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  1. Doga Pamuklar

    Doga Pamuklar17 soat oldin

    The first insult was way harsher on David’s part lmao

  2. maya brucie

    maya brucie17 soat oldin

    2:13 it’s 1 years later and they haven’t got the mayonnaise

  3. Pen Pen

    Pen Pen17 soat oldin

    Why is this on my recommended vids haha

  4. zack L

    zack L17 soat oldin

    she is sleeping with all of us!LMAO

  5. Caine Thompson

    Caine Thompson17 soat oldin

    That baseball hoodie that David is wearing, where can I get one?

  6. Miroslav Kaan

    Miroslav Kaan17 soat oldin

    Darmo ale si vtipný.! 😃😃

  7. Cainan Sergent26

    Cainan Sergent2617 soat oldin

    David: I made 9 million dollars last month SeatGeek: I think I still will give him money 😂😂

  8. Fabian Barrera

    Fabian Barrera18 soat oldin

    what the hell just happened... lol

  9. Hùng Hà Nội

    Hùng Hà Nội18 soat oldin

    Vú to

  10. NulsNuls

    NulsNuls18 soat oldin

    who else checked the upload date when hotel room was played?

  11. longestshot6

    longestshot618 soat oldin


  12. Jesus Manzanares

    Jesus Manzanares18 soat oldin

    How many retweet’s or likes for you to go to prom with my friend and Natalie with me??

  13. anaya mir

    anaya mir18 soat oldin

    Charlie:We are the the world Wayne:mmhmm Also wayne:Hes hangs with children

  14. first Second

    first Second18 soat oldin

    C K = When you mix a line of cocaine with a line of Ketamine, that stuff is good shit

  15. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber18 soat oldin

    Yummy #1 R&B Song Thank You Guyz !

  16. Catastoph

    Catastoph18 soat oldin

    Next up, Yhivi or Gabbie

  17. Dearly Beloved

    Dearly Beloved18 soat oldin

    Is there some kind of inside joke to why everyone of his videos is 4 minutes and 21 seconds long

  18. Miss Healthy Everyday

    Miss Healthy Everyday18 soat oldin

    This was my first David dobrik video. He laughs way too much

  19. kat flores

    kat flores18 soat oldin

    Lose the stache bro

  20. erin hart

    erin hart18 soat oldin

    david still kept it to 4:20 but an extra 10

  21. محمد ملک

    محمد ملک18 soat oldin

    "This Right Now Is DOPE" lmao

  22. Aastha Bisht

    Aastha Bisht18 soat oldin


  23. francine

    francine18 soat oldin

    1:04 .. How about now?

  24. Jayden Bocanegra

    Jayden Bocanegra18 soat oldin

    Did tana accept the offer for the tape

  25. Priyanka Roy Chowdhury

    Priyanka Roy Chowdhury18 soat oldin

    Please get back together you guys 😔

  26. Koala de l'espace

    Koala de l'espace18 soat oldin

    Of course by looking at david's life we all envy him very much. He has an eccentric lifestyle, has the liberty and the means to undertake lots of exciting projects. But people, shall you remember that we are all here on Earth undergoing the same struggles to achieve happiness, and that for we may be rich or poor. Feeling happy won't depend on anything but your will to be happy. So let's all be appreciative of the chance we have instead of fantasizing on other peoples' lives

  27. toki woki

    toki woki18 soat oldin

    The way erin looked at natalie after tana said she just wanted david to touch her t!ts... hhhhmmmm..

  28. Danielle Bryan

    Danielle Bryan18 soat oldin

    Came back to this vlog in 2020. I would have to say this is the sweetest and short vlog I come back to from time to time. It is so funny and never gets old.🤣🤣🤣

  29. Smash_It

    Smash_It18 soat oldin

    2:32 I fucking hate Jonah he already got a car from David what else does he want? 🤣

  30. The Hilliard Family

    The Hilliard Family18 soat oldin

    He said "hey Google turn on the candle blower" and my Google said "im sorry, I don't know how to help with that" 😂

  31. 唐他

    唐他18 soat oldin

    The little boy have 暴动社会 in his T-shirt哈哈哈

  32. Elisabeth Muzzy

    Elisabeth Muzzy18 soat oldin

    Hi please make clickbait hoodies in plain white... My broke ass is finna tyedye my own 🤣

  33. A !

    A !18 soat oldin

    Hey idk if will see this but I work like a dog and would love it if he helped me pay my debt that’s my hood dream so I could get out the hood .

