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  1. Sugbear 2010

    Sugbear 20103 soat oldin

    Girl I got the flu

  2. XxGhostSharkGamer _101

    XxGhostSharkGamer _1013 soat oldin

    i think i know what video your watching lol 😂

  3. Its Saphy

    Its Saphy3 soat oldin

    “Grow some f*cking hair” she has hair u dumbass

  4. ruby

    ruby3 soat oldin

    Is a dragon an everyday object???

  5. Jesi Edwards

    Jesi Edwards3 soat oldin


  6. Leafy Leaves

    Leafy Leaves3 soat oldin

    They are actors on what would you do

  7. Dianee Gonzalez

    Dianee Gonzalez3 soat oldin


  8. Carliecailie Star

    Carliecailie Star3 soat oldin

    Yes private school food is better public school food

  9. David Tpro

    David Tpro3 soat oldin

    I need a hug

  10. Bowl of * Pasta

    Bowl of * Pasta3 soat oldin

    KFC's spicy chicken wings be teaching me. I call myself lucky.

  11. Katron05

    Katron053 soat oldin

    Omg so amazing

  12. rishal Ramlall

    rishal Ramlall3 soat oldin

    That lady is a boomer lol

  13. Adeption

    Adeption3 soat oldin

    You better do that william. You payed for your own xbox so nobody shouldn't have touched it.

  14. Graig Y Rhacca Primary Nursery and Community School

    Graig Y Rhacca Primary Nursery and Community School3 soat oldin

    sxy balls

  15. harata Matika

    harata Matika3 soat oldin


  16. Tulay Alfayoumi

    Tulay Alfayoumi3 soat oldin

    Love ur vids gurlll

  17. Miso Hoshi

    Miso Hoshi3 soat oldin


  18. Mary-Jean DIYS

    Mary-Jean DIYS3 soat oldin

    I don’t think they were grapes I think they were white currents

  19. KillerEmirhan1

    KillerEmirhan13 soat oldin

    There's alot of poor people there that kid has to stop flexing before she gets poor too

  20. Taylor Lehtinen

    Taylor Lehtinen3 soat oldin

    I did this already

  21. Vlogul Papusilor

    Vlogul Papusilor3 soat oldin

    So,I'm from Romania and vampires are not a thing here.We just have a castel where "Count Dracula" lived many years ago

  22. Queen Chukwuka

    Queen Chukwuka3 soat oldin

    the last one got me

  23. James Walker

    James Walker3 soat oldin

    It's sir for the GameStop guy

  24. Little Cutie

    Little Cutie3 soat oldin

    I love her laugh 😂

  25. Meriem Addich

    Meriem Addich3 soat oldin

    Little lia

  26. ashley king

    ashley king3 soat oldin

    U look like a bat :3

  27. Alfie Palyzgames

    Alfie Palyzgames3 soat oldin

    anyone Jan uary 2020


    MAWADDAH BINTI ZAKARIA Moe3 soat oldin

    Is that yeontan's twin?..

  29. Ayko YUNGBLUD

    Ayko YUNGBLUD3 soat oldin

    Umm cucumbers and cucumelons umm yeah about that. Cucumelons still exist btw and it's when u mix a cucumber plant with a melon plant xx

  30. Dawn Fonville

    Dawn Fonville3 soat oldin

    The one with tape and the answers on the paper works but you just have to write with pencil

  31. Dylan Lo

    Dylan Lo3 soat oldin

    Not me

  32. Fortnite Pro 16

    Fortnite Pro 163 soat oldin


  33. Baku . Gou

    Baku . Gou3 soat oldin


  34. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy3 soat oldin

    everyone: we love all the content. Me; i miss yessaca and the weaves, also the reaction vids

  35. Aya Mekkari

    Aya Mekkari3 soat oldin

    The universe


    ALVARO OLGA3 soat oldin

    u did sed wow 2 taimz sori u nou wot hapenz nou SSSniprWolf

  37. Sarah Alrammahi

    Sarah Alrammahi3 soat oldin

    I get 20 or 40 dollar a month

  38. lynnツ

    lynnツ3 soat oldin

    Can we just take a moment how many times she said butter😂

  39. Hayley Jernigan

    Hayley Jernigan3 soat oldin

    Yes I would

  40. o0 Amer 0o

    o0 Amer 0o3 soat oldin

    Bone apple teeth

  41. Sophia Dumphrey

    Sophia Dumphrey3 soat oldin

    But yet I don't have shaving cream to pervent my mirror from fogging up........

