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Mikey Chen

Hey! It's Mike!
This is a channel about my life and all the things I do. So...yea...hmmm...that's all.

  1. Glittering Yam

    Glittering YamKun oldin

    My ears hurt every time you said "ee-bee" 😭😭😭😭😭

  2. kt032

    kt032Kun oldin

    immediately googled Kit Kat Mcflurry to see if its available in the U.S. but still not sure. Does anyone know?

  3. Paul Maehara

    Paul MaeharaKun oldin

    I don't know about the American locations of Dairy Queen, but here in Canada, they have a Flamethrower Chicken Sandwich. I love the heat in it, escpecially with the grilled chicken breast!!

  4. TheDrzhivargo

    TheDrzhivargoKun oldin

    i know those places lol whoa

  5. Sujay Menezes

    Sujay MenezesKun oldin

    Why u r not wearing mask? Except in airport.......atleast think of somebody mate. Stay safe buddy.

  6. Steve Jones

    Steve JonesKun oldin

    somewhere there's a naked chicken

  7. Sujay Menezes

    Sujay MenezesKun oldin

    Hey......u have one more channel right? ....strictly dumpling?

  8. Paul Maehara

    Paul MaeharaKun oldin

    Arby's should have a fried egg on the triple stack for breakfast time!!

  9. Chasing Dream

    Chasing DreamKun oldin

    That window view looks just like the room I stayed in :). The hotuuk place across the hotel is famous - long lines.

  10. Jacky Lim

    Jacky LimKun oldin

    hmmm the audio sounded so faint. I have my speaker on max.

  11. Hai Gomu

    Hai GomuKun oldin

    It like the 2015 version on Strictly dunpling with better video =))) I learnt this dish from you few years back and it’s one of my favourite.

  12. Christopher Redleaf

    Christopher RedleafKun oldin

    Glad you're back in the states! Love your videos!!! Stay strong and keep up the channel!!!

  13. El max

    El maxKun oldin

    mikey living the life.

  14. santosh kumar Gupta

    santosh kumar GuptaKun oldin

    Binging with MIKEY !

  15. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna MatataKun oldin

    *chunky nectar of the god*

  16. D. Davis

    D. DavisKun oldin


  17. WhenIdreamaboutyou

    WhenIdreamaboutyouKun oldin

    Imagine the food waste at the lounge

  18. MaFlo rn

    MaFlo rnKun oldin


  19. Robert Brown

    Robert BrownKun oldin

    Been there , not certain I could do the soup

  20. lim muyhong

    lim muyhongKun oldin

    Wow, u watch food war like me too.

  21. fro-yo -momma

    fro-yo -mommaKun oldin

    Im a simple man when i cant eat i watch someone else eat

  22. DT Undercover

    DT UndercoverKun oldin

    Lmfao... people are crazy... I've gotten take out from my local Chinese restaurant 3 times since I first heard about the Wuhan flu... people are over reacting like crazy...

  23. The Muk Bros

    The Muk BrosKun oldin


  24. realReXishere

    realReXishereKun oldin

    You have a kitchen and you know how to cook? In what universe I'm in???


    ALL ABOUT TO RISEKun oldin

    This is how the end of the world happened lol

  26. Vanessa Galvan

    Vanessa GalvanKun oldin

    I just finished all seasons of food war! Great anime! You should definitely do more food wars recipes!

  27. Paul Maehara

    Paul MaeharaKun oldin

    Were you able to get your camera equipment back?

  28. TheRadBread

    TheRadBreadKun oldin

    Yorokobe Shounen

  29. Teresa Jenkins

    Teresa JenkinsKun oldin

    I love your recipes... I make you eggs and tomatoes all the time...thank you...

  30. nightswish

    nightswishKun oldin

    Yes please stay safe!! I love your videos!! Makes this whole thing a bit easier as there is always something good to watch!!

  31. Kira Wolfie

    Kira WolfieKun oldin

    the castaway part has me dead hahah mike is the best

  32. Denise View

    Denise ViewKun oldin

    Big portions!



    The lamp seller said "Tell this chinese dude that if you put the lamp in your house the ants won't come in."

  34. Tech Guru413

    Tech Guru413Kun oldin

    Pray for italy. 🙏🏼

  35. JoeBarb JB

    JoeBarb JBKun oldin

    Love your videos. Had to stop watching due to the “music”. It’s not Necessary, your presentation was competing with the repetitious three notes. Had a tad of video rage. Most you tube vids never need outside noise. Please stop. Thank you.

  36. Tech Guru413

    Tech Guru413Kun oldin

    Do you always read the japanese kanji in Chinese Hanzì? Just wondering.

  37. guest man

    guest manKun oldin

    Great cooking video Mikey . Good new look change. Something different and I will definitely try it. Explained very well thanks. I will try!

