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  1. i StronG

    i StronG13 soat oldin

    bANg BanG ThA Chief's ain't no thAng

  2. Brian Rebele

    Brian Rebele13 soat oldin

    Also Eric is correct wide receiver is a huge issue. Geronimo and MVS either do not fit or incapable of being relied on consistently. Positive a great draft for receivers.

  3. Zac S

    Zac S13 soat oldin

    Florio needs to be gone.

  4. Brian Rebele

    Brian Rebele13 soat oldin

    Faster at both Middle LB and defensive end. We have two guys up front that are slow and tight moving side ways. Martinez and d ends needs to be upgraded problem being zero depth behind him and zero depth at dline and outside LB.

  5. B4ckwoodb4by !

    B4ckwoodb4by !13 soat oldin

    Why her arm so up like that wtf 😂

  6. michael dillard

    michael dillard13 soat oldin

    Go get Tyreek hill and Michael Thomas, you will have the money

  7. Zac S

    Zac S13 soat oldin

    Florio is encouraging the 49er's to hurt Mahomes.

  8. daedalus_suzuki

    daedalus_suzuki13 soat oldin

    5:29 lol @ all the obscene gestures and swearing amongst the crowd


    TIAM TAVAKOLI13 soat oldin

    Is it me or does she look 8 years old

  10. KC White

    KC White13 soat oldin

    Yea the 49ers gone get killed. Secondary not fast enough. Witherspoon and Moseley gone need real help out there 💯 iss off with the 49ers head. Chiefs win by 2 TDs

  11. fray3dendsofsanity

    fray3dendsofsanity13 soat oldin

    Everyone seems to not be talking about the fact that Jimmy may just light it up this game and have a Saints-game performance. Watch him put up 300 and 3 TD's while everybody is busy jerking off to Mahomes. I know Mahomes will light it up at least at points in the game, but if Jimmy shows up that plus the Niners D gives them the edge

  12. Bear Mcculley

    Bear Mcculley13 soat oldin

    Well, you said hit him in his slide or is on his way out of bounds. You're a joke Mike

  13. Steve Iverson

    Steve Iverson13 soat oldin

    You two boneheads know that Jimmy could drop 50 on that D with his arm by itself, right???KC has to stack the box. No choice.

  14. Outlaw49x

    Outlaw49x13 soat oldin

    The Patriots stopped them

  15. Robert Talley

    Robert Talley13 soat oldin

    Chiefs haven't seen a defense like the Niners. Having said that, it'll be a shootout with the Niners having to put up points as well. Probably the exact opposite of last year's Superbowl.

  16. Bret Weeks

    Bret Weeks13 soat oldin

    And we've all seen what the niners do to a team that is based around their quarterback poor Packers

  17. Pudd Faddy

    Pudd Faddy13 soat oldin

    True love ❤

  18. Dill Hays

    Dill Hays13 soat oldin

    49ers fans act like their defense is the greatest smh

  19. Bret Weeks

    Bret Weeks13 soat oldin

    More like can Patrick overcome the defense not only that but the Niners team on all is great the Chiefs have a lot of holes

  20. Harvey Smith

    Harvey Smith13 soat oldin

    I think the 49ers will win.....just saying!!!


    ALL DAY RAY RAY13 soat oldin

    I rather have taysom hill then bridge water


    ALL DAY RAY RAY13 soat oldin

    Teddy is a game manager and is not even close to what brees is at 41 and brees is declining slowly

  23. Pudd Faddy

    Pudd Faddy13 soat oldin

    Florio on feet ball👍

  24. Beats jotuetui

    Beats jotuetui13 soat oldin

    This guy is better than martial

  25. Shala B

    Shala B13 soat oldin

    The way that last woman was looking at me God lol bad

  26. Trevor

    Trevor13 soat oldin

    If I was a pace setter I’d sprint to.

  27. Daniel Trickey

    Daniel Trickey13 soat oldin

    What most commentators never talk about is, games are won in the trenches. The Niners have both in their O and D lines. The Niners defense we've been talking about all year, but what the offensive line did to the Pack last week was short of brilliant. You can have all your "stars" but give me the lines. For example they say "I could have run through that hole", "I could have handed off that ball". Exactly.

  28. Michael Gardner

    Michael Gardner13 soat oldin

    Mahomes Montana'd the Niners!

  29. ali tmimi

    ali tmimi13 soat oldin

    They will need to study the game against the Ravens and improve on that.

