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  1. Ermehgerd

    Ermehgerd9 soat oldin

    “Damn what you mean you cant feel it???” 🤣🤣🤣

  2. MothaFkn Patriot

    MothaFkn Patriot9 soat oldin

    tell me why is Nick Cannon dressed like that dude “ preach “ of Don’t Be A Menace 🤣🤣

  3. TANN Gee

    TANN Gee9 soat oldin

    Emanuel leave again it’s still happening go back out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Tnasia Reid

    Tnasia Reid9 soat oldin

    😂😂😂😂 chico

  5. Meonica Clemons

    Meonica Clemons9 soat oldin

    “Man that bald head f*cked me up man . I can’t think after that damn bald head man . You’ll seen that sh*t , That sh*t said boom man . I though that n*gga head blew up . I can’t f*cking think , I’m sorry mama.” I love DC Young Fly

  6. ke uvo uvo

    ke uvo uvo9 soat oldin

    the bitches want the prinse dude nick just wen tback all the wey in the back

  7. rickma235

    rickma2359 soat oldin

    This episode was a trainwreck!!!

  8. Ms. Blue

    Ms. Blue9 soat oldin

    Improper fraction.. 7... Mop w/boobs!? The list goes on & on

  9. Jerome Jay

    Jerome Jay9 soat oldin

    Jason lee is so cringing to watch 😭🤣

  10. Influential2k

    Influential2k9 soat oldin


  11. Solo Candor

    Solo Candor9 soat oldin

    1:08 had me dead "handle ya 6uisness"😂😂

  12. rickma235

    rickma2359 soat oldin

    She ripped China 😅😅🤣🤣

  13. im frankk

    im frankk9 soat oldin

    nothing really happen

  14. Dominic Francis

    Dominic Francis9 soat oldin

    Mgk Smoked fEminem like weed in RAP DEVIL...

  15. A. M.

    A. M.9 soat oldin

    Snoop Dogg have made me come.

  16. DON__VLOGS

    DON__VLOGS9 soat oldin

    Did DDG dirty with no mention!?!?

  17. Derka Derko

    Derka Derko9 soat oldin

    EM AND 50 for the revenge 😎

  18. ema musinovic

    ema musinovic9 soat oldin

    Idc idc I’m with my girl justina

  19. Gynnelly Ramirez

    Gynnelly Ramirez9 soat oldin

    1:47 😂😂

  20. Larry Mdunge

    Larry Mdunge9 soat oldin

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Emmanuel is hilarious

  21. Nerea Martínez

    Nerea Martínez9 soat oldin

    You're to skinny😍

  22. MeChay Elders

    MeChay Elders9 soat oldin

    This girl just ain't right 🤦‍♀️ making herself a fool 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. lil' cobra

    lil' cobra9 soat oldin

    Eminem should be on this show he destroy everyone

  24. MeChay Elders

    MeChay Elders9 soat oldin

    Lol !!!!!!I just loooooove DC😂❤

  25. Jaycob Mayers

    Jaycob Mayers9 soat oldin

    Them 2 fuck bois came in hard 😂

  26. Mr. Youknowwho

    Mr. Youknowwho9 soat oldin

    Tip spitting like a real g

  27. Karina Jimenez

    Karina Jimenez9 soat oldin

    She mad..😆

  28. Keshia brown

    Keshia brown10 soat oldin

    I didn't see Lil Tjay or Polo G smh I seen DDG but y'all not showing no love to him y'all ain't put his name in the title wtf

  29. Dylan Deck

    Dylan Deck10 soat oldin

    And nick cannon says he isn't a racist 🤔

  30. Shabazz

    Shabazz10 soat oldin

    "Queen"... LOL

  31. Tyrone Harris

    Tyrone Harris10 soat oldin

    Nick cannon got zero style

  32. _N8_ Rowe

    _N8_ Rowe10 soat oldin

    You can call me anything but nigger lol 😂 😁😂🤣

  33. Xavi

    Xavi10 soat oldin

    Is that Stanley from that’s so raven?

