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  1. Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant6 soat oldin

    I watched this 4 times

  2. Shaggy

    Shaggy6 soat oldin


  3. isaiah cofield

    isaiah cofield6 soat oldin

    Everytime hitman teeth get talked about he always smiling showing them off😂

  4. pouvei agu

    pouvei agu6 soat oldin

    Cardi b and nicki minaj should be in this kind of game😂😂😂😂😂. Not a real celebrity

  5. Santana Crawford

    Santana Crawford6 soat oldin

    If you guys went out you guys would look cute together

  6. pouvei agu

    pouvei agu6 soat oldin

    Nene how comes you are a mother but your home is never peace.... Justina you won..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. David Hinton

    David Hinton6 soat oldin

    If you don’t get ya got damn truck stop hooker looking ass up outta here had me dying bra 😂😂

  8. Imani Samuels

    Imani Samuels6 soat oldin

    How season was this

  9. Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos6 soat oldin

    DC is the same height as Chris Paul???


    HONEYBUNZZEE6 soat oldin

    Why the girls looking at doja like that?Like dam😐

  11. Trustin Spirit

    Trustin Spirit6 soat oldin


  12. MSH

    MSH6 soat oldin

    36:33 lowkey that guy nick was battling was sick at freestyling

  13. Jadalynn.vu

    Jadalynn.vu6 soat oldin

    poor daren lmao

  14. the socially family

    the socially family6 soat oldin

    That was lit 🔥

  15. mason clark

    mason clark6 soat oldin

    Who tf is this dude who keeps trying to do impressions? Seems like a talentless copycat of Dave Chappelle

  16. Noah Molina

    Noah Molina6 soat oldin

    i just got home with my popeyes looking for something to watch and i see this in my subs. yall too much

  17. Mayur Chhitu

    Mayur Chhitu6 soat oldin

    Not ure what o say about his video cuz ike everything seems nclear and utting off

  18. Jesse Brownell

    Jesse Brownell6 soat oldin

    Finally... And uncensored version.

  19. Kendal

    Kendal6 soat oldin

    Okay Chance The Rapper was the best one😂 Nevermind the 2nd one when the gay guy pusher the girl out of the way is the best one😂😂😂

  20. Keara Collins

    Keara Collins6 soat oldin

    31:05 wtf look at this mans eyes 👀

  21. Adam Colin

    Adam Colin6 soat oldin

    Can you do all of pick up and kill it this are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Rain Flop

    Rain Flop6 soat oldin

    46:43 did con really just rap on beat 😱

  23. TGS Izzy

    TGS Izzy6 soat oldin

    2:34 had me dyin

  24. Crawford Hadnot

    Crawford Hadnot6 soat oldin

    Never seen Conceited so embarrassed by one of his team members.

  25. Xórx _

    Xórx _6 soat oldin

    Yesss A good reason not to do my homework🙃

  26. Jordy

    Jordy6 soat oldin

    Sneaker mechanic should of won the co judge women gave it to her when the shoe wasn’t even done no offense but I think it’s feminist🤦‍♂️

  27. Christina Guy

    Christina Guy6 soat oldin


  28. Joan Kingston

    Joan Kingston6 soat oldin

    I feel like designer and DC need to make a song together. That’s a Grammy right there

  29. K

    K6 soat oldin

    8:23 Who?!

  30. S PT

    S PT6 soat oldin

    Fucking Savage 🤣

  31. Tedd Descardes

    Tedd Descardes6 soat oldin

    dj d wrek is such a hater. how tf clips get a buzzer for that?

  32. K

    K6 soat oldin

    This man got a big stomach and bug titties. Happy mother's day AND father's day.

  33. K

    K6 soat oldin

    "Hurry up and buy!"

  34. K

    K6 soat oldin

    "You're not takeoff. You're on the way. You're not offset. You're off white."

  35. Wesley Montes

    Wesley Montes6 soat oldin

    13:48 i see you bro👀👀

  36. Just A Random Crackhead

    Just A Random Crackhead6 soat oldin

    “you left yo baby”😂😂

  37. K

    K6 soat oldin

    He look like future's past.

  38. james flores

    james flores6 soat oldin

    Sneaker mechanic design was so dope 🔥🔥🔥 Italian mobster look is so damn clean 🧼

  39. Josh Laquidara

    Josh Laquidara6 soat oldin

    Get supa hot fire on the show

  40. Slashygames

    Slashygames6 soat oldin

    Who is that at #10

  41. Heidi Patrus

    Heidi Patrus6 soat oldin

    26:17 Clips getting real heated up at javen 26:50 nick: ima have to explain that to my daddy

  42. MoneyBoiKorey

    MoneyBoiKorey6 soat oldin


  43. sorry page

    sorry page6 soat oldin

    I picked a bad day to watch this the day after appendix removal

  44. Jalissa Villarreal

    Jalissa Villarreal6 soat oldin

    I liked his shoe it was definitely more detailed with alot more color. Who cares if the laces weren't in.


    DAT_KIDD LIK_LIK6 soat oldin

    Keep it unsensored please

  46. Ruby kitty's

    Ruby kitty's6 soat oldin

    When it says 12 hours ago 😁

  47. ZynxYT

    ZynxYT6 soat oldin

    28:37 is 100% my favour part of out of this whole video because he came in like if his career was on the line

  48. Heidi Patrus

    Heidi Patrus6 soat oldin

    25:01 what happened to nicks shoe?

  49. Iliketosniffeet teehee

    Iliketosniffeet teehee6 soat oldin

    The only thing good about this episode is that Doja cat is in it

  50. Sombrekillel818

    Sombrekillel8186 soat oldin

    4:12 yo who is she

  51. Luke Smith

    Luke Smith6 soat oldin

    35 cent to eat 10:50

  52. Jayden Gomez-Velasco

    Jayden Gomez-Velasco6 soat oldin


  53. Ciara Clarke

    Ciara Clarke6 soat oldin

    They so creative🥰🤣

  54. Yvette Sims

    Yvette Sims6 soat oldin

    Happy 200 episode

  55. wagnerallday

    wagnerallday6 soat oldin

    How many times are they gonna use the reaction at 44:42 and 45:43

  56. Malaysia Kalis

    Malaysia Kalis6 soat oldin

    Funny mike

  57. ItsBigE 218038

    ItsBigE 2180386 soat oldin

    Honestly dropped the dislike for the trump party

  58. Sierra Holt

    Sierra Holt6 soat oldin

    Rip Mac Miller 😭😔❤️

  59. Heidi Patrus

    Heidi Patrus6 soat oldin

    19:38 he did him wrong 😭

  60. Stephanie Hanson

    Stephanie Hanson6 soat oldin

    dc young fly ur the best .. I love u

  61. Dripzy Drip

    Dripzy Drip6 soat oldin

    Daren big baby brand is tryanna spit game

  62. Neighborhood Tay

    Neighborhood Tay6 soat oldin

    The first one not censored