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  1. Song Henry

    Song Henry4 soat oldin

    Unbelievable how much hatred ppl are giving this female cousin in law of his. She is watching out for him. I doubt she met her husband like this and even if she did, why can’t she still be concerned? She’s not wrong for caring.

  2. mae phillips

    mae phillips4 soat oldin

    2:16 is that girl wearing pants!? i thought they weren’t aloud too lol

  3. Dexter Lime

    Dexter Lime4 soat oldin

    Ugh I would've just bought it for her, not even because I'm rich or anything but this is a huge deal for her & it makes me sad

  4. Lisa1230

    Lisa12304 soat oldin

    How cool is that? To be a twin AND a quintuplet. That’s a flex in itself

  5. Leandra

    Leandra4 soat oldin

    She been covid-19 ready. lol

  6. Coast Vanwyck

    Coast Vanwyck4 soat oldin

    this is a frickin disorder..

  7. Me You

    Me You4 soat oldin

    Her: we don’t need the eggs we have a farm so we’re going to donate them Also her: *puts them in the fridge*

  8. Champ1988

    Champ19884 soat oldin

    He has an endearing quality. And his awkward appearance is paradoxically as telegenic as it is repulsive. That said... This is TV GOLD. Her expressions are priceless. This is not for Black-Pillers .

  9. sly gameing

    sly gameing4 soat oldin

    When he says he is going to pull out his wener

  10. PaperTop

    PaperTop4 soat oldin

    Why is no one talking about how she is losing her voice? Or is that just her voice naturally?

  11. Iced Ethan

    Iced Ethan4 soat oldin

    I Finna rob your ass

  12. CIA

    CIA4 soat oldin

    He looks like he smells like flim

  13. Vinitha Kumaran

    Vinitha Kumaran4 soat oldin

    I love the way she save water for washing her car. But other things.. No No.

  14. Thangjam Punyabati

    Thangjam Punyabati4 soat oldin

    Is birthday of blayke same with her 5 quints younger sister

  15. Hackram

    Hackram4 soat oldin

    Where’s his neck?

  16. Joshua Brooks

    Joshua Brooks4 soat oldin

    Long Neck and him need to meet

  17. Ms. Mommie

    Ms. Mommie4 soat oldin

    I don't feel he was wrong to ask for an STD test, but to have the audacity to say he's NOT getting a test now when he ask her... GTFOH. That was the belittling part to me. Just because he's American and she's not she needs tested but he doesn't want to do the same on sight? You're no better than her and just because you hear someone's past doesn't mean they have or are exempt from having an STD! A person can be with ONE person and still get an STD. You should NEVER ask someone to do something you don't want to do.

  18. KayZoKhan

    KayZoKhan4 soat oldin

    Next episode: Big Ed is ready to give up.

  19. Sophie I

    Sophie I4 soat oldin

    Ed this woman is playing victim and pretends to have a language barrier. She clearly dismissed you when you asked her about her past relationships. She pretended to not understand the conversation and now is trapping you pretending you offended her. By this stage in the relationship you should know her past. Get out this woman is about to use you.

  20. Fabian A

    Fabian A4 soat oldin

    Big Ed small neck

  21. Michelle Lyn Kauppinen

    Michelle Lyn Kauppinen4 soat oldin

    I hope Rose won’t show up. You are very nasty old man..

  22. Lola Lovejoy

    Lola Lovejoy4 soat oldin

    Why she sound like Hanna Montana

  23. Ana Velasquez

    Ana Velasquez4 soat oldin

    This lady is stressing me out! I would gone if I was him lol

  24. Ayme Del Rio

    Ayme Del Rio4 soat oldin

    Cringe worthy couple

  25. Gamer__ light

    Gamer__ light4 soat oldin

    *The shower head hack is on “5 minute hacks”*

  26. Sarahbara89 Ten

    Sarahbara89 Ten4 soat oldin

    I remember saying that couponers better be thankful for all of the toilet paper they have

  27. Sha’Miya Andriya

    Sha’Miya Andriya4 soat oldin

    quarantine who?😭

  28. Eunoia Eunoia

    Eunoia Eunoia4 soat oldin

    Is it only me who noticed? The cashier girl is gorgeous.

  29. Zayana Cooper

    Zayana Cooper4 soat oldin

    It looks like they want to die kinda

  30. Michelle P

    Michelle P4 soat oldin

    This is how we start corona

  31. Hey wassupp

    Hey wassupp4 soat oldin

    Where is his neck and why does that look so uncomfortable

  32. PatThePokeMaster

    PatThePokeMaster4 soat oldin

    The accountant with a face like a young Mr. Burns has a girlfriend and I can't even get a text back.

