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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season.
Nick Jonas, the multi-platinum Grammy and Golden Globe Award-nominated recording artist, actor, songwriter and member of the preeminent group the Jonas Brothers, joins acclaimed coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 18. Carson Daly returns as host.
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  1. Joe Gibiino

    Joe GibiinoKun oldin

    John- “I don’t have a dog in this fight” Blake- proceeds to take out a puppy

  2. Misa K

    Misa KKun oldin


  3. Conrad Paetz

    Conrad PaetzKun oldin

    If the judges actually considered the raw talent and skill, let alone the hours/years put into the operatic setting Mandi Thomas chose, they would've understood how prepared she is for teaching.... I mean this is an optimally shapeable student... Pop, Opera, Any genre...

  4. Diane diane

    Diane dianeKun oldin

    Goosy-bumps all over....😊🙏😊🎊😊🎉🎊🙏💗

  5. Priscilla Shilimah

    Priscilla ShilimahKun oldin

    In my eyes she won in so many ways 😊 There is power in the name of Jesus! The corona chain will be broken into pieces Amen if you believe

  6. Misa K

    Misa KKun oldin


  7. The Leo Wolf

    The Leo WolfKun oldin

    One of my favourite songs! She did it great justice!

  8. Thiago Terassi Fernandes

    Thiago Terassi FernandesKun oldin

    O garoto nem teve chance de se apresentar...

  9. Daphany DuBois

    Daphany DuBoisKun oldin

    Awesome! 🙂💚🌻

  10. Bemnet Getnet

    Bemnet GetnetKun oldin

    Who did she pick

  11. Hailee Brie Lissette

    Hailee Brie LissetteKun oldin

    Ur right Kelly that was so good and like why aren’t u guys standing up

  12. Hailee Brie Lissette

    Hailee Brie LissetteKun oldin

    You can see how much they have grown since their blind auditions like Nick you are doing great!! Already

  13. Canyon Johnson

    Canyon JohnsonKun oldin

    Holy Ghost has entered the chat

  14. Denny Q Nelson

    Denny Q NelsonKun oldin

    Toooooooooo Goooooooood

  15. Fernando Edruhpower

    Fernando EdruhpowerKun oldin

    Amazing performance. Todd Michael Hall rules!

  16. Pheiying Wangnao

    Pheiying WangnaoKun oldin

    When nick pick up again Michael I can't control my teas

  17. Jesintha Arokiaraj

    Jesintha ArokiarajKun oldin

    Seaplane McDonough Reporting For Duty

  18. Jesintha Arokiaraj

    Jesintha ArokiarajKun oldin

    Seaplane McDonough Reporting For Duty

  19. Pheiying Wangnao

    Pheiying WangnaoKun oldin

    Wow....... Michael 😘😘

  20. BellaBOMB

    BellaBOMBKun oldin

    I need to see him and Todd go against each other

  21. Fernando Edruhpower

    Fernando EdruhpowerKun oldin

    Todd Michael Hall is Awesome!. Check this one:

  22. Rumman Nodi

    Rumman NodiKun oldin

    Who knew Blakes voice would absolutely ROCK this song

  23. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiKun oldin

    0:35 there's something in the way he looks at her.

  24. BellaBOMB

    BellaBOMBKun oldin

    Perfect pleaaaase say perfect one more time aahhhhh!

  25. Jimin's Cat in the Summer Package 2017

    Jimin's Cat in the Summer Package 2017Kun oldin

    That part at 1:51 so damn cute and funny🥺🥺🥺

  26. william fontanilla

    william fontanillaKun oldin

    When u went to the voice as an artist's relative to sleep

  27. Vice Ganda tiktok official

    Vice Ganda tiktok officialKun oldin

    whose watching 2020

  28. BellaBOMB

    BellaBOMBKun oldin

    Nick everything your brothers say about you is true 😩😭 super competitive and strategic 💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  29. BL Harris

    BL HarrisKun oldin

    the cutest is blake completly forgetting its gwens song, and then being like *oh no she is going to kill me*

  30. im just here to commentate

    im just here to commentateKun oldin

    Can she please release a studio version of this with a cello 🥺

  31. Crying Lemon101

    Crying Lemon101Kun oldin

    Levi = Small outside but big inside... IM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to know that Levi is chosen... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  32. Crying Lemon101

    Crying Lemon101Kun oldin

    Levi = Small outside but big inside... IM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to know that Levi is chosen... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  33. Jess Garcia

    Jess GarciaKun oldin

    I fell out my chair, threw my shoe, chills everywhere. On god if he don’t win I’m throwing hands

  34. Rara Zap

    Rara ZapKun oldin

    So I checked the original.... I liked their version than the original. Hahaha

  35. Neel Bagde

    Neel BagdeKun oldin

    The chairs move Kelly: WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Nick: 😐

  36. Natsume Takashi

    Natsume TakashiKun oldin

    1:14 ...

