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  1. KelseyHewittTheMovieProductions

    KelseyHewittTheMovieProductions8 soat oldin

    Syngin looks like Ashton Kutcher

  2. Saryha Powers

    Saryha Powers8 soat oldin

    This woman bought a million dollar house for $250,000. Runs an extremely successful business. Love her and her family so much

  3. Frank busvek

    Frank busvek8 soat oldin

    It's ok everyone Ford just came out with a f950 !!!

  4. Noel Truong

    Noel Truong8 soat oldin

    Here’s some cereal, you get 14 Me: 14... spoonfuls? Literally 14 cheerios

  5. Jake The Barcode

    Jake The Barcode8 soat oldin

    How to be a pathetic human being: Borrow furniture, clean dishes in the filth of your children, and patch a non matching carpet crappily yourself. If you’re poor do what you need to do but this is another level

  6. Amecia Stern

    Amecia Stern8 soat oldin

    nobody: nobody at all: UZgo: we recommend you watch America’s cheapest family

  7. Angel Orange

    Angel Orange8 soat oldin

    You are worse than a person living in a third world country

  8. Joshua Stewart

    Joshua Stewart8 soat oldin

    This may sound rude, but I don't mean to be. Where do they get a coffin that size?

  9. Frank busvek

    Frank busvek8 soat oldin

    Nice going Japan has 3 hours to evacuate. Apparently the tsunami wave is ten times more powerful than the last one. Oh the humanity!!!!!!

  10. James Porter

    James Porter8 soat oldin

    I have an honest to God question... Is that truly "forehead fat"? I've never seen that in anyone in my life

  11. flowerluli

    flowerluli8 soat oldin

    Her ugly sour puss face why are this men importing these A*hole$

  12. Mo Eb

    Mo Eb8 soat oldin

    Sick sick sick. Some people think they live forever. Poor woman is mentally sick.

  13. Kenya Scott

    Kenya Scott8 soat oldin

    I’m stuck on her being 27! 😳

  14. Jeff Cann

    Jeff Cann8 soat oldin

    Riley curry. Steph’s long lost twin. She actually looks older than him. 😂

  15. Pieck

    Pieck8 soat oldin

    I haven’t seen any forehead comments I think it’s a good thing tho

  16. Brianna Lacap

    Brianna Lacap8 soat oldin

    The Speech therapists good for will and zoey

  17. Ryker Landon

    Ryker Landon8 soat oldin

    0:28 The -TARGET Workers- lifeguards in the back were thinking: How TF will we save them? If...

  18. Reese's Puffs

    Reese's Puffs8 soat oldin

    uhh, child protective services where you at??

  19. Mo Eb

    Mo Eb8 soat oldin

    Saving money is a great idea but going out of your way and becoming beggar towards the neighbors, is sick. Woman , get a job or don’t live in a million dollar home. To me she is so cheap in personality and dignity. Her husband doesn’t seem to mind it. Stupid, you just live once. Enjoy your Fucking life.

  20. Hazzurs

    Hazzurs8 soat oldin

    I don’t understand why small people are driving huge vehicles !!!

  21. Tamara islandstarrr

    Tamara islandstarrr8 soat oldin

    She needs a dosage of dr now he would have been more firm with her.

  22. Ethan Ashmore

    Ethan Ashmore8 soat oldin

    a lot of that stuff is just going to expire

  23. Earth,Wind & Akil

    Earth,Wind & Akil8 soat oldin

    You know she says theres nothing sexier then a big strong man period okuuuuur😂🤣🤣😂

  24. Isabel Rozo Palacio

    Isabel Rozo Palacio8 soat oldin

    No soporto ver este programa, al ver cómo es maltratado y utilizado este pobre hombre.

  25. xoxo summer

    xoxo summer8 soat oldin

    I love Jordan!

  26. Joanna Livingston

    Joanna Livingston8 soat oldin

    Ack imagine if I’m related to Ben

  27. JustHannahMarie

    JustHannahMarie8 soat oldin

    This is better than what I have seen on this show. At least she is clean lol.

  28. amazing /scary vid's

    amazing /scary vid's8 soat oldin

    Kid: I want bacon. Mom:Bacon's for Christmas . 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Dillon Sinha

    Dillon Sinha8 soat oldin

    I feel like after this they went and spent a ton of money since they got their big break

  30. DGAlpha

    DGAlpha8 soat oldin

    3:38 Poor neighbor...... she probably has to put up with that cheap chick all the time XD

  31. Kaptain Klown

    Kaptain Klown8 soat oldin

    Why live like that when you don’t have to that’s delusional

  32. David Watson

    David Watson8 soat oldin

    Her heart is going to stop soon. Leave some food on your plate and start walking every day. Loosing weight is possible.

