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  1. Obey_J S1

    Obey_J S121 soat oldin

    Damn sommer ray I- I like hockey too

  2. Yah Yah

    Yah Yah21 soat oldin

    These color combos on apparel are fire ! Why are they not avail. on this site? That’s an L.

  3. nbarnes ultimate

    nbarnes ultimate21 soat oldin

    "You're the only grown man that I know that showers in a sink" 😂😂😂

  4. avaugn simpson

    avaugn simpson21 soat oldin

    Wish T.I was a permanent person on the show

  5. Le Rigoureux

    Le Rigoureux21 soat oldin

    Realistically, Justina is *CRAZY GOOD* !!!

  6. Lyrically Carismatic

    Lyrically Carismatic21 soat oldin

    Nobody: Chico: “outta one pocket to the other muthasucka” 💀🤣

  7. Suck my TICK

    Suck my TICK21 soat oldin

    Nick is so proud when she raps and makes smart remarks after to make it funnier for her that’s just being a good person

  8. Eric Villarreal

    Eric Villarreal21 soat oldin

    lol notice he said he ain't scared of 50 cent lol but said call who ever you want after she said em..... low key don't want no smoke... yikess

  9. enrichment ponutシ

    enrichment ponutシ21 soat oldin

    I agree with Emmanuel on number 2

  10. Elijah Otoboh

    Elijah Otoboh21 soat oldin

    Dc gat me rolling 😂😂

  11. home9dog2blue

    home9dog2blue21 soat oldin

    Teresa could be The mom from Sister sister

  12. JA DE

    JA DE21 soat oldin

    DC could murder me and he'd find a way to make it hilarious

  13. Kiddtokyo*SpaceTrapper Alien

    Kiddtokyo*SpaceTrapper Alien21 soat oldin

    This is why karlous Miller left

  14. donnica Calvert

    donnica Calvert21 soat oldin

    Me be having these men still hating on her for no reason

  15. Poppy Gillan

    Poppy Gillan21 soat oldin

    Justina's back must hurt so much from carrying this show

  16. jahnell broomfield

    jahnell broomfield21 soat oldin

    That man lil dicky was big mad nick touched his girl lmfao

  17. Suck my TICK

    Suck my TICK21 soat oldin

    “What is a house fly” 👌🏻

  18. Grâce Afonso

    Grâce Afonso22 soat oldin

    Wow .wow

  19. Stephen

    Stephen22 soat oldin

    Are y'all contracted with comedy central cuz it sounds like it. Them clothes you're wearing look like y'all got opinions. Shit if I wanted to see black stereotypes I would go to KFC but y'all consider that oldschool now. Is this the new season of game of Thrones? (just in case y'all didn't get the first sentence) More like Black and Bones for DC.

  20. Crystal Sam

    Crystal Sam22 soat oldin

    yo no da baby fuuk u

  21. Suck my TICK

    Suck my TICK22 soat oldin

    D wreck messes up when marshmallow shows up I’m dead

  22. Jay Real

    Jay Real22 soat oldin

    When the shower water is too hot 😭 14:29

  23. Ill Ill Ill

    Ill Ill Ill22 soat oldin

    Fuck eminem white devil pussy ass

  24. Adam Burnett

    Adam Burnett22 soat oldin

    7:19 i......

  25. John Feleunga

    John Feleunga22 soat oldin

    I watch this like 1 million times because Erykah hits high note and does any one else see Karlous grinding on Erykah

  26. Ellie Ezell

    Ellie Ezell22 soat oldin

    Wtf is ricegum doing here he lame asfffff

  27. r2kzyron

    r2kzyron22 soat oldin

    Why does Nick called Justina bars racist but not big mac when he said hitmans teeth are so white they gonna call the cops and look like the cast of friends. Just asking for a friend.

  28. Elle Teefe

    Elle Teefe22 soat oldin

    whos the guy in black in 9:48??