  30. Welcome to Sunny Tran’s actually trashy videos!

    Welcome to Sunny Tran’s actually trashy videos!13 soat oldin

    I love how Sonny smiles

  31. Kaitlyn Gautreau

    Kaitlyn Gautreau13 soat oldin

    I want rings. Cut drew loose!

  32. Tre Williams

    Tre Williams14 soat oldin

    ELI Manning is the Greatest of all time and deserves to be inducted in the Hall OF Fame 🙏🔥🔥🌟

  33. Yourdroid

    Yourdroid14 soat oldin

    chiefs fans are delusional...

  34. Richard Lopez

    Richard Lopez14 soat oldin

    Great no more.points 50 rotated not for her slacker there called in the end for the end and painful or Mabry it's pageant name swim suit contest hey quick blade to the hole

  35. Raul Sotelo

    Raul Sotelo14 soat oldin

    Victor Lindelöf is complete trash. His play between 6:50-7:08 was so bad. I know its not just him but come on, that was bad positioning, awareness and effort. Drop the whole team. They would have better luck.

  36. Arturo Filio Villa

    Arturo Filio Villa14 soat oldin

    We need BOTH, director of football and Pochettino

  37. Layla Abrams

    Layla Abrams14 soat oldin

    They do this ever year!!!

  38. Chigo

    Chigo14 soat oldin

    Its so crazy how they undersold the speed of the 9ers offense wowwwww. Raheem mostert, Deebo, E man, Kittle, Bourne, they got foot ball speed if you undersell it they will burn you. We were the second highest scoring team this season lmao. The way the media played with us this season gone be fitting when we hoist the trophy in the end. I can already see Sherm calling the media stupid lmaoooooooooo

  39. John Evans

    John Evans14 soat oldin

    Play the one where you talk about hitting Mahomes and it being worth the penalty consequences if it helps you win the Super Bowl. Meatheads are bad for sports talk.

  40. Mark Maslowski

    Mark Maslowski14 soat oldin

    You're showing a play where they only rush three guys. No wonder he has a nice pocket and time to find an open receiver. Not gonna happen with the Niners!

  41. V P

    V P14 soat oldin

    Get rid of the timid, arm tacklers.

  42. Phillip Wilson

    Phillip Wilson14 soat oldin

    Theres just too much but hugging for the Chiefs. I feel like the 9era are gonna pull a great win.

  43. Yo Bring Mah Waffle Back

    Yo Bring Mah Waffle Back14 soat oldin

    Dude is the All Might of Olympic games

  44. EOJ G

    EOJ G14 soat oldin

    If you hate A-rod or Lance armstrong you dont get to love Justin. Ortiz gets a pass of course.

  45. Jay Nuisance

    Jay Nuisance14 soat oldin

    Get a new manager man utd. I can even be a better coach

  46. GOlden St8

    GOlden St814 soat oldin

    I’m a raiders fan . Carr will never beat Mahomes or any relevant teams

  47. Irene Pham

    Irene Pham14 soat oldin

    ok so then where's miku

  48. froglaps40

    froglaps4014 soat oldin

    Tyreek, Kelce, Mahomes

  49. David 1298

    David 129814 soat oldin

    How to get solve the Tyreek problem: 1. Say you’re his son 2. He tells you to put your arms up then punches you 3. He gets ejected Boom problem solved

  50. Mendez Anthony

    Mendez Anthony14 soat oldin

    49ers will crush the chiefs

  51. Robert Blanchard

    Robert Blanchard14 soat oldin

    he is 117/117. He only brought them to the playoffs twice. All-time Great at 50%. Very sad

  52. Burp Robrox

    Burp Robrox14 soat oldin

    Mike take a break before your throat gives out man. Gargle some salt water.

  53. artattack jack

    artattack jack14 soat oldin

    I like the way they dress. Always weird to see a bunch of men sitting around in suits talking about football

  54. imjusthere8

    imjusthere814 soat oldin

    Niners 31-17

  55. Practical Bible Studies

    Practical Bible Studies14 soat oldin

    My coworker is a Raiders fan. I'm just glad the Chiefs made it this far.

  56. Zaychev

    Zaychev14 soat oldin

    Manchester United will have to reincarnate Sir Alex Ferguson to be on the top again.

  57. Scruff D0g

    Scruff D0g14 soat oldin

    Oh my Goodness, saying that the 49ers defense should take cheap shots and deliberately hurt Patrick Mahomes.

  58. Joshua Leasure

    Joshua Leasure14 soat oldin

    Mike eat a rock..... suggesting that the 49ers should trade the risk of 15 yard penalties to hurt Mahomes is dirty play. And you as an analyst propagating The idea purposely trying to injure someone in order to win the game makes you a scum bag.

