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Funniest KNOCK OFF Brands
Worst Haircut FAILS
  1. Sophia Schiff

    Sophia Schiff7 soat oldin

    I know you like satisfying things. You should react to tattoo removal on tiktok. Ok that sounds weird but it’s so satisfying. One persons tiktok account is called @disappearingink.

  2. Sylvia Hamilton

    Sylvia Hamilton7 soat oldin

    And pretty gross 🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢

  3. Lililana Vejar

    Lililana Vejar7 soat oldin

    Go texas

  4. XxAriana_ PlayzXx

    XxAriana_ PlayzXx7 soat oldin

    that spolied gurl yuckk

  5. Sahalie Michie

    Sahalie Michie7 soat oldin

    Yeah it was just put in reverse

  6. Adrianna Czewski

    Adrianna Czewski7 soat oldin

    do another omegle vid

  7. Xiaoyong Shen

    Xiaoyong Shen7 soat oldin

    Siri, what the heck

  8. Deana Mesman

    Deana Mesman7 soat oldin

    My mom when the weather is nice: NO GOING OUTSIDE My mom in quarantine: c'mon everyone, we're going outside!!!!

  9. Isabel Cordray

    Isabel Cordray7 soat oldin

    Chalk candy still exists I had it in second grade and on Halloween last year.(I’m in fourth grade now)

  10. Afrim Zilbeari

    Afrim Zilbeari7 soat oldin

    I watch this long time ago but didn't comment and when sssniper wolf was thinking for the question I was like C THATS CORRECR C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Imani’s Gaming and More

    Imani’s Gaming and More7 soat oldin

    She changed me on my bed

  12. Batttle Hawk

    Batttle Hawk7 soat oldin

    my mom told my sister the pinata one i think she doesn't wanna grow up

  13. I AM NOT Albert

    I AM NOT Albert7 soat oldin

    The sister at 20% I would arrest her for charging phone and she gets 8 life sentences

  14. Violet_the Gachatuber

    Violet_the Gachatuber7 soat oldin

    I called my mom lazy and she went on with things she does LIKE ITS A JOKE OK SWEETIE

  15. claire randall

    claire randall7 soat oldin

    I know what the hole is it was a big like tube that was giantgantick and one day there was a flud and it went her than the tube so it will deep going in like that so ye

  16. Jacob hurley

    Jacob hurley7 soat oldin

    U said wow and u did not tack a life of

  17. cesia alfaro

    cesia alfaro7 soat oldin

    B**** isn't making any sense MY BRAIN OS FRIED😢😭

  18. Emery Sunshine

    Emery Sunshine7 soat oldin


  19. the rat that is cool

    the rat that is cool7 soat oldin


  20. FortniteG0d Rj

    FortniteG0d Rj7 soat oldin

    Why you talking about the black people like that and not the white people

  21. Steven Zachary & Sophia’s Adventures

    Steven Zachary & Sophia’s Adventures7 soat oldin

    You killed your child

  22. Morgan Wyatt

    Morgan Wyatt7 soat oldin

    HOW do you found they assume🏭🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠

  23. Mariee Mari

    Mariee Mari7 soat oldin

    vaccums suck

  24. just a random person w

    just a random person w7 soat oldin

    I was watching this and then my step dad handed me a ice cream sandwich I was like oooh thank you

  25. Ishana Leo

    Ishana Leo7 soat oldin

    She said wow but she did not notice

  26. Noriah Desroches

    Noriah Desroches7 soat oldin


  27. Terri Watson

    Terri Watson7 soat oldin

    She said wow at 4:15

  28. lawrence neal

    lawrence neal7 soat oldin

    I am offended because my family is not American

  29. blue jelly 19

    blue jelly 197 soat oldin

    No because the Corona virus

  30. Robert Sohl

    Robert Sohl7 soat oldin

    You look like a yandere

  31. Yolanda Suina

    Yolanda Suina7 soat oldin

    Love it.😍

  32. • Soft iiPanda •

    • Soft iiPanda •7 soat oldin

    You cry I laugh

  33. Kaylee D

    Kaylee D7 soat oldin

    On the first one when they made a bouncey ball egg thing and colored it blue it came off onto the counter (not sssniperwolf) the one she was watching

