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  1. Moshe Cohen

    Moshe Cohen14 soniya oldin

    no reason to mention it

  2. mowafaq the boss

    mowafaq the boss58 soniya oldin

    Keith is the new Gordon Ramsey.😏

  3. Marco Ni

    Marco Ni2 daqiqa oldin

    I feel like the try guys would have had said the same things even if they weren't drunk

  4. littetwerk Goh

    littetwerk Goh3 daqiqa oldin

    personally i think durian is the best fruit

  5. 6,000,000,000 views

    6,000,000,000 views3 daqiqa oldin

    Imagine if your chiropractor just got divorced or something then breaks your neck and kills you out of anger

  6. Marco Ni

    Marco Ni4 daqiqa oldin

    Eugene: did you die?

  7. sidewize

    sidewize5 daqiqa oldin

    [trying to watch the steaming milk portion of the competition] YOU GOTTA MAKE THE MILK VORTEX. THE VORTEX

  8. windwhisper

    windwhisper6 daqiqa oldin

    19:03 nice editing "fuc.." 😂

  9. Super Xhaiden

    Super Xhaiden6 daqiqa oldin

    Which is better at *Rugby* (New Zealand) New Zealand 🇳🇿 = like Australia 🇦🇺 = comment/reply

  10. mowafaq the boss

    mowafaq the boss6 daqiqa oldin

    When Keith burps his voice gets deeper,kinda like Hulks voice😂

  11. sidewize

    sidewize11 daqiqa oldin

    Is it just me or did Eugene hit that point where coffee goes from helpful for focus because you have ADHD to nope now I have too much energy so focus is great but can’t physically stay on task? Because same.

  12. Dalena Zhou

    Dalena Zhou12 daqiqa oldin

    "I really love filling things with my meat." - Eugene Lee Yang 2019

  13. WYZ Studios

    WYZ Studios12 daqiqa oldin

    how’d he see me through the screen picking my nose

  14. Robot is so! 69

    Robot is so! 6912 daqiqa oldin

    Him: I had a bit to drink Also him :* looks so drunk!!!!🍷🥂🍾🍻

  15. Jess And zara

    Jess And zara12 daqiqa oldin

    You would of reckon they would of played afl when in Melbourne but no

  16. N M

    N M13 daqiqa oldin

    Oh wow. OH wow. ...goodness, is it hot in here? Ned, you always look good- but the crop top, the lacy button up, the nose ring, and the hat seriously made me swoon. Combine them in an outfit sometime please... you know, for science. ;) ... ... ... and don't forget the Hufflepuff socks. (♡//◡//♡●)

  17. Gia Lopez

    Gia Lopez14 daqiqa oldin

    why does keith look like the dad from coraline?

  18. moe al

    moe al16 daqiqa oldin

    My young nigga greater den all de hackers n shit

  19. luis rosario

    luis rosario17 daqiqa oldin

    Capricorn’s 😻🥰🤩

  20. Unknown Youtuber

    Unknown Youtuber18 daqiqa oldin

    All of these guys r sooo gayy

  21. Jasmine Curtright

    Jasmine Curtright19 daqiqa oldin

    Why she constantly screaming 😑🤷🏽‍♀️

  22. Jessica Hu

    Jessica Hu20 daqiqa oldin

    Do another video with starbucks at australia!!

  23. Jennilee Watt

    Jennilee Watt21 daqiqa oldin

    Any other Aussie scream out loud when Keith put vegemite on raisin toast 😮

  24. Gabe_playz

    Gabe_playz24 daqiqa oldin

    For a next keith eats ---- do applebees

  25. plausiblebirds

    plausiblebirds25 daqiqa oldin

    y’all did rapunzel dirty 😞

  26. Taylor Akers

    Taylor Akers28 daqiqa oldin

    Eugene in uniform.....🤔........😏

  27. Darcy Evans

    Darcy Evans29 daqiqa oldin

    Umm we put prawns on the Barbie.

  28. Courtney Fregeau

    Courtney Fregeau32 daqiqa oldin

    Next video, Keith eats 30,000 chicken bites

  29. Trisha Lennex

    Trisha Lennex32 daqiqa oldin

    As a Virgo... yeah pretty accurate...

  30. sidewize

    sidewize32 daqiqa oldin

    Does anybody else feel like the beef restaurant guy is trying really hard to be patient with these goofball Americans but is lowkey super irritated? I’m so sorry fancy beef restaurant man. They’re usually a little bit less //obnoxiously// weird. Hopefully it’s just tiredness and jet lag. D:

  31. Nicole Sailor

    Nicole Sailor34 daqiqa oldin

    Flippin odd1sout and gingerpale

  32. Elle Jay

    Elle Jay35 daqiqa oldin

    Ok, but why not protect your hands with mits or something? I feel like it's not fair to expect your employees to burn the fuck out of their hands for goddamn coffee. You can still feel the heat through the mits but avoid permanently damaging your skin.