  33. Mutten Mong

    Mutten Mong8 soat oldin

    she is actually letting everyone pay for her shit, that is not being a cheapscate...

  34. sophiebophiex

    sophiebophiex8 soat oldin

    Do a neck reveal 😍

  35. Megan Hassler

    Megan Hassler8 soat oldin

    😒🙄 People will believe anything on TV. I know she is a budgeter, but my word she doesn’t/didn’t do all this. Brain rotting.

  36. johnny gladstone

    johnny gladstone8 soat oldin

    They are disgusting. Can we seriously just let them die?

  37. CokeEpic = ((Ryan))

    CokeEpic = ((Ryan))8 soat oldin

    To be honest having an extra toe really surprisingly isn't that noticable, but maybe that's because he's still a baby?

  38. the moon & the stars

    the moon & the stars8 soat oldin

    He can't be that desperate.

  39. Matteo Longarini

    Matteo Longarini8 soat oldin

    Fred: it’s undeniable that I have a thing for vaccine cleaners Me immediately after: its undeniable that you have a thing for other men

  40. Amy Mayoral

    Amy Mayoral8 soat oldin

    These middle eastern guys marry anyone who is american so they can get a pathway to usa. Dont fall for this. They will be divorced after he has his papers. It's an indian scam these guys been doing for the past 7 years. Many got married to American girls than divorced them

  41. Amanda Chavira

    Amanda Chavira8 soat oldin

    I would like to use less toilet paper but that were I draw the line. Aint no way im walking around woth a dirty butt!

  42. Kaylah Smith

    Kaylah Smith8 soat oldin

    Stop doin dat to me just let me see you pop da damn bummmpppp😭😭😭😭

  43. Justine Rags

    Justine Rags8 soat oldin

    I love your skill for sure. I’d just like to see you share more with food pantry’s. I mean you know... it’s your thing. You’ll never really run out of stash.

  44. chris Barnett

    chris Barnett8 soat oldin

    They each smuggled 10 lbs salami rolls in their crotch.

  45. UnusuallyAsian

    UnusuallyAsian8 soat oldin

    My question while watching these cheapest (something) family: what do they do with the saved money at the end?

  46. coral rayne

    coral rayne9 soat oldin

    6:06 at least she appreciates vines

  47. Reavere

    Reavere9 soat oldin

    her daughters forehead 8:34 gets it from her dad

  48. Elizabeth Whipple

    Elizabeth Whipple9 soat oldin

    1 every 26 hours..... "Half a dozen a day" Okay Boomer

  49. Tatiana Duran

    Tatiana Duran9 soat oldin

    I thought the paper was something related to her work 💀

  50. Corey Verges

    Corey Verges9 soat oldin

    You are a boy not a girl so stop pretending because the devil see right through you

  51. Justine Rags

    Justine Rags9 soat oldin

    Your food will expire before you use it. Wasteful.

  52. Mike Ray

    Mike Ray9 soat oldin

    This guy is incedible.If he can do it so can we all

  53. Jéssica Beatrice

    Jéssica Beatrice9 soat oldin

    This is SO OLD??? Why are they putting this up right now?? She has like six kids now and is NOTHING like this! She has this really cool youtube chanel and live an absolutely normal life! Such disrespect with her

  54. Mr Sweet

    Mr Sweet9 soat oldin

    then don’t walk down the stairs just jump in

  55. Aiden Barta

    Aiden Barta9 soat oldin

    So she’s begging that’s exactly what she’s doing

  56. Corey Verges

    Corey Verges9 soat oldin

    You are a man

  57. chery0071

    chery00719 soat oldin

    He looked like a pretty girl shit it’s a dude

  58. 10,000 Subscribers Without a video

    10,000 Subscribers Without a video9 soat oldin

    Im so glad for her😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  59. Black_ Kulture

    Black_ Kulture9 soat oldin

    What the hell

  60. Melissa Smith

    Melissa Smith9 soat oldin

    I hope Amy kicks Tammy's ass out! Amy is so nurturing and caring toward Tammy and Tammy is ungrateful.

  61. Phoebe Li

    Phoebe Li9 soat oldin

    the 5 yr old girl can do like 20 push ups when im a volleyball player and can't even do one

  62. xiana randolph

    xiana randolph9 soat oldin

    She’s very annoying and negative , her lips look dumb . Why even come to complain the whole Time ? Like bitch bye

  63. Michal Grace

    Michal Grace9 soat oldin

    Give the girl some clothes!

