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  1. Erin Julia

    Erin Julia3 soat oldin

    When Melissa was talking about Maddie, i was like what about Mackenzie? Did she forget that she has 2 angels

  2. brianna smalls

    brianna smalls3 soat oldin

    I understand where terra and tonya are coming from because Matt really is trash but they went about it all wrong. You have to let ppl live and learn through their own experience. Trying to force feed a life lesson isn’t gana help anyone. If anything you’ll just end up losing a friend cause they’ll feel like your fighting against them instead of looking out for their best interest

  3. Tere Uminga

    Tere Uminga3 soat oldin

    Abby is so bad i wish she can be in the jail

  4. oscar agudelo

    oscar agudelo3 soat oldin

    2:55 me at work most the day minding my own business like....

  5. Georgia Campbell

    Georgia Campbell3 soat oldin

    Isn’t the necklace Melissa is wearing Holly’s? Bc holly wears a necklace pretty much identical

  6. Levy Vanderpool

    Levy Vanderpool3 soat oldin

    Wait, so Terra’s other friend and business partner is also black? And she came up with the name? Then what’s the problem 😂 a white person cant invest in a brand created by a black person?

  7. Sunshine Living

    Sunshine Living3 soat oldin

    It’s awesome that their conversation was peaceful and respectful. Good for her for addressing the inconsistency in his words and actions. It’s sad for him because he may often function in a way that he says what people want to hear behind closed doors. Therapy would help him. 💛🌅

  8. My Reborn World

    My Reborn World3 soat oldin

    Poor Chloe she was better

  9. Cris Rdz Rago

    Cris Rdz Rago3 soat oldin


  10. shanice anderson

    shanice anderson3 soat oldin

    This deserved first

  11. Lulu Chang

    Lulu Chang3 soat oldin

    Melissa’s voice in the beginning 🐭 🐭 🐭

  12. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily4 soat oldin

    3:45 melissa bopping gets me everytime

  13. Michelle Recinos

    Michelle Recinos4 soat oldin

    Whenever I see these shows where moms fight in these type of shows i always say “dis not love and hip hop” -,-

  14. alliexbell Roblox

    alliexbell Roblox4 soat oldin

    The judges HEADS!

  15. Alexa Ragudo

    Alexa Ragudo4 soat oldin

    holly: im not gunna say anything im not gunna say anything also Holly: imma go down there and tell aby why she will pull nias solo😂

  16. нεηтαι

    нεηтαι4 soat oldin

    Is That A Pad...

  17. Darren O'Hara

    Darren O'Hara4 soat oldin

    Why is Kristie with a K always wearing something strapless?

  18. Daisy Stewart

    Daisy Stewart4 soat oldin

    Gianna the sass the sass😂😂😂

  19. Shondeta Wright

    Shondeta Wright4 soat oldin

    Brianna 😆😆😆😅😅😅😄😄...... Was out of She was not playing about the stripper..... But on another note I understand her not feeling 100% not all women like male strippers LMAO

  20. Lyb and mol Singing

    Lyb and mol Singing4 soat oldin

    I felt like Justin bieber for a second

  21. *GEMINEYE *

    *GEMINEYE *4 soat oldin

    It's called EXERCISE Minnie. She can still walk etc so it ain't that hard. Mind over Matter baby.

  22. Ella

    Ella4 soat oldin

    I swear to god, holly is the mother mom who is actually sane.

  23. Devera Coffey

    Devera Coffey4 soat oldin

    How old is Brianna in this season? She’s aged a lot since season 1..

