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  1. Jag S

    Jag S15 soat oldin

    After they did this, even with the child labor camps back in the day, people are still willing to spend hundreds to thousands of their hard earn dollars for their shoes that does not even look nice in the first place.

  2. MeiHua

    MeiHua15 soat oldin

    In February, South Korean woman without face mask due to shortage, went on elevator with her two kids and pastor. The pastor is a carrier but no one knows even himself. The mother tested positive while her two kids wore masks tested negative. Pretty obvious in small space! WE ASIAN WEAR MASK TO PROTECT OTHERS NOT ONLY OURSELVES!!!! You’ll never know if you are carrier.. I wish more people in USA will take more attention on mask. Hope everyone be safe..

  3. Peppa Pig

    Peppa Pig15 soat oldin

    why is that guy behind him holding an rpg? what is he gonna do? blow his friends up? LMAO

  4. piss off

    piss off15 soat oldin

    This is from the NEW YORK TIMES ...enemy of this coumtry.

  5. Vamavid

    Vamavid15 soat oldin

    Wasn't HIV's patient zero in the US also a flight attendant?

  6. norbert hetei

    norbert hetei15 soat oldin

    MADE BY F.....CHINA!

  7. naga akshaya

    naga akshaya15 soat oldin

    She is so bold..i love her

  8. Lotus Laxmi

    Lotus Laxmi15 soat oldin

    What a woman 💜

  9. Elvis Leng

    Elvis Leng15 soat oldin

    They enhances the propaganda just because they are sick of you distorting the truth.

  10. Titanium Quartz

    Titanium Quartz15 soat oldin

    The one Republican who i think would be a good President -Clinton Supportet


    IN FLUENCER15 soat oldin

    _this short scene makes me so sentimental..._ WOW it's great!

  12. User Arma39

    User Arma3915 soat oldin

    Actually the USA's medical budget is 3.5 Trillion and the budget for the US Military is 748 Billion mainly because our Country is the Babysitters for lessor countries thanks to UN agreements. Then the US Education is 68 Billion. The numbers some years before meaning a few years back was 3.2 Trillion for medical military was 800 Billion and Education was 200 Billion. I'm not sure why it changed so much but did you know around 44% of Americans do not pay taxes. That could account to it.

  13. Xen Pen

    Xen Pen15 soat oldin

    Equal rights and now you have them you don't want them ?And now you want to be treated more special than equal? What's wrong with women in the real world. They can't take responsibility well.

  14. Nike' Kruger

    Nike' Kruger15 soat oldin


  15. Patricia Rambert

    Patricia Rambert15 soat oldin

    So there are five ventilators sitting there. And it's that dire? They not hooked up to anyone? You show us three to five beds and we are supposed to quickly assume three hundred beds. I am trying to understand this. Lots of talk but I haven't seen the pandemonium. Not that I do not believe, just show us some real facts.

  16. Melissa Anchtta

    Melissa Anchtta15 soat oldin

    I read fatest. I mean its America

  17. A B

    A B15 soat oldin

    All the conspiracy videos about, the illuminati, and artists selling their souls to the devil for fame...This is what they're talking about. It's figurative, there's no actual contract. She refused the offer of compromising her beliefs for money, but she could also afford to.

  18. Zaema

    Zaema15 soat oldin

    There are so many wickedness in here actions. Too sad! She's played around waste so many time! She is a bad example to her children too sad!

  19. S Kk

    S Kk15 soat oldin

  20. Mor Rari

    Mor Rari15 soat oldin

    "those results" are just cosmetics ;)

  21. Z Lau

    Z Lau15 soat oldin


  22. Anna

    Anna15 soat oldin

    Oh man this is heartbreaking..

  23. Danish Akhtar

    Danish Akhtar15 soat oldin

    Doctors are real heroes !! Not movie actors, singers or footballers

  24. Geralt Rivia

    Geralt Rivia15 soat oldin

    She is a poor victim of the capitalistic system.

