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Keith Eats Every Pie
  1. lavisota ##

    lavisota ##7 soat oldin

    He was dressing nice for the test and I could not relate less. I wear my comfy comfy clothes.

  2. J MonMon

    J MonMon7 soat oldin

    "its for 6 people" im sure

  3. asd asd

    asd asd7 soat oldin

    Honestly fatigue is my biggest fear behind the wheel. Id rather be drunk. And i don't drink & drive anymore Although id rather be high behind the wheel. But again plenty don't function aswell when high.

  4. Theresa Calsbeek

    Theresa Calsbeek7 soat oldin

    Becky was wrong because Bryan did call his mom about the pants so he did ask a woman Sorry Becky

  5. Jasmyne Anthony

    Jasmyne Anthony7 soat oldin

    Literally every episode the sorta permanent judges just repeat what the professional says in almost exact words. Like mayber they were thinking the same but then they repeat the same words over and over and for one jamie is just like y is u a judge(maybe for comedic effect) he was sorta funny but like really harsh towards them. And i feel like they CANT say cinnamon rasin is not a bagel anything can be a begal its creative. And how tf does it look like a muffin we all knew non of the sorta permanent judges disagreed with the professionals just repeating every god damn word they said and agreeing with them.

  6. Mariana Johnston

    Mariana Johnston7 soat oldin

    My grandparents bought sushi from their favorite sushi place just so it would stay in business. They didn't even pick it up, and the chefs didn't even make it. They just wanted to make sure that they were getting some money.

  7. Tara Casey

    Tara Casey7 soat oldin

    when you don’t like any soda

  8. Adrian?

    Adrian?7 soat oldin

    I'm crying at the end they all went "OOOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhooooooooohhhhhhhh" Also that corset is gorgeous I love it

  9. Mariana Johnston

    Mariana Johnston7 soat oldin


  10. Kadence Christensen

    Kadence Christensen7 soat oldin

    I’m Virgo 😂😂

  11. Joyann Browne

    Joyann Browne7 soat oldin

    I just like how much the guy serving knows about the flavours and spices

  12. twinkle twinnies

    twinkle twinnies7 soat oldin

    Is anyone scrolling through the comments to see if anyone is doing the same thing I am doing

  13. sofia༄

    sofia༄7 soat oldin

    Eugene tried warning Zach. It’s time to launch the attacks, ARMY.

  14. Ciera O

    Ciera O7 soat oldin

    Mike missed #2 in his first basket .☹

  15. Spooky McGee

    Spooky McGee7 soat oldin

    It was a mistake to watch this having not eaten anything in the last 8 hours

  16. Leah Moore

    Leah Moore7 soat oldin

    "All right, let's get -- the fuck is this?!"

  17. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache7 soat oldin

    I love that whole skin company, even the lady talking to the try guys was so funny with them! Normally those types of skin spa businesses are too serious and strict all the time.

  18. Lastly was the hidden wood in the sky

    Lastly was the hidden wood in the sky7 soat oldin

    I miss Star City 😭😢😥

  19. PapaTristan

    PapaTristan7 soat oldin

    what is that choir music they play during the slow mo sushi eating?

  20. Luke Death

    Luke Death7 soat oldin

    I may have an heart attack because of Eugene

  21. SadNoodle

    SadNoodle7 soat oldin

    Cameraman: Ned ned NED NED NED- *Flips table* Ned: THE POWER OF *THE CORSET* CameraMan:...that's our table :( Ned: *teleports* - *Demonic voice* I DONT CARE. IVE BEEN WEARING THIS FOR *TWO DAYS.*

  22. Justin Lenehan

    Justin Lenehan7 soat oldin

    How does Eugene not have a good poker face

  23. JustLilly123 YT

    JustLilly123 YT7 soat oldin

    Isn’t Eugenes photo a photo of a photo?

  24. Cosplay Queen

    Cosplay Queen7 soat oldin

    And this is why I wear sweatshirts (I’m female)

  25. gabriela gutierrez

    gabriela gutierrez7 soat oldin

    ok so love you guys but when I say it's not that bad, I mean people have a low chance of dying but people still die from the flu. don't go out and be like give me the virus but if you do get it to know you are not likely to die and just keep fighting it off.

  26. Elioenai Munoz

    Elioenai Munoz7 soat oldin

    For Mexicans, our neeces names are Yessica instead of Jessica

  27. Maya Papaya and Lola Co-cola

    Maya Papaya and Lola Co-cola7 soat oldin

    eugene: “are you ready?! let’s get -“ my phone: ad plays me: NO I WILL NOT LET YOU DO THIS TO ME!

  28. Kaila Watson

    Kaila Watson7 soat oldin

    which hoodie would you get

  29. Michał Bykowski

    Michał Bykowski7 soat oldin

    15:56 IT'S GIGI GOODE

  30. fagiolification

    fagiolification7 soat oldin

    I'm just doing a TryGuys re-watch marathon because the humanity let me down again and I need to cheer myself up. 🥳

  31. 4hed

    4hed7 soat oldin

    My balls hurt

  32. Taylor Davis

    Taylor Davis7 soat oldin

    Just bought 2 bottles!!