  34. Courtney Bridgit

    Courtney Bridgit18 soat oldin

    That joke at the end for jonah was pretty cruel.

  35. Oscar Raatikainen

    Oscar Raatikainen18 soat oldin

    When are you pranking seth again?😂

  36. Ethan parker

    Ethan parker18 soat oldin

    Justin hates attention and he clearly hates people. This must have been so annoying...

  37. T T

    T T18 soat oldin

    2:28 where David says "my last two braincells" wtf was the podcast name born in this moment?

  38. Angry Ox

    Angry Ox18 soat oldin

    I have no clue who this guy is, why he was suggested, how he has so many followers and wtf I just watched.

  39. Kaymind Molten

    Kaymind Molten18 soat oldin

    Nowadays caption and thumbnail are for views 🤣🤣

  40. coldblaster YT

    coldblaster YT18 soat oldin


  41. Daria sbl

    Daria sbl18 soat oldin

    You fell in love with your best friend, and once it is over, they would still be the one who will comfort you.

  42. The Bamboe King

    The Bamboe King18 soat oldin

    Its a fake Justin

  43. The Winter Soldier

    The Winter Soldier18 soat oldin

    Mariah: Out of All, Me? Why? Heath: Because, I am getting the Lambo.

  44. Melissa Fernandez

    Melissa Fernandez18 soat oldin

    Can somebody PLEASE talk about Jason’s face legit the WHOLE time during the first clip with tana...... doesn’t even crack a smile or change his expression once 🤯😂😂

  45. Kailan Bety

    Kailan Bety18 soat oldin

    3:39 he staring at does tits

  46. Nidhi Shetty

    Nidhi Shetty18 soat oldin

    The amount of Scott i saw in this video was unreal

  47. AnjellycaMarie

    AnjellycaMarie18 soat oldin

    2015: gets tickled by alex 2020: gets tickled by justin bieber

  48. Undyne In The House

    Undyne In The House18 soat oldin

    No one: Tana: *constantly still flirts with david even when he rejects her* LIKE WTH STOP

  49. xd_ early

    xd_ early18 soat oldin

    She looks to ugly when she has all the plastic surgery

  50. The Winter Soldier

    The Winter Soldier18 soat oldin

    David is one perfect example of Stock Market.

  51. panda unicorn

    panda unicorn18 soat oldin

    Damn i love kylie soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  52. Cailyn Marie

    Cailyn Marie18 soat oldin

    She look gud in bright lights I dont even luk gud in pitch darkness

  53. Zoe Ndhlovu

    Zoe Ndhlovu18 soat oldin

    Zane is always drunk

  54. Courtney Bridgit

    Courtney Bridgit19 soat oldin

    Your neighbors must hate you putting chemicals into the air.

  55. Malec LightBane

    Malec LightBane19 soat oldin

    The gay guy is like “ I love him but yummy is not that good” Justin comes out from behind “ IM GONNA KILL YOU” I would’ve cried omg I Love Justin . Justin is a legacy I look up to him so much and I’m just shock like that could happen to someone Omg my heart was pounding I have had a crush on Justin since I was 3 now I’m 14 and it’s even Bigger. There is not one song that I don’t like by him and also I was there chatting for his Yummy premiere I woke up so early but it was so worth it... Yeah you got that yummy yum that yummy Yum that yummy yummy yeah you got that yummy yum that yummy yum that yummy yum say the word On my way yeah babe yeah babe yeah babe any night any day say the word on my way yeah babe yeah babe yeah babe in the morning Or late say the word On my way!!!! wow I love that song and I love him. If you are a Belieber make sure to hit that like button and leave a comment if you love Justin and why!!!!! 👇🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. Jack Storey

    Jack Storey19 soat oldin

    every single David Dobrik video= no one: not a single person: david: hi everyone:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. John Reymar Reyes

    John Reymar Reyes19 soat oldin

    Hey David come here in the philippines and lets play that game so I can freely kiss may HS crush HAHA Still waiting for a Kiss now and I am already in 2nd year College HAHAHA lmao

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  59. Delphi Gaming

    Delphi Gaming19 soat oldin

    Bro that golf cart part was so fuck

  60. Dana-Leigh Macroberts

    Dana-Leigh Macroberts19 soat oldin

    the skunk thing was fabulous. i just hope it was a domestic skunk with glands removed.