  38. sparkskc30

    sparkskc30Kun oldin

    this attitude is why America is in so much danger from this virus, i hope Americans have more common sense than this guy!

  39. M0rcy

    M0rcyKun oldin

    Hey, sorry that you had this happen to you. I’ve been there couple of times and the way to do this the right way, you would need to have a local person with you. I’ve been living here for a over 10 years so if you ever decide to come back, let me take you around!

  40. Lucy Doria-Marshall

    Lucy Doria-MarshallKun oldin

    I made a vegan version of this last night by subbing finely minced king oyster mushrooms for the beef and I have to say it was really good! I used doubanjang and black bean Lao Gan Ma instead of the fermented beans, bean sauce and hot oil combination and was pleasantly surprised :) I bet yours tasted better though :D Love your content, Mikey- stay safe!

  41. Kisha Khaye

    Kisha KhayeKun oldin

    Woaaaaah. Strictly dumpling is watching Shokugeki No Soma? 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  42. Joshua Khoo

    Joshua KhooKun oldin

    Mikey, it’s called a pestle and mortar. Not a “spice grater”. 😂

  43. Leanne Chapman

    Leanne ChapmanKun oldin

    I saw food wars and I squealed. My favourite food anime

  44. call me starfire

    call me starfireKun oldin

    Egg with tomatoes, nice. I remember on your other video that you mentioned you grew up eating eggs with tomatoes, love from ph💖

  45. Darkwolfkilla

    DarkwolfkillaKun oldin

    I love that theres a stove in the background but he uses the portable stove bc he needs to film it from the front.😂😂

  46. Gmanji

    GmanjiKun oldin

    Ofcourse it wasnt a ten spice ramen when you put 8 on the card.... still love your videos tho.

  47. Totoro88

    Totoro88Kun oldin

    Anyone remember the TV series „Yan can cook“? So can you! 😂

  48. Asap Nips

    Asap NipsKun oldin

    5 minutes I take up to an hour in the shower😂

  49. Veronica Boerks

    Veronica BoerksKun oldin

    That looks too delish! You’re a good cook🥢🌶💕

  50. ayronsmama05

    ayronsmama05Kun oldin

    Ha apron exploding I was expecting your head to!! I just cannot do heat, the hot oil was bad enough but then you do the peppercorn. Nope, heck no! Good see ya though Mikey, lol!

  51. Don Feria

    Don FeriaKun oldin

    your passion for food is always so inspiring! thank you for such yummy content while everyone is in quarantine! !

  52. Elfe Archange

    Elfe ArchangeKun oldin


  53. dsjoyful14ever

    dsjoyful14everKun oldin

    Thank you Mike for your words of encouragement during this pandemic. You were spot on about having love, compassion and a spirit of unity with each other as fellow human beings not just during the pandemic but always. May God Bless You and stay safe yourself Mikey. I really enjoy this and your Strictly Dumpling channel. You are a lovely person and I love your sense of humor.

  54. Shahyan Khan

    Shahyan KhanKun oldin

    That word still makes me laugh

  55. Decade Build

    Decade BuildKun oldin

    Angel beats anyone?

  56. yelly8506

    yelly8506Kun oldin

    I thought mapo tofu is usually pork based?

  57. A W

    A WKun oldin

    9:24"perfect place to wait out the virus". So right Mike! Remote, spacious, give me the keys! I could use it about now.

  58. Cocoafever

    CocoafeverKun oldin

    Omg when I go to a Chinese restaurant I Order the Mapo Tofu and I gotta say yours look Amazing wish I can taste it!!! Yummmm!!! 🤤😋

  59. Midori

    MidoriKun oldin

    And that melon is in whats cooking I didn’t know it was real

  60. Sonia Vazquez

    Sonia VazquezKun oldin

    Looks delicious thank you for sharing 😘

  61. mrpenguinz 33 favorite youtubers

    mrpenguinz 33 favorite youtubersKun oldin

    Your name does sound like my kitchen mikey chen

  62. royalbuff123

    royalbuff123Kun oldin

    Smell it? Smell it?! Malaysians gila belachan

  63. Juan Ramirez

    Juan RamirezKun oldin

    We definitely NEED MORE COOKING videos! This happens to be one of my favorite dishes

  64. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGamingKun oldin

    Its funny he says its very famous in texas, My family owns a bakery in AZ and everytime we get someone from texas roll through they ask for the kolaches

  65. Amy A

    Amy AKun oldin

    Loved this video Mikey. Thank you!!