  33. J.

    J.4 soat oldin

    He actually seems like a good guy.

  34. Rachael Purves

    Rachael Purves4 soat oldin

    It’s corona time.

  35. Einstein Alberto

    Einstein Alberto4 soat oldin

    Bruh where’s mans neck? Mans has no neck

  36. Catrina Sunga

    Catrina Sunga4 soat oldin


  37. ♿TardsForBernie

    ♿TardsForBernie4 soat oldin

    Her arms are bigger than his 💪😂

  38. Jhoanna Dave

    Jhoanna Dave4 soat oldin

    Ed is fcking jerk

  39. Ms Puff

    Ms Puff4 soat oldin

    She needs counseling.

  40. Layah White

    Layah White4 soat oldin

    She’s greedy and wants a visa.... unfortunately there are many Pinays who are like her, she wants to be famous and find a sugar daddy to live off of...

  41. Marie Aspflo

    Marie Aspflo4 soat oldin

    Just meet him and break up with him. He was just using you for his popularity.

  42. Estela Richarte

    Estela Richarte4 soat oldin

    You're very old for that girl sorry but you need help. Disgusting

  43. Armando Benavidez

    Armando Benavidez4 soat oldin

    shavon sounds n looks like Alex Morgan

  44. ELIZA HART Cupcake

    ELIZA HART Cupcake4 soat oldin


  45. Dee shortstuff

    Dee shortstuff4 soat oldin

    That family is beautiful 🙏Praying 4 your safety xxx

  46. zLuko_

    zLuko_4 soat oldin

    *Neck wants to know Ed's location.*

  47. Jamaican gyal

    Jamaican gyal4 soat oldin

    No ed she wasn't gonna come 🙈🙈🙈

  48. Steven Rogers

    Steven Rogers4 soat oldin

    which season is this?

  49. Cora Cardente

    Cora Cardente4 soat oldin

    I hope she give him chance . Everyone having own fault but ED are ready to say sorry. Maybe he realized that rose are not the same as he think. Give him a chance.

  50. jojo jr,

    jojo jr,4 soat oldin

    I've heard the saying "that food taste like some trash" but this lady is feeding her friends actual trash

  51. Animaluva4

    Animaluva44 soat oldin

    Ben seems like an amazing dude! He is very creative and outgoing, he should be admired by that! I mean, he created his own gallery! He is very talented with his instrument! Somebody make this man rich 😂👌👌👌

  52. Taylor Haliburton

    Taylor Haliburton4 soat oldin

    He ain’t got no type of neck.....

  53. Nono Ibo5

    Nono Ibo54 soat oldin

    She gonna get it

  54. R H

    R H4 soat oldin

    Everyone wants to take out on this guy and call him creepy etc.... what about the girl, the only reason she spent time with him was because she was gold digger and wanted the green card. She is way worse and evil.

  55. Kris H

    Kris H4 soat oldin

    He should go out and explore, meet people, young bitches etc. It's cheap to have fun. But too bad he's a simp.

  56. Nono Ibo5

    Nono Ibo54 soat oldin

    What about caronavirus

  57. BabyDee1

    BabyDee14 soat oldin

    *OMFG* I thought I knew how to save. This is just disgusting. I'm shocked they haven't gotten sick yet. What is she doing with the saving?🤔

  58. Francisca Richardson

    Francisca Richardson5 soat oldin

    To ask such a question is offensive in some cultures. In culture like that sleeping around with men even if she is divorced can be forbidden. She didn’t ask him about how many women he slept with? This is so one sided and in a way he is bully her:)

  59. D B

    D B5 soat oldin

    1:34 Me trying to keep my 6 feet social distancing

  60. Innah H

    Innah H5 soat oldin

    ROSE DONT MARRY HIM!!!!!run while u can! U can find other man that will love you unconditionally!!! Im filipina also, to be honest i like ur personality. He is controlling & insecure . U gonna regret it when u gt here in usa believe me! Stop this shit! That kind of relationship is unhealthy !!!

  61. Prncs Kelly

    Prncs Kelly5 soat oldin

    Save the turtle

  62. Moe Ali

    Moe Ali5 soat oldin

    Big ups for loosing the Weight...But u were out of line for walking around your pops house butt ass naked...U too old for that shit Bra

  63. Elaina Coppola

    Elaina Coppola5 soat oldin

    Yeah he wasn’t in the wrong about the food they were giving him but he shouldn’t have told his fiancé who just had their child that she should go to the gym 1:38

  64. akash chohan

    akash chohan5 soat oldin

    Whos gonna say it????....

