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  1. Lynne Smith

    Lynne Smith13 daqiqa oldin

    So good to see you!! Have lots of great memories from your concerts which my daughter and I attended whenever you were close enough for us to go! Love ya!! 💕🥰

  2. Lauren Tucci

    Lauren Tucci16 daqiqa oldin

    Thanks Neil, ba ba ba

  3. Leone Dolliver

    Leone Dolliver24 daqiqa oldin

    Ah Neil, thank you so much! I’ve always been a great fan! I will do my best to stay stay healthy if you’ll do the same...take care!

  4. Tina M Fam

    Tina M Fam24 daqiqa oldin

    I love you Neil!!

  5. kim 67

    kim 6729 daqiqa oldin


  6. joadhenry

    joadhenry35 daqiqa oldin

    love you man!!!

  7. Yvette Bennett

    Yvette Bennett47 daqiqa oldin

    Mr. Diamond, I smiled as soon as you spoke and started singing this song and I am still smiling. Thank you for doing this. ❤

  8. Chad Hauntz

    Chad Hauntz49 daqiqa oldin

    Catchiest PSA ever

  9. The Nonsense Buffer

    The Nonsense Buffer54 daqiqa oldin

    Awesome, sir 😷👍...

  10. Cynthia Williams

    Cynthia Williams55 daqiqa oldin

    You have always been my favorite... You sound the same as I always remembered. I sure have missed your music.

  11. Tara J. Fitzgerald

    Tara J. FitzgeraldSoat oldin

    Awesome 👏 thank you

  12. Trace S

    Trace SSoat oldin

    Ah, that iconic voice. Thank you ♡ needed the chuckle!

  13. Shirley Whitelaw

    Shirley WhitelawSoat oldin

    Thank you Neil!😍

  14. Richard Maunder

    Richard MaunderSoat oldin

    Thank you. :)

  15. Victorious One

    Victorious OneSoat oldin

    Love you Neil from Canada bless you for your music

  16. Valerij A. Legasov

    Valerij A. LegasovSoat oldin

    Nice song, thank you so much! All the best from the Czech republic, God bless...

  17. Amy Lumet

    Amy LumetSoat oldin

    LOVE YOU TOO, @NEILDIAMOND! YASHER KOACH!! We met at the 1983 Oscars at Sue Mengers’ home at a party for my late father, who was nominated for the Verdict. You were so lovely to my sister and I.. God bless you! CHAG PESACH SAMEACH ❤️

  18. Thea Stewart

    Thea StewartSoat oldin


  19. Mary Davis

    Mary Davis2 soat oldin

    I saw him at a coffee shop in Heaven one time!

  20. calmshore films

    calmshore films2 soat oldin

    Love you neil. Stay well!

  21. M M Bourget

    M M Bourget2 soat oldin

    I love him!Always have, thank you

  22. Nick j

    Nick j2 soat oldin

    the most stupid human on the planet.

  23. Jon Oates

    Jon Oates2 soat oldin

  24. F S

    F S2 soat oldin

    It looks as though his guitar has caught fire.

  25. Diana Woolnough

    Diana Woolnough2 soat oldin

    Always love this man....Thankyou Neil for thinking of all of us.

  26. Jane Meyer

    Jane Meyer3 soat oldin

    Gosh I just love you so much

  27. jeremy vandyk

    jeremy vandyk3 soat oldin

    I love this song

  28. Charles Shelbourne

    Charles Shelbourne3 soat oldin

    I saw this sung by the couple who rewrote this a few days ago,

  29. Jack London

    Jack London3 soat oldin

    Thanks Neil great! And good to see you! God bless you all

  30. David Jermy

    David Jermy3 soat oldin

    Thanks Neil. Holly Holy. I played today. Keep well old friend. Thanks for all the great music.

  31. BK Binj

    BK Binj3 soat oldin

    Thanks Neil. Now I'll go wash my hands.

  32. Steve Bricker

    Steve Bricker3 soat oldin

    Never tire of your tunes!!! I’m a believer..🎶🎶

  33. jraoul711

    jraoul7113 soat oldin

    Sweet Neil.... that was gem. A real diamond.

  34. Nancy

    Nancy3 soat oldin

    I am so fortunate to have seen him in his last tour, just before his diagnosis. What an amazing performance. He was wonderful and is one of the most gracious and talented performers of all time. Thank you for sharing your music with us once again.

  35. Petrus Chingado

    Petrus Chingado3 soat oldin

    Icon Legend Epic..his name is Neil🍷

  36. Carol Jordan

    Carol Jordan4 soat oldin


  37. bluzshadez

    bluzshadez4 soat oldin

    This is the best version of a parody done by the actual singer! Corona Virus version of a song to the highest level!