  29. aiden cantrall

    aiden cantrall22 soat oldin

    Nick should be scared of 50 cent lol

  30. Pride Mendonza

    Pride Mendonza22 soat oldin

    That white guy gets me so uncomfortable

  31. HussleHDA TV

    HussleHDA TV22 soat oldin

    Everybody gone ignore DJ D subliminal to LaLa at the end lol "I wanted to give it to LaLa"

  32. Makaylah Monkey

    Makaylah Monkey22 soat oldin

    Are these all just jokes

  33. Toomchrhytm

    Toomchrhytm22 soat oldin

    DC again.....is not funny. I never laugh 🙄

  34. swabe

    swabe22 soat oldin

    Hahaha he has the same style as the eminem in 8 mile

  35. Myanna Green

    Myanna Green22 soat oldin

    Nick cannon is so nice

  36. Khadija Q

    Khadija Q22 soat oldin

    DC makes everything more funnier😂😂

  37. jonniboy wright

    jonniboy wright22 soat oldin

    DC young fly is the best rap up on wild n out

  38. White Bway

    White Bway22 soat oldin

    Dc and justustina 💯💯💯

  39. Max Arredond

    Max Arredond22 soat oldin

    That az bitch is Gutter Trash to the Core 🤮🤢

  40. khameela N

    khameela N22 soat oldin

    Maddy Smith😖😩

  41. zes

    zes22 soat oldin

    how nick the creator but got the shittiest roasts/comebacks

  42. Yo Kakashi

    Yo Kakashi22 soat oldin

    Did Bugha actually see this

  43. Blue Berry

    Blue Berry22 soat oldin

    There is more talent in Billie Joe Armstrong's shit than there is on this entire stage. #rapsucks

  44. Dymiah Farrish

    Dymiah Farrish22 soat oldin

    Lay Lay thanks she’s all that yes you can rap but you can’t

  45. Jerry Ortega

    Jerry Ortega22 soat oldin

    I just wasted 4 minutes on the worst wild style 🤦🏽‍♂️

  46. KJ Tankgotahit- Topic

    KJ Tankgotahit- Topic22 soat oldin

    10:43 damn boi funny mike exposed 😂

  47. KJ Tankgotahit- Topic

    KJ Tankgotahit- Topic22 soat oldin

    10:23 funny😂😂😂😂 bc she the ex she said hoo like a owl

  48. Jay Real

    Jay Real22 soat oldin

    This whole Wildstyle was live , first one in a minute I rocked with top to bottom ! SideNote bro Mac you a glutton for punishment quit wearing them keys 😭😭😭😭

  49. kit kat gaming 902

    kit kat gaming 90223 soat oldin

    Chico bean:yo throw me a bone lm Locked up at the Moment i wanna go home Me:😂😂😂 OH MY GOD😂😂

  50. KJ Tankgotahit- Topic

    KJ Tankgotahit- Topic23 soat oldin

    6:25 THE BEST ONE😭😭😭😭😭

  51. Jae Christt

    Jae Christt23 soat oldin

    Safaree should've never got on the stage.

  52. Courtney Fadzai Jena

    Courtney Fadzai Jena23 soat oldin

    We just gone act like DC Young Fly's Drake impression wasn't ittttttt 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  53. Jordan Oliver

    Jordan Oliver23 soat oldin

    Can nick put more talented white people like Justina? Everyone else is so cringe I get second hand embarrassment

  54. Jonathan Ruiz

    Jonathan Ruiz23 soat oldin

    Lowkey new school is wack and is only good with DC on their team

  55. Awesome Unicorn

    Awesome Unicorn23 soat oldin

    This I should what happens when Ariel becomes black😂

  56. Ricardo Turner

    Ricardo Turner23 soat oldin

    So you'll gonna ignore LaLa's ass 🥴

  57. LocoPopcorn

    LocoPopcorn23 soat oldin

    B Simone talk fast

  58. Son J.

    Son J.23 soat oldin

    Ngl I felt kinda bad for Cortez😂💀😂 “you’re a virgin” 💀

  59. Bunny M

    Bunny M23 soat oldin

    Your ass so flat it make Justina’s look fat 😂😂😂

  60. Tyriq Shakor

    Tyriq Shakor23 soat oldin

    We need a Charlie clips part 2

  61. Bunny M

    Bunny M23 soat oldin

    I love Justina shit is hilarious 😂

  62. kit kat gaming 902

    kit kat gaming 90223 soat oldin

    SHOE SHOE SHOE! lol😂😂😂

  63. Lil Flame On Deck

    Lil Flame On Deck23 soat oldin

    This had to be the cringiest one

  64. Marcelo Godden

    Marcelo Godden23 soat oldin

    I mean like big Mac shouldn't where keys I mean like everytime he where's keys hitman always come at him🔑🗝️⚰️🛅