  33. Bruno Lopes

    Bruno Lopes7 soat oldin

    "so what is a facial? You will be creamed"

  34. Zoey Lynn

    Zoey Lynn7 soat oldin

    Dude that baby in the background!?! Creepy.

  35. Paralynx

    Paralynx7 soat oldin

    When you're bored and in quarantine so you reconnect with the Try Guys fandom

  36. Abbie Giles

    Abbie Giles7 soat oldin

    Tbh, when you grow your natural nails long it’s soooo much easier to deal with. Instead of suddenly getting claws you go from stumps all the way up. You barely notice a change. That is until you do something brand new but we don’t talk about that.

  37. Kendyll Salyer

    Kendyll Salyer7 soat oldin

    They should make a red underwear that says “does it make my butt look big?” for Ned.

  38. idk idk

    idk idk7 soat oldin

    Put that song on spotify

  39. human waste

    human waste7 soat oldin

    dont forget to grab the booty every nighht befire going to sleep guys!

  40. Maddy Oliver

    Maddy Oliver7 soat oldin

    My first kiss was at the bottom of a pool. IM NOT EVEN JOKING, She legit GRABBED MY FACE, DRAGGED ME UNDERWATER AND KISSED ME I WAS SO CONFUSED 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Iamgonnabethatpersonand Makeareallylongusername

    Iamgonnabethatpersonand Makeareallylongusername7 soat oldin

    After Eugene killed the others is now the try guy

  42. Kadence Christensen

    Kadence Christensen7 soat oldin

    25:38 I can’t stop rewinding it 😂

  43. Coby

    Coby7 soat oldin

    That exponential growth was such an Asian joke.

  44. Tom Poj

    Tom Poj7 soat oldin

    Ok this was hilarious but as a debater it made me sick. It was hard for me to enjoy this because throughout the video arguments kept popping up in my head and I kept criticizing the way they delivered their arguments. Eh. Whatever. It was still comedy gold and I still love The Try Guys.

  45. Kennedy Adams

    Kennedy Adams7 soat oldin

    I want to know what the other name was

  46. UNICORN Rainbowz

    UNICORN Rainbowz7 soat oldin

    Watching this made me sweat.

  47. J Mid

    J Mid8 soat oldin

    Hahaha Keith is having way too much fun I love it

  48. Aidenn Craig

    Aidenn Craig8 soat oldin

    Anyone noticed that’s he’s in Brooklyn 99 omg

  49. Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jones8 soat oldin

    Dandelion and burdock deserves some respect

  50. tonlynn duncan

    tonlynn duncan8 soat oldin

    When set they set up the perfect joke... Zach- anyone got some goo you could cover me in? Me-...i got some goo i could cover you in.... My friend- that's what he said! Us - *high five at our obvious middle school joke* yess. 🙌 😂😂

  51. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood8 soat oldin

    I used to dye bread with my family, it’s called monster bread. You take milk and add a spoonful of sugar and dye different cups, different colors then pour it on the bread and make a design. Then you toast it and it tastes really good

  52. Becca Williams

    Becca Williams8 soat oldin

    Eugene got to 100 and Ned has to take the attention away from him

  53. Maddy Oliver

    Maddy Oliver8 soat oldin

    This legitimately made me cry, especially when they all talked about how important we are 😭😭😭💖💜💙🏳️‍🌈

  54. Diego203 -_-

    Diego203 -_-8 soat oldin

    I’m a Virgo and i was begging for Virgo to be number one

  55. Reece David

    Reece David8 soat oldin

    Next time bring on Doyle Brunson

  56. Raymond Yang

    Raymond Yang8 soat oldin

    Video: eugene ranks food The actual video: Kid ranks food

  57. Linda Coine

    Linda Coine8 soat oldin

    Really want him to eat at Southern Classics.

  58. Ma. Angelica Banzon

    Ma. Angelica Banzon8 soat oldin

    Im so upset this doesn't have enough views. WHY.

  59. Miles Peterson

    Miles Peterson8 soat oldin

    11:24 keith has lost it

  60. Yashmitha

    Yashmitha8 soat oldin

    How did I never see this episode omg

  61. Peyton Merwin

    Peyton Merwin8 soat oldin

    I love that they accept the fact that they have body insecurities and don’t even try to hide it, and they’re trying to get over it, it’s amazing.