  65. Sultan Safarjalani

    Sultan Safarjalani5 soat oldin

    I feel bad for the cashier

  66. Tyler Klatt

    Tyler Klatt5 soat oldin

    I bet that SUV gets less than 15 mpg and high maintenance cost because it’s a General Motors vehicle

  67. Dem Chan

    Dem Chan5 soat oldin

    Uhhh do they also monitor their expiry dates?

  68. Joshua Grace

    Joshua Grace5 soat oldin

    God bless em still pushing thru life

  69. Mary Ogar

    Mary Ogar5 soat oldin

    When you love someone you forget about the past and face the future,the man is not serious at all

  70. lil bean

    lil bean5 soat oldin

    Big Eddddddddddddd

  71. Joshua Huson

    Joshua Huson5 soat oldin

    How pathetic

  72. MusicalSavior23

    MusicalSavior235 soat oldin

    Send him back. God forgot his neck.

  73. Hidden X

    Hidden X5 soat oldin

    Bro I'm not evening joking I live like right by where this is getting filmed

  74. Isaiah KIM

    Isaiah KIM5 soat oldin

    Who buys expired food just to save money dose that make sense at all😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😣😣😣😣

  75. TheStewieGriffinShow

    TheStewieGriffinShow5 soat oldin

    LIsa has a barbwire tattoo around her right arm. In case you'all don't know what that means, it means she has served time in prison.

  76. Nana's Unsolicited Advice

    Nana's Unsolicited Advice5 soat oldin

    This is one funny lookin man. His stomach and chest is up in his neck! and he has the nerve to be cocky. smh..

  77. Nick DiLeonardo

    Nick DiLeonardo5 soat oldin

    Where is this guy's neck????

  78. Ar Bur

    Ar Bur5 soat oldin

    Obviously the whole show is FAKE (like there is a hot milf next door kinda fake) but if it's not someone needs to help this man immediately...

  79. l i s

    l i s5 soat oldin

    He’s Su a pos



    Translations needs more sex

  81. James Palmer

    James Palmer5 soat oldin

    Man not trying 2 be mean but he's shaped so weird. Like a skin flesh apple with clothes on.

  82. UnicornsandUfos

    UnicornsandUfos5 soat oldin

    I know this is mean but he looks like s baby hedgehog 🦔🦔

  83. Alexis Williams

    Alexis Williams5 soat oldin

    I didn’t know that there could be chunky water 😟

  84. Jada Cassidy

    Jada Cassidy5 soat oldin

    They’d be doing well in quarantine

  85. Nanette Luciano

    Nanette Luciano5 soat oldin

    I will never be with someone that crazy

  86. Carol Mabele

    Carol Mabele5 soat oldin

    His head and hands looks fine ,problem starts from his belly down

  87. Nanette Luciano

    Nanette Luciano5 soat oldin


  88. Myles Adams

    Myles Adams5 soat oldin

    "What saves me the most time, the most money, with the least amount of effort." How ironic, time is money, you use time making contraptions, hence putting forth effort. While trying to achieve all the, you're using each one to cancel the other out making the whole idea flawed. But good ingenuity.

  89. Oblivious

    Oblivious5 soat oldin

    These guys must be from the future, they started saving toilet paper before the outbreak. These guys are geniuses.

  90. Debbie Joyner

    Debbie Joyner5 soat oldin

    You know all she is about is the money

  91. Zoe Rae

    Zoe Rae5 soat oldin

    Is this why they all age so fast and badly

  92. Dylan Morrisseau

    Dylan Morrisseau5 soat oldin

    0:18 uhhhhh

  93. Jovelyn Ancheta

    Jovelyn Ancheta5 soat oldin

    Don t marry her!

  94. quivari25

    quivari255 soat oldin

    🤢🤒🤮 Insanity and very delusional! Life is too short already and this is prime example of it.😫🤯

  95. jeison perez

    jeison perez5 soat oldin

    Everyone criticizing Ed it’s his life let him do what he wants. It’s not your money he’s wasting .

  96. Rose Mena

    Rose Mena5 soat oldin

    She is secretly that creepy Patreon mom

  97. TheBoulangerAlergiqueAlaFarine78

    TheBoulangerAlergiqueAlaFarine785 soat oldin

    Wtf he just has a big neck

  98. Marina

    Marina5 soat oldin


  99. Beyond Blessed

    Beyond Blessed5 soat oldin

    Husband saying no but back in the day people had no choice but to eat from the land now coronavirus going on I bet she prepared

  100. bayley

    bayley5 soat oldin