  37. Lizbeth Rodriguez

    Lizbeth RodriguezKun oldin

    One my favorite songs it’s not just a song but JUAN GRABIEL is the best in Mexico meant a lot for that 4 chair turn

  38. Minimal Men

    Minimal MenKun oldin

    I think I watched this 20 times. So good!

  39. mmvia !!

    mmvia !!Kun oldin

    This made me cry 😭😭😭

  40. 乃丨匚乂ADI

    乃丨匚乂ADIKun oldin

    Who he picked

  41. Charles Allen

    Charles AllenKun oldin

    Y’all better singgggggggggggg 🤯👍👍

  42. Angel Mark

    Angel MarkKun oldin

    Leviiiiiii!!! OMG.

  43. App Frenzy Nuke

    App Frenzy NukeKun oldin

    this was fun...and skillful wow...

  44. Jasmine Gravador

    Jasmine GravadorKun oldin

    Amazing control

  45. Laila Joy Toledo

    Laila Joy ToledoKun oldin

    Little Dave Franco everyone HHHAHHAHAHA ❤️

  46. Rara Zap

    Rara ZapKun oldin

    Jacob is really good. Well, of course the Voice has hatred towards Filipinos.... that’s why I am watching Francisco Martin in Idol than the Voice.

  47. KoKo Yvonne

    KoKo YvonneKun oldin

    1:26 she was into it lol.

  48. STaR X

    STaR XKun oldin

    Not so good

  49. Damned Soul

    Damned SoulKun oldin

    yuck! Kelly has really let herself go. Shes MASSIVE now! at one time she was cute.

  50. Nightcraver

    NightcraverKun oldin

    Yall know if she was white they would have all turned round instantly

  51. James Able

    James AbleKun oldin

    She literally sat in the cockpit and proceeded down the runway, took off, reached cruising altitude and said I'll stay here just amazing




  53. william fontanilla

    william fontanillaKun oldin

    Nick and kelly probably didn't turn coz he sound black and they guess right

  54. AceYYC

    AceYYCKun oldin

    Mini Sarah McLachlan

  55. Juan Medina

    Juan MedinaKun oldin

    She’s amazing 😻😻😻😻

  56. Penguinchubb0

    Penguinchubb0Kun oldin

    Blake turned for the twang. He did it the moment the boy sings "single" as "sangle"

  57. Tuddle

    TuddleKun oldin

    Todd sounds like Gru from the minions movie haha it’s cool, Joei is still number 1 even tho Todd has a cool voice

  58. ThatsWisdom

    ThatsWisdomKun oldin

    “Thank you” “Thank you” “I just want to thank you all for the opportunity” thank you

  59. Sabda Musai

    Sabda MusaiKun oldin

    how come this is old feels like brand new song

  60. Roberto Wallfall Montero

    Roberto Wallfall MonteroKun oldin

    I love it😍🤣😍

  61. Rad Dichoso

    Rad DichosoKun oldin


  62. Connor Malbeuf

    Connor MalbeufKun oldin


  63. Tuddle

    TuddleKun oldin

    They’re both amazing singers but Joei has it going on such a stronger voice then his. Joei is flawless she’s going to win this show she deserves it well they all do they’re all great but JOEI you got this. I don’t watch the show just the UZgo videos of Joei when they come out

  64. Yasmeen Porter

    Yasmeen PorterKun oldin

    Yesssss! I'm from cincy, Mason is greater cincy wooohoo

  65. Universally Favored

    Universally FavoredKun oldin

    Kelly is so freaking adorable...the way she held her head down, threw her hand up and hid behind her chair looking all mesmerized was the sweetest thing...