  33. carlioux oreo

    carlioux oreo36 daqiqa oldin

    The commentary! Bahahahaha

  34. Anthony Rodrig

    Anthony Rodrig37 daqiqa oldin

    that pitch is literally a 2 minute bike ride from where i live. Its in airport west, Melbourne, Victoria

  35. Tammy Michele Art

    Tammy Michele Art38 daqiqa oldin

    Keith actually had a plain cheese toastie that he Could've added vegemite too yet he fucking ate it on raisin toast 🤣🤣 ya'll need an actual australian there to show you how to do it.

  36. 2615 adlay

    2615 adlay39 daqiqa oldin

    Its pronounced tomato sauce you dope. Learn the Language!!!!!!!!

  37. Rhys Treversh

    Rhys Treversh40 daqiqa oldin

    Go to Hungry Jacks mate

  38. Sydney Miller

    Sydney Miller41 daqiqa oldin

    Omg I have an Australian Sheppard too

  39. Solar Flare

    Solar Flare42 daqiqa oldin

    Do eat the menu chick a fil a

  40. Alyssa Wenklar

    Alyssa Wenklar42 daqiqa oldin

    I need more of this content asap

  41. Lia M

    Lia M43 daqiqa oldin

    never seen a standing scrum before 😂

  42. Elixir Gamer 26

    Elixir Gamer 2643 daqiqa oldin

    Everyone: Me: when Keith and Eugene seat down beside each other, Eugene is taller but when both of them stand side by side, Keith is taller

  43. farah chowdhury

    farah chowdhury43 daqiqa oldin

    How does Eugene put random shit together and it works ? He’s just so good 🙈

  44. Luke Wright

    Luke Wright43 daqiqa oldin

    The mcchicken is absolute firr

  45. More fr2

    More fr244 daqiqa oldin

    *Zach spilled his tea* 💀 fak

  46. im still a piece of garbage

    im still a piece of garbage45 daqiqa oldin

    ok wtf why is rapunzel lower than cinderella tho???? as well as anna who did A LOT and tbh waayy more than elsa did tbh

  47. Alex Wishnowsky

    Alex Wishnowsky46 daqiqa oldin

    As a Macca’s employee, we fry our apple pies instead of baking them

  48. Kristen Wagner

    Kristen Wagner48 daqiqa oldin

    Are you from Carthage TN?? I live 20 minutes from there. I paused the video and rewound it just to be sure you said Carthage TN!

  49. ƒåløn

    ƒåløn49 daqiqa oldin

    one of those checkmates was not even a checkmate the queen was moved to A2 then called checkmate on the king but in fact the queen had to move sideways to get to A2 so the king could have taken the queen and the knight couldnt move to take the king so it was not checkmate

  50. Anne Senechalle

    Anne Senechalle49 daqiqa oldin

    I love watching this. I’ve been playing since I was 9. Watching one of my favorite groups play one of my favorite sports is amazing

  51. k e b e

    k e b e50 daqiqa oldin

    try sydney

  52. Lion king Lover

    Lion king Lover50 daqiqa oldin

    Oh you so pretty He he he I love that part

  53. Alex Wishnowsky

    Alex Wishnowsky55 daqiqa oldin

    Let’s talk about Keith eating the McFlurry with a fork bc same

  54. Samantha Holz

    Samantha Holz56 daqiqa oldin

    First of all, the raisin toast and pineapple coconut loaf should be TOASTED. Secondly, if you want to try vegemite, get a cheesymite scroll. Literally the easiest, most palatable way to eat vegemite.

  55. Breana Kelly

    Breana Kelly56 daqiqa oldin

    As an Australian, I can clarify that “Aussie” is pronounced “Ozzie” not “Ossie”

  56. Skylar S

    Skylar S58 daqiqa oldin

    Why did they cut Ned off when talking about the fundraiser lol

  57. Brandon Hollingsworth

    Brandon Hollingsworth59 daqiqa oldin

    Holy shit these girls have the worst voices

  58. Elle Jay

    Elle JaySoat oldin

    I mean, Ned was a chemist soooo

  59. Umbra_Helios

    Umbra_HeliosSoat oldin

    Describe this video in 3 words: Eugene hates kids

  60. Samantha Holz

    Samantha HolzSoat oldin

    "McBites are like, real chicken...not like chicken nuggets". I'm guessing you didn't have Aussie Macca's nuggets. Cos they're real chicken, too.

  61. Planet Earth

    Planet EarthSoat oldin

    Gluttony is a fickle beast.

