Jacomus SAOR ALBA6 soat oldin

    Here come more Crimer McGregor

  69. BT Drunk Artist

    BT Drunk Artist6 soat oldin

    0:32 the black dude who said Conor only has a left hand. Look at his face after seeing Conor beat up Donald with a high kick and a shoulder.

  70. The Way I Feel

    The Way I Feel6 soat oldin

    The king is back. Now pls - go avenge thats lost. McGregors - assemble!

  71. MK Ultra PUMP

    MK Ultra PUMP6 soat oldin

    I'd love to see a rematch one day, though, to see a longer fight, they both are incredible fighters/fathers. But grats to Conor, good technique lol

  72. Irish Technical Thinker

    Irish Technical Thinker6 soat oldin

    You raised a hell of a boy. There's so many meanings in that comment from Conor. I witnessed a martial artist last weekend, not a circus entertainer. Juggling and performing the acts to wonder and shock the crowds, that look on. No drug embellishments and just simply fighting, fighting to be a better person and reinspiring people. Hope to God the wheels don't fall off this return journey. Shawshank Redemption story but not all stories have happy endings. That's what turns myths into legends.

  73. Vikas Kumar

    Vikas Kumar6 soat oldin

    There's something wrong about John Cavanaugh's behavior

  74. Sage Master

    Sage Master6 soat oldin

    0:32 Kevin Hart looks upset lmao

  75. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy6 soat oldin

    The faces of Cowboy coaches when they saw their boy took a dive

  76. jayjayjay365

    jayjayjay3656 soat oldin

    that shoulder move was very very smart - kind of think he was looking for a jorge masvidal moment and to be fair he got it - not a fan but respect

  77. IronCowgirl* Bree

    IronCowgirl* Bree6 soat oldin

    Coach Kavanagh: Was a the whole Mood!! LOL 🤣

  78. Fred ticoman.

    Fred ticoman.6 soat oldin

    He was the scarifying lamb placed by the ufc. So what. Connor won’t make it with the next opponents

  79. TheGujgli

    TheGujgli6 soat oldin

    Cowboy took a dive in this fight... Embarassing for such a legend

  80. ThizzleMeTimbrs

    ThizzleMeTimbrs6 soat oldin

    0:31 needs to be on a poster, shirt, coffee mug...

  81. NJ M

    NJ M6 soat oldin

    That wasn't Cowboy. That was day drinking Donald.

  82. Skip-_-

    Skip-_-6 soat oldin


  83. Rustam Shabanov

    Rustam Shabanov6 soat oldin

    so much fake

  84. Ravi Gurung

    Ravi Gurung6 soat oldin

    Where are the lousy commentators who posted “ my feet was a balloon...” ?

  85. Amar H.

    Amar H.6 soat oldin

    What an athlete Conor is, i mean seriously imagine having milions and having your own business and still wanting to come back and compete with a killer like Cowboy... And he went in like his life was on the line. So much respect for this man!

  86. Electric Water

    Electric Water6 soat oldin

    Will the real mc gregor PLEASE stand up !respect my Irish man 💚

  87. Muhammet Kks

    Muhammet Kks6 soat oldin

    Khabib ☝️💪

  88. Rafael Nascimento

    Rafael Nascimento6 soat oldin

    should've shown us the agony of the fans in atendence watching holm vs penninton

  89. Jack Wilshere

    Jack Wilshere6 soat oldin

    2 top athletes! what is next for McGregor?

  90. la electro

    la electro6 soat oldin


  91. Sherry Kohl

    Sherry Kohl6 soat oldin

    Should of shown all of Conor fight..it was only 40 secs lol

  92. Dudey

    Dudey6 soat oldin

    Okay, Cerrone's corner at 0:31 is literally me for like 90% of my life

  93. Shaun Cilliers

    Shaun Cilliers6 soat oldin

    Khabib is in trouble

  94. Jesse I. Santra

    Jesse I. Santra6 soat oldin

    Love Khabib - from India (with toilet btw)

  95. Malon Maxon

    Malon Maxon6 soat oldin

    this guy moves like water

  96. Proof He's Real

    Proof He's Real6 soat oldin

    I can't tell who's happier McGregor or Dana.

  97. karlos Lowry

    karlos Lowry6 soat oldin

    He got stuck in the mud 😂

  98. Dr Dirt

    Dr Dirt6 soat oldin

    The bmf ranch gonna be getting a donation from proper 12 ...for not messing up Conors hair

  99. Raul Chagas

    Raul Chagas6 soat oldin

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!!

  100. The mad hatter

    The mad hatter6 soat oldin

    To be honest, this made me kinda upset and disappointed. This sounds stupid but it makes me want to become a professional mma fighter , so I can fight Conor at 170. I’m already 175 naturally and I have a 7year boxing and 15 year street fighting experience mixed mindset under my belt 💯 I know a few tricks in bjj , kickboxing, some wrestling techniques and I box really good.💯 maybe you never know right...