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The $1.7 Million Lie
  1. Caleb Fenton

    Caleb FentonKun oldin

    Arthur from RDR2 would be the most susceptible to the disease because he has poor hygene unless you bathe him everyday, most people play him with some kind of beard and you can niot get a true clean shaven cut untill late into the game, he is in regular contact with various other people most of which have poor hygiene as well and SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE MAIN STORYLINE He already has health complications (tuberculosis) that would have lead to his death anyway if he wasn't killed. Corona Virus is especially lethal to those, like Arthur, that already suffer from poor health. This, combined with his poor hygiene and the poor hygiene of those around him makes him by far the modt susceptible. Kranky Kong has no health problems that I no of except for a poor back, which he still manages fine.

  2. Joshua Mogle

    Joshua MogleKun oldin

    "Rarest structures in the game," Very time I would boot up a new world in my Minecraft Wii U, I found one. Heck, I once found three all on the same map... Rarest my Square A**...

  3. Speedy Berry

    Speedy BerryKun oldin

    Pat: The mansions are the rarest structures. Me: Wait...they are????

  4. Jared Bayas

    Jared BayasKun oldin

    Nice discovery. Many youtuber stop blaming darkrai and stop. But you crack the code 🖒🖒🖒🖒

  5. Ryon Hatcher

    Ryon HatcherKun oldin

    You should do a Minecraft Theory dedicated to how Creepers existed. I know you did a video on what Creepers are, but never how they originated.

  6. Magraf Castro

    Magraf CastroKun oldin

    De ert is not plat

  7. I am Bag

    I am BagKun oldin

    I’m so late :(

  8. Christy Clark

    Christy ClarkKun oldin

    Blow fone

  9. Noah Covell

    Noah CovellKun oldin

    I came here to roast matpat about getting another theory completely wrong but some people beat me to it

  10. Quinn Master

    Quinn MasterKun oldin

    Another thing to point out is the illusioner's robe is blue. They confirmed he will play a role in the game, so he can be added in the future.

  11. Joshua Churchill

    Joshua ChurchillKun oldin

    While i'm sure it doesn't matter to much, the part in the mobestiary you were reading was specifically about elder guardians

  12. Noé Bellon

    Noé BellonKun oldin

    This does’nt explain the wool structures, I think that they made Steve and made him go to the end Steve is a superhuman who cheats death and names the final bosses dimension the end, because they told him too.

  13. Xavier Dapro

    Xavier DaproKun oldin

    Tbh a evil Steve would be a great final boss even greater if it did some weird magic thing

  14. shy arts

    shy artsKun oldin

    Ok comic idea a villager falls in love with an illager

  15. Dooby doo Plays

    Dooby doo PlaysKun oldin

    Matpat I’ve heard about “Chris afton” so I searched him up and it says he’s the little brother of mike and Elizabeth afton who are twins(??) it said it was a Disney movie plz do a theory in this I’m super confused also I searched if Chris was cannon and it gave no answer so

  16. r a n d o

    r a n d oKun oldin

    Sequel theory anytime soon?

  17. Moonlight Affirmations.

    Moonlight Affirmations.Kun oldin

    Could you do a theory about Fortnite bright bomber, dark bomber, and the cube?

  18. Florian Koopmanschap

    Florian KoopmanschapKun oldin

    You forgot about the feature where you can choose what blocks spawn where. you can have a world where everything is diamond blocks

  19. Evryt

    EvrytKun oldin

    Matpat: *puts Fortnite Battle Royale in the title Me: but thats save the world, not battle royale Fortnite ISNT only BATTLE ROYALE, its a 2011 paid game by epic games.

  20. Emily Standingbear

    Emily StandingbearKun oldin

    the fandom: well how many games are you going to make? Scott Cawthon: Y E S

  21. Cosmoz yay I'm here

    Cosmoz yay I'm hereKun oldin

    There also trying to make an ender dragon based on the fake end portal

  22. Justin Jc

    Justin JcKun oldin

    I mean Shapiro did voice Act Barney so.

  23. Brianna Enright

    Brianna EnrightKun oldin

    Why would they build the guardians to swim if they lived on land?

  24. Hannah HR Washington

    Hannah HR WashingtonKun oldin

    Random thought on the "purple" car William uses that seems to be owned by Henry well the answer is simple. Friends / Coworkers could easily "burrow" cars Edit: Has anyone ever watched Astro boy? Being put back together? Or rebuilt

  25. MatTIC

    MatTICKun oldin


  26. Justin Hardin

    Justin HardinKun oldin

    Why does one of the voices for this game sound like Grian?

  27. Shazuki Ishtar

    Shazuki IshtarKun oldin

    imagine disliking a video for literally talking about how someone is currently trying to fix youtubes problems so certain things like copyright cant be abused

  28. Christy Clark

    Christy ClarkKun oldin

    Foxy 🦊

  29. Shadow Blazed

    Shadow BlazedKun oldin

    Dont forget Alex

  30. RedPanda07 #2

    RedPanda07 #2Kun oldin

    Minecraft Dungeons is said to have heaps of lore.