  59. Burp Robrox

    Burp Robrox14 soat oldin

    Wow Mr Davis has all that money and can’t get a decent haircut

  60. toastecmo

    toastecmo14 soat oldin

    Talking heads. Whatever. Let Mahomes make his decisions he is da man and can deal with what comes. Go Chiefs.

  61. WDYMJZ

    WDYMJZ14 soat oldin


  62. KC Chiefs

    KC Chiefs14 soat oldin

    That's not what you said. I lost all respect for you.

  63. bill hawk

    bill hawk14 soat oldin

    His issue are not extending plays plays scared the talent is there! But u have to have balls a run for important first downs not slide throw the ball in the dirt Carr is what he is 6 years!

  64. no40

    no4014 soat oldin

    No turnovers or forced fumbles.......and he'll be alright

  65. Brian McCann

    Brian McCann14 soat oldin

    Here's the deal: the decision is up to Belichick unless Kraft over rides him. The reason that Brady is saying ' he is open' is because he knows that Belichick holds the cards. There are a lot of free agents this year on the team and it will be crunch time for the salary cap. One thing that I don't hear anybody mentioning is: who does Belichick have to replace Brady? Stidham? A second year rookie? As far as where Giselle wants to live: a non-factor. They already bought a house in Ct.

  66. Thanos Aldren

    Thanos Aldren14 soat oldin

    Look these people spending other people's money... telling them to risk, fines, ejection and game check costing suspensions to teach what? To intimidate who? FYI no qb playing at this level is weak minded...

  67. Patrick Engelby

    Patrick Engelby14 soat oldin

    Chiefs win big and it’ll get ugly once San Francisco is forced to abandon the run game.

  68. K

    K14 soat oldin

    SF 35 - KC 27

  69. Fumanchu1 5150

    Fumanchu1 515014 soat oldin

    49ers got this

  70. DEnas Ace

    DEnas Ace14 soat oldin

    Chiefs gave up 25 sacks this season. The question is, can the chiefs offensive line stop the 49ERS D LINE? I don’t think so. As long as they don’t give up the big play to hill they’ll be okay. Each game the chiefs lost this year they had less then 50 yards rushing. They will not have a good day rushing against the Niners. That’s the key. Im sure there are defensive schemes to keep the receivers contained until the d line gets to Mahomes. This will be the first time Mahomes feels this type of pressure and big hits on him. I hope he can finish the game.

  71. JD

    JD14 soat oldin

    The bottom line is this: the players aren’t good enough, the manager is out of his depth, and the board are clueless to how to make this club successful.

  72. Terry McBride

    Terry McBride14 soat oldin

    Aaron Rodgers desperately needs to self scout and realize his body language is deflating his Squad, He isn't even fun to watch much less be around and play football with,His arrogance is a Great Game plan for the opposition

  73. James Mcclary

    James Mcclary14 soat oldin

    Well we held lamar Jackson to 100 yards rushing and a 100 yards passing. I'm pretty sure Mahomes isn't faster than Jackson. The chiefs are going to have to do a lot more than Mahomes scrambling around to win....

  74. Big Jay

    Big Jay14 soat oldin

    If the Chiefs were this phenomenal then why were they the number one team in the AFC when the playoffs started? Lastly the Saints had just as much speed on offense and quality receivers if not better. Moral of the story is that the 9ers will be fine in this game! They have benched Whitherspoon so the defense will be at iits best!AND THE 9ERS DO NOT PLAY THE SAME DEFENSE AS SEATTLE!

  75. Lamar Jackson Jr

    Lamar Jackson Jr14 soat oldin

    The 9ers only chance if they play a perfect mistake free game and hope for some turnovers... Mahomes is scary good.

  76. Roy Garza

    Roy Garza14 soat oldin

    Hopefully Vardy can return to the squad soon! Especially with Ndidi just getting healthy

  77. Bob Klein

    Bob Klein14 soat oldin

    Mahomes has a star following over him,,, could be Bart's star ⭐


    LOYAL 2 THE SOIL14 soat oldin

    3/4 DEFENSE WILL CRUSHED THAT RUNNING OFFENSE , 4/3 not the answer and GREEN BAY IS USING A 4/3 run defense make Jimmy G get punish with pressure on him .

  79. San Fran Gold Blooded

    San Fran Gold Blooded14 soat oldin

    The hints were there back in the beginning of 2017. Went 0-9 but a lot of those games were decided by 3 or fewer points. Jimmys arrival changed the culture, Injuries slowed down 2018 but with a roster of backups playing were still competitive. We knew how good they would have been, then they drafted Bosa, Samuel and traded for Ford and Sanders. These guys lost together and grew together to win.