  34. Sylvia Hamilton

    Sylvia Hamilton7 soat oldin

    Crunchy.!!!!. And poor mr. crabs 🦀

  35. Zoie Hymel

    Zoie Hymel7 soat oldin

    Poop is poison so don't eat it

  36. Lila Ernst

    Lila Ernst7 soat oldin


  37. Jamie4rm Ireland

    Jamie4rm Ireland7 soat oldin

    Found out my 8yr old watches sniper wolf. I Told her she was a bad person & we watched pewdiepie's video about her together 😁

  38. Supreme_- Aiden

    Supreme_- Aiden7 soat oldin

    I’m in 5th and I havent

  39. Justin Timberlake

    Justin Timberlake7 soat oldin

    Sssniperwolf: try not to say wow Me: try not to laugh

  40. Sydplayzz Gacha

    Sydplayzz Gacha7 soat oldin

    Who else laughed at ashes head looking up and down

  41. Panda Nation

    Panda Nation7 soat oldin

    I would take and then tell

  42. Jamie Dunsmore

    Jamie Dunsmore7 soat oldin

    Hi sssniperwolf

  43. Zoie Hymel

    Zoie Hymel7 soat oldin

    Poop is poison so don't eat it

  44. Mira Lambert

    Mira Lambert7 soat oldin

    I never were a bra. I wear a champion hoodie cuz it's freezing. Problem solved, also I can tell when kids need a bra but nobody says anything. EVER. And I'm in elementary. Sooo, He just a perv, we good girls

  45. Mary Hendrix

    Mary Hendrix7 soat oldin

    4:15 🤷‍♀️

  46. Nilla Bear Gacha

    Nilla Bear Gacha7 soat oldin

    You said WOW my very own Lexi's apron and didn't count it

  47. Amia Zandee Ally Gamutin

    Amia Zandee Ally Gamutin7 soat oldin

    This is making me Hungry

  48. Vilma Hernandez

    Vilma Hernandez7 soat oldin

    I do5 really like yr hair!!

  49. Unicorn Queen

    Unicorn Queen7 soat oldin

    I literally never say wow at theses challenges but in real life i say wow soo much. Like if repeatable.

  50. Amy Skelton

    Amy Skelton7 soat oldin

    =w= like meh comment if you hate school

  51. Rachel Santos

    Rachel Santos7 soat oldin

    Sorry sssniperwolf but at 4:43 u said "wow"

  52. Lucy Hawlin

    Lucy Hawlin7 soat oldin

    no cap she is acting like a Karen on steroids

  53. Diya Narayan

    Diya Narayan7 soat oldin

    Do you have kids sizes?

  54. Ban Cardenas

    Ban Cardenas7 soat oldin

    Sniper wolf I know where to make a secret door First find a room no you don’t need a bookshelf to it on the door then that’s your room

  55. gachagirl gachagirl

    gachagirl gachagirl7 soat oldin

    I think when the head the pig clip it was in reverse

  56. Eleanor Wrisinger

    Eleanor Wrisinger7 soat oldin

    She could have said ground beef on the ground

  57. Adam Richter

    Adam Richter7 soat oldin

    I find this very offensive because I am a big gamer and spend a lot of my own money for these kinds of things

  58. Maia Callaghan

    Maia Callaghan7 soat oldin

    Jack and Jill are f%/£&ing brother and sister 🤢🤮

  59. xxpolar robloxX

    xxpolar robloxX7 soat oldin

    Mom and dad : we guna have a new kid Me: is it a attack helicopter??!!! 5 older brothers: no its a not stick Me: wrong its a stick

  60. kind of a nerd

    kind of a nerd7 soat oldin

    1:14 Todoroki is triggered

  61. blue jelly 19

    blue jelly 197 soat oldin


  62. Diana Hernandez

    Diana Hernandez7 soat oldin

    BUG TIME *BIG TIME * 😂😂😂😂

  63. Peyton Arabella

    Peyton Arabella7 soat oldin

    Man don’t you just hate when someone pulls you in the bathroom to kiss you smh

  64. Gloria Ramirez

    Gloria Ramirez7 soat oldin

    I would send you a package but I can’t because I am in quarantine😔😢🥺🙁

  65. Ashley

    Ashley7 soat oldin

    Omg my teacher did that to us last year

  66. nandita kumar

    nandita kumar7 soat oldin

    Is it not possible that the peppa pig clip was in reverse? Like if possible😀

  67. Katalina Capote

    Katalina Capote7 soat oldin

    2nd girl: if u r riding an airplane u would just fall out me in the background: FREAKING STUPIDITY U WOULDN'T EVEN BE ABLE TO RIDE A SKATEBOARD

