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  1. Oriental Frog

    Oriental FrogKun oldin

    From a Chinese that's not from China, fuck this chinese virus. It's not racist you dumb libtards

  2. Deplorable Cat

    Deplorable CatKun oldin

    He's got both dick and vag.

  3. Salvation73

    Salvation73Kun oldin

    They still have this game once a year in Canada, but the real prizes are if you collect the 3-4 pieces to make up a set. The most I've seen over the past 10 years playing it is hamburgers and fries. Our computer standing standing stations at work are always littered with those pieces.

  4. Lee Potter

    Lee PotterKun oldin


  5. Peter A. Watters

    Peter A. WattersKun oldin

    Hollywood cultist big wings are trying loose ends. There will be more to come Joe.

  6. Zach Yingst

    Zach YingstKun oldin

    Joe "but why dont you have one on one" Rogan

  7. Southern Fried Media

    Southern Fried MediaKun oldin

    I guess that's one drawback to the internet. Everybody has a voice and some are crazier than others

  8. Fiery Rocket

    Fiery RocketKun oldin

    What khabib did to Connor? Ridiculous! Ridiculous!

  9. PM ScroMo

    PM ScroMoKun oldin

    If the "body positivity movement" was genuine, their Tess Holliday for men would be Azamat running on a beach in a mankini.

  10. Juan Sanchez

    Juan SanchezKun oldin

    “There’s no emotion in video games” Plin plin plon

  11. Astronomicalbeatz

    AstronomicalbeatzKun oldin

    And im over here craving some xanax cuz this weed aint doin it

  12. Mohamad Alrashed

    Mohamad AlrashedKun oldin

    So he basically wants to treat Muslims the exact way he's accusing them of treating minorities ..... And that's hypocritical ... Ex Muslim here BTW ... But this guy is a bigot ideologue with an agenda

  13. TheGuitarChief

    TheGuitarChiefKun oldin

    Does Joe realize that Cuomo and Trump have been saying 90% the same stuff? Only difference is MSM loves negatively twisting what Trump says and elevating what Cuomo says. It's almost as if they're trying to manufacture someone they could use against Trump because they STILL can't get over his victory... or the fact that he'll probably win... or the fact that he will because he's going against everything they stand for...

  14. Alexei Grounin

    Alexei GrouninKun oldin

    Joe Rogan needs to do homework on Cuomo before making a such wild endorsement. WoW

  15. Will Fallon

    Will FallonKun oldin

    I personally think they should just release every single one of those tigers back into wherever those tigers originak habitat is let them run free fuck it

  16. Matt M

    Matt MKun oldin

    Ari's dismissal of shame or guilt means he's likely done this before.

  17. OmegaTrooper

    OmegaTrooperKun oldin

    Can't go to the sauna when the gym is closed, Joe! Not all of us have our own personal gyms :(

  18. KuKuKlock123

    KuKuKlock123Kun oldin

    Tell that to all the dudes in the UFC that drop someone and still rushes to beat their heads in. Once you drop someone, it’s over... no point in jumping on someone to smash their heads.

  19. Trump Tight

    Trump TightKun oldin

    Joe is not 5'8. He's 5'6 on a good day

  20. gottagetmine7

    gottagetmine7Kun oldin

    Thump thump thump

  21. Kung Fu Hotdog Reviews!

    Kung Fu Hotdog Reviews!Kun oldin

    I like Joe, but he's old AF if he thinks the music is annoying.

  22. Brian Lankford

    Brian LankfordKun oldin

    If they had medications they will just raise the price so you can't afford it

  23. Playlist Dealer

    Playlist DealerKun oldin

    Tommy buns is that friend everyone needs, Ari is that friend everyone needs to get rid of to fully grow as a person

  24. Npc Dd1

    Npc Dd1Kun oldin

    How about the faulty Coronavirus tests China sold to Spain and other European countries

  25. Josiah Hockenberry

    Josiah HockenberryKun oldin

    "Logger hippie". Yeah, this dude has definitely done drugs.