  31. Kiara Chinea

    Kiara ChineaKun oldin

    MatPat:.............lapiz lazuli....... Others mind when they hear that:minerals,minecraft,etc My mind when i hear that: *WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS, WE'LL ALWAYS SAVE THE DAY. AND IF YOU THINK WE CANT, WELL ALWAYS FIND A WAY. THATS WHY THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, BELIEVE IN GARNET, AMATHEIST AND PEARL AND STEVEN!*

  32. BlitzS

    BlitzSKun oldin

    haha, no half life 3 you say?

  33. Seth the creeper

    Seth the creeperKun oldin

    i think the witches had the same thing happen, cause they apper in raids with em, the witches might be the biggest help with making ravagers with their possions, witch huds might just be where they make their possions, and them deliver them to the illagers

  34. David Torres

    David TorresKun oldin

    Not a crime if there aren't any laws. HEEHEEHEE 🙃

  35. Maggatrix

    MaggatrixKun oldin

    Enderman: "What's up?" Me: 🔫👁️👄👁️

  36. Bympei Gamer

    Bympei GamerKun oldin

    Mat that was one of the gayest intros i have ever seen...............good work

  37. Frank the Tank

    Frank the TankKun oldin

    The front only says "But hey, thats just a theory" Still cool tho

  38. zeejae is nice

    zeejae is niceKun oldin

    We wish there was a story mode for this again

  39. Bry64 Seifts

    Bry64 SeiftsKun oldin


  40. RBEO22

    RBEO22Kun oldin

    Sounds fun, in theory, but the memory in the birthplace shows them both as two separate beings.

  41. GraveBructer

    GraveBructerKun oldin

    time for an update

  42. Eternal Speep

    Eternal SpeepKun oldin

    Both Mark and jack have played this game 2 years ago.

  43. Bill Lot

    Bill LotKun oldin

    I think this could be an interesting way for them to introduce Herobrine into actual canon of minecraft as the illagers "Steve"

  44. Gilbert 489

    Gilbert 489Kun oldin

    Theory that totems of undying are trapped villagers souls

  45. PeachestheTabbyCat

    PeachestheTabbyCatKun oldin

    ha. "solve FNAF".

  46. Spongebob Squarepants

    Spongebob SquarepantsKun oldin

    I have 4 Mega man, fox, Dark samus, And the gold edition

  47. Snake Dog

    Snake DogKun oldin

    The beasts are not made of villagers but iron golems, the legs and arms and others match perfectly. Another part of the lore could be illagers made iron golems to get into the village but was kicked out after they made iron golems. Or they taught villagers to make iron golems

  48. Joshua Mogle

    Joshua MogleKun oldin

    Try thinking of it this way. In Sonic’s world currency is Gold rings. By my calculations, each ring is worth $240,589.25 USD (In our World.) In Sonic’s world you can spend 4000 rings for an empty tin can (Sonic Adventure.) Basically, your spending $962,357,000 USD for something that’s (unless recycled) is next to worthless. We value Gold so high because it rare and is used to make our tech happen, while in Sonic’s world its literally EVERYWHERE. So, I guess the take-a-way from this is some value certain thing differently than others…

  49. LBonekitti

    LBonekittiKun oldin

    Rock out, rock out, we are the drowned, we are the drowned.

  50. DJH

    DJHKun oldin

    Illusioners? I've never heard of that

  51. shy arts

    shy artsKun oldin

    I rember in one of mh worlds i had three mansions two only a bit away away

  52. Chiroo

    ChirooKun oldin

    5 year ago nani?!

  53. Chickenlegs145

    Chickenlegs145Kun oldin

    What if the zombie piglins are zombies because of the netherwart? They are fungus and we already have a real life fungus that zombifies bugs, so what’s to say it’s not the same with the piglins?

  54. John Webb

    John WebbKun oldin

    There's one in sword and shield too

  55. Cooper G.

    Cooper G.Kun oldin

    13:38 that joke didn't age too well especially in the games early life

  56. Random Person

    Random PersonKun oldin

    Is the thumbs Steve ok? He looks always be screaming.

  57. Denis M

    Denis MKun oldin

    If the lore of mc dungeons is somewhat connected to Minecraft lore then this will get interesting

  58. Keenan Axolotl

    Keenan AxolotlKun oldin

    and then they made a steve wither or something and that's why herobrine exists

  59. UnRe4l Xzilty

    UnRe4l XziltyKun oldin

    hey can someone explain why there was the sound of a dog dying at 12:14 thanks

  60. Vladimir Polkovski

    Vladimir PolkovskiKun oldin

    Wait so Steve is only 2 meters tall? I always assumed he was the normal 2ish and if I’m right then each block is 8 cubic meters not 1

  61. Nafiz Qadir

    Nafiz QadirKun oldin

    flap jack

  62. Conner Sound

    Conner SoundKun oldin

    Do a special delivery theory

  63. J Lyn

    J LynKun oldin

    If they turned villagers into cats, it would now explain why cats are only found in villages now. They're villagers returning to their homes

  64. Ichiyama22

    Ichiyama22Kun oldin

    Most speedrunners of this game don't ever use the Wind Waker...they know the true horrors...

