“When you listen to me, you can hear my pain,” says NoCap. “My music doesn’t sound like anybody else’s. I don’t ever want to be in a box. I’m creating my own wave. I’m hoping to change the game forever.”
Mobile, AL-based rapper NoCap has just released his groundbreaking new mixtape, THE HOOD DICTIONARY. The new release follows NoCap’s acclaimed 2019 mixtape, THE BACKEND CHILD which earned national acclaim. 2019 saw the breakthrough release of “Ghetto Angels”. Pitchfork wrote, “NoCap is in touch with his Southern roots, taking us to church over a piano-driven instrumental that could without question play during a Sunday morning service…Lyrically, NoCap is candid, reflecting on his lost ones behind heart-rending bars: the faith-questioning, ‘Why do I always question God but I never pray,’. “The lyrics depict his fallen comrades into people who watch over him,” wrote XXL, “keeping NoCap safe on his journey through life. The song has resonated and took his career to another level.”

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    Bruhh like if the light skin family the girls hugging each other like the dude in the photo over to the left .

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    My baby brother was murdered on 12/6/19 he was only 23 9/2/96 he was my only brother. I miss him crazy and love him with all I got. We had a traditional funeral for him and were overwhelmed and felt a sense of comfort with how many people’s lives he positively affected. It was a beautiful blessing of over 500! We are completely heartbroken. He was the baby of us 5, outnumbered by his sister’s. I am 20yrs older than him so he was like one of my babies, my daughter is 24 and my son is 22 so yeah they were 22,23&24!! My mom is in recovery, she will have a year on the 8th!! He was supposed to be in recovery as well but we found out in his autopsy that he had a few things in his system which broke my mamas heart all over again. His dad has been an addict practically his entire life unless he is incarcerated and is only 5 years older than me. They aren’t together. Thankfully! He had the freakn nerve to show up almost an entire HOUR late for his only child’s funeral! Anyway I want to write a book. I want to share the story of my family. My son graduated from college the day after my brother was murdered. It was supposed to be a happy day I faked as much as i could for my son who don’t get me wrong I am absolutely amazed by. My kids father had a “life” sentence served about 14 years then got his retrial and was released with everything dropped because of a technicality. He was in Hawaii then shipped to Eloy Az. Because he ended a local’s life and they wanted to kill him so out to the mainland he went. We attempted to visit back when kids were younger but when we got there they changed their minds so I took them to the Grand Canyon and what a breath taking place. Then as time went by they changed their view about their father. So now he’s out and they’re adults with their own lives and careers etc. They have to decide. Not me. I never kept them from him. Even before that happened. He was already MIA doing his own separate thing/life. He paid his respects to my brother which he did love him. My brother was naturally good at everything. He played football & basketball mostly. He had done a lot of par core dancing and was even in some local videos. Always joking and smiling. We would share music because he knew I schooled him on the og music and he kept me straight with the now or the what he liked music also my son and I still do that. Lol my son used to sell mixed cd’s in middle school! Now he works for one of the world’s largest real estate company’s! Their isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t cry or think of him. He wasn’t much interested in church but he was pulled towards our spiritual beliefs. We have a small community that has been so helpful and so supportive. His headstone is going to be something to see. We took ideas from his closest cousin and us sisters 🌹♥️📿🤍 I love this song and that Me and My Brother gets me and is hits my heart ❤️ If anyone is still reading.. thank you and please keep keepn on sharing your talent through music! Stay blessed. Much love ❤️

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    Damn man, Folks gotta remember god got a dark tunnel for everybody at some point of time , but no matter which dark tunnel he put you through, you can’t question it just gotta pray up and get to the end... he ain’t gone put you through nun you can’t handle.

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    Hi young man this is JAZZY RED TALK SHOW...I knew you would've make it Ii still air you on my TV show...thank you and your family for being on my show YEARS ago....WOW Keep your head up!! Jazzy Red peace out!

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    I was wondering when a rapper was gonna take the name no cap seeing as that's all we hear nowadays

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    This was played at my son's repast. It was on his playlist. All of his friends went hard on this song. I only let the Dj play from his playlist all night. It was absolutely the way he would have wanted it. I did exactly what he would have wanted. My heart will never beat the same. You were the first man Mommy ever loved. I long for the day I am with you again. He is a bonafide soldier. He fought long and hard from day 1 for 26 years. He is without a doubt the strongest person I have ever known from the first to the last breath. You can finally breathe again. I hope your heart is beating loud, fast and strong. Though your heart was weak, yet it was so very strong. I am still in disbelief. This pain is absolutely unbearable. So much so most nights I pray to not wake up. I miss you son❤💔❤💔🤴🏾🙏🏿. I don't want to live this life without you. I wish i could take your place....sunrise 2-14-1994 sunset 1-19-2020. Heaven couldn't wait 4u, so go on go home🙏🏿🕊🤴🏾❤💔😘 He went through so much and never complained. He worried about his Mom.

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