  42. galaxy_ cat

    galaxy_ cat3 soat oldin

    I am a kid with a dirty dirty mind...i did not saw dolphins at first

  43. Dionne Carmichael

    Dionne Carmichael3 soat oldin


  44. Eva DoesntKnowHerName

    Eva DoesntKnowHerName3 soat oldin


  45. Nia Russell

    Nia Russell3 soat oldin


  46. random army

    random army3 soat oldin



    MR MCVEYMAN GAMING3 soat oldin

    I can tell that guy is a virgin

  48. Daisie Jackson

    Daisie Jackson3 soat oldin

    i never knew you were from England before i was mind blow :O

  49. Llama girl 123

    Llama girl 1233 soat oldin

    I can’t breathe without Oxygen

  50. Sophia Dumphrey

    Sophia Dumphrey3 soat oldin

    *Looks at the title of the video u watched in ur underwear* Me: Looks it up on yt then watches it

  51. Ijlaal Ahmed

    Ijlaal Ahmed3 soat oldin

    They look worse then me and that's rare

  52. Maria Eduarda

    Maria Eduarda3 soat oldin

    Gurl I'm Brazilian and she didn't say in Spanish but in Portuguese, Lol I'm not being mean I'm just helping :)

  53. kalie pickline

    kalie pickline3 soat oldin

    The dogs are like oh hell no

  54. Kittykorn Gamer

    Kittykorn Gamer3 soat oldin

    Why are you NOT family friendly?

  55. Bryan Hansen

    Bryan Hansen3 soat oldin


  56. Brooklyn Weatherhead

    Brooklyn Weatherhead3 soat oldin

    Sssniperwolf scared Me laughing 😂 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  57. AK_ Lexi

    AK_ Lexi3 soat oldin

    Every little like beggar : LIKe SsSnIpERWoLf CoMMemT ToMatO TriShA It's obvious everybody likes more Lia.

  58. COOT Boba Wølf

    COOT Boba Wølf3 soat oldin

    Tomato Trisha: *starts singing* My ears: Ight, imma head out

  59. itink isbine

    itink isbine3 soat oldin

    I want a bagel😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. Mr Khan

    Mr Khan3 soat oldin

    0:18 you ugly it looks like you are a dimeon

  61. Taika Uskali

    Taika Uskali3 soat oldin

    *Ah yes-, my favourite animal James charles*

  62. Vera Manders

    Vera Manders3 soat oldin

    Love you’r outfit today!😍

  63. beast killer

    beast killer3 soat oldin


  64. HumbleBee Prod

    HumbleBee Prod3 soat oldin

    Omg, the elmo hand puppet thing, either he was doing it with his toe or..his...thing..i just wanted to tell you guys what i think it is cause oyu might be confused..

  65. Danny Wilson

    Danny Wilson3 soat oldin

    Search Wizard of Oz and click Dorothy’s shoes :O) 👠👠

  66. Lilly Trauterman

    Lilly Trauterman3 soat oldin

    You’re my favorite you’re so entertaining

  67. Vytautas Tralalaika

    Vytautas Tralalaika3 soat oldin

    The stik ore no stik is d ore no d

  68. Dance monkey demi Poppy

    Dance monkey demi Poppy3 soat oldin

    For the drinking one you should of got a straw

  69. Christian Rivera

    Christian Rivera3 soat oldin

    I got 14 kills in a solo .