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  63. Liaa's Vlogz

    Liaa's Vlogz19 soat oldin

    ***2020 Gang***

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  65. Reyna Reza

    Reyna Reza19 soat oldin

    Rewatching his videos bc why not!❤️

  66. 50k subs without posting any video

    50k subs without posting any video19 soat oldin

    Am I the only one who was disappointed that Jason didn’t get shot

  67. Julianna Bakos

    Julianna Bakos19 soat oldin



    MUSIC & MEMORIES19 soat oldin

    Lyrics link click this uzgo.info/video/04SysXeeeJ9g2WU.html

  69. Josh D

    Josh D19 soat oldin

    Is it ever mentioned how they enter the car without seeing him in the backseat?

  70. josefine Lennert

    josefine Lennert19 soat oldin

    I luv watching David vlogs while im sick:]

  71. Alex Castendet

    Alex Castendet19 soat oldin

    Dom acted more mature then that snitch Matt

  72. Marybelle Lojingau

    Marybelle Lojingau19 soat oldin


  73. mikayla le

    mikayla le19 soat oldin

    zane didn’t even make the thumbnail 😔😔

  74. nilamborage 11

    nilamborage 1119 soat oldin

    David you are awesome

  75. Misc Deux

    Misc Deux19 soat oldin

    'new man, new me' dom 2k20

  76. Anna Glover

    Anna Glover19 soat oldin


  77. Joroski Cocoa

    Joroski Cocoa19 soat oldin

    1:50 "You guys get the cars, let me have my moment" Zane with that judgemental knowing he never got a car.

  78. Cole Skaggs

    Cole Skaggs19 soat oldin

    Not really a surprise

  79. Frankie Lopez

    Frankie Lopez19 soat oldin


  80. Gustavo Cruz

    Gustavo Cruz19 soat oldin

    David Dodrik 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Echo Smyth

    Echo Smyth19 soat oldin

    What does it say about our society that a shit channel like this is what's popular?

  82. MeghNa

    MeghNa19 soat oldin

    I keep coming back to this to remind myself what love really is 😭😭

  83. André Mariano

    André Mariano19 soat oldin

    No way! i'm 25yo in 3 weeks! 2 bad i'm late for the vlog 3 years

  84. Jessica Bragg

    Jessica Bragg19 soat oldin

    why is charli in this ew

  85. I’m Relevant

    I’m Relevant19 soat oldin

    He was definitely turned on by that touch😏 . . Gosupps discount code 👉🏻 ( BS1 )

  86. Eray Kalle

    Eray Kalle19 soat oldin

    1:49 for the boys

  87. Arick Arzadon

    Arick Arzadon19 soat oldin

    I love nicole

  88. Ashley Tomacruz

    Ashley Tomacruz19 soat oldin

    Wait why does Charlie look like she can’t see

  89. FaZe Auto DC CLAN

    FaZe Auto DC CLAN19 soat oldin

    Yes yes yeesssssss David 🔫 ow ow ow lol

  90. John Reymar Reyes

    John Reymar Reyes19 soat oldin

    David is a Gay ? or what?

  91. grimchef

    grimchef19 soat oldin

    How desperate is Nicole.

  92. Austin Giorgio

    Austin Giorgio19 soat oldin

    Tickle tickle

  93. Green Breeze

    Green Breeze19 soat oldin

    Is she blind or legally blind❓ I’m guessing legally blind

  94. Sofia Jeon

    Sofia Jeon19 soat oldin

    2:11 you know david shouted at them

  95. FastLife

    FastLife19 soat oldin

    david should film with racka racka that would be fucking amazing

  96. Callan Jake McKinley

    Callan Jake McKinley19 soat oldin

    "who did that" KILLED ME OFF 🤣🤣🤣

  97. Agon Halili

    Agon Halili19 soat oldin

    Was that corrina

  98. fLooD

    fLooD19 soat oldin

    Cant believe Justin got a chance to meet David

  99. FamilyFirstJ

    FamilyFirstJ19 soat oldin


  100. RH Robin

    RH Robin19 soat oldin

    This was actually a commercial video lol