  62. Emily loves you

    Emily loves youSoat oldin

    *bruh, as I was watching this, I got a text saying “hi sweetie”* 😭😂

  63. Lili Bella

    Lili BellaSoat oldin

    Zach: imma just give you guys a kiss on the neck Eugene: **GaY PaNiC**

  64. Tiffany Cooksey

    Tiffany CookseySoat oldin

    I play rugby here in Oregon

  65. Christina M

    Christina MSoat oldin

    This is by far my favorite video ive seen of them i love animals 🥺

  66. Selena Mirmehrabi

    Selena MirmehrabiSoat oldin

    This is so horrible I love it

  67. Kendrick Jude Mausisa

    Kendrick Jude MausisaSoat oldin

    4:45 when you realize that you didn't vacuum your dirty house and your parents are pulling up in the driveway

  68. Soracha Orsted-Jensen

    Soracha Orsted-JensenSoat oldin

    Lol I think they got the snack wrap and the caesar wrap the other way around 🤔

  69. Jashlyn Ortiz

    Jashlyn OrtizSoat oldin

    You guys should do Try guys try to body paint

  70. Kate Tayler

    Kate TaylerSoat oldin

    If your learning rugby come to New Zealand pleaseeee

  71. Alice

    AliceSoat oldin

    Coming from an Australian maccas connoisseur, the spicy chicken clubhouse is THE best chicken burger from maccas

  72. Thorne_101_

    Thorne_101_Soat oldin

    _Food-high Keith looks like the father from _*_Coraline_* especially at 27:44

  73. sephirothsadvent

    sephirothsadventSoat oldin


  74. Julia Parsons

    Julia ParsonsSoat oldin

    When the coach tackled Eugene and then ruffled his hair 😂😂

  75. Moon

    MoonSoat oldin

    I'm sobbing-

  76. Bort Simpson

    Bort SimpsonSoat oldin

    The try guys make everything sexual

  77. Sir Yodasbongsalot

    Sir YodasbongsalotSoat oldin

    Eat everything at Hungry Jacks!!

  78. Evelin Pierce

    Evelin PierceSoat oldin

    yas virgos do always get shit were always such a last thought but im really happy he ranked virgo first we really never win anything lmao

  79. DJ

    DJSoat oldin

    Weird that you are in Melbourne and went rugby over Australian Rules Football which is by far the more popular football code in Melbourne

  80. Just A Girl Who likes musicals

    Just A Girl Who likes musicalsSoat oldin

    My friends and I literally just shove stuff down our leggings. One time my friend and I were at Dairy Queen and arcade coins just rolled out of her pants while she was ordering.

  81. Soggi_Pancakes

    Soggi_PancakesSoat oldin

    Sacks Hairline recedes more per video

  82. Nat W

    Nat WSoat oldin

    keith eating vegemite makes the same sound as my dog about to throw up

  83. Rebecca Chacon

    Rebecca ChaconSoat oldin

    The fluffy kitty So many cats❤😻😻 i love them

  84. caffinn

    caffinnSoat oldin

    bro i didnt know eugene was 33 wtf

  85. Jenny M.

    Jenny M.Soat oldin


  86. oddlywireddreams myra

    oddlywireddreams myraSoat oldin

    Only 2 states are really into rugby, AFL is a lot more common

  87. Kyle Fratini

    Kyle FratiniSoat oldin

    "did this come from China? It sounds like it's from china. Oh, it was a white guy? That's less exciting," Me: THAT'S RACIST!

  88. Megan Owens

    Megan OwensSoat oldin

    I love how obvious it is that Eugene did not mean to slap Zach that hard and how Zach just kept going 😂😂

  89. GraceTheAce

    GraceTheAceSoat oldin

    Next tour plz come to canada

  90. Kimberly Smith

    Kimberly SmithSoat oldin

    Does anyone know Cinderella 2 and 3? Google it, it is real.

  91. lauren ramos

    lauren ramosSoat oldin

    2:29 forgot the zero

  92. turtle flying

    turtle flyingSoat oldin

    6:04 huh ok then

  93. Shadow

    ShadowSoat oldin

    my names ty...

  94. Monichrome

    MonichromeSoat oldin

    not hating on rugby but why didn't they do footy instead? Its THE Australian game

  95. Melphox

    MelphoxSoat oldin

    me: hears the background music at 25:23 & thinks of fnaf

  96. Dancing Dera

    Dancing DeraSoat oldin

    That "the- the jesus top"

  97. Debbie Thomas

    Debbie ThomasSoat oldin

    Keith, you have that smooth announcer voice. You got a possible second career. Loving Eugene taking the kids out of play by lifting & carrying them.

  98. Carolina  Rodrigues

    Carolina RodriguesSoat oldin

    No Cheeseham? Its a classic

  99. Rebecca Zamolo

    Rebecca ZamoloSoat oldin

    I took a 6 hour nap after this 😅 Thanks for having me Try Guys!

  100. Madilyne Regan

    Madilyne Regan2 soat oldin

    12:05-12:14 I am dead.😂