  80. Theresa Turner

    Theresa Turner14 soat oldin

    Well u are not the 49ers and thank GOD u are not because the chiefs d will make them pay for being dirty bit then again what do u or me know

  81. Bark Boulevard

    Bark Boulevard14 soat oldin

    @MikeFlorio, you're a c-rate "journalist." @ChrisSimms, remind everyone about your NFL career. What's your record as a starter and to your TD-INT record?

  82. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam15 soat oldin

    Running the ball is the only way to beat this Niners defense. It is the only flaw they have. They were like 20th in run defense. Throwing it all over is a recipe for disaster. They have the best pass defense in the NFL.

  83. Ray S

    Ray S15 soat oldin

    United had 3 chances. Liverpool had like 10. If Mane n Salah scored the chances they get every season they would have more goals than messi in order to win balon dor arguement

  84. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam15 soat oldin

    Yes. They have 5 very good and great tackling DB’s. To go with 3 fast athletic linebackers and a relentless athletic pass rush. The disrespect the Niners defense AND offense is getting palpable. Yes Mahomes is the face of the NFL and is a fantastic QB. But the 49ers defense will get theirs on any team. And the Chiefs will not be able to stop the Niners offense. The 49ers are going to win this game comfortably. Save this post.

  85. Todd Elswick

    Todd Elswick15 soat oldin

    No simple as that 😂

  86. Creed Lewis

    Creed Lewis15 soat oldin

    I'm a die-hard Raiders fan and it's killing me to pick between the bay rival and legendary rival. Mahomes is a beast though so I'm going to pick them to win though I'm not rooting for either.

  87. Jsparrow350

    Jsparrow35015 soat oldin

    Can KC defense contain 49ers offense?

  88. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam15 soat oldin

    We have the Chiefs 3rd ranked offense against the Niners 2nd ranked defense. Then we have the Niners 2nd ranked offense against the Chiefs 17th ranked defense. The Niners offense against the Chiefs defense is the biggest mismatch in this game. The Chiefs offense against the Niner defense is a wash.

  89. Ray Jr

    Ray Jr15 soat oldin

    Showing a old game that doesn't mean anything at this point 😂🤣 😂

  90. Leo Criss

    Leo Criss15 soat oldin

    2018 = 4-12 2019= 13-3 Yeah I think Simms was just on the DL with Florio.

  91. Maple Leafs 49ers Raptors

    Maple Leafs 49ers Raptors15 soat oldin

    They need more weapons for Arod

  92. Ellison Lowrimore

    Ellison Lowrimore15 soat oldin

    Stop with the X’s and O’s! This game won’t be close! I hate the hype. I’m NOT a 49er fan but here is the reality. 49er front 7 on D is better than KC’s starting 11 on D. Niners O is not as good as KC as far as passing but don’t have to pass when you rush for over 230 yards and 4 TD’s. SF 38 KC 17.

  93. Ramon Gonzalez

    Ramon Gonzalez15 soat oldin

    Mahomes reminds me so much of a young Sean Penn. Close your eyes and listen. Except he can spin the ball better.😁

  94. Sean Stewart

    Sean Stewart15 soat oldin

    Where are you on the quarter back list, Chis. I think your like a jealuos little girl. Your a washed up kid that knows very little. Your opinions are biast and small. Loser!

  95. Eric S

    Eric S15 soat oldin

    They need to get reciever first rd and get guys to set the edge if rashan gary isnt gonna be used like a hybrid richard seymour

  96. DigDigDig

    DigDigDig15 soat oldin

    Long time Chiefs fan since the Steve Deberg/Christian Okoye days...the last 30 years have been tough, but win or lose I'll still be happy....SF is a good team this year, hoping for a good game and not a blowout on either side. This seems to be the best chance for the Chiefs to win it all. After Mahomes contract is signed, I can't see the defense evolving with the cap space they will have left.

  97. James Scott

    James Scott15 soat oldin

    Talk about Useless "F'n" content ! Sweet mother Mary & Jesus ~ Just shut up already !

  98. Darrell Johnson

    Darrell Johnson15 soat oldin

    if you want another DB, go with TB, but if you want an LJ, go with TH

  99. Schäfer G.

    Schäfer G.15 soat oldin

    Keeper should be allowed to step forward a bit. I think it's bs and unfair to just make them stand there with so much room needed to be covered

  100. Busta

    Busta15 soat oldin

    Teddy has done everything except be white , to get some consideration. I hope he gets a huge contract elsewhere