  62. marianjanet mejiatorres

    marianjanet mejiatorres8 soat oldin

    I don’t have anything against Libras, but as an Aries, I feel like they are kind of fake and don’t express how they really feel and they are the type of people who call or message you when convenient💀 not all libras, but a lot of them

  63. OtakuDanteYT

    OtakuDanteYT8 soat oldin

    Eugene aint lying about that rice scooper ngl, i experienced it first hand

  64. Callan Haas

    Callan Haas8 soat oldin


  65. Laventhen Sivashanmugam

    Laventhen Sivashanmugam8 soat oldin

    Ive been putting off watching this for some reason and I regret that. Eugene is an artist, his eye for visuals is mind blowing.

  66. SkyRunner Gamer

    SkyRunner Gamer8 soat oldin

    I am a "virgo" but I don't clean my room , sexy face lok*

  67. Chloe Lau

    Chloe Lau8 soat oldin

    i like tried to do exercise everyday, but after that you just don't bother anymore

  68. Christian spires

    Christian spires8 soat oldin

    We did it boys Maggie is an official try wive

  69. Joey Arens

    Joey Arens8 soat oldin

    Big bite Thinks Looks at camera Bad mmmmmm or good mmmmm Done

  70. Ashley Gleason

    Ashley Gleason8 soat oldin


  71. Ruαɳ Owen

    Ruαɳ Owen8 soat oldin

    Hi, I'm Brazilian 💚🇧🇷. I'm learning English through this channel ...

  72. Chloe Lau

    Chloe Lau8 soat oldin

    i like how right now they feel like quarantine is great, but after 8 WEEKS OF STUPID QUARANTINE, EVEN UZgo, NETFLIX AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS BORING. I'm like going crazy.

  73. Totally Asian

    Totally Asian8 soat oldin

    The try wives should have their own opening Just saying

  74. Sophia Zhang

    Sophia Zhang8 soat oldin

    The end tho.... 😅😅😅

  75. McKenna R.

    McKenna R.8 soat oldin

    When Ned said s**t when copying Eugene, he reminds me of a 5 year old copying his dad😂

  76. Samantha Cowick

    Samantha Cowick8 soat oldin

    This was......strangely formal.

  77. bean

    bean8 soat oldin

    honestly, eugene and ned’s skit at 20:35 gives me life and is the most underrated part of this video

  78. Feisty

    Feisty8 soat oldin

    You guys should do try guys draw for a week/ 3 weeks/ 5 weeks/a month because its something that you can see change in and do at home yourself also its not expensive all you need is a pencil rubber or paper or if you wanna go all out i pad pro

  79. wishywashywara

    wishywashywara8 soat oldin

    Y’all were holding back on the thirsty

  80. jack dacey

    jack dacey8 soat oldin

    His uniform is a Boy Scout one with the scout rank (the lowest one) and Cub Scout Number’s

  81. Jenna Parrish

    Jenna Parrish8 soat oldin

    Team Louise

  82. Vintus Eclipse

    Vintus Eclipse8 soat oldin

    I live here

  83. Alexis Sanchez

    Alexis Sanchez8 soat oldin

    But you missed the best cereal Oh’s they are the best

  84. Leah Moore

    Leah Moore8 soat oldin

    Zach: "We're going to call out Rhett and Link." Keith: "...they've been nothing but nice to us."

  85. Hangry Moose

    Hangry Moose8 soat oldin

    No one: Not a single soul: Eugene: ThE WaR!

  86. Avery Gordon

    Avery Gordon8 soat oldin

    Eugene do be packin doe

  87. Blu Phone

    Blu Phone8 soat oldin


  88. Nayma Rodriguez

    Nayma Rodriguez8 soat oldin

    It was the best Eugene!

  89. tyhud 48

    tyhud 488 soat oldin

    Eugene looks like the kid from up

  90. Spade _564

    Spade _5648 soat oldin

    8:16 can we take time to look at the background and see how concerned the ppl are outside


    ATEMYR REN8 soat oldin

    wait babies turn Keith on

  92. jordyng6

    jordyng68 soat oldin

    What episode is Keith and Eugene’s hospital baby scene? I don’t remember it from MPGiS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Keith sounds like mikayla Van Buren 🤣

  93. Logan Is Relatable

    Logan Is Relatable8 soat oldin

    John is so funny in his own way I love it lmao

  94. Clarissa Nitihardjo

    Clarissa Nitihardjo8 soat oldin

    Grilled thai cheese 😂

  95. Jason Thorpe

    Jason Thorpe8 soat oldin

    Pesto when he get's lost in he blanket: Well guess this is my life now

  96. Clark Smith

    Clark Smith8 soat oldin

    A lot of the food from New Orleans taste good, so I wish I could go and do that

  97. tylerhall818

    tylerhall8188 soat oldin

    Becky's so honest lol

  98. Ash Catre

    Ash Catre8 soat oldin

    When i play poker with my dad i usually get bored near the end and just go all in... I have won every time just by getting bored... Luck pure luck

  99. [devilish_tea]

    [devilish_tea]8 soat oldin


  100. Imani _03

    Imani _038 soat oldin

    When I heard that his dogs name was bean I was kinda sad cause I thought that I was the only one with a dog named bean😓