  70. Rebeca Zhang

    Rebeca Zhang3 soat oldin

    Why I have a feeling that I’m a mistake 🤔 .........😢

  71. Meh X

    Meh X3 soat oldin

    This happened in town near mine, a girl wore super baggy clothes all the time and had her baby on the living room floor and nobody knew she was pregnant, not even her. She was like 19 so it was not that bad but it was a shock.

  72. isidro garcia

    isidro garcia3 soat oldin

    Yes you scared me

  73. Devan Williams

    Devan Williams3 soat oldin

    Yeah I am at a private school and the school gets food from restaurants and we even have breakfast sometimes!

  74. Brianna Rodriguez

    Brianna Rodriguez3 soat oldin

    Am I the only one that is watching this in 2020

  75. Laken Butler

    Laken Butler3 soat oldin

    16-8=8 5-5=0 300-250=50 600+400=1000 1000+5000=6000

  76. Sophia Sammons

    Sophia Sammons3 soat oldin

    No 😡

  77. kia steele

    kia steele3 soat oldin

    I was texting my friend and we were debating whether sodium or protine was better. I was for PrOtInE my friend was for sodium . My friend said sodium is better and my mom asked IF SHE LICKED THE SOAP AND WIPED WITH HER HANDS. And my friend said LICKING SOAP IS MY JAM! I literally died laughing😂😂😂

  78. Project_Xiro

    Project_Xiro3 soat oldin

    Your pretty

  79. some kind of alien

    some kind of alien3 soat oldin

    Monthly=> 80 ;-;

  80. Pomeranian Lover

    Pomeranian Lover3 soat oldin

    No I got 5 in the minion one

  81. Young boy max

    Young boy max3 soat oldin

    Thete not her car not her money its all her brothers

  82. Estelle Olari

    Estelle Olari3 soat oldin

    Attack helicopter

  83. tete life

    tete life3 soat oldin

    You are best thing that happend on my life said the cruse

  84. Mini moriah Elizabeth

    Mini moriah Elizabeth3 soat oldin

    I would never share my crush heh

  85. Boys Melian

    Boys Melian3 soat oldin

    wat if i told u i thouht u were azzy.......u look the same (:


    MIREMBE ROSSIE3 soat oldin

    I want someone to do this please 👊👍👎🖐✌🤞👌🤙🖖

  87. Dance monkey demi Poppy

    Dance monkey demi Poppy3 soat oldin

    Yeah I spot it her real eyes are in the middle 👇🏼

  88. sharknadow

    sharknadow3 soat oldin

    Who else clicked on a sniper wolf vid in 2020 and was like “valentines day isn’t tommorow” and checked what the date was? 😂😂😂

  89. Jimmy RIGGED

    Jimmy RIGGED3 soat oldin

    Lia demonstrating Yoga... Me: "um, I gotta go, something just came up!"

  90. Crystal skies gamer girl

    Crystal skies gamer girl3 soat oldin

    Did you know that all coloured bell peppers are the same but diff ripes

  91. Jenny Lewis

    Jenny Lewis3 soat oldin

    4:42 She said the word “wow”!

  92. Ernesto Saucedo

    Ernesto Saucedo3 soat oldin

    Plot twist the singing girl was the iceberg that sunk the titanic

  93. gaming joe

    gaming joe3 soat oldin

    This is how many times he and she said what [ [ /

  94. Maya Vintan

    Maya Vintan3 soat oldin

    My name is maya

  95. Glitchy_YT Undertale FanGirl

    Glitchy_YT Undertale FanGirl3 soat oldin

    He should know she doesn't really like him

  96. Geeky Gacha :3

    Geeky Gacha :33 soat oldin

    Who else hates looking at other ppls eyes

  97. Heidi And Violet Gacha Five Nights At Freddy’s

    Heidi And Violet Gacha Five Nights At Freddy’s3 soat oldin

    Bruh it was Emily from corpse bride

  98. cookies and cream

    cookies and cream3 soat oldin

    She said this is TOTALLY reusable hehe.......

  99. Poppy Mcdermid

    Poppy Mcdermid3 soat oldin

    She put her middle finger up and it tha baby like🖕👶😭😲😲😲

  100. 3 soat oldin

    Lol 😂