  24. Brianacorn 45

    Brianacorn 454 soat oldin

    I really liked this dance. The song and choreography and message was really good ❤️

  25. Darren O'Hara

    Darren O'Hara4 soat oldin

    Kristie really needs to sort them eyes out

  26. 1000 subs with no videos challenge

    1000 subs with no videos challenge4 soat oldin

    I don’t get why it’s such a big deal to put her hair up?😂

  27. angelgrace220722 Sunshine

    angelgrace220722 Sunshine4 soat oldin

    Jeaus christ these women act like children

  28. Gracie Sings

    Gracie Sings4 soat oldin

    That was over a week ogo 😂😳

  29. Amelia Broadley

    Amelia Broadley4 soat oldin

    Nobody remember this is the day Melissa storms out and leaves a Maddie but takes Mackenzie 😖💔

  30. Nyla douglas

    Nyla douglas4 soat oldin


  31. Mrs. Marcie Smith

    Mrs. Marcie Smith4 soat oldin

    Beautiful Worship dance. DD4L!

  32. Rachael Whittingham

    Rachael Whittingham4 soat oldin

    I wish I had a opportunity like that my mom and dad can’t afford anything like this I’m self taught dancer and gymnastic

  33. Minecraft Tips 'n' tricks with Erin

    Minecraft Tips 'n' tricks with Erin4 soat oldin

    Stay strong, Abby.

  34. Immie&ella Badger

    Immie&ella Badger4 soat oldin

    I Love 💓 you

  35. kemyria ward

    kemyria ward4 soat oldin


  36. Juvy Apdol

    Juvy Apdol4 soat oldin

    The way Peyton's mom wants her kid to join Candy Apples to prove ALDC that she is better than anyone else is just so irritating. Can't you understand that Peyton is taller and older than those other kids when she first auditioned on Abby?

  37. Harmonizer

    Harmonizer4 soat oldin

    Lily: “the norris nuts!!” Me: HELLLO YEAHHHHH LEGENDS FOR EVERRRRRR

  38. LPS Ferret

    LPS Ferret4 soat oldin

    Kenzie is so much better than Asia so why did Kristie say Asia was “held back” in the dance with Kenzie also like if u think Kenzie was better

  39. SimplyKie

    SimplyKie4 soat oldin

    When your friend is dealing with a trash friend, support is a big thing! Terra and Tonya don’t have to like Matt, but if they cared about Brianna, they should have just been there and told her how dope she is and how much they loved her


    GACHA ROSE4 soat oldin

    Debbie said herself in the beginning, she’d be ready for anything Abby threw at her. First day of work, and she just makes Abby sit on the side, and create a hostile environment. She didn’t deserve help from anyone, and she knows that.

  41. killab

    killab4 soat oldin

    Tanya so pretty

  42. Elina Khon

    Elina Khon4 soat oldin

    Abby: Payton, you are dismissed. Jill: 🙂 Jill’s mind: YES! MY LITTLE KENDALL HAS A CHANCE!

  43. Nilram Nikakhtar

    Nilram Nikakhtar4 soat oldin

    I think that jojo should win because she is a big diva

  44. ·._.· m o o n x k i s s e d ·._.·

    ·._.· m o o n x k i s s e d ·._.·4 soat oldin

    Literally no one: Absolutely no one: *every person on dance moms*: *owns Louis Vuttion hand bag* * cries in poverty*

  45. there’s a snake in my boot

    there’s a snake in my boot4 soat oldin

    i never even noticed how flexible sarah is until she kicked her leg behind her head like that

  46. Joseph Narvaez

    Joseph Narvaez4 soat oldin

    Bruh they just embarrassed themselves

  47. Chervi Macherla

    Chervi Macherla4 soat oldin

    The ending through me off " My turns were good mommy" what are you seven

  48. Antanasia Coleman

    Antanasia Coleman4 soat oldin

    Red look good on juicy

  49. Erin Officer

    Erin Officer4 soat oldin

    Love Dance Moms

  50. Maddy Blechschmidt

    Maddy Blechschmidt4 soat oldin

    holly be like “but u just got the jacket”

  51. T. W.

    T. W.4 soat oldin

    Omggg im so readyyyyy!!

