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Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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  1. Ruth Perez

    Ruth Perez11 soat oldin

    Who are you getting at people like that their hair looks amazing

  2. Savannah Ferrell

    Savannah Ferrell11 soat oldin

    It looks so natural !!

  3. na dz

    na dz11 soat oldin

    That end result on Brad. Love you beautiful. 😍😍😍😍

  4. alexus vest

    alexus vest11 soat oldin

    When is the next Brad and Erik!!!!!!????

  5. Skinny Soph

    Skinny Soph11 soat oldin

    Who else binge watches brad videos and then feels like a professional hairdresser because same bihhh 😭

  6. Livi Hu

    Livi Hu11 soat oldin

    I get major Jen vibes! Yes the one and only jen anniston 🙌🏼 great job Mr Brad Mondo 😍👍🏼

  7. Ela rozin

    Ela rozin11 soat oldin

    Brad:"I don't look good in wigs" Also Brad: slays this wig and looks amazing

  8. penguin3647

    penguin364711 soat oldin

    I look at stuff like this and just imagine what he would do with my hair.. this is GORGEOUS

  9. Rubi Chavez

    Rubi Chavez11 soat oldin

    Whenever he says hi beautiful it actually makes my day when I feel un pretty

  10. TamTamTeddyBear

    TamTamTeddyBear11 soat oldin

    i get a kesha vibe from this wig

  11. 100k without Any videos?????????

    100k without Any videos?????????11 soat oldin

    I feel like I seen any your videos in like years imy

  12. Jjcmj 99

    Jjcmj 9911 soat oldin

    Your like a hair magician 💗

  13. Talll_ _

    Talll_ _11 soat oldin

    You look like that hot guy from 100% hotter. This came out stunning!

  14. Lisa Scoglio

    Lisa Scoglio11 soat oldin

    Where did you go for cosmetology school?

  15. Abigail Carrera

    Abigail Carrera11 soat oldin

    Ugh he looked like an 80's metal head with that jean jacket! Very dope! 🤘😀

  16. Kenz Fox

    Kenz Fox11 soat oldin

    Will you do a video on styling naturally curly hair please!!! I’m lost 😂

  17. Lauren Wood

    Lauren Wood11 soat oldin

    he put that wig on and I screenshotted it to send to my hairdresser and then he goes “I feel like a lauren” and i’ve never felt more validated in my life

  18. Marta Murias

    Marta Murias11 soat oldin


  19. Bertha Covarrubias

    Bertha Covarrubias11 soat oldin

    Brad you look stunning stop saying you look crazy with wigs!

  20. Anne Meuzelaar

    Anne Meuzelaar11 soat oldin

    Poopy mud 😂🤣

  21. JosefaBeverly Wolf

    JosefaBeverly Wolf11 soat oldin

    You and Guy Tang are my favorite youtubers! I love his colors and I love your videos 😍

  22. Tyler Bell

    Tyler Bell11 soat oldin

    We just watched Brad turn himself into Brett Michaels and I’m not even mad about it.

  23. sunshine babe

    sunshine babe11 soat oldin

    $1000?????? LOOOOOL

  24. Btmay2005

    Btmay200511 soat oldin

    Hate to say I agree Brad looks crazy in wigs 😂... However that wig color and style is outstanding. It really does look expensive.

  25. Nicole Fowler

    Nicole Fowler11 soat oldin

    I would literally give ANYTHING to have brad play with my virgin hair and just do whatever he wanted!!!

  26. Dominika Turska

    Dominika Turska11 soat oldin

    Omg you like Jennifer Aniston with this wig on 🤩🤩

  27. Solitas

    Solitas11 soat oldin

    You should’ve given her a hime cut,,,

  28. Sol Santamarta

    Sol Santamarta11 soat oldin

    Braddd love it, do a video with shay michell🥰

  29. Geo: Gamer, Artist, Vlogger

    Geo: Gamer, Artist, Vlogger11 soat oldin


  30. A Tiny Bit Of This Paper Crafting

    A Tiny Bit Of This Paper Crafting11 soat oldin

    Love the highlights.

  31. avatara82

    avatara8211 soat oldin

    I love that colour❤️

  32. Jesus Denmark

    Jesus Denmark11 soat oldin

    Take a shot every time Brad says "lowlight" And die of alcohol poisoning.

  33. Pretty Plus

    Pretty Plus11 soat oldin

    I love your weird guido clothes. Your personal style is very unique. And I’m in to it. Lol

  34. Kat McCoy

    Kat McCoy11 soat oldin

    Love the color!!! I've always wanted that, but never been able to achieve it, because it's nearly impossible to get the red out of my hair. So in love with that wig.

  35. My Squishy

    My Squishy11 soat oldin


  36. Tubylubrx

    Tubylubrx11 soat oldin

    Omg this wig looks so good on you.

