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  1. Dan Fors

    Dan Fors4 daqiqa oldin

    VR virgins...

  2. Paulius Prastienis

    Paulius Prastienis10 daqiqa oldin

    Did you seriously forget to include Ansu Fati? 🤦‍♂️

  3. Gilad Arieli

    Gilad Arieli27 daqiqa oldin


  4. J BraunBraun

    J BraunBraun31 daqiqa oldin

    No one wants to play with shit default generated players. EA has plenty of resources that they can scan every players face, at least from the top leagues. Stop being cheap and maybe people will buy your game again.

  5. Eddie Mzimela

    Eddie Mzimela32 daqiqa oldin

    I've never been this early to a video 🏆

  6. Wayne R

    Wayne R35 daqiqa oldin

    Too bad career kinda sucks

  7. Stephanie Chinnian

    Stephanie Chinnian36 daqiqa oldin



    XXGILBERGXX36 daqiqa oldin


  9. Jorge Urena

    Jorge Urena37 daqiqa oldin

    What are the name of the music?

  10. Jacob 07

    Jacob 0737 daqiqa oldin


  11. Casual Content

    Casual Content59 daqiqa oldin

    love how beckham and cavani is eating dinner together as in he's trying to sign him for miami!

  12. Nqobile kewarona Radebe

    Nqobile kewarona RadebeSoat oldin

    If only these episodes would be longer ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Eric Bedoya

    Eric BedoyaSoat oldin

    Missed handball call. That's all I'm going to say

  14. Blendinn

    BlendinnSoat oldin


  15. xpkx360

    xpkx3602 soat oldin

    8:03 lmfao

  16. Chase Martini

    Chase Martini2 soat oldin

    Its a shame Tottenham wasnt able to acquire him. What a player

  17. It’s Animatronixz

    It’s Animatronixz2 soat oldin

    0:50 that wasn’t Flamengo that was Athletico Paranaense because they haven’t added Flamengo in Fifa

  18. AnthOny Harmony

    AnthOny Harmony3 soat oldin


  19. Dempleon

    Dempleon3 soat oldin

    Still my favorite episode

  20. Divhead Moyes

    Divhead Moyes3 soat oldin


  21. Joseph Purdue

    Joseph Purdue4 soat oldin

    Omg Neymar is the funniest thing about this!!!!!! So dam true!!!

  22. Samuel Pearlman

    Samuel Pearlman5 soat oldin


  23. Cate D

    Cate D6 soat oldin

    Oh my goodness the Eric Cantona part I lost it.

  24. progyan das

    progyan das6 soat oldin

    This video makes me sad I don’t know why !!

  25. Al

    Al6 soat oldin

    He looks like such a badass now. Messi is dad.

  26. Hailforever

    Hailforever7 soat oldin

    I bought pes 2020 for half price on ps4. Lovely game just still too easy too score once u figure out gameplay but outdone fifa for sure

  27. II

    II8 soat oldin

    that precision was robotic

  28. Juan Juarez

    Juan Juarez12 soat oldin

    He said "fuck it imma score real quick"

  29. Pixelated Madness

    Pixelated Madness12 soat oldin


  30. Ifoto

    Ifoto13 soat oldin

    17:38 is hilarious 😂

  31. eric sweeney

    eric sweeney13 soat oldin

    This is retarded

  32. Hans Sono

    Hans Sono13 soat oldin

    Can I like twice the video??? One for the goal and another one for the "zip code" title?

  33. Emmanuel Leon

    Emmanuel Leon14 soat oldin

    Just the way he connected his shots made them so deadly ... nobody hit the ball like he did

  34. Wael Mkaouar

    Wael Mkaouar15 soat oldin

    Throwback at when madrid were preparing to dominantly humiliate whole Europe.

  35. Illyrian Prince

    Illyrian Prince15 soat oldin

    Who remembers balotelli vs germany euro 2012? Rip neuer

  36. DON

    DON15 soat oldin

    About to unlock him with the fut swap tokens #fut

  37. Illyrian Prince

    Illyrian Prince15 soat oldin

    Holy fuck.

  38. Giancarlo Pinti

    Giancarlo Pinti16 soat oldin

    As a Barca fan it hurts but I mean the Spanish teams have been in crisis for a couple years now, most of the talent will reside in England once players Messi’s age retire...

  39. Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi17 soat oldin

    Messi kit

  40. Red

    Red17 soat oldin

    They didn't call him el maestro for no reason. Legend class👌

  41. KosovoKid04

    KosovoKid0417 soat oldin


  42. Pablo Sanchez

    Pablo Sanchez18 soat oldin

    Great video!!

  43. Stopher Cero

    Stopher Cero18 soat oldin

    Shhh...baby baby...shhh...it's ok it's ok

  44. Randy Koher

    Randy Koher18 soat oldin

    Its just a VR. What a bunch of pansy faggots.

  45. Nova Muchlis

    Nova Muchlis18 soat oldin

    So much sarcastic which is nice..

