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Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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  1. Patrice Aravanis

    Patrice Aravanis5 soat oldin

    Too late

  2. Pippa Kay

    Pippa Kay5 soat oldin

    Can u do a cut for people who have short hair (2 - 2 1/2 inches) as we're not going to be able to go to the hairdressers for a good while.. Thanks

  3. Daun Tellafone

    Daun Tellafone5 soat oldin

    The first girl is basically Jennifer Lawrence.

  4. Fug This Shizz 1234

    Fug This Shizz 12345 soat oldin

    I have one word to maybe fix the hairline bangs some sort of hair in the front

  5. Naomi Swinehart

    Naomi Swinehart5 soat oldin

    What perfect timing. I really need to cut my daughters hair and this was the perfect video to help me out!!! Thanks

  6. Megumi Pen

    Megumi Pen5 soat oldin

    Me literally watching this video two days after I ruined my hair 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  7. antonettaaa

    antonettaaa5 soat oldin

    please do how to cut your own curly hair !!!

  8. Mackenzie Martin

    Mackenzie Martin5 soat oldin

    Brad I have a problem, so I was looking at my veins like you said and I realized that my veins are a greenish blueish purpley color and now I don’t know what to do

  9. N1 Dracona

    N1 Dracona5 soat oldin

    Watch jojo not jojo

  10. shalah S

    shalah S5 soat oldin

    I'm literally crying rn wtf, why were they laughing?

  11. Misty Jade

    Misty Jade5 soat oldin


  12. raphael

    raphael5 soat oldin

    I need this sweaterrr

  13. MUNTI _

    MUNTI _5 soat oldin

    i ment jhon cena

  14. MUNTI _

    MUNTI _5 soat oldin


  15. taylortacro

    taylortacro5 soat oldin

    Nafisa is amazing! I was crying I was laughing so hard

  16. Irish iz

    Irish iz5 soat oldin

    OMG exactly HOW many red bulls did you feed Eric before this video.???

  17. Sierra Paul

    Sierra Paul5 soat oldin

    How much coffee does she drink, her hair line

  18. A_ree_ta

    A_ree_ta5 soat oldin

    This video literally would have saved my mushroom head like a month ago. I looked for a brad video to follow 😫😫 Videos on my channel if anyone’s interested: I filmed it for his giveaway.

  19. Amanda Enriquez ( Student )

    Amanda Enriquez ( Student )5 soat oldin

    for the second girl you can see that her car isnt in motion, she is parked and doesnt need her hands on the wheel. dont panic edit: wait no, do panic

  20. Baby _

    Baby _5 soat oldin

    brad brad brad , i love you but you couldn’t have posted this BEFORE i cut my own hair without watching a video AND not even using the right scissors-

  21. Katelyn Priffitt

    Katelyn Priffitt5 soat oldin

    Him making it look so easy but a regular curl won't stay in my very thick long hair

  22. Maisie- daisy

    Maisie- daisy5 soat oldin

    He was #socialdistancing from his computer 😂

  23. Peg Cat

    Peg Cat5 soat oldin

    Great job Brad makeup not Soo much

  24. LaBeLLa MiSSDonna

    LaBeLLa MiSSDonna5 soat oldin

    He was SOOOOO sweet when talking about the black girl’s natural hair (to the comment police: please don’t get butt hurt...I myself am a black girl with natural hair)!!!! My ❤️ is so happy!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  25. Alyssa Haidle

    Alyssa Haidle5 soat oldin

    Kid: ACHOO's cutely Brad: so cute! Me: try's to do it cutely me ACHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  26. Karina Duré

    Karina Duré5 soat oldin

    models with iconic* fake red hair: sybil buck, hoyeon jung

  27. Alexa Cannon

    Alexa Cannon5 soat oldin

    The short wavy hair looks so good but I feel like it would be piss me off because it looks curled but also like it’s not curled 😂. Personally I like tighter curls on my short hair but now I’m doubting that 😂

  28. Han Ying

    Han Ying5 soat oldin

    She’s not natural blonde right? Edit:love you Jojo!

  29. Nurse Cheyenne

    Nurse Cheyenne5 soat oldin

    “Slowlier” is my new favorite word 😂

  30. Eve Lawia

    Eve Lawia5 soat oldin

    1st question: What color is your veins? Me: I can't even see my veins color.

  31. HeyHay

    HeyHay5 soat oldin

    I already cut my own hair. Had my friend even out the back. My mom, who is hyper critical, says it looks pretty good. I left length on purpose so I can go to a real stylist after quarantine is over. Also sorry brad but I cut my hair with sewing scissors lol

  32. Eliana Herrero

    Eliana Herrero5 soat oldin

    Brad can I just say, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

  33. Mia Guban

    Mia Guban5 soat oldin

    Because everyone is stuck in quarantine a bang tutorial would be awesome there would so many less terrible mental breakdown bangs

  34. Amberielle T

    Amberielle T5 soat oldin

    Chunky highlights are coming back so maybe they decided to go allllllllllllllll the way back! Lol 😂

  35. Miguel Herrera

    Miguel Herrera5 soat oldin

    Hey, brad. Do you use Synthetic or 100% human hair doll heads to practice on?

