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  1. Sylvio Fleurant

    Sylvio Fleurant8 soat oldin

    Jealousy make some pieces of trash 🗑 fail to give king 👑 Kobe Bryant crédit. Shame on you guys.

  2. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei8 soat oldin

    Fight at 6ish minutes

  3. Luke Jackson

    Luke Jackson8 soat oldin

    "How much money is enough money"... "the Russian people love Proper 12 whiskey. Buy my whiskey"

  4. Kevin O'Reilly

    Kevin O'Reilly8 soat oldin

    So how is he in trouble with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection? I dont get it...

  5. Jeff B

    Jeff B8 soat oldin

    If KC wins it would be Joe Montana’s final middle finger to the 9ers

  6. RosinDabz 313

    RosinDabz 3138 soat oldin

    Wat trade zion ..good night

  7. The OfficialMari

    The OfficialMari8 soat oldin

    Bruh if anyone can get Zion to read this comment tell him I’m his cousin and that his grand parents that died are my aunt and uncle and I’m related to the Mosleys and I found out I was his cousin after the funeral tell him to email me and I’ll give him my number so we can get to know each other better

  8. Wesley Thomas

    Wesley Thomas9 soat oldin

    Defense wins superbowls. 49ers will win. Bosa will knock Mahomes out the game in the second quarter.

  9. Laura Bagnell

    Laura Bagnell9 soat oldin

    If Gritty were put on trial, would his jury consist of his peers? You know: other mascots.

  10. CeezyTaughtMe

    CeezyTaughtMe9 soat oldin

    Now this is entertainment. I used To love you tiki.... <Brandon Jacobs

  11. Chris Adams

    Chris Adams9 soat oldin

    The NBA is different nowadays. Even Shaq would be shooting 3 pointers if he played today

  12. Ask The Pro DJ

    Ask The Pro DJ9 soat oldin

    scared to stand after Nunes fight

  13. Amy Lippert

    Amy Lippert9 soat oldin

    I would be concerned about his weight, if it wasn't for the fact that it seems to be basically all muscle

  14. CouchFighter 660

    CouchFighter 6609 soat oldin


  15. Robert Stanley

    Robert Stanley9 soat oldin


  16. Karl Warner

    Karl Warner9 soat oldin

    overdue, Mr. Walker. congrats 😌

  17. a1kid

    a1kid10 soat oldin

    Have to thank the media for putting and keeping a chip on the Niners shoulders all season. Glad to see they aren't stopping during the SB runup...

  18. John Holton

    John Holton10 soat oldin

    Drop it Jim, you're a dong. Cover sports you have more than 30 minutes of experience with.

  19. Javier Suárez

    Javier Suárez10 soat oldin

    How does he manages not to laugh on the things he reads?

  20. Isaiah Medina

    Isaiah Medina10 soat oldin

    Hes the Jim Plunkett of his era but they will vote him in..if he gets voted b4 Plunkett to HOF that BS

  21. heyfreshy

    heyfreshy11 soat oldin

    volume so low

  22. SpankBuda

    SpankBuda11 soat oldin

    Why the black female stereotypical claps @0:01 like you're sounding out syllables? Be professional!

  23. Planet 9

    Planet 911 soat oldin

    Fook the haters!

  24. Some Guy

    Some Guy11 soat oldin

    I knew the tigers would win this game

  25. Tyler Engelmann

    Tyler Engelmann11 soat oldin

    so this guy thinks the bucks would have 39 wins without giannis yea ok

  26. Gregg Mhire

    Gregg Mhire11 soat oldin

    ......17 points at games end ...... 35-8 scoring run by LSU ....... dominant defense + offense LSU. Maybe next year pro style offense gets added to the top programs, or maybe defensive changes arise. But for now, this year, LSU has changed college football ... forever.

  27. Samuel Sandate

    Samuel Sandate11 soat oldin

    David Sampson is so funny, I like to watch his show.

  28. hyeboi

    hyeboi11 soat oldin

    Lol who gives a fuck, anybody who has eyes and who actually knows basketball knows Kobe is top 3

  29. kevin shelly

    kevin shelly11 soat oldin

    Fire Rob Manfred.