  38. Sarah-Jane The Person

    Sarah-Jane The Person4 soat oldin


  39. G S

    G S4 soat oldin

    You’re a top man 😎👍

  40. Jackie Morton

    Jackie Morton4 soat oldin

    We love you Neil! Just as good as ever. Saw you in Vegas MGM in 1999!

  41. Tracey Morgan-Willcox

    Tracey Morgan-Willcox4 soat oldin

    Neil Diamond still has a great voice - love it - take care Mr Diamond

  42. Bobby Luz

    Bobby Luz4 soat oldin

    Even idols are idiots!! 🤷‍♂️

  43. Biff66

    Biff664 soat oldin

    So good! So good! So good!

  44. Chris Slade

    Chris Slade4 soat oldin

    Wonderful version of a great record. What a voice! Thank you for keeping our spirits up in these difficult times Mr D. Take care and stay safe 🙏

  45. Toecutter

    Toecutter5 soat oldin

    We love you too Neil!!! 💜

  46. Nani T

    Nani T5 soat oldin

    Absolutely fantastic, you gave me so much joy with your music and beautiful voice throughout my life. May God bless you. 🙏

  47. Valerie Daryl

    Valerie Daryl5 soat oldin

    Hi Neil! Thank you so much for doing what you can to entertain your fans at this time. It just makes my heart feel so warm to see that! My grandfather (Papa) was your biggest fan. He passed away some years ago now. When I stumbled upon this video I began to reminisce about him. When I shared this video with my mom (his daughter) along with a message that I wished he were here to see Neil reaching out to his fans like this she informed me that today is his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA, wherever you are, and Thanks again for the special experience, Neil! Wishing you health & happiness. Valerie

  48. David Wyatt

    David Wyatt5 soat oldin

    We love you Neil... As a mobile DJ this song is still a staple at EVERY event we do. Now I want this version. You da man Mr. Diamond.

  49. MJK0703

    MJK07035 soat oldin

    Thanks, Neil.

  50. Eunice Custodio

    Eunice Custodio5 soat oldin


  51. Jenny Medina

    Jenny Medina5 soat oldin

    Aww thank you for this🤗

  52. Katherine Bopp

    Katherine Bopp5 soat oldin

    LoveYou , thank you.

  53. Tracey H

    Tracey H5 soat oldin

    Beautiful Neil, thank you. Greetings from Liverpool, UK. Stay safe ❤

  54. Jan S

    Jan S5 soat oldin

    I love thanks!!!

  55. Jams Jon

    Jams Jon6 soat oldin

    Hey, creo que ustedes necesitan esto, Espero que te ayude.

  56. Tracee Smiddy

    Tracee Smiddy6 soat oldin


  57. William Perrigo

    William Perrigo6 soat oldin

    Ducking Awsome! Best song ever! But I am touching you. I’m a Vulcan!

  58. Teresa Heenan

    Teresa Heenan6 soat oldin

    Your voice is still beautiful as the younger you ♥👍✌💯😊

  59. Tami Stout

    Tami Stout6 soat oldin

    I'm totally sharing this! Way to go, Neil!

  60. Pat

    Pat6 soat oldin


  61. Brendarenée Green

    Brendarenée Green6 soat oldin

    You ate so epic!!!!! That voice- I've loved it my whole life.... Thank you

  62. Kent Simmonds

    Kent Simmonds6 soat oldin

    So good to hear you again ! Thanks for all your music, your talent and shinning a light in the darkness

  63. Isabel Lopez Cervello

    Isabel Lopez Cervello6 soat oldin

    Thank you so much, Neil. This song is part of the soundtrack of my life. I am 56 and I has been listening it for ages. Every time I sing it, I feel happy because music is the most powerful force in the world. It can put us through the time and space in seconds. And your song "Sweet Caroline" is part of my life. Thanks Neil, for share in these horrible moments your amazing music. Congratulations!! Best wishes. Isabel PS - Excuse me for my bad English but I am Spanish and I am learning your language.

  64. Mr. Kilometres

    Mr. Kilometres6 soat oldin

    I can only enjoy this song when I'm hung lol

  65. Paige McLauchlin

    Paige McLauchlin7 soat oldin

    reaching out.... touching me.....touching youuuuuu

  66. Ian Vicedomini

    Ian Vicedomini7 soat oldin

    Bless you Neil we love you too mate. Be well

  67. Rachael Foster

    Rachael Foster7 soat oldin

    This is too good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  68. cx45830

    cx458307 soat oldin

    The amount of syllables in Co-vid-19 could have replaced Sweet Caro-line :(

  69. Vinny G

    Vinny G8 soat oldin

    Thanks dude! Gonna need a Brother Love's Travelling Ronavirus Show next! haha j/k stay safe and healthy!