  64. Joselin Orellana

    Joselin Orellana9 soat oldin

    Calmer then I was when I turned 5 I ran to the door

  65. Twinky McWaddle

    Twinky McWaddle9 soat oldin

    Tania is a Hoe she is selfish as all get out.. Thus guy is living in utter delusion

  66. Peachesxo

    Peachesxo9 soat oldin

    Why would you wait until the dude is leaving to tell him you’re homeless 🤯🤯 it’s almost like she’s trying to ruin her life. Or those people who live to despair about everything

  67. Henry Westphal

    Henry Westphal9 soat oldin

    I clicked on this video because she’s hot

  68. Luigi Barison Vechiatto

    Luigi Barison Vechiatto9 soat oldin

    0:55 the weights say 5kg each

  69. Febo Fourty two

    Febo Fourty two9 soat oldin

    Land whale sighting in my recommendation list

  70. Sylv

    Sylv9 soat oldin

    do anything to save a buck....😉

  71. Reka Gran

    Reka Gran9 soat oldin


  72. EvildOOd

    EvildOOd9 soat oldin

    3:41 tho

  73. Twinky McWaddle

    Twinky McWaddle9 soat oldin

    He needs to dump this boring weirdo

  74. Kay C.

    Kay C.9 soat oldin

    White women...To many are so simple and dopey!

  75. Lashaye Elise

    Lashaye Elise9 soat oldin

    This is so bizarre to watch! I watch Jordan’s channel and she is nothing like how she’s portrayed here! She’s definitely frugal but she’s not a crazy person! Perhaps she’s loosened up since then as this is very, very old footage!

  76. Samuel Solano

    Samuel Solano9 soat oldin

    He should be dead right now

  77. David Oh

    David Oh9 soat oldin

    Wow some people have no shame lol. It's great to save money but YOLO

  78. SOS

    SOS9 soat oldin

    It is so clear he doesn't like her.

  79. огромная эрекция

    огромная эрекция9 soat oldin

    Man the harpooooons!

  80. Golden

    Golden9 soat oldin

    He is very handsome. His name actually means “handsome”. #AppropriatelyNamed😊

  81. Maya Bunny

    Maya Bunny9 soat oldin

    When I saw that dead rabbit, I almost cried.

  82. Chris Applewhite

    Chris Applewhite9 soat oldin

    Lol I came to make a comment about the bridge of her nose being ate by her forehead but I seem one word on the first few comments and knew my work was already done

  83. ex eaux

    ex eaux9 soat oldin

    Good for them!❤

  84. spark300c

    spark300c9 soat oldin

    well she should have settled. let face it most men like natty body builder women over body builder steroided women.

  85. jay samonte

    jay samonte9 soat oldin

    One word...."DESPERATE"

  86. Michal Grace

    Michal Grace9 soat oldin

    Literally has a million dollar house and a ton of toys for the kids. “ we only use 4 pieces of toilet paper”

  87. Ethel Carroll

    Ethel Carroll9 soat oldin

    Your ass not going to be clean

  88. Person Person

    Person Person9 soat oldin

    it baffles me how casually she says her budget

  89. Joselin Orellana

    Joselin Orellana9 soat oldin

    Me laughing when one girl slapped Blake and what up with Riley being mean for EVERYTHING but I’m mean there 3 so no shade

  90. peruface

    peruface9 soat oldin

    Kinda hot tho


    ALEXIS TABORDA9 soat oldin

    I hope they get divorced

  92. BeccasLife

    BeccasLife9 soat oldin

    These poor children are gonna have disordered eating when they grow up. Geeze

  93. Gerard Ravanes

    Gerard Ravanes9 soat oldin

    the first guy could've turned those coins to bills with those machines that convert coins to bills

  94. Justin Kinville

    Justin Kinville9 soat oldin

    All I see is two whales floating in the pool🚶🏾‍♂️

  95. zoolander

    zoolander9 soat oldin

    She is actually super rich. She is a huge UZgor

  96. Mariah 357

    Mariah 3579 soat oldin

    Imagine if this dude went through an emo phase and wore nothing but black skinny jeans. Prolly EVERYONE, no matter their sexuality, would stare and wonder what the hell he was packing down there.

  97. Leslie Michael

    Leslie Michael9 soat oldin

    Guessing these parents and all the other insane quiverfull type control freaks don't believe in the part of the bible about leave and cleave. So much emotional incest, manipulation, and emotional abuse in all these shows.

  98. Chris Candy

    Chris Candy9 soat oldin

    Why Jordan!! There are like goats and chickens in a suburb

  99. Ary PR

    Ary PR9 soat oldin

    My 9 yr old niece has 6 toes too! She's a happy girl!

  100. Tripped Vr

    Tripped Vr9 soat oldin

    Goat and chicken: poops Wife:so we kept their poop to make soil