  65. Rehtul Uv

    Rehtul Uv23 soat oldin

    D wreck thinks he’s slick. He said at the end, “I wanted to give it to Lala.” Lol

  66. RDiss Mc

    RDiss Mc23 soat oldin

    on some real shit he really need to stop with associating every Caucasian with trump and calling em white boy he going to loose his core audience

  67. Dreonix

    Dreonix23 soat oldin

    The Black one? Bro thats flipping purple

  68. James Smith

    James Smith23 soat oldin

    You really cant understand shit Designer say 😂😂😂

  69. Edgar Garcia

    Edgar Garcia23 soat oldin


  70. Erin Chandler

    Erin Chandler23 soat oldin

    Royce trying to get him a record deal

  71. raquel m

    raquel m23 soat oldin

    NICK CANNON: The DiddyGOAT of comedy show

  72. Adrianna Wilson

    Adrianna Wilson23 soat oldin

    🤣u fired

  73. MaddieTV M

    MaddieTV M23 soat oldin

    Dc DrUnK

  74. alexT2091

    alexT209123 soat oldin

    You learned your 9 1 1's before your 1 2 3's.... 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  75. DiAngeles Hawkins

    DiAngeles Hawkins23 soat oldin

    Ugggh... erykak badu i love you girl! hit.that.note b*tch!

  76. Taje Isaacs

    Taje Isaacs23 soat oldin

    This shit scripted asf

  77. J Spree

    J Spree23 soat oldin

    Lala is sooooo damn 🔥🔥🔥

  78. startingQB

    startingQB23 soat oldin

    I didn't expect Ferg to have the jokes... Pleasantly surprised.

  79. Fareeda Christians

    Fareeda Christians23 soat oldin

    OH lALa La

  80. No l le

    No l le23 soat oldin

    LMAO 911 there’s a bunch of white people having fun LMFAOO I CANT BYE BURN

  81. Fatima Sesay

    Fatima Sesay23 soat oldin

    Was I the only one like damn why y’all coming for my mans Big Mac today 😂😂

  82. Minetic

    Minetic23 soat oldin


  83. sakura x

    sakura x23 soat oldin

    5:00 legit thought that was Nikita Dragun

  84. Jarvis Quatae

    Jarvis Quatae23 soat oldin

    Just keep the wires 😹😹😹😹

  85. Jonathan Soto-Perez

    Jonathan Soto-Perez23 soat oldin

    he got roasted

  86. Trilla Jayy

    Trilla Jayy23 soat oldin

    Who is the girl beside Dj D Wrek

  87. luiss.100

    luiss.10023 soat oldin

    Some of y’all sensitive about the cat and dog joke like y’all haven’t made fun of an Asian before

  88. 100 subs without uploading Plzzz

    100 subs without uploading Plzzz23 soat oldin

    Jarvis Punchin’ the air right now 🤣

  89. William Bettis

    William Bettis23 soat oldin

    they gotta stop pickin on my mans Big Mac

  90. Buzzing with Haniey

    Buzzing with Haniey23 soat oldin

    You can tell Eman has been waiting for this moment for a long time, he was hurt!!!!

  91. Kamar Mason

    Kamar Mason23 soat oldin

    Im here solely for conceited. He fine, he fun and he fucking sexy

  92. Niwar 8 Years Ago

    Niwar 8 Years Ago23 soat oldin

    Why tf is she on my snap Advertising for wish products. And how much make up in that ad, like shit. Is it a transgender or something

  93. THROWBACKS 101

    THROWBACKS 10123 soat oldin

    Best game 😂😭

  94. patrick Dumas

    patrick Dumas23 soat oldin

    V. And justena is ao funny lol

  95. Dina Zhopi

    Dina Zhopi23 soat oldin

    Pretty v snaped ❤👑