  36. Caroline Webb

    Caroline Webb5 soat oldin

    Brad, this is so great!! But do you have any tips for cutting short layered hair. My mom has a short hair cut and I know I’m going to be the one who has to cut her hair when she can’t handle it anymore. Haha 😂 I don’t want to give her a bad hair cut!!

  37. Destiny Reeds

    Destiny Reeds5 soat oldin

    3:23 *brad realizing jenna is coming for his brand*

  38. Nicole Kieffer

    Nicole Kieffer5 soat oldin

    When Brad Mondo makes a video describing how you've been cutting your hair for years.

  39. Off Label

    Off Label5 soat oldin

    Oh, Mr. Mondo, if only you published this 1 week ago...#smh #shoulveputhescissorsdown

  40. Oi Blue

    Oi Blue5 soat oldin

    I color my hair with a highlighter in class and it works ... sometimes

  41. sumaiya rahman

    sumaiya rahman5 soat oldin

    not only Europe man, everyone calls it fringe except Americans....

  42. Peg Cat

    Peg Cat5 soat oldin

    I've done it when i was like in my 20s I feel your pain

  43. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ5 soat oldin

    Sir... I think you should see what Joanna did to her hair

  44. Misty Jade

    Misty Jade5 soat oldin

    If I get 100 subs I’ll do a tp give away lit

  45. Irish iz

    Irish iz5 soat oldin

    Hahaha your brother looks SO much like you now. Compared to when you did the make over.

  46. Testing Stuff

    Testing Stuff5 soat oldin

    I know I’m supposed to be paying attention to Linzor trying to dye her hair with highlighters, but I can’t stop peeping the Shanks wanted poster in the background.

  47. esther booker

    esther booker5 soat oldin

    just shitting

  48. A thro ugh Z

    A thro ugh Z5 soat oldin

    How expensive are your manikins because mine was $70 for shoulder length hair

  49. Celestehelloo C

    Celestehelloo C5 soat oldin

    Brad you rl said yes to the red hair then no

  50. Mrsrst Slothbeast72

    Mrsrst Slothbeast725 soat oldin

    Can you even look good with blonde if you're black? i certainly dont think that blonde would do good things for my skin tone smh

  51. Brooke and Brodie McGregor

    Brooke and Brodie McGregor5 soat oldin

    During Brandy's review Brad says her ends look like a "Baa Room Stickkkk!" Fucking lol!

  52. wuvie bby

    wuvie bby5 soat oldin

    i wouldnt be mad if u did that to my hair 🤷🏻‍♀️

  53. a jamless being

    a jamless being5 soat oldin

    “....get down” me: jOPPING

  54. Ashi Otero

    Ashi Otero5 soat oldin

    my remaining brain cells from corona break died trying to understand the title with no context

  55. Angela Andrade

    Angela Andrade5 soat oldin

    3:54 lmao he literally inserted a picture of Dahyun twice........ Twice 😐☺️

  56. Emma Xoxo

    Emma Xoxo5 soat oldin

    Brad “teaches us” to cut our hair at home so he can have more content... I’m on to you brad!

  57. Guy Dobson

    Guy Dobson5 soat oldin

    when the second girl lightens her hair, she looks like she has a damn ramen wig

  58. jezlestrange

    jezlestrange5 soat oldin

    I cut my mom’s hair yesterday and bleached and colored my hair earlier this week.

  59. Elizabeth Imes

    Elizabeth Imes5 soat oldin

    Lmfao, I got bored and dyed my hair red today and now I'm realizing how screwed I am if I decide to go bk to blonde. Guess I'm stuck as a redhead till we are free again. Still better then cutting my own bangs 🙃

  60. Meaghan Cates

    Meaghan Cates5 soat oldin

    They made that girl look like carrot top omg

  61. Alyssa Haidle

    Alyssa Haidle5 soat oldin

    Yass brad you need to be the next ari!!!

  62. Melissa Rhoads

    Melissa Rhoads5 soat oldin

    So like two years ago I used to dye my hair like sometimes every two weeks sometimes twice in the same week and my hair was still healthy but I’m going through such a bad frizzy phase rn. Is it impossible to repair the damage that’s been done? IM DESPERATE FOR MY OLD HAIR. WHAT DO I DO

  63. Emily Pederson

    Emily Pederson5 soat oldin

    "squip color" * *be more chill starts playing in the distance* *

  64. Red Right

    Red Right5 soat oldin

    Me: *watches the beginning* * cuts my hair* Also me: * watches the rest* *looks in mirror* *regrets* True story-2020

  65. HelloGodItsMeSatan

    HelloGodItsMeSatan5 soat oldin

    Hairdressers are gonna be out of business when all this is over because everyone is gonna know how to cut their own hair.