  66. --lost dream--

    --lost dream--Kun oldin Dude

  67. Franz Sela

    Franz SelaKun oldin

    Omigosh! Did Jacob get stolen? I'm looking forward to seeing him in the Knockouts. I think he's more versatile than Jej but he needs a stylist. He looks good but his outfits are too drab on stage. That jacket was awful.

  68. Rad Dichoso

    Rad DichosoKun oldin

    jacob , is he a Filipino?

  69. Taylor Potts

    Taylor PottsKun oldin

    kelly's facial expressions are priceless

  70. Juan Medina

    Juan MedinaKun oldin

    She’s so good 😻😻😻

  71. Universally Favored

    Universally FavoredKun oldin

    1:22 - 1:38...thank me later...

  72. Raquel Navas

    Raquel NavasKun oldin

    Praise God

  73. Judith

    JudithKun oldin

    nick marry me

  74. Jane Yue

    Jane YueKun oldin

    Blake Shelton’s latest battle brought me here. Nick Jonas thought Blake didn’t know this song?

  75. Juan Medina

    Juan MedinaKun oldin

    Kelly is so funny 😂 I love her 😍

  76. Gabriella Esposito

    Gabriella EspositoKun oldin

    This is sooooooooo sweet. They sang, AAAAAAA NICK JONAS, song Jelous. I love the way they sang it a lot!

  77. Rysa Chibana

    Rysa ChibanaKun oldin

    Vanishing?!! Mandi got taste! Rooting for you, fellow Lambily! Kisses from Japan!

  78. .

    .Kun oldin

    the son who's too cool to be happy for his mom is bugging me

  79. Rai Rachman

    Rai RachmanKun oldin

    team nick

  80. Rai Rachman

    Rai RachmanKun oldin

    of course im in team nick now. kelly i adore u but nick team owhhh killer performance

  81. Lindy Gamolo

    Lindy GamoloKun oldin

    Joei's voice is something else, but hey Todd's a real deal. I'm rooting for Todd.

  82. Michaela Dale

    Michaela DaleKun oldin

    Anyone notice Kelly and most of the performers from idol who have a powerful voice like hers if they are put in a group they're voice overpowers whoever around em ahhaaha

  83. Jamie Chen

    Jamie ChenKun oldin


  84. Theresa Hallare-Palec

    Theresa Hallare-PalecKun oldin

    Nick ain't come to play. Hello Nick!!!

  85. Delicia Bartee

    Delicia BarteeKun oldin

    Them runs at the end thoooo🔥

  86. John Kowbel

    John KowbelKun oldin

    Absolutely love that tone. Sounds alot like Addison egen♥️

  87. Delicia Bartee

    Delicia BarteeKun oldin

    Loving the 70’s look she rocking also her voice

  88. Juan Medina

    Juan MedinaKun oldin

    You can have my jacket’ 😅😅 that was a knock out 🤛🏼

  89. Cooper Phillips

    Cooper PhillipsKun oldin

    Jamal sounded horrible. I mean my God

  90. Ivana Pamela

    Ivana PamelaKun oldin

    1:28 this part is so satisfying

  91. Diana Eddy

    Diana EddyKun oldin

    Allegra's singing pulls your soul out nice and smoothly.

  92. Andrey Sanches

    Andrey SanchesKun oldin

    Todd is my fav this season for sure

  93. Diante Embers

    Diante EmbersKun oldin

    After this I would like to hear him sing a little bit of Maxwell

  94. Sophie Xia

    Sophie XiaKun oldin

    What does ‘get it’ mean when Kelly said it?

  95. Moriah Lee

    Moriah LeeKun oldin

    she belongs on “a colors show” ASAP, her vibe is so perfectly matched and deserving

  96. CaliLife

    CaliLifeKun oldin

    Juan Gabriel - Asi Fue. One of the most famous song this man wrote out of thousands this dude was a LEGEND!!!!!

  97. Pretty Mhae

    Pretty MhaeKun oldin

    Oh Levi! Such a babyyy 😍🥰

  98. Aj Vaimoso

    Aj VaimosoKun oldin

    Damn and he went on to get top pick in the nba draft 🔥 Zion a great

  99. Robert Flores

    Robert FloresKun oldin

    Kelly is so underestimated, she has such a beautiful voice with such killer songs ! Idk why but i feel like she's not as praised as other artist in the buisness *not throwing shade* she is pure talent and has had to work for everything she has earned, she deserves the world ! Love you miss independent kelly clarkson