  34. Clover Brown

    Clover Brown10 soat oldin

    Yes 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  35. Esha Mac Tv

    Esha Mac Tv10 soat oldin

    this nigga so funny 😭


    MAGALÅHI GAMING10 soat oldin


  37. Hennessy Rodriguez

    Hennessy Rodriguez10 soat oldin

    Why was chyna pressed😂

  38. Anonymous

    Anonymous10 soat oldin

    Chyna’s response was like “ YA BUT YOURE UGLY” and everyone went nuts for no reason😂😂😂😂

  39. Shemar Collier

    Shemar Collier10 soat oldin

    I remember watching him In college

  40. V. R.

    V. R.10 soat oldin

    Oh yeah no wonder I stopped watching this show🙄🙄🙄🤦

  41. Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance10 soat oldin

    Whack show

  42. YasieTV

    YasieTV10 soat oldin

    This was CRAZY!!!! 😂

  43. Dahlia Jay

    Dahlia Jay10 soat oldin

    Y’all over doing it all she said was “you ain’t got no ass” 😂 Which was a true statement. 🧐 Justina talked about her body so that’s what Chyna did 🤣 hyped this for no reason

  44. Cade Brunner

    Cade Brunner10 soat oldin

    He rhymed matter with matter

  45. Nkanyiso Chochane

    Nkanyiso Chochane10 soat oldin

    Karlous"I just wanna watch" LMAO

  46. Lexx B

    Lexx B10 soat oldin

    He ate her up and spit her right on out ‼️ whew Nicholas boy you on fye

  47. Michael Moreno

    Michael Moreno10 soat oldin

    Blac Chyna what the hell are you. You look half dog, half dolphin. Plastic surgery fucked up your mug.

  48. Lucy Thea

    Lucy Thea10 soat oldin

    All jokes to the side RED should of won😂💀smh

  49. Ryan Hamilton

    Ryan Hamilton10 soat oldin

    You know Justina don't have no filter that's why she my favorite on the show she be spitting facts haha

  50. Ryan Hamilton

    Ryan Hamilton10 soat oldin

    Why they keep putting blac Chyna on the show she obviously can't take the jokes lol she worst than azealia Banks haha

  51. Jaleel Thomas

    Jaleel Thomas10 soat oldin

    DC a fooool!!!😂

  52. Jaleel Thomas

    Jaleel Thomas10 soat oldin

    Karlous: I say I'm coming off the top like that dude wearing that wig😂😂

  53. Mike Leon

    Mike Leon10 soat oldin

    I see the diss tracks didn't go as planned

  54. Droopydj1

    Droopydj110 soat oldin

    Real Booty over fake booty. Real skin is better than Whitening Cream.

  55. dabmaster420 puff puff pass

    dabmaster420 puff puff pass10 soat oldin

    I'm shocked nick even has white people on this show. Racist mf

  56. ray davis

    ray davis10 soat oldin

    Its not that the cast didn’t want to go up for Justina.. its just in battling, u get less appreciation for a “pre-planned” diss than you do for an “on the spot” diss when u come at an successful artist

  57. Drew Blank

    Drew Blank10 soat oldin

    Lmao hilarious how Blac Chyna says Justina doesn't have an ass but Justina is asses bigger than hers

  58. DrizzyVapor

    DrizzyVapor10 soat oldin

    Yeah they had to stop that. That shit was finna get outta hand.Can’t have another accident. Stop inviting these lame ass cupcakes to the show! I’d rather no guest than a trash guest.

  59. Kuda Kwashe

    Kuda Kwashe10 soat oldin

    I knew Polo G wasn't on this wild geekin ass joint And did this nigga album really go platinum?

  60. Justin Wood

    Justin Wood10 soat oldin

    Nick, you and your whole crew are no skill clowns.

  61. Alex

    Alex10 soat oldin

    Stupid az beef

  62. MefDinero

    MefDinero10 soat oldin

    Check Out Mef Dinero on ReverbNation! - www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/artist/6769430

  63. Laura Dickerson

    Laura Dickerson10 soat oldin

    Where’s Daquan???????

  64. Dödelmann

    Dödelmann10 soat oldin

    Am i the only one who finds this wildly cringy?