  30. Chase Murphy

    Chase Murphy11 soat oldin

    I would love to see them pick up Mekhi Becton, but I don't see any possible way for them to move up enough in the draft to get him

  31. Cristian Elvis

    Cristian Elvis11 soat oldin

    #TitanUp 💪

  32. John Nevin

    John Nevin12 soat oldin

    Go away tiki.


    TRANCE MUSIC12 soat oldin

    Tomorrowland 2020🎧🔊🎬

  34. Cashmoney Rye

    Cashmoney Rye12 soat oldin


  35. William Gullett

    William Gullett12 soat oldin

    Walker was a good player but come on. And he played a long time in Colorado. A couple years Walker was outhit by Bichette and others

  36. CJ Wegs

    CJ Wegs12 soat oldin

    He is beast

  37. Bradly Wiest

    Bradly Wiest12 soat oldin

    Eagles don’t need to draft an edge, especially in the 1st round. They need to get Tee Higgins a big and faster than he looks wide receiver. Even the other Alabama receiver, not Jeudy. Jeudy will be gone by them

  38. hollow points bullets

    hollow points bullets12 soat oldin

    Keep sleeping on 49 ers, they going to whoop those bitches fake ass chiefs.

  39. Corrupt_Pinp0int

    Corrupt_Pinp0int12 soat oldin

    When your Center is better at shooting than your PointGuard

  40. John Brown

    John Brown12 soat oldin

    Holy hell these guys are jokes

  41. Samuel Morabia

    Samuel Morabia13 soat oldin

    Burrow is 3 years old with a better o line...same age as lamar jackson

  42. Back Bay Man52

    Back Bay Man5213 soat oldin

    Some will say he don't deserve to be in the hall, but nowadays, they're letting pretty good instead of great players in, so why should Eli be any different. Manning was an ok quarterback, who stepped up when the moment called for it, plus he beat Tom Brady twice in Super Bowls. That should get him in😁

  43. Liam McKessy

    Liam McKessy13 soat oldin

    Lost when they decided to take him off 🤦🏼‍♂️

  44. NinerMan 86

    NinerMan 8613 soat oldin

    The fact that we've been top 2 on both sides of the ball all year means nothing huh?

  45. Alex Aguilar

    Alex Aguilar13 soat oldin

    That's gonna be the best looking bronze chin in Canton

  46. Gordon Costa

    Gordon Costa13 soat oldin

    The Pels were just 3 games out of the 8th seed before this loss. There was no need for Gentry to pull him out. Gentry took all of his scorers out with him. Gentry has got to go.

  47. Steve Thomas

    Steve Thomas13 soat oldin

    Looks to me like cerrone threw the fight

  48. Dustin Platt

    Dustin Platt13 soat oldin

    Lol. _grabs popcorn_ never watched basketball but this is entertaining. Good luck playing basketball again.

  49. Spencer Jones

    Spencer Jones14 soat oldin

    Let’s go Texas Longhorns! Good game Utah Utes! Hook’em horns!

  50. Don’t CA My TX

    Don’t CA My TX14 soat oldin

    Defense and a solid receiver that draws defensive attention.

  51. Shakester71

    Shakester7114 soat oldin

    Everyone likes to mention just how explosive and potent that Chiefs offense is and rightfully so. They were the 5th highest scoring team in the league this past season. What they're overlooking is that the 49ers were the 2nd highest scoring team in the league behind the Ravens, but they keep talking about the 49ers as if they won't be able to score on the Chiefs. The 49ers have an explosive offense as well and a dominant defense to go with it. Not only that, they're the best running team in the NFL going up against the 27th worse run defense in the league. The 49ers won't have to commit all these players up front which means they won't have to be in Cover 0 or man formations, so Mahomes will see a lot of defenders in the secondary. On the other side of the ball, the Chiefs will have to commit at least 7 in the box to stop the run which would leave them susceptible to play action against man coverage, and Jimmy G. will pick that apart. The Packers game sent a message to the Chiefs to fear the run. They're going to be so caught up in trying to stop the run and won't be able to stop the pass.