  46. Samson White

    Samson White18 soat oldin

    I remember watching that as a kid. It was totally unexpected

  47. CSAR392 T/A

    CSAR392 T/A18 soat oldin

    Best episode so far 🙌

  48. TJ_Max987

    TJ_Max98718 soat oldin

    Amazing performance by the Asians!

  49. Irvin Godinez

    Irvin Godinez18 soat oldin

    That ac milan team man, godlike

  50. Michael Wightman

    Michael Wightman19 soat oldin


  51. Actus Reus

    Actus Reus19 soat oldin

    They all gathered after the game and blew him

  52. ecshady14

    ecshady1419 soat oldin

    Grande Maestro 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  53. Derek Savage

    Derek Savage20 soat oldin


  54. the annointed one

    the annointed one20 soat oldin

    We'll never see another pirlo

  55. Ocelot Piggy

    Ocelot Piggy20 soat oldin

    More like a different planet

  56. Just Another Random Guy

    Just Another Random Guy20 soat oldin

    Final was honestly a snooze fest and wished Tottenham wouldve scored to at least make the game more interesting, Liverpool fan btw

  57. Gregory Comas

    Gregory Comas20 soat oldin

    Back when Milan were actually good and relevant

  58. Jesse Tovar

    Jesse Tovar20 soat oldin

    How can someone dislike this??

  59. Skyler James

    Skyler James20 soat oldin

    How did he do that I can’t even kick the ball in to the goal

  60. Teabag Johnson

    Teabag Johnson20 soat oldin

    You’re a pussy if you won’t do it, you know you’re standing in a room on the floor not falling off a building wtf

  61. Ruben Aburto

    Ruben Aburto21 soat oldin


  62. Lal Lian Zuala

    Lal Lian Zuala21 soat oldin

    Damn.. the sound of that ball hitting the net tho.

  63. Godfred Ansong

    Godfred Ansong21 soat oldin

    No Messi goals bc his goals are impossible to recreate

  64. Basim Bacenty

    Basim Bacenty21 soat oldin

    Liverpool: throws party Everyone but Man City: Ight Imma head out

  65. HighburyAFCSoul

    HighburyAFCSoul21 soat oldin

    The way he cooly strikes it is as if he already knows he's gonna score. He truly is a magician


    M0NKEYMAJIK -21 soat oldin

    It’s just a game lol walk out you pansies


    VINCENT C21 soat oldin

    God I hate international breaks

  68. Pachot Javier

    Pachot Javier21 soat oldin

    Oh bobby 💗💗💗

  69. Edwin Moreira

    Edwin Moreira21 soat oldin

    Pirlo. I must say his name is unforgettable.

  70. Victor U

    Victor U21 soat oldin

    What type of shot is that?

  71. Mr President

    Mr President21 soat oldin

    I would've put a fan to simulate the wind from that high then pushed

  72. Spielzeit85

    Spielzeit8522 soat oldin

    Back when AC Milan was a football club.

  73. George Kandylis

    George Kandylis22 soat oldin

    Just Pirlo things !

  74. Jp tyrannosaurus 29

    Jp tyrannosaurus 2922 soat oldin

    Why do they keep benching chicharito

  75. chippenchoco

    chippenchoco22 soat oldin

    Different ZIP Code 🤣😂😂

  76. Edson Pacheco

    Edson Pacheco22 soat oldin

    This is worthy of a Gary Neville orgasm

  77. Mark Fares

    Mark Fares22 soat oldin


  78. Supreme H

    Supreme H22 soat oldin

    I consider myself someone who can control myself so when I rode a VR swing ride at a mall that had me on this amusement park swing ride I had second thoughts. I tried to tell the brain it was all in my head but my body said stfu and hold on because this shit has you upside down now. If the brain thinks it’s real then it reacts.

  79. Joseph Gallardo

    Joseph Gallardo22 soat oldin

    Pure Legend!

  80. Mireille Xochitl Castano

    Mireille Xochitl Castano22 soat oldin

    What are the original names of the songs?

  81. The Bel Experience

    The Bel Experience22 soat oldin

    I would have loved to see Wayne Rooney's assist for DC United

  82. Tora Xenos

    Tora Xenos22 soat oldin

    i mean... that's a cool goal and all but the title is overselling it a LOT.

  83. Lweh G Htoo

    Lweh G Htoo22 soat oldin

    Omg Ronaldo or him who better ?

  84. Diego Carrillo

    Diego Carrillo22 soat oldin


  85. Ahmad Akaweih

    Ahmad Akaweih22 soat oldin

    I need everyone rushing to the comment section to calm down

  86. Evan Ainslie

    Evan Ainslie22 soat oldin

    Yew is that a six pack-less Real Madrid player?

  87. Kipkémboî Sitienei

    Kipkémboî Sitienei22 soat oldin


  88. amerik556

    amerik55622 soat oldin

    Lol i used to think that milan was ancient that was 10 years ago