  65. Holy Trinity

    Holy Trinity10 soat oldin

    glad this episode ain't have 10 ads on a 2minute video mfs know what I'm tlkn bout

  66. DrizzyVapor

    DrizzyVapor10 soat oldin


  67. lina vanna

    lina vanna10 soat oldin

    Bru this dj needa shut tf up he ruining da whole dam song

  68. chaja backus

    chaja backus10 soat oldin

    now we cant pretend its not true wat justina said


    Gianna FREKYM #MYLAMELIFE10 soat oldin

    Erkyah Badu pleas COME BACK. U FUNNY. AND CAN SING.

  70. Weigner Leigner

    Weigner Leigner10 soat oldin

    I would argue blac China does not have an ass, she has manufactured pillow cushion or something back there

  71. TheLollyPopShow

    TheLollyPopShow10 soat oldin

    where is dj d rank

  72. Lupe Garza

    Lupe Garza10 soat oldin

    get DDG tf outta here 🤦🤦🤦

  73. Slow-Mo Society

    Slow-Mo Society10 soat oldin

    why hitman holla always be laughing after everything he be saying

  74. DrizzyVapor

    DrizzyVapor10 soat oldin

    Ohhhhh they on Nick Cannon brothers head. That mf ain’t never coming back😂

  75. Nsoul

    Nsoul10 soat oldin

    How does chico get the the bell for the mortal kombat joke but when eman did that joke with the umbrella prop he gets buzzed...

  76. Jerrod Garland

    Jerrod Garland10 soat oldin

    Sooo I watch this show ain’t seen no highlight from my verse lol

  77. riski putra.a

    riski putra.a10 soat oldin

    Can you invite AGNEZMO?!!

  78. Andrew Lloyd

    Andrew Lloyd10 soat oldin

    Justina look better tho

  79. riski putra.a

    riski putra.a10 soat oldin

    Can you invite AGNEZMO ?!

  80. Itsxtajah

    Itsxtajah10 soat oldin

    when karlous said “SHOE” i lost it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  81. Nevaeh Mason

    Nevaeh Mason10 soat oldin

    Nick: *Ay whassup baby girl.* Mariah Carey: *I think tf not.*

  82. Marquis Johnson

    Marquis Johnson10 soat oldin

    So we gonna just skip over the fact that lous said said left, and then nick said left and he didn’t get kicked out the classroom??? Lol

  83. BigEarl 2000

    BigEarl 200011 soat oldin

    You know Chyna was hurt when she tucked her hoodie down

  84. Eric Coleman

    Eric Coleman11 soat oldin

    That look killed me when Darren was staring at her pumping his stomach like he needed CPR, very funny

  85. sharon sykes

    sharon sykes11 soat oldin

    Imagine if Nikita Dragun was a Wild n Out girl. Yesss

  86. Tatyana Oliver

    Tatyana Oliver11 soat oldin

    Awww ddg came so far❤️❤️‼️

  87. samikchha bhattarai

    samikchha bhattarai11 soat oldin

    Fuck me if I'm wrong but ain't Donald Trump a great president 🤣I died

  88. Cody Hanley

    Cody Hanley11 soat oldin


  89. Fenty Facade

    Fenty Facade11 soat oldin

    Ewww what the fuck did Scott Disick even say

  90. Alexis Tillman

    Alexis Tillman11 soat oldin

    She was ready to smack her ass in the face lolol

  91. ipeleng mathabe

    ipeleng mathabe11 soat oldin

    Always thought Emmanuel is suspect AF, that closet line just proved me right.

  92. Allannah W

    Allannah W11 soat oldin

    Damn Chyna head big.... she look like a Bratz doll...

  93. Queen Sumo

    Queen Sumo11 soat oldin

    They did my mans dj badd 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  94. Shilonious Monk

    Shilonious Monk11 soat oldin

    No talent drag show

  95. Destiny R

    Destiny R11 soat oldin

    These jokes are repetitive lol

  96. los mugga

    los mugga11 soat oldin

    * no chips struggle in the making of this video. 😅 I hate y'all 😭😂

  97. Onnalee Marie

    Onnalee Marie11 soat oldin

    Oh damn she wemt there!! That red head has some balls! Blac china lookin all mad and the best thing about it is all she could say was "but you have no ass"! Shit i wish it was me because i would have been like "my looks make up for it"....and she does have an ass, its just not as fake as black chyna ass. Lmao which i purposely also did not spell her name correctly.

  98. Cashh Washington

    Cashh Washington11 soat oldin

    When tf DDG get on lol