  65. Conner Sound

    Conner SoundKun oldin

    Do an ar theory

  66. Ra9

    Ra9Kun oldin

    What about alex...

  67. bauerpower13

    bauerpower13Kun oldin

    Can you please do an online math class please i would take notes

  68. #1 CRATE!!!!

    #1 CRATE!!!!Kun oldin

    Hey MatPat, you know who else has a cyan shirt, blue pants, and uh magical powers? Herobrine

  69. Late Night Thinker

    Late Night ThinkerKun oldin

    You're forgetting that the warts grow on soul sand, the soil in which the dead builders of the past are buried. So the pigs are eating the byproduct of a dead human. They eat the fungus that grows on builder corpse. Which would've explained why they're now two legged

  70. louis and irene

    louis and ireneKun oldin

    If i was the Players i Will say ITS my Demise and then fight fire with fire close my eyes and start atta cking or even get the chair and wack and if i lose i still wont die i don't see my Demise so how can i die

  71. Sir Honkzly

    Sir HonkzlyKun oldin


  72. Scott Butler

    Scott ButlerKun oldin

    Mat with a beard still hurts my brain

  73. Rob hearts

    Rob heartsKun oldin

    Im sure Mark and or Jack has played this. Just not the dreaming part.

  74. Riley Ackison

    Riley AckisonKun oldin

    This was my first time hearing of the illagers

  75. super Jeffy bros

    super Jeffy brosKun oldin

    No beep no beep no beep the sickness has been going around for the gear it's going to be our harvest problem to solve also I'm going to Chuck-E-Cheeses when the coronavirus I meant bleep is over

  76. gsdwdhdfsdgfgsfhdgsf

    gsdwdhdfsdgfgsfhdgsfKun oldin

    What if Henry is supposed to be old man consequences unable to leave a child to suffer and tries to get Cassidy to rest

  77. Jack Cruz

    Jack CruzKun oldin

    It can happen

  78. Klahan Colonel

    Klahan ColonelKun oldin

    I spawn close to one in all of my worlds

  79. That one guy

    That one guyKun oldin

    Go back to the old matpat image

  80. [Aria- Chan]

    [Aria- Chan]Kun oldin

    I'm used to my childhood being ruined now

  81. Cherngel Axcel Fundador

    Cherngel Axcel FundadorKun oldin

    Doom slayer armor

  82. Nakvnatta

    NakvnattaKun oldin

    Mat pat is right. I was in creative at around 1000 coradinates and I put in a code to find a mansion thin and I had to go to 20k x 5k z :/ these are hard to find.

  83. Bread Hair

    Bread HairKun oldin

    This video came out only two months before Mat and Steph got married. I want to know what her reaction was to this.

  84. MAR TIN

    MAR TINKun oldin

    Why does matpat look like pwediepie


    JULIUSCOOLKun oldin

    Shut up


    SCPCF OWNERKun oldin


  87. Jayden Knight

    Jayden KnightKun oldin

    One thing... if the zombies were made with totems of undying then surely if you use them then you would become one aswell

  88. spabrotti dolittle pokebros435

    spabrotti dolittle pokebros435Kun oldin


  89. 32. 52.

    32. 52.Kun oldin

    5:51 let's fix that with a controlled shock.

  90. Alexander Ph

    Alexander PhKun oldin

    okay but consider the implications of this strength based on trees. a punch is stronger than superman or a rocketship, think about how many of these superstrength punches you can take? how many mobs can take?

  91. Jayden Rucker

    Jayden RuckerKun oldin

    The Janitor smacked Monty with a stick so, Monty deleted him from existence

  92. Anony Mous

    Anony MousKun oldin

    my theory is that the unspeakable act is them shaving their unibrow

  93. felixtheVIKING HK

    felixtheVIKING HKKun oldin

    Nightmare deaths are probably just people who had really bad nightmares and died from a heart attack

  94. Re2pect-_-thebest o

    Re2pect-_-thebest oKun oldin

    They can also spawn vex which are ghost

  95. FYRE_J

    FYRE_JKun oldin

    Look at the views then look at the likes

  96. jj playz

    jj playzKun oldin

    I bet that is why they have no unibrow they shaved the unibrow for then knowing they are out cast

  97. Cliff Martin

    Cliff MartinKun oldin

    So the plant pete start's wild fire's?

  98. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerKun oldin

    my guy you should really try explaining the paintings, if theirs even a meaning behind them

  99. Chrisophiser

    ChrisophiserKun oldin