  52. Judahseed

    Judahseed14 soat oldin

    Eli Manning is the most overrated player in NFL history

  53. Warren Mazengwe

    Warren Mazengwe14 soat oldin

    Alvin Gentry needs to be fired immediately. Yesterday, he made it blatantly obvious he wants to tank. In the second half, before Zion returned in the 4th, he showed no encouragement for his team when trying to comeback versus the Spurs. Just that same dumb ass "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing" look he always has. Then when Zion enters for that smal( but impressive) stretch. He didn't show any signs of joy at all. He was looking like Zion was ruining everything he built. Then Gentry takes him out the game while he was the hot hand. You can clearly see Zion was pissed. It even looked like Gentry reprimanded him in front of everybody. Then went on with the smug face till the game was over. No kind if enthusiastic his team within reach of actually winning the game. They even showed some closeups of Dan Gilbert. And he looked pissed, that Zion got pulled out of the game.#fireAlvinGentry

  54. Jeffrey Weston

    Jeffrey Weston14 soat oldin

    Trevor Lawrence will be a better version of Tebow!

  55. Leo Sound

    Leo Sound14 soat oldin

    Who will win Super Bowl LIV? Raiders might know... 😂😂😂😂😂 - 1981: Raiders (7-9) play final season in Oakland before move to Los Angeles and 49ers win Super Bowl XVI over Bengals. - 1994: Raiders (9-7) play final season in Los Angeles before moving to Oakland and 49ers win Super Bowl XXIX over Chargers. - 2019: Raiders (7-9) play final season in Oakland before move to Las Vegas and now 49ers advance to Super Bowl LIV against Chiefs...who will win?!?!?

  56. Yaffa Yafo

    Yaffa Yafo15 soat oldin

    I love watching this kid. 19 years old! Saw his first NBA hoop and watched that magic fourth quarter, when he scored 17 in five minutes. TThought he might have a lackluster debut, but waited and he went off! I wanted him to stay in the game and help win the game. I hope and pray that he will never get injured again. Such a fine, young man.

  57. Crazy Times

    Crazy Times15 soat oldin

    6.7k salty ones lol

  58. CapAnson12345

    CapAnson1234515 soat oldin

    When did players become entitled to a 100% no questions asked induction? If that's where we're at then dispense with the process and have the HOF just outright name who they want.

  59. Rod Gossett

    Rod Gossett15 soat oldin

    This kid should have taken the hold year off for his knee, was no need to rush him. But he is going to need some more super star help on that O N team.

  60. Joseph Sosa

    Joseph Sosa15 soat oldin

    Respect the flag. Put your hand over your heart during the National Anthem. We have soldiers in harms way we need to show them the respect they deserve. You are no longer on my roster.

  61. castricv

    castricv15 soat oldin

    Theres only 3 times a grown ass man is allowed to weep openly in public. When a damily member passes, when a child does/wins something amazing, or a buddy or yourself gets put into the hall of fame. Never liked the Steelers but this is well deserved coach.

  62. Nate Arsenault

    Nate Arsenault15 soat oldin

    Khabib humbled him... BIG-TIME

  63. Audie Conrad

    Audie Conrad15 soat oldin

    Walk away Eli while you still can...never injured.

  64. Steven Williamson

    Steven Williamson15 soat oldin

    Sf gone win the Superbowl hands down Superbowl #6 on the way

  65. roouit patan

    roouit patan16 soat oldin

    Fight at 6ish minutes

  66. Nino Brown

    Nino Brown16 soat oldin


  67. LNDN

    LNDN16 soat oldin

    But we are going to ignore Ball's 14, 8, and 12 No hate on Zion tho I just thought Lonzo had a good game

  68. David Swift

    David Swift16 soat oldin

    Excellent electric debut indeed👊🏼 Thanks for the post!

  69. Stephen B

    Stephen B16 soat oldin

    Noooo stay playing get starter over jones so eagles can sweep ya every year :)

  70. Michael Neely

    Michael Neely16 soat oldin

    Brady Quinis having A J Hawk flashbacks of getting sacked when he played for Not A Dame.

  71. Toby Bielat

    Toby Bielat16 soat oldin

    Why are people worried about aaron rogers? He already won a sb, what about all the guys that havnt won 1? Why aren't people worried about phillip rivers, matt ryan, alex smith?

  72. Ismael Castillo

    Ismael Castillo16 soat oldin

    and they still lost

  73. Marco Deo

    Marco Deo16 soat oldin

    New York Knicks were robbed out of a great player by the lottery draft. Boycott the NBA. No way should a 33 win team get Zion over a 17 win team,

  74. Gabriel Madan

    Gabriel Madan17 soat oldin

    I love how salty all these haters are. Great year, I'm grateful we went 13-3 with a new coach and system.