  25. Benjamin Toepfer Clason

    Benjamin Toepfer Clason15 soat oldin

    #FakeNewsMedia Total sales pitch and total setup!

  26. Kidder Shu

    Kidder Shu15 soat oldin

    I have 1000 examples in sport, where the girl was at first the best, but wenn older as women it was not so easy to be in the middle, not the best.

  27. Isaac Parra

    Isaac Parra15 soat oldin

    Why do they want to be in the U.S. it’s miserable if you don’t have any talents

  28. ʢƹʌʠʫ ѤΐȴѣᾳԄ

    ʢƹʌʠʫ ѤΐȴѣᾳԄ15 soat oldin

    They are not Kurdish. They are 100% crypto Christian armenian.

  29. tirodallarufina

    tirodallarufina15 soat oldin

    Stay true to yourself! Whatever that means to you!

  30. Beautiful leaves

    Beautiful leaves15 soat oldin

    Sad to say...but as a black boy living in this world whom will one day be a black man he needs to know

  31. Louis Ireland

    Louis Ireland15 soat oldin

    Sue Nike

  32. Reen Aisal

    Reen Aisal15 soat oldin

    Shattered to see all this. Allah help all humanity

  33. theguy Guy

    theguy Guy15 soat oldin

    Isn’t it just what pro level sports require?its the highest level of performance, and everyone knows that all the athletes are getting drugged and what not today, it sucks, but if you dont take it to the Extreme you cant compete on that level. Sounds like they could have been more humane about it, but still, its what it takes to compete at that level, and if cant do the things they ask, your not gonna place well, if even place at all.

  34. Boxwith Straight Right

    Boxwith Straight Right15 soat oldin

    I find this all very interesting and I will be watching and praying for Mexico! I hope that president proves to be right but I feel it will end badly.

  35. jan doedel

    jan doedel15 soat oldin

    Give me a gun and drop me in that market

  36. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower15 soat oldin

    To my fellow Americans, we will get through this, we need to help one another, draw upon one another in this time, Shout out to Everyone in the medical field, I salute you and love you, thank you!!


    GODs PARTICLE15 soat oldin

    Legends speak that she is still alive.

  38. Areeb Akhtar

    Areeb Akhtar15 soat oldin

    Faith in humanity: Lost.

  39. Calvin Zhu

    Calvin Zhu15 soat oldin


  40. P K

    P K15 soat oldin

    Hello, Namaskar, Khuda Hafiz. Scared to death, you have locked up. Iam globally invisible. No i am not Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ or Allah, who have shut their doors on you. Good sense of fear, you have recognized me, I am CORONA, not the BEER A.K.A COVID 19 and YES made in China. I am famous globally in a short span of time as you have carried me from China. Humans have over and over in the name of religion terrorised other humans. Mind You, I have no religion, caste or creed. I can be inside a king, prime minister, actor, actress, homeless, pregnant women and even a new born. I do not discriminate like you Humans. Humans dictate terms, terrorise and destruct other humans in the name of religion. Now that I am here, you are all so terrorized, worried and destructed. You are all finding ways for my global destruction. I won't be destroyed easily as there is NO UNITY amongst YOU HUMANS. THE DAY YOU ARE ALL UNITED IAM GONE.

  41. Sassafras Wake Boyz

    Sassafras Wake Boyz15 soat oldin

    This is crazyyyy

  42. أبو علقمة ابن عمر قاسم

    أبو علقمة ابن عمر قاسم15 soat oldin

    When men try to treat women like men...

  43. Lachlan Still

    Lachlan Still15 soat oldin

    I need more. Kim Hill, what an amazing human being, and as previous comments say - this was edited and directed so beautifully.

  44. Anastasia P

    Anastasia P15 soat oldin

    I feel so bad for all these poor souls and I hope they all get well soon but unless governments finally decide to close everything down like the rest of the world is currently doing then these images will not disappear anytime soon. Your economy is not more important than people's lives! Stay strong people. Stay at home and wash your hands!