  26. Trombonebone

    TromboneboneKun oldin

    Never heard Obama's "white" half being blamed for anything, with the "One Drop Rule" in place, but this is a stupid post. Why does she have to be gay?

  27. Kevin Smith

    Kevin SmithKun oldin

    I love listening to these guys smoke pot and drinking whiskey .Talking about just stupid shit.You can tell they are having a hoot.Awesome

  28. Simone Iannello

    Simone IannelloKun oldin

    He is not gay, he is super gay😂

  29. robert sullivan

    robert sullivanKun oldin

    Here for the u know what comments

  30. Kevin Carpenter

    Kevin CarpenterKun oldin

    The Bush family had him killed. Jfk junior also. Look into it and you'll see. The information is coming out soon.

  31. Me

    MeKun oldin

    And Joe supported Bernie knowing this...

  32. JERMANE 313

    JERMANE 313Kun oldin

    Brian every 3rd word outta my mouth is a lie Callen!

  33. Ash

    AshKun oldin

    Not the best thing to listen before sleep lmao

  34. Ozark Yeoman

    Ozark YeomanKun oldin

    They killed Joe Diffie. Time to invade!

  35. Ozark Yeoman

    Ozark YeomanKun oldin

    If this virus could have been fried and had MSGs added it'd have never made it out of China.

  36. N G

    N GKun oldin

    We need to face a brutal, difficult truth as a society that's only been confirmed by this Gl Godot video. I'm just gonna say it: Will Ferrell is friggin annoying. I'm sorry everyone. I wish it wasn't true also. But it is, and has been for some time.

  37. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneKun oldin

    Chinese tourist and white sexpats are the worst.

  38. Max Power

    Max PowerKun oldin

    Imagine a world where we stop making pretty idiots rich.

  39. SuperDynamite666

    SuperDynamite666Kun oldin

    JRE is 1000x better than all talk shows!

  40. Matthew Sands

    Matthew SandsKun oldin

    "Start"? No, drug laws were the start of the slippery slope. Banning cigarettes is just more of the same fascist insanity. How about you own yourself so do what you want to yourself as long as you don't infringe upon anyone else?

  41. Jay H

    Jay HKun oldin

    Joe should been Andrew Yang back on to talk about #UBI, now would be a perfect time 💯

  42. Jack Sadaka

    Jack SadakaKun oldin

    Nothing Joe said towards the end of this made any fucking sense my god

  43. Alexandertheaverage

    AlexandertheaverageKun oldin

    I 100% trust this guy, hes a magician, they never lie Having said that, trumps a dooooooooooooooooosh

  44. Sherry

    SherryKun oldin

    alot of money to be made in china.

  45. Silver Pike

    Silver PikeKun oldin

    Fuck El Culo and the Spaniards he sailed with

  46. Richard Sharp

    Richard SharpKun oldin

    Joe Rogen is a paradox. On the one hand he seems sensitive enough to plumb his own depths, but on the other side has this grotesque love of violence. So weird.

  47. Anthony Moore

    Anthony MooreKun oldin

    Diaper butt

  48. SBs Biscuit

    SBs BiscuitKun oldin

    Someone plz link the original image that isnt photoshopped... for research purposes

  49. Worlds Worst YouTube Channel

    Worlds Worst YouTube ChannelKun oldin

    What's next? Google warning about invasive surveillance? That would be marketing brilliance!

  50. T OM

    T OMKun oldin

    Guys in the spotlight for a week, and Joe wants him running for president. Settle down Joe.

  51. Holden Hillis

    Holden HillisKun oldin

    Joe Rogan farts at 4:29

  52. Lianne Amanda Anderson

    Lianne Amanda AndersonKun oldin

    America is screwed

  53. The ultimate sayian

    The ultimate sayianKun oldin

    Bruh 😂wtf is it with joe mentioning the whole castrated theory ever time he talks about MJ🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

  54. Worlds Worst YouTube Channel

    Worlds Worst YouTube ChannelKun oldin

    Eisenhower creates DARPA Eisenhower warns public about Military Industrial Complex influence Just facts not widely associated together. The perverse Irony of a General and Commander in Chief(POTUS) that created DARPA warning the public about military influence.

