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Goodbye FaZe Rug...
I got her pregnant...
  1. Josefina Nanez

    Josefina Nanez9 soat oldin

    Get it pull

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    Bombdiggediiy809 soat oldin

    Lindy Chocolate is expensive if you ask me😂

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    Zach Govender9 soat oldin

    I think it's was the chicken

  4. Sa Bo

    Sa Bo9 soat oldin

    Its paige

  5. Elizabeth Zamora

    Elizabeth Zamora9 soat oldin

    I don't see it

  6. Sneaky Squid

    Sneaky Squid9 soat oldin

    His dad is literally in the mafia

  7. Kiwi katya M

    Kiwi katya M9 soat oldin

    2020 aNyOnE !!!!?

  8. blue fox playz

    blue fox playz9 soat oldin

    Ha faZe rug!I have a youtube channel name is blue fox plays ! Plz 🙏🙏🙏🙂🙂

  9. Coolleopard30 Coolleopard30

    Coolleopard30 Coolleopard309 soat oldin

    I thought u went to denmark lol

  10. Fierce Gaming

    Fierce Gaming9 soat oldin

    Why did people dislike rug there is nothing to not like about him

  11. Gloria Yaziel

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  12. poula Ashraf

    poula Ashraf9 soat oldin

    Sherma the vermen

  13. Haven and Noma

    Haven and Noma9 soat oldin

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    Christy Arkieh9 soat oldin

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  15. Ali Ashoobi

    Ali Ashoobi9 soat oldin

    Yooo u killed it 😁😁

  16. Meggan Luptakova

    Meggan Luptakova9 soat oldin

    Did u see when their in his room and there is a noise and then they look and u can see like a ghost passing

  17. Lukochi11 aka Luko

    Lukochi11 aka Luko9 soat oldin

    baby rug incoming

  18. RealDrums Hero

    RealDrums Hero9 soat oldin

    Don't destroy a phone😔 I want a phone because I don't have a good phone my phone is broken😔 I hope you give away any phone to your subscribers please🙏😔💖

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    Regina Fausto9 soat oldin

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    Terrance Gray9 soat oldin

    I didn't subscribe yet because I'm not a rug rat lol I'm lying I did subscribe

  24. I’m bringing Chili

    I’m bringing Chili9 soat oldin

    10:50 he actually gets there

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    Mason Cooper9 soat oldin

    You idiot that what it has to do

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    fl4x yt9 soat oldin

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    manutidertoXx9 soat oldin

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    CEO of dying on a rollercoaster

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  30. RealDrums Hero

    RealDrums Hero9 soat oldin

    😇💖I love your channel I hope you giveaways a phone to your subscribers😊💖

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    4,600 people who disliked are hated Noah’s fliming

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    at 3:56 is brawadis screaming

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    Tinoda Chimhande9 soat oldin

    Rug , Anthony and Jackie literally covered it omg l hate when people lie

  35. Ebbe Roos

    Ebbe Roos9 soat oldin

    12:43 it works

  36. Nadarre Tidwell (917NadTidw)

    Nadarre Tidwell (917NadTidw)9 soat oldin

    I want 100 dallars

  37. Jhapz Ramirez

    Jhapz Ramirez9 soat oldin

    Yung life hack number 8 di po talaga yun nilalagay sa coke nilalagay po yun sa suka 24 hours

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    She did a vid on Lucas and Marcus channel

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    Civicha is so good


    ALK SQUAD9 soat oldin


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    ÙwÚ energy9 soat oldin

    Should I feel bad for laughing at the kid passing out review 👀

  49. Noob Gamers

    Noob Gamers9 soat oldin

    Faze rug- I have never tried a onion ring After eating the rings - This is the best onion ring I have ever eaten

  50. Colour Splash

    Colour Splash9 soat oldin

    the coca cola one with eggs is done with vinegar (STUPID!!)

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    Hi so Flippin skull💀


    DIAZ BROTHERS9 soat oldin

    love the video and it was posted in my birthday

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    Big Daddy Mark9 soat oldin

    how about i don't want my Butt to hurt?,1:56

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    Christopher Romo9 soat oldin

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    InfiniteMato9 soat oldin

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    Big Daddy Mark9 soat oldin

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    Life hacks is always possible, Well sometimes...

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  84. sloppierBard891 Gonzalez

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