  66. Hyejin혜진

    Hyejin혜진5 soat oldin

    I feel like Elsa after watching this...damn didn't know I am that pale..

  67. Emilyn Bennett

    Emilyn Bennett5 soat oldin

    I am sooo exited

  68. Emilyn Bennett

    Emilyn Bennett5 soat oldin

    And trim it

  69. Emilyn Bennett

    Emilyn Bennett5 soat oldin

    I am gonna bleach my hair then I am gonna have brown strips in may this year I am gonna go to a salon

  70. Ella Blissenbach

    Ella Blissenbach5 soat oldin

    joana ceddia shaved her head!!!

  71. SuperSoccerSassQueen The First

    SuperSoccerSassQueen The First5 soat oldin

    "That shit takes YEARS to grow back" Me nodding along because when I was six years old I cut my hair hiding on the side of my couch and have always had bangs. It's been over ten years. I still have my side bangs. I STILL HAVE THEM

  72. Rachel Odden

    Rachel Odden5 soat oldin

    "Looks like a damn BROOMSTICK" deceased.

  73. Emily C

    Emily C5 soat oldin

    Miss mani-Quinn’s hair matches brad’s jacket 👀

  74. Sarcastic Bitch

    Sarcastic Bitch5 soat oldin

    He: you're cool? blue and purple, you're warm? green and olive, you're neutral? green and blue. Me: idk bc i have purple and green :')

  75. therealjaycee

    therealjaycee5 soat oldin

    Thank you SO much!! I've been unwell and unable to get my hair cut in TWO years! Finally able to get out and get it done and BOOM this happened :( now I can at least give it some trimming without ruining it!

  76. Raquel Costa

    Raquel Costa5 soat oldin

    Me: sees the thumbnail Also me: flicks scissors in the air

  77. Isabel Fernández

    Isabel Fernández5 soat oldin

    THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED! Thank you 💙

  78. Amandarama

    Amandarama5 soat oldin

    me with my craft scissors at 3am: *fuck it.*

  79. stephania martinez

    stephania martinez5 soat oldin


  80. SuperSoccerSassQueen The First

    SuperSoccerSassQueen The First5 soat oldin

    If I ever talked like that, wore my hair like that, had the much VOLUME in my voice, I would literally have no friends, and my mom would have basically slapped me 25 years into the future

  81. Jada Blake

    Jada Blake5 soat oldin

    Everytime brad says “ nope that’s not going to work “ they always prove him wrong and including him is so shocked it worked 😂😂 I love it lol

  82. Mikayla Fl

    Mikayla Fl6 soat oldin

    Shit, Brad! Your a few days late!

  83. Emily Araya

    Emily Araya6 soat oldin

    I want to bleach and dye my hair with fantasy colors. I need a video of how to do it in a Brad way

  84. Amber Johnson

    Amber Johnson6 soat oldin ahh the fibers of the jeribald

  85. Autumn Stanley

    Autumn Stanley6 soat oldin

    fun quarantine game: take a shot every time he says "In what world"

  86. Karen Castaneda

    Karen Castaneda6 soat oldin

    What if my veins look green and blue 😩

  87. Lexi Woolison

    Lexi Woolison6 soat oldin

    Can you please do a how to trim your own bangs video??? Mine are getting so long I can barely see the Netflix 😫

  88. B Vanlangen

    B Vanlangen6 soat oldin

    Omg ur so rude to her

  89. Disappointing Trash

    Disappointing Trash6 soat oldin

    Flash warning 9:00 flashing ends 9:03

  90. Colleen

    Colleen6 soat oldin


  91. Nahla Aly

    Nahla Aly6 soat oldin

    Too bad I already cut my hair an hour ago. I'll go back for the layering, though.

  92. Yuri Chxr

    Yuri Chxr6 soat oldin


  93. Jasmine R

    Jasmine R6 soat oldin

    hey brad I reaaaaally wanna cut my hair... I have a skinny frame, and a diamond mixed with I dunno face shape. My hair is currently to the bottom of my shoulder blades, how short should I go? Thanks xx

  94. lemon boy

    lemon boy6 soat oldin

    is it just me or does Eva look like she's about to ask for the manager (she was Karen before it was cool)

  95. calla garrett

    calla garrett6 soat oldin

    when you cut your sister's hair and it actually looks good

  96. trying really hard but failing

    trying really hard but failing6 soat oldin


  97. Jessica Faye

    Jessica Faye6 soat oldin

    I. Love. Y'all.

  98. jaimee mallard

    jaimee mallard6 soat oldin

    Omg I wanted to cry for her I would of legit drop kicked my friends 🤦‍♀️

  99. Sarah A.

    Sarah A.6 soat oldin

    I can’t do this... I need a haircut too bad but, I know imma screw this up!

  100. Shiobhan De Shields

    Shiobhan De Shields6 soat oldin

    How do you cut kinky or coily hair?