  55. jonny pepperston

    jonny pepperstonKun oldin

    Yeah best show ever 🙄

  56. Maia 916

    Maia 916Kun oldin

    There are only two types of ppl in this world, those who believe Carole killed her husband and ppl who still haven't watched the documentary yet.

  57. wiire time

    wiire timeKun oldin

    Even Eddie can eat all his bullshit

  58. johnyy09

    johnyy09Kun oldin

    By that logic you shouldn’t praise George Washington because he murdered people. Che freed Latin America from imperialism

  59. honk honk

    honk honkKun oldin


  60. Rocky Zoo

    Rocky ZooKun oldin

    They give it through a needle not a nose spray lool

  61. anthony mo

    anthony moKun oldin

    Uncle Joey sounds like he's getting pressed pills from the streets. Pharma xanys are good for anxietys.

  62. xNighx

    xNighxKun oldin

    He will pick Hillary as his VP. Bet!

  63. Jack Sadaka

    Jack SadakaKun oldin

    Stop bullying longneck what the fuck.. Fuck u joe

  64. Jesse Anderson

    Jesse AndersonKun oldin

    Of course they're from Arizona.

  65. scurus11scurus

    scurus11scurusKun oldin

    but what did he learn from DMT?

  66. Marko Siljanovski

    Marko SiljanovskiKun oldin

    Or do a couple of fights at one place, do a couple at another place, the viewers at home wont notice, having in mind that the judges wont be physically present at the fights.

  67. Mitchell Hart

    Mitchell HartKun oldin

    Good thing I have never bought into that shit. The only time I ever go to a maccas is for a snack or dinner. Nothing else. As it should be. Even still, McDonald's is a bastardised corporate shell of the original McDonald Brothers' idea. It's greasy, lukewarm pieces of silicon and oestrogen injected cow intestines and other nasty shit. If a maccas burger can survive a month unrefridgerated, you know it's got some nasty stuff in it. That shit is so carcinogenic it's not even funny. If you want to make an absolutely delicious burger for half the price, go to your local butcher, buy some steak, puree it up and turn it into a patty. It will be 20 times as healthy and it will be delicious tender goodness. Don't waste your time and money.

  68. gedion Israel

    gedion IsraelKun oldin

    She looks like $5 to me.

  69. Fmandan77

    Fmandan77Kun oldin

    Maybe they'll use multiple locations to maintain the minimum crowd requirement? Sounds like too much work, but it could be done.

  70. Raymond De Los Santos

    Raymond De Los SantosKun oldin

    I’d do all those things and then remake the Mike Tyson picture with me holding it on a chain. A real man.

  71. Killders64

    Killders64Kun oldin

    Boogaloo 2020

  72. JeFFreyZ

    JeFFreyZKun oldin

    This bitch is fucking hallucinated jesus christ

  73. Rays FG2

    Rays FG2Kun oldin

    Buff eyes

  74. Vitabrick Snailslime

    Vitabrick SnailslimeKun oldin

    Wish to hell that I could find this old B grade Hollywood movie. Some ethnologists "discovered" a tribe of pygmies in PNG which very presciently resembled Flores man. Except that they were well known to the locals who ate them. But the scene where the Black Panthers crashed a press conference to the utter bewilderment of the locals was just so funny. But seriously, the author and naturalist Tim Flannery, in his book Throwim' way leg, gives a most vivid account of how cannibilistic raids were conducted. This was told to him by an old man who had participated in them. Curiously, he had a most affectionate relationship with his stepson, whom he'd decided to adopt, rather than slaughter, on such a raid. He also gives vivid first hand accounts of the tribal peoples attitudes to such things as "animal welfare". You just have to read it to believe it. Oh, and you'd be hard pressed to find actual cannibals in PNG today. "Raskols" prepared to murder you for your presumed wealth, might, however, not be so hard to find.