  75. MAAR

    MAAR17 soat oldin

    Will never understand how the spurs could give him that much room after making consecutive 3’s. Makes 0 sense

  76. cardphins68

    cardphins6817 soat oldin

    Good for Zion and good for that franchise! Put me in the Camp of people who are totally pulling for this guy to succeed. GO ZION!

  77. Jim Browski

    Jim Browski17 soat oldin

    Kansas u = poor sports

  78. Blu'z

    Blu'z17 soat oldin

    When PF zion drops more 3's in less attempts then PG ben simmons has in his whole career

  79. Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones17 soat oldin

    The packers suck as a whole not just one person

  80. Josh K

    Josh K17 soat oldin

    The targeting call was definitely the right call. If they were not calling targeting, Clemson would not have been playing LSU for the championship. Ohio State would have been in the championship. Don’t be crying about the targeting call. It was definitely targeting. The call in the Ohio State game was definitely not targeting.

  81. don brassco

    don brassco17 soat oldin

    Go K.C😜🤘😎

  82. Finger banging Your mom

    Finger banging Your mom17 soat oldin

    Rodgers and Brees are just gate keepers

  83. hakkujin

    hakkujin17 soat oldin

    Chiefs: 35 San Fran: 31

  84. Scott Amon

    Scott Amon17 soat oldin

    This kid is a monster. I hope he stays healthy, good luck NO fans.

  85. Marcus Nash

    Marcus Nash17 soat oldin

    I like the second pick HTTR

  86. WavyNvegasDJ

    WavyNvegasDJ17 soat oldin

    The reaction on the spurs faces everytime Zion scored says it all .. like 'damn he's the truth'

  87. patrick vance

    patrick vance17 soat oldin

    Ja Morant who?

  88. bert fromarketin

    bert fromarketin17 soat oldin


  89. Michael Banasiak

    Michael Banasiak17 soat oldin

    Rogers is unfortunately done.

  90. Bruno Perlstein

    Bruno Perlstein18 soat oldin

    Isn't this guy a cell phone Thief

  91. Nick Foxer

    Nick Foxer18 soat oldin

    @7:10, did he say "JOE-SAY"? lol

  92. Keej Vaj

    Keej Vaj18 soat oldin

    Gottlieb hit this analysis right on the head. ❤ I love coach PJ Fleck ❤

  93. ohio stin

    ohio stin18 soat oldin

    He needs to get involved at ole Miss.

  94. Bret Holloway

    Bret Holloway18 soat oldin

    Get that dude his clown hat!

  95. KansasHoneyBadger

    KansasHoneyBadger18 soat oldin

    Henry who?... Didn't he spent a lot of time sitting on the bench?.

  96. Jupiter Jones

    Jupiter Jones18 soat oldin

    Shooting 3's 👀

  97. Grace Brill

    Grace Brill18 soat oldin

    Chiefs will lose big time!! My premonition and saw it in my dream. Mahomes will tear his ACL so bad it will affect his life forever and change his career. It will happen towards the end of 2nd quarter or beginning of 3rd quarter. Just be careful Mahomes!!

  98. Frank Lyons

    Frank Lyons18 soat oldin

    No it isn't.

  99. Christopher Chaffer

    Christopher Chaffer18 soat oldin

    The disrespect of the Mamba in the media is getting waaaaaaaaaay out of control. Most of people ranked above Kobe on that list have publicly ranked Kobe above themselves. We know what this is though. When OJ got off he was a marked man. Kobe got off and he's been marked by the mainstream media ever since. We know he should have at least 2 more MVP'S but who votes on that? The mainstream media. I'm almost inclined to bet that he won't be a inducted into the HOF on the first ballot for the same reason. They are continually trying to destroy his legacy and it's sickening. The vast majority his peers rank him in the top 5 and pick him over Lebron James. These are just facts. I'll say what most people won't.

  100. Ahmy B

    Ahmy B18 soat oldin

    Tony Romo can read a football game better then anyone that has every been on broadcast. He'll be the best football commentator. A lot of QB have tried but not one have even come close to calling a game as good as Romo does.