  68. Makayla Betsinger

    Makayla Betsinger7 soat oldin

    this might not be a wierd combo but peanut butter and cheese sandwhichs

  69. Jaggar Dan

    Jaggar Dan7 soat oldin

    Calls!! Lol

  70. wild wonderer

    wild wonderer7 soat oldin

    I saw someone! But who in 2020

  71. Robert Sohl

    Robert Sohl7 soat oldin

    Maybe ill give u a anime bodypillow

  72. Maty Diagne

    Maty Diagne7 soat oldin

    The egg is so satisfying

  73. Kylie Switzer

    Kylie Switzer7 soat oldin

    At 4:15 she said wow and did not realize like this if u realized

  74. Robin List

    Robin List7 soat oldin


  75. AceChopperDog Gaming

    AceChopperDog Gaming7 soat oldin

    The Peppa Pig was in reverse

  76. Josephinemomofjadin McNair

    Josephinemomofjadin McNair7 soat oldin


  77. Alexia Gedde

    Alexia Gedde7 soat oldin

    Anyone else catch when she said wow but didn’t catch it

  78. Nilla Bear Gacha

    Nilla Bear Gacha7 soat oldin

    The pig didn't "spawn" from the ground. If you where wondering it's a backwards rolling clip of him melting cotton candy into a puddle.

  79. S Bataille

    S Bataille7 soat oldin

    I am also in A/V Club. “A/V MATTERS LIVES TOO! A/V MATTERS LIVES TOO!” Don’t ask...

  80. Lynelle Rennis

    Lynelle Rennis7 soat oldin

    like mcdonles sell human meat and house meat omg so WE EAT HUMAN AND HOurse meat !!!

  81. Zflamingo102 zarah

    Zflamingo102 zarah7 soat oldin

    Everything is illegal 🚫

  82. M Cannon

    M Cannon7 soat oldin

    Lias words "wow! You got me a brand new lexas apron."

  83. Aryan Wynn

    Aryan Wynn7 soat oldin

    uuuuuuu nast

  84. Samuel Craig

    Samuel Craig7 soat oldin

    Hi Olga

  85. ¿ÜʂēӀĕ§ś-Ɠåçհã?

    ¿ÜʂēӀĕ§ś-Ɠåçհã?7 soat oldin

    Your puppy be, "Mom? WHO YOU TALKIN' TOO??" Also, I think she wants to leave. Lol-

  86. Robert Sohl

    Robert Sohl7 soat oldin

    Make one for 2020 wait for a suprise

  87. Loraibi Galvez

    Loraibi Galvez7 soat oldin


  88. Nave Nairda

    Nave Nairda7 soat oldin

    How many people drop right before finals?

  89. Blaze Girl Daughter of hestia made from the hearth

    Blaze Girl Daughter of hestia made from the hearth7 soat oldin

    I'm addicted to Gaming And watching SSSniperwolf videos I can't stop Lia's personality is funny and sarcastic it's the perfect combination

  90. Sam Nim

    Sam Nim7 soat oldin

    what name that game

  91. Mixed Beats

    Mixed Beats7 soat oldin

    Right after emmys combs vid he starts talking about cancer SMH no hate I love you

  92. Yessenia Garcia

    Yessenia Garcia7 soat oldin

    Sssniperwolf your meh favorite youtuber

  93. Ileen Lopez

    Ileen Lopez7 soat oldin


  94. Daphne Mathews

    Daphne Mathews7 soat oldin

    Lia: U can’t lay in a car wash that’s illegal. Me: maybe not in Japan or wherever they live

  95. Angel Moreno

    Angel Moreno7 soat oldin

    Entity 303

  96. Sarah Carlson

    Sarah Carlson7 soat oldin

    Hai olda

  97. Artsy Sabs

    Artsy Sabs7 soat oldin

    Oof its happened twice when someone opened the door when I was going to the bathroom. But I was probably just a moron who forgot to lock the door. Happened in elementary and high school 🙃 Also I so heckin rarely wear a belt so 😔

  98. shauly Perez

    shauly Perez7 soat oldin

    And also... Has any one thought that schools are VERY overprotective? No? Just me? Okay then.... T^T

  99. gacha life wolfies cookies

    gacha life wolfies cookies7 soat oldin

    XD kids these days

  100. Katerina Carr

    Katerina Carr7 soat oldin

    The Justin Bieber one tho...