  52. Simardeep SOMAL

    Simardeep SOMAL4 soat oldin

    That cry was not Maddie's cry

  53. EliannaGames 10*Fortnite Online*

    EliannaGames 10*Fortnite Online*4 soat oldin

    "I think the garbage needs to be taken out and I think that starts with YOU*me: OOOOH ROASTED

  54. Carmen B.

    Carmen B.4 soat oldin

    i haye gianna lol

  55. Wweird _Eclipse

    Wweird _Eclipse4 soat oldin

    How come Maddie and Madison has my name? ;w;

  56. Jake Garcia

    Jake Garcia4 soat oldin

    I fw Eli and his pops 🚫🧢 he really a underdog and wild humble.

  57. Abigail Heffernan

    Abigail Heffernan4 soat oldin

    “Brinn is the same level as maddie” Me no she’s not 😂

  58. from ariana can ,you make bandist vidio.

    from ariana can ,you make bandist vidio.4 soat oldin

    Yveety is evil and shelfish

  59. Amber Derion

    Amber Derion4 soat oldin

    Nobody's on my side . that means you should take a look at yourself and that you've done something wrong

  60. Erica y Karime

    Erica y Karime4 soat oldin

    It's weird that brooke and Brandon was kinda matching clothes when they were in there date 😮

  61. Halie Bugg

    Halie Bugg4 soat oldin

    So as any one seen this part Christy was in

  62. Laarni Clob

    Laarni Clob4 soat oldin

    I HATE Jojo siwa

  63. Shondeta Wright

    Shondeta Wright4 soat oldin

    I'm so disappointed in Terra and Tonya you guys are disgusting for the way that you're acting in the way that you're treating Brianna it's hard to see the way that you guys are acting andand I don't even know how I feel about watching the next episode from what I seen Terra and Tonya are out of line and very disrespectful and and their characteristics is very ugly and very disturbing

  64. Amanda Petrovah

    Amanda Petrovah4 soat oldin

    Why does that fat girl keep saying shes skinny? Shes on a show about big girls and dating....

  65. Elisa Harley

    Elisa Harley4 soat oldin

    Did anyone else see Melissa do this 🤟at 3:37.Which is one of the things Abby hates the most

  66. CHOC CHIP Games

    CHOC CHIP Games4 soat oldin

    I felt so bad for the kids when he was saying how good maddy is

  67. Myah Magpayo

    Myah Magpayo4 soat oldin

    ABBY IS DA BEST...!!!! 👇🏼

  68. Oft Mochi Gacha

    Oft Mochi Gacha4 soat oldin

    Sarah is so cutee 🤗❤


    CAMOFLAJ JONES4 soat oldin

    Why Kayla look like Pusha T lil sister

  70. Georgia Campbell

    Georgia Campbell4 soat oldin

    0:36 Christy’s eyes said 👁👁

  71. Netta2

    Netta24 soat oldin

    “I’ve spent most of 20’s girl” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️ Most of what again??? And the girl @10:02 you called the man out of his name and he unloaded on you??? How?? A woman that disrespects a mans manhood is NOT destined to not be with any man! PeriodT.

  72. Mia Guerra

    Mia Guerra4 soat oldin

    Awwww Maddie is such a good big sister💖💖

  73. Shondeta Wright

    Shondeta Wright4 soat oldin

    TARA..... Mind your own business.....about Brianna's family is not your family it's not your business mind your business and let it go leave her family business alone lig it it's not your family

  74. kitsana katsana

    kitsana katsana4 soat oldin

    abby could been like ”Yeah, i already planned that Nia was gonna be in the trio” instead yelling

  75. Shondeta Wright

    Shondeta Wright4 soat oldin

    despite the fact that he has relationship is not as strong as it used to be that still your friend and you still have feelings for herso it's either two things you be a big girl and be honest with her and let her know how you really feel or you put your feelings aside and support her through her bachelorette party example as thatis it the end of the day you're still going to communicate with her you're still going to work with her on this show