  37. Paulina Šalaševičiūtė

    Paulina Šalaševičiūtė11 soat oldin

    End result: Bradina Mondo😂

  38. MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall11 soat oldin

    I am living for this darker hair on you brad.


    BAD ANGEL11 soat oldin

    You're just the best I'm really thankful u helped me overcome my depression U must be proud of urself we really do thnx 💞💞

  40. Rhianne Caldwell

    Rhianne Caldwell11 soat oldin

    Maybe you should consider donating your wigs to a charity for those who have lost or are loosing their hair. Wigs are super expensive and I’m sure someone who needs it would mean the world 🖤 Love ya x

  41. Sci Schu

    Sci Schu11 soat oldin

    Idk what your talking about, you're stunning in that wig, add a septum ring and an eyebrow piercing and HUNNY we got us a bad boy skater that's bout to wheel up and break some hearts.

  42. Addison Carlson

    Addison Carlson11 soat oldin


  43. TemariNaraannaschatz

    TemariNaraannaschatz11 soat oldin

    If you have red-coloured hair: use cold water to wash your hair otherwise your colour fades faster. The hotter the water, the more colour gets out. Source: me, I have been colouring my hair red for nearly a decade and it stays shinier and redder if I wash it with cold water. (Doesn't mean I do it in winter, warmth is more important than hair colour for me)

  44. Mey Nari

    Mey Nari11 soat oldin

    Someone send this to Jenna Marbles

  45. KaffeinatedENT

    KaffeinatedENT11 soat oldin

    That wig was not $100?!?!?

  46. Patty Anne

    Patty Anne11 soat oldin

    Yes....Brad, You can just go ahead and send me that wig-!! ❤️❤️

  47. Pastel Bat

    Pastel Bat11 soat oldin

    Am i the only person that see's a bird in brad ...

  48. Caitlin WhatTheFrick

    Caitlin WhatTheFrick11 soat oldin

    Please don’t use the word “ratchet”.

  49. Grandma Mackie

    Grandma Mackie11 soat oldin

    Hey Brad idk if you’ll see this but I wanna say thank you I’ve been binging your videos and decided for a change I have cut over a foot of my hair off :D and I love it

  50. Carli Britt

    Carli Britt11 soat oldin

    Damn, they're twins😂😍 but I can easily tell them apart. Lol

  51. Lauren James

    Lauren James11 soat oldin

    My name is Lauren, brad please name it Lauren 😂☺️

  52. Veronika Chernik

    Veronika Chernik11 soat oldin

    That coloring is actual goals 😍😍😍 I sooo wish I can get that with my natural hair one day🤞

  53. Valentina Bertolissi

    Valentina Bertolissi11 soat oldin

    I've been binge watching your videos for the last 3 days you're amazing brad ❣

  54. Vionte Miles

    Vionte Miles11 soat oldin

    To not get it on the lace use petroleum jelly with kind of a light hand on the inside & don’t put the hair dye on so hard.. you was literally pushing the head around 😂

  55. Cami's Digital Mistakes

    Cami's Digital Mistakes11 soat oldin

    Amazing 😍

  56. uR m0m

    uR m0m11 soat oldin


  57. Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia

    Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia11 soat oldin

    I love u in a wig ....😂

  58. carlisandia

    carlisandia11 soat oldin

    you look like jennifer aniston! ahahah

  59. Carlaa BB

    Carlaa BB11 soat oldin

    okay but like i’ll never get bored of a mondo video

  60. Bobbi Ngo

    Bobbi Ngo11 soat oldin

    My granddaughter looks just like you she’s only 4 years old she has your beautiful face and she also has natural dirty blonde hair I wish I could put her pic up here so you can see everyone said yes she looks like brad ❤️ and she got her first hair cut at the salon today and she loved it

  61. Candace Smith

    Candace Smith11 soat oldin

    wish you’d come do my hair 😅 loveeeee your videos though! ❤️❤️

  62. That Weirdo With 5 Colours In Her Hair

    That Weirdo With 5 Colours In Her Hair11 soat oldin

    You remind me of Kellin Quinn when you're wearing the wig😍

  63. Kimya Barvar

    Kimya Barvar11 soat oldin

    Why does brad look like Jennifer Aniston while im looking like a potato

  64. Carrie Meyer

    Carrie Meyer11 soat oldin

    Brad! You are the best! Never stop making videos!

  65. Miriam Koey

    Miriam Koey11 soat oldin

    Brad, you look stunning :)

  66. Jc Ct

    Jc Ct11 soat oldin

    He done said it was ratchet and give us the link to buy it 😂😂😂

  67. Raven Mocker

    Raven Mocker11 soat oldin

    "Natural hair is scraggly at the ends" my hair is thick as fuck at the ends.