    BANE KITTY15 soat oldin

    Gonna make some enemies here. I'm so sick of of people blaming other's for what happens to them. She saw right away this was messed up. Yet kept doing it. If she lacked intelligence or guts to walk away from toxic place, that's on her.

  46. SFV

    SFV15 soat oldin

    "There will always be journalists taking risks like these", I'm really sorry for all journalists who went through such hardships, but seriously, most of you don't get us a clearer picture, you're going with 100's of people instead of 1 journalist, no guards etc. Really feels like some of you aren't thinking straight. Even now with the virus, China is almost done with their lockdown, and now a journalist wanting to give the rest of the world a 'better picture' of what is happening there, has brought back the virus, so they'll be waiting and hoping there won't be a second wave of th virus. Yeah great reporting. So plz, to all journalists: think a bit more before going out on your journey. Don't go if it isn't completeley necessary.

  47. Ong Ernie

    Ong Ernie15 soat oldin

    Long live brave Chinese. Down with CCP brutality and evil treatment over their own innocent people.

  48. Bolatagane Studio's679

    Bolatagane Studio's67915 soat oldin

    In here..

  49. Fi Fi

    Fi Fi15 soat oldin

    I thought this said “I was the fattest girl in America”

  50. AE Schneider

    AE Schneider15 soat oldin

    'Are they truly reformed, or are they just tired of living in this place?' No and Yes...

  51. precious j

    precious j15 soat oldin

    I feel devastated for the families. FREEDOM is a beautiful thing, the right to choose, giving teenagers"UNDERAGED" money to fly out is kidnapping how much more other crimes that may have followed.

  52. doodoohe

    doodoohe15 soat oldin

    Shes a foctor a FOCTOR with a expensive paper proving she's authority.. what she says is facts !! Do not question authority!! She's so busy she has time to record!! Just obey everything u see on TVvvvv

  53. Ireland EVR

    Ireland EVR15 soat oldin

    Well hopefully the Mexican cartels are annihilated by some of this. Just saying.

  54. tim long

    tim long16 soat oldin

    Amazing the difference in comments between these white and black videos

  55. 1000 subscribers without videos

    1000 subscribers without videos16 soat oldin

    Mexico probably has the cure for corona since they made it 🤷‍♀️

  56. Sail The Seas

    Sail The Seas16 soat oldin

    Hmmmm, interesting that The New York Times is sharing this, when they have been a part of spreading CCP propaganda...

  57. AlbertPayet

    AlbertPayet16 soat oldin

    1:23 The nurse said “unless people die” they will be out of ventilators,-there in lies the truth about what the medical industry do and that is to turn over patients as in turn them over to the morgue to allow more patients in and so on.

  58. FabMom DotCom

    FabMom DotCom16 soat oldin

    So why isn't trump getting the Americans back

  59. IL-Matt

    IL-Matt16 soat oldin

    Plot twist, eating large amounts of jalapenos makes you immune.

  60. Jason Green

    Jason Green16 soat oldin

    who the is she 😅

  61. William Johnston

    William Johnston16 soat oldin

    Hello. My name is Kim Han-Sol. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  62. Joy Hasan

    Joy Hasan16 soat oldin

    Bcoz nobody visits Mexico

  63. yazılıMap

    yazılıMap16 soat oldin

    it was just a waste of time !

  64. Audrey Bennett

    Audrey Bennett16 soat oldin

    This breaks my heart💔😭

  65. Amando Abreu

    Amando Abreu16 soat oldin

    If I were her I'd start every conversation with "when I was in the Black Eyed Peas..."

  66. 高浮雕

    高浮雕16 soat oldin

    American The number of confirmed diagnoses of 160,000 is fully blooming. I think the answer is self-evident.

  67. Matteo Salsedo

    Matteo Salsedo16 soat oldin

    Maybe the USA should have remaind a giant colony or an indian state

  68. Freddy N

    Freddy N16 soat oldin

    Makes me want to blacklist Nike

  69. v

    v16 soat oldin

    Imagine he would smile like a psychopath on these photos

  70. agent_023

    agent_02316 soat oldin

    She's pretty than most Chinese women I see but that's just me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  71. Deacon Dobson

    Deacon Dobson16 soat oldin

    Disney seems to think they can make it up with good benefits. It doesn’t work like that. Free healthcare, however amazing that is, doesn’t get over the fact that you have control over people’s wages and you do nothing.