  75. director2105

    director2105Kun oldin

    of course these celebs would sing imagine theres no heaven, their all devil worshipers

  76. Chad Johnson

    Chad JohnsonKun oldin

    Joe's mad at grandma for putting her bingo winnings in the poor box, and mad that she didn't pay her taxes on the bake sale money she made. Terrible Christians!

  77. Dustin Dumaw

    Dustin DumawKun oldin

    Why aren’t pedophiles prescribed the old lead pill to help them take a nap 6 feet deep in dirt, seriously if someone is messed up enough to prey on kids they should die.

  78. rubbersole

    rubbersoleKun oldin

    Dude's got some nice white teeth though......

  79. Faisal Saeed

    Faisal SaeedKun oldin

    How the fuck could the democrats fuck up the nomination two times in a row? They had fucking FOUR years!

  80. Senzo Ncube

    Senzo NcubeKun oldin

    It is as if the Democrats want TRAMP to rule for another 4 years post November 03, 2020! They nominate the useless boring Joe Biden, and they all keep quiet whilst the Criminal In the White House lies and prances around whilst people are dying! Indeed, where is OBAMA, Tramp's punching bag? Obama is supposed to step up whilst Biden fumbles around!

  81. Elijah Solomon

    Elijah SolomonKun oldin

    What a profoundly stupid idea.

  82. Wholefoodhoney

    WholefoodhoneyKun oldin

    Yep. Biden won’t be able to face off with Trump. Only Bernie would be able to go up against him. Trump himself said that back during 2016. You don’t run Bernie Trump will get in again

  83. Jerry L.

    Jerry L.Kun oldin

    I hope celebrities start to realize that only kids worship them. Once a man hits a certain age, worship turns into " This movie better be good".

  84. Sheldon Jones

    Sheldon JonesKun oldin

    1.3k dislikes from vegans 😂

  85. bee azz

    bee azzKun oldin

    And this fuck was going to vote for Bernie

  86. Jonathan Byer

    Jonathan ByerKun oldin

    It’s called the “Show Stopper” workout, pioneered by Danity Kane.

  87. Bradley Haynes

    Bradley HaynesKun oldin

    They probably haven’t came here because 50% of people would whip out the toolie and gat an alien, 200 to the head if it tried to make a peaceful contact

  88. Jolfer 13

    Jolfer 13Kun oldin

    All psychics are fool of shit! If they actually existed Houdini would of found them or if not they would of been proven by now. It's so crazy how people pay tarot readers or other scam artists for made up pull shit

  89. Latin Man

    Latin ManKun oldin

    Best stories

  90. DDX Didit

    DDX DiditKun oldin

    Who else was mind blown 🤯

  91. Ajni Kurtaj

    Ajni KurtajKun oldin

    It's all a matter of public perception right?

  92. Jayson Lucero

    Jayson LuceroKun oldin

    Who Fucking Cares...?! They are celebrities. That is what they do. Quit wasting your fucking time and breath talking about it. You're better than that, Joe.

  93. gearedtowardsink

    gearedtowardsinkKun oldin

    First introduction to this mask was Poughkeepsie tapes

  94. Mihai T.

    Mihai T.Kun oldin

    Wow corrupt, greedy and lying politicians, we didn't had that before this crisis ...

  95. Menelik

    MenelikKun oldin

    At 7:10 I wish I could've seen that bit. To see the look on their faces.

  96. Jaybyn Gros

    Jaybyn GrosKun oldin

    You guys need to read about Barney and Betty hill

  97. Etb Etb

    Etb EtbKun oldin

    At least he's been responsible enough not to have kids.

  98. Booker

    BookerKun oldin

    What about white history month...

  99. Green Boys

    Green BoysKun oldin

    The plague was in 14th century is she dense?

  100. Henry H

    Henry HKun oldin

    Gal Gadot literally has to imagine being in a world without possessions, because she's never lived that peasant life and doesnt know what she's singing about