  68. Cynical Amber

    Cynical Amber11 soat oldin

    This legit just looks like my natural hair before I dyed it black lmao

  69. Areti K

    Areti K11 soat oldin

    YOU LOOK STUNNING IN THIS WIG OKAY? I love that so much 😍❤️

  70. Rose Kleingeld

    Rose Kleingeld11 soat oldin

    brad feeling himself wearing the wig is such a mood <3

  71. Dallell Mejdoub

    Dallell Mejdoub11 soat oldin

    I never been this early

  72. The Bakewells

    The Bakewells11 soat oldin

    wow you really transformed that wig. you are super talented. wig looks gorgeous.

  73. Fairy Dragon Child

    Fairy Dragon Child11 soat oldin

    So my question is how do you repair your hair after dying it so many times? My hair is so damaged and dead it's horrifying and it keeps breaking and falling out. It thinned out bad too. I used to have really thick hair and now I have to be careful with lighting or picture cuz you can see how much hair I have lost. How do I thicken my hair back and make it healthy?

  74. Love_Lei_Xo

    Love_Lei_Xo11 soat oldin

    Can you react to people dyeing their wigs? Channel Ready to Glare dyed one of hers a couple weeks ago, and I totally thought of you beautiful!

  75. nateara wolbeck

    nateara wolbeck11 soat oldin

    Love the color of the wig on you. The wig looks amazing.

  76. Hope dontmope

    Hope dontmope11 soat oldin

    Brad you're looking tired today, take a nap. Love the video!!!

  77. Julie Russell

    Julie Russell11 soat oldin

    Anyone know who Bucky Covington is? 😄💗

  78. Michelle H

    Michelle H11 soat oldin

    is brad feeling a little brunette? love it, here for it all.

  79. Erika Almeida

    Erika Almeida11 soat oldin

    I don’t know, those discussions sound like an American problem. I live in Brazil and nobody fucking care about what the fuck you’re wearing, what you do on your hair or body. I think it’s because our country is extremely diverse when it’s about culture also, in Brazil we do say Boxer Braids. But it’s not French braids, I mean wtf kk.

  80. 123abc

    123abc11 soat oldin

    I dont care what you post and how irrelevant it is to my life. Sure I might never wear a wig. No I'll never bleach my hair. Fuck it though.. I'm watching it all.

  81. Majik_Rose

    Majik_Rose11 soat oldin

    guys don't overpay for adidas

  82. Brooklynn Britt

    Brooklynn Britt11 soat oldin

    Brad you are amazing maybe one day you can do my hair🤣

  83. Kody Paredes

    Kody Paredes11 soat oldin

    “That is the reason why professional hair color costs so much money - because we are creating a masterpiece and not a lot of people can do that properly” Me, with my botched self-colored hair: *Art is subjective*

  84. A_ree_ta Boo

    A_ree_ta Boo11 soat oldin

    You look amazing in that wig 😍😍😍

  85. meg yo

    meg yo11 soat oldin

    You look like one of the boys from hansom at the end Haha xx

  86. Ellie RH

    Ellie RH11 soat oldin

    My hair needs help ... It looks like the wig at the start of the video😂

  87. G T

    G T11 soat oldin

    Can you do a video on how you lay your wigs with and without glue? Please :)

  88. Majen Harden

    Majen Harden11 soat oldin

    I love this video!! I like learning how to take care of hair and to make it look pretty!! More videos like this please!! 🤚🏻🤚🏻

  89. A. L. Michael

    A. L. Michael11 soat oldin

    This turned out amazing!

  90. Jennahheaven123

    Jennahheaven12311 soat oldin

    Brad. I love you. But this wig isn’t worth $1000.

  91. Laura Engel

    Laura Engel11 soat oldin

    Great video watched in 36 mins

  92. Lika Minah

    Lika Minah11 soat oldin

    Brad's hair is slowly getting darker and darker 😶👀

  93. Brooklyn Jonesy

    Brooklyn Jonesy11 soat oldin

    can i pay you to make me a wig? I've been looking for a sexy blonde wig and I can't find anything colored the way i want and this is perfect!!

  94. Emma Nadeau

    Emma Nadeau11 soat oldin

    You were SLAYING that wig

  95. Clare Maguire

    Clare Maguire11 soat oldin

    VERY Jennifer Anniston. 😍

  96. Thewho127

    Thewho12711 soat oldin

    Jennifer Aniston wig! Lol.

  97. Eileen Gold

    Eileen Gold11 soat oldin

    Could you reactbto Isabella Demarko's videos? She's been trying to grow her hair long and did a lot of research into pH levels and stuff. But she seems to be struggling with her hair journey

  98. Emma Mele

    Emma Mele11 soat oldin

    Full on Hannah Brown hair vibes

  99. Brandee Lynch

    Brandee Lynch11 soat oldin

    Braddd its VO-LU-MI-NOUS not vol-u-mous 😭😭 it kills me every time

  100. G T

    G T11 soat oldin

    Also I bought this exact wig, rooted it, and toned with purple shampoo a few times and then I put rose gold overtone on it.