  72. giianlucaaa l

    giianlucaaa l16 soat oldin

    they basically took a top athlete, took advantage of her and destroyed her in the process? wth I assume they made a lot of money with her

  73. CrispTofu

    CrispTofu16 soat oldin

    honestly old Black Eyed Peas was so much more vibeable than the pop crap (admittedly a guilty pleasure of mine) that came out in the 2000s

  74. Neo Sannyasin

    Neo Sannyasin16 soat oldin

    Now they just have to do 674... more to catch up with Mohammedanism and 983... more to catch up with Christianity.

  75. Renzo Osuna

    Renzo Osuna16 soat oldin


  76. Von Texas

    Von Texas16 soat oldin

    COVID-19 is china's present to the world, thank you CHINA

  77. Bibek Pandey

    Bibek Pandey16 soat oldin

    Was listening to her until she used "men" and started feminism lesson. Sad story but everything isn't to be blamed at "male" its the person to be blamed and personality not gender.

  78. Me? I’m no one.

    Me? I’m no one.16 soat oldin

    How I survived.... doesn’t talk about any of how he survived

  79. Prem Kumar

    Prem Kumar16 soat oldin

    Bold lady .... Salute

  80. Barrrbarrrrbarrr

    Barrrbarrrrbarrr16 soat oldin


  81. LARRY999 Y

    LARRY999 Y16 soat oldin

    все это заставляет очень сильно задуматься

  82. Vijeeth Bangera

    Vijeeth Bangera16 soat oldin

    After this I don’t think i will wear or endorse nike products ever! Until unless they accept their mistakes! Its a serious thing! And nike is not the only sport brand in the world!

  83. bob north

    bob north16 soat oldin

    Mo looking nervous.

  84. Biggils

    Biggils16 soat oldin

    That refrigerate trailer is actually the loading dock for supplies on food. You ppl can’t even show us an overcrowded emergency room without showing a Italian hospital. You ppl are pathetic! The democrats are evil the deep state that own the voice of America.

  85. Belle Alberts

    Belle Alberts16 soat oldin

    It was obvious her health was declining. It had to have been obvious through her running times. How could Alberto keep doing what he was doing to this poor girl? Even for himself, why wouldn’t he realize he was destroying a beautifully gifted and driven athlete he was lucky to have under his care?

  86. John Stanley

    John Stanley16 soat oldin

    WOW... he hates his county... Lopez is a demond...

  87. cool guy

    cool guy16 soat oldin

    Me at the new school map in Black ops zombies: 0:33

  88. Mark Munro

    Mark Munro16 soat oldin

    Its working because all of the dead and dying just love communists. What does made in China mean to you? The cover up started when?

  89. Lola rockz1

    Lola rockz116 soat oldin

    The place where they sell food and bats in China that made the corona virus HAS OPENED AGAIN

  90. cool guy

    cool guy16 soat oldin

    This is so scary...

  91. Elitraz 573

    Elitraz 57316 soat oldin

    "I WANT THEM TO SURRGLE IN PAIN"My classmate said. we need to get them back, we did not get enough revenge

  92. Elitraz 573

    Elitraz 57316 soat oldin

    it's time to get them back for all they did

  93. okAyDaniiella

    okAyDaniiella16 soat oldin

    Eh I like adidas more anyways

  94. Elitraz 573

    Elitraz 57316 soat oldin

    but yet, they died in riot

  95. Elitraz 573

    Elitraz 57316 soat oldin

    they killed people for NO reason at all, some didn't even do things

  96. Elitraz 573

    Elitraz 57316 soat oldin

    idc it's unfair to us

  97. Elitraz 573

    Elitraz 57316 soat oldin

    it's time to get revenge