  66. Longnam Kharpuri

    Longnam KharpuriKun oldin

    More Food Wars cooking videos Mike! This was great. I put fermented soybean paste even into curry. Makes everything taste great! 😄

  67. Huskie

    HuskieKun oldin

    def my favorite anime

  68. NotSweetland

    NotSweetlandKun oldin

    Hope this don’t make my clothes fly off 😂😂😂

  69. rosebud

    rosebudKun oldin

    Yum! Mr. Mike.🥀✌

  70. Joana Marie Ballera

    Joana Marie BalleraKun oldin

    I used to watch a Chinese cooking show when I was young called "wok with Chan". We can call this "Wok with Chen".😋

  71. 멍쫑

    멍쫑Kun oldin

    You are legit enjoying Korea!! Love it :)

  72. Wendy Taylor

    Wendy TaylorKun oldin

    What is going on.....................I have never heard you speak so fast................on speed or what?

  73. Nuka Be

    Nuka BeKun oldin

    Thankyou your amazing Godbless wonderful day💐🌸

  74. April Grigg

    April GriggKun oldin


  75. Camille Beard

    Camille BeardKun oldin

    Thank you for this recipe! I recommend using Soft tofu versus Silken tofu. I find that Silken tofu falls apart too easily. For those who aren’t familiar, the softness/firmness fresh tofu spectrum is as follows: Silken, Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm. Fried and dried tofus are excluded from the spectrum.

  76. NoxWyvern

    NoxWyvernKun oldin

    I’m jelly, my family and I really only take economy class flights because it’s nice and cheap. 😂 you got some nice food for 40min flight. Wish we got more than just peanuts for a 3hr flight. C’mon Air Canada, step up your game. 😂

  77. Just Mike

    Just MikeKun oldin

    Awesome show dude

  78. NoxWyvern

    NoxWyvernKun oldin

    Every Wendy’s I’ve been to had pretty good chicken sandwiches. While not crispy, it was juicy and didn’t have any off taste, and I’ve never got one with such a big piece of lettuce. 😂 maybe it’s just here where I live. Or that I got the chicken at just the right times when the oil it’s fried in isn’t clumped with a bunch of junk in it.

  79. joel

    joelKun oldin

    I was just thinking that you should do cooking videos with this whole ordeal going on.

  80. NoxWyvern

    NoxWyvernKun oldin

    Wish there was a chick-fil-A here. (Alberta) if there is, I can’t find one. But i wonder what could happen if KFC, Popeyes, and Chick-Fil-A team up. The ultimate fast food chickens.

  81. Lauren Neal

    Lauren NealKun oldin

    I'm convinced Mike is a spicy food masochist 😅

  82. frigtartsxp

    frigtartsxpKun oldin

    Y u do this to me

  83. Daegon369

    Daegon369Kun oldin

    More cooking videos please!



    I always remove the black seeds from the toasted peppercorns. I think it tastes gritty if you grind up the black core seeds,. you're only supposed to eat the shells

  85. Daniel Ddaniel

    Daniel DdanielKun oldin

    Another Food War channel?😴😴😴

  86. MA M

    MA MKun oldin

    Kfc is amazing in Pakistan as well n Pizza Hut Nandos

  87. Titotons

    TitotonsKun oldin

    Which part did you put the peppercorn oil?

  88. Lal H k i p

    Lal H k i pKun oldin

    Can't believe I watched like 8 videos of Mikeychen.. and guess what I did not sleep And now m starving at the same time sleepy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Daena Smith

    Daena SmithKun oldin

    Just a quick note: You NEED to wash those green onions better. As they grow, dirt gets trapped in the rings/leaves of the onion so you need to soak them, cut the ends off, take off any loose leaves and there will be a like a clear plastic like skin that needs to be taken off as dirt will get trapped in there as well.

  90. Xxcrystal KittyxX

    Xxcrystal KittyxX2 kun oldin

    While mike was eating the melon did anyone hear all the noise in the backround especially that baby scream

  91. El

    El2 kun oldin

    Now what would happen if we also threw in a scorpion Naga pepper just for funsies

  92. Kaw Shin

    Kaw Shin2 kun oldin

    Can you sub the tofu with meat?

  93. Eika May

    Eika May2 kun oldin

    A certain priest approves

  94. CharlieNagoo

    CharlieNagoo2 kun oldin

    Restaurant business during or after the pandemic. Good luck.

  95. BoricuaDelight

    BoricuaDelight2 kun oldin

    Please keep safe

  96. Becca Pesner

    Becca Pesner2 kun oldin

    this looks so tasty my gosh

  97. Angela Fischer

    Angela Fischer2 kun oldin

    Thank you. I will make this but substitute the meat with soy mince and leave out the allium. I like the blanch tofu and Sichuan pepper tips.

  98. BoricuaDelight

    BoricuaDelight2 kun oldin

    That curry looks delicious

  99. thot_gang

    thot_gang2 kun oldin

    I love food wars

  100. narru6425

    narru64252 kun oldin

    That's it, my lunch will be 麻婆豆腐 with rice then...