  76. StarBloomLunaAnikaApril SBLAA

    StarBloomLunaAnikaApril SBLAA4 soat oldin

    That dude is my favorite Periodt

  77. Amber Derion

    Amber Derion4 soat oldin

    I am sorry but Christy is a friggen bully

  78. Shondeta Wright

    Shondeta Wright4 soat oldin

    And if you guys don't want to go then don't godon't be upset with Brianna for not speaking up about how she feels because Terra and Tonya just did the same thing not being honest about their feelings

  79. Netta2

    Netta24 soat oldin

    Fools you married a stranger....I ain’t got nothing else 😭😭😭😭😭😭 lmaooooooooooo

  80. Shondeta Wright

    Shondeta Wright4 soat oldin

    Tanya and Tara they could have talked about their conversation in the differences about the bachelorette party at a different time they did not have to get up and make a scene and make everybody feel some type

  81. Rebouchecca ._.

    Rebouchecca ._.4 soat oldin

    They made Maddie say that she was jeleous. Maddie also got a summer scholarship too. They make her look like a brat. It's really not fair.

  82. Amber Derion

    Amber Derion4 soat oldin

    That producer and other staff are super nice . cant we all be good humans?

  83. Renee Harbek

    Renee Harbek4 soat oldin

    MS juicy baby lookin like a Plumpy Blueberry with red hair dye

  84. Ty ty Ty

    Ty ty Ty4 soat oldin

    Madison reminds me of a mini version of Camryn😭

  85. regin oakman

    regin oakman5 soat oldin

    Hey, does anyone know of a totally free streaming site to watch reality shows??

  86. Leen Bakhsh

    Leen Bakhsh5 soat oldin

    I love Mackenzie!!!!!!!!!!

  87. oomybeauty

    oomybeauty5 soat oldin

    P.s. the people who leave the cult need professional counseling, & support groups. They also need to be trained to conceal and carry, and self defense. Also I would totally pack heat visiting FLDS anything, as they are armed and dangerous.

  88. spookyreindeerx S

    spookyreindeerx S5 soat oldin

    Tonya know she isn’t allergic to synthetic hair. Why is she always so negative. She just wanted a trip. Always so negative. She needs to go. I get Matt isn’t what she supports but she needs to take SEVERAL seats.

  89. Nyla douglas

    Nyla douglas5 soat oldin

    Was this before Matt cheated?

  90. Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez5 soat oldin

    Lolly was wayyy out of pocket. Even though the girls didn't like kayla, they respected her enough to not mess around with her and to let it be what it is. Neither Kayla or Lolly was in the right and should've looked to God instead of just reacting.

  91. Hello Jordy

    Hello Jordy5 soat oldin

    Put it on hulu

  92. Teresa Richardson

    Teresa Richardson5 soat oldin

    The saying is,"correct me when or if I'm wrong. So them not saying something WAS on your side. Wink wink..they're trying to eat too

  93. Kiela Kalamau

    Kiela Kalamau5 soat oldin

    I get she was pissy her daughter lost the chance to dance but to be as petty to be like oh my daughter got 2 points more as if that makes a difference and what’s worse is she said it in front of Sarah, she’s a child. Don’t get mad at her that your daughter couldn’t pull off the dance

  94. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell5 soat oldin

    I wonder how Fred is doing was so heartwarming to see him getting the care he needed ❤️ also, i personally think that the insider could be jennifer (who went back into the order and married michael) but that’s just my idea. they said at the end “since i’ve been back in the order” so it made me wonder.

  95. Slattt Jr

    Slattt Jr5 soat oldin

    Terra is ABSURD

  96. Teresa Richardson

    Teresa Richardson5 soat oldin

    Wow A Van situation. That moment you think your family and NO your just black. I hate the race card pulling, but yeah

  97. Eveya zamora

    Eveya zamora5 soat oldin

    Tonya needs to relax

  98. Zy Zy

    Zy Zy5 soat oldin

    LMFAOOOOOO i love them !

  99. Bo Liu

    Bo Liu5 soat oldin

    Braddy should win

  100. Bo Liu

    Bo Liu5 soat oldin

    Braddy Braddy Braddy