  70. Global Wellbeing

    Global Wellbeing8 soat oldin

    Still got it, Neil. All the best from Corinne at Global Wellbeing, in the U.K.

  71. payton fusi

    payton fusi8 soat oldin

    did you sing the caroline song because isone of my favrite song

  72. Sarah

    Sarah8 soat oldin

    Love you so much, Mr. Diamond! Thank you for sending us a smile 😊 We have so much fun dodging each other singing the "isolation" lyrics! You're the best! 🤗

  73. Stephanie Rose

    Stephanie Rose8 soat oldin

    Omg that really is Neil Diamond. Awesome❤️🤗🤗

  74. Kendrick Harris- Kenfinity

    Kendrick Harris- Kenfinity8 soat oldin

    You're helping us more than that brother's traveling salvation show! Stay safe and thank you Mr. Diamond!

  75. The Blue Wave

    The Blue Wave9 soat oldin

    Love you neil and you still got it.

  76. Joseph Lanzafama

    Joseph Lanzafama9 soat oldin

    I could watch this all day🙂

  77. Linda Thetford

    Linda Thetford9 soat oldin

    Lol!!! Of course the one and only neil diamond making us laugh you still sound so beautiful I love you so much!!! ❤❤❤

  78. Raewyn Urwin

    Raewyn Urwin9 soat oldin

    Thank you Sir for sharing your voice with humanity, arohanui from New Zealand.

  79. Maureen McCaffrey

    Maureen McCaffrey9 soat oldin

    There’s nothing sweet about quarantine. I liked it a lot. Made me smile and sing along.

  80. Tim Sheneman

    Tim Sheneman9 soat oldin

    Hand-washing ritual will not be a part of my religion...pilate your song elsewhere

  81. Paul Cobb Doula

    Paul Cobb Doula9 soat oldin

    We love you to, God bless you

  82. chrissycanvasart

    chrissycanvasart10 soat oldin

    Your a wonderful insperation 👍🏻💚

  83. DancesWith Squirrels

    DancesWith Squirrels10 soat oldin

    Love ya Neil!

  84. Marilyn Bergh

    Marilyn Bergh10 soat oldin

    His voice is so good still.

  85. Kelly ProTeacher

    Kelly ProTeacher10 soat oldin

    What a gem.... pun intended. Thank you good sir for showing care and concern for the public. He didnt have to do this people...

  86. Cathy Hall

    Cathy Hall11 soat oldin

    You are THE best and always will be! You will never know how much this video is doing to make so many of us smi,e in this trying time. We will make it through because of the inspiration people like you bring to us! Thank you. You have always been my favorite!

  87. Pric3zulstarYT

    Pric3zulstarYT11 soat oldin

    Oh yea this is my jam

  88. B B

    B B11 soat oldin

    I love you Neil Diamond!!! You make me happy in a sad time....thank you!!! 💖😘

  89. Rebeca Mugarra

    Rebeca Mugarra11 soat oldin tan agradable verlo! Siempre lo admiré.Gracias. Dios y la Santísima Virgen lo bendiga. ❤👍

  90. Jennifer Archer

    Jennifer Archer12 soat oldin

    Love it

  91. Navy Phyrfitr

    Navy Phyrfitr12 soat oldin

    Great to see u Neil, hearing the sound of your voice brings a flood of great memories, songs that will live for as long as I do in the jukebox of my mind .

  92. Bruce Nicholson

    Bruce Nicholson12 soat oldin

    sweet quarantine I scratched my ass with you

  93. Davy Pig

    Davy Pig12 soat oldin

    Nice camera dog getting it all set up!! The cat was busy.

  94. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith13 soat oldin

    Careful with the neck of your guitar Neil so close to that roaring log fire! When i was learning i borrowed my sister's guitar and sat too close to our fire and burnt it.She was not happy! :)))))))))))))))))))

  95. Kristi J

    Kristi J13 soat oldin

    Now THIS is good use of 3 minutes. Saw Neil twice and he put on a fantastic show.

  96. DanTuber

    DanTuber14 soat oldin

    That's neil diamond??? 😳

  97. Rachael Dover

    Rachael Dover14 soat oldin

    Fantastic and great dog too! 💐👍✌️😘

  98. Reg Munday

    Reg Munday15 soat oldin

    Good ole E D and A major

  99. John Plum

    John Plum15 soat oldin

    The only good thing I can say about this corona-virus attack is the fact that it caused so many people to practise social distancing & were put into isolating themselves indoors & found themselves with nothing to do so many of them came up with some of the most amazing song parodies ever created that are helping us through a most very difficult time in our lives!

  100. Christopher Elworthy

    Christopher Elworthy16 soat oldin

    Thank you very much Neil, great to hear you in these troubled times. So sorry you aren't touring anymore, it would have been fantastic to see you here in Godzone (New Zealand) keep well