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Brennen Taylor

One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. A GAMER

    A GAMERKun oldin

    Future Mr beasts -zhc -brennen taylor

  2. Tommy Overton

    Tommy OvertonKun oldin

    You are micican stupid

  3. Team Shadow

    Team ShadowKun oldin

    2019: Iphone Giveaways!!!! 2020: Hand sanitizer Giveaways!!!!

  4. Vision_heatrost Eclips

    Vision_heatrost EclipsKun oldin

    You complain too much there was provable no problem w that m and cheese but you try put ever1 down

  5. kilsnacks

    kilsnacksKun oldin

    Oh wow seriously that little tiny hair? Just take it out the food will not harm you in any way. I can 100 percent understand if you were reviewing a top of line fine dining place or something but a place like this is kinda silly to point something out like that unless it was a lot of hair not just a tiny piece.

  6. Kris 8813

    Kris 8813Kun oldin

    I know he felt really special about being the first person to eat the burger but in reality the employees or manager were probably the first to eat it 😂 but he was the first costumer to eat it

  7. Yee Boi

    Yee BoiKun oldin

    What vpn is it

  8. Nara Niaz 4E

    Nara Niaz 4EKun oldin

    I don't like tick tock

  9. Xd GaMeR

    Xd GaMeRKun oldin

    1:58 you should not freez them you have to bake them

  10. Kris 8813

    Kris 8813Kun oldin

    That’s sour dough bread when it’s toasted it turns really hard and crunchy so that just how the bread is it’s self but everything else looks terrible but the bread as an explanation

  11. Karrin Diegdio

    Karrin DiegdioKun oldin

    I couldn't stop laughing when you purposely fail and your mom hit you 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Erma Conn

    Erma ConnKun oldin

    My dude discovered a perfect article to gather supporters by searching for " *yadakjoo team* " and worked well.😁 Feel free to use.🤪

  13. Nathanael Hall

    Nathanael HallKun oldin

    If you hammer a nail in a cork, and then take out the nail with the backside of the hammer, the cork will come out too.

  14. Ramila jayawardhena

    Ramila jayawardhenaKun oldin

    I feel like people cannot give an opion anymore. They pay for their food and they review them. They aren't food critis,but they have something call their opnion. Anyway great video guys. Keep em coming

  15. Cassandra Morton

    Cassandra MortonKun oldin

    What if a couple goes in there😨😨😨

  16. Michael England

    Michael EnglandKun oldin

    I've tried to use the VPN, when you try to watch one of the movies it recognizes that you are using a VPN and it wont work 😭

  17. Alex Kempis

    Alex KempisKun oldin


  18. emma breaux

    emma breauxKun oldin

    sorry lord for watching this🙏

  19. Tina Leasure

    Tina LeasureKun oldin

    I like how he said he was tired and the he was on his phone....

  20. Micheal Reichel

    Micheal ReichelKun oldin

    My sister got a real tut to gather fans by searching for " *yadakjoo team* " and it was easy to use.🤗 Feel free to use it.😋

  21. T Sager

    T SagerKun oldin

    What VPN app???

  22. IdreesGamer IdreesGamer

    IdreesGamer IdreesGamerKun oldin

    The Cameraman looks like your brother

  23. Colt S

    Colt SKun oldin

    8:09 lol he cursed

  24. blake N

    blake NKun oldin

    “Perfectly ripe cilantro” what?

  25. Edgar Btesh

    Edgar BteshKun oldin

    Hey, the Vpn didn't work for me, netflix recognize i'm using it, could you help me out please?

  26. Amani DIY

    Amani DIYKun oldin

    KEEP SCROLLING IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE DARK HUMOUR Mom:your pet died Brennan: there’s a hack for that This is dark humor I know don’t give me hate

  27. Tina Leasure

    Tina LeasureKun oldin

    Beer virus. I'm gonna use that. My friend calls it Bud Light virus. Stay safe children

  28. Zripyy

    ZripyyKun oldin

    I really hope they didn’t actually eat the donuts 🤢

  29. Mia Juarez28

    Mia Juarez28Kun oldin

    Mia ❤️👩🏻

  30. Exploring with Destiny

    Exploring with DestinyKun oldin

    Corona virus 🦠 Sorry that was mean 😂

  31. Cosmic Brownie

    Cosmic BrownieKun oldin

    Brennen: I don’t wanna make 100 trips. Me: But there’s only 26 letters in the alphabet

  32. SettlingCrib 620

    SettlingCrib 620Kun oldin

    There in Bakersfield???

  33. Omar Essam

    Omar EssamKun oldin

    8:25 u see a ice cube fall out drink relatable

  34. xXtoxic TrendsXx

    xXtoxic TrendsXxKun oldin

    Go to mohali hills

  35. Guadalupe Plays ROBLOX and More

    Guadalupe Plays ROBLOX and MoreKun oldin

    Please dont hate me for this but I kinda don't like brennen anymore I remember when he was waaaayyyy cooler before and he did more food reviews I stopped watching him because he has gotten to much into trends and he kinda acts in a different way I wish he could do more videos of 'My fortunate life choices" or "My unfortunate life choices" I still remember when he did those videos now he just posts other like for example his hair his hair before looked nothing like that back then so sorry brennen in unsubscribing because you've changed way to much and I'm not saying this because I hate him no I used to looooooove his videos and I would do all nighters just to watch his videos all day and nighr but now their not that interesting in my opinion so please don't hate me and the people that are fans or subscribers please don't hate me this is just my opinion because Brennen changed so sorry brennen

  36. Helpme Plz

    Helpme PlzKun oldin

    I have one question who else cried while watching blood diamond

  37. Caleb Bauer

    Caleb BauerKun oldin

    Bloody Mary never worked for me either

  38. weird girl101

    weird girl101Kun oldin

    If you have Apple TV you can download a VPN a least on mine

  39. Apsentcool 27460

    Apsentcool 27460Kun oldin

    Do more stuff with Colbe Like Scary

  40. Exploring with Destiny

    Exploring with DestinyKun oldin

    Her: * takes the pizza* Jake: heyyy! Brendan: can he have his pizza?- Jake: * gets up* I’m not payin’

  41. Karrin Diegdio

    Karrin DiegdioKun oldin

    Your grandma is so funny Brennen😂😂

  42. iiTzJackals

    iiTzJackalsKun oldin

    The dog one is not it is fucking hurting her u stupid bitch

  43. Unicorn Patricia

    Unicorn PatriciaKun oldin

    4:53 dat face doe

  44. Ethan Lopez

    Ethan LopezKun oldin


  45. DrMontrays

    DrMontraysKun oldin

    You can chromecast the netflix to ur tv

  46. Brodie Coffey

    Brodie CoffeyKun oldin

    James Charles: “Hey Sisters!” Edit: 5:50

  47. simbo

    simboKun oldin

    10:18 they are scuishys