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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug

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Goodbye FaZe Rug...
I got her pregnant...
  1. Chloe Gomez

    Chloe GomezKun oldin

    Drippy IG: sheylyn_a_i.2nd

  2. Not_joshhy

    Not_joshhyKun oldin

    "DRIPPY" why: I only have like 2 shoes one of them are dirty and cant afford designer shoes. Tiktok: Notjoshhy

  3. super 103

    super 103Kun oldin

    Drippy Why:My shoes are broken with a rip going right through then. Instagram:@kotechaarjun8

  4. Adel Antonio

    Adel AntonioKun oldin

    DRIPPY Why: I never had designer shoes and also I only have 1 pair and would be like a dream for me to have designer or have something that you bought, YOU DA BEST LOVE U RUG Instagram: adeliin30 Snap: adeliin30

  5. TheDrawingGuy

    TheDrawingGuyKun oldin

    drippy ig mainsquishies

  6. Ricky Gonzalez

    Ricky GonzalezKun oldin

    Drippy 😏💪🏽 IG: playboi.biimbo

  7. Chloe Gomez

    Chloe GomezKun oldin

    Drippy IG: sheylyn_a_i.2nd

  8. Chloe Gomez

    Chloe GomezKun oldin

    Drippy IG: sheylyn_a_i.2nd

  9. SonGoten nn

    SonGoten nnKun oldin

    U built like ferb u shorter than FaZe apex

  10. Mojdeh Kiani

    Mojdeh KianiKun oldin

    Hello anyone who sees this please go sup to my friend drewdosegames please he needs sups

  11. lauren howell

    lauren howellKun oldin

    Drippy. Insta laneysimon7009

  12. Tiernan Zammit

    Tiernan ZammitKun oldin

    Instead of long neck they could call u long nose 🤥

  13. Alexis Arredondo

    Alexis ArredondoKun oldin

    Drippy. Let me win something in life for once Ig:aalleexxiss_

  14. Azepツ

    AzepツKun oldin

    "DRIPPY" why: because i’m a mexican i live in TJ but i still can go to San Diego and my parents can’t afford expensive shoes and i really hope you see this rug you’ll make my dream come true witch is meeting you and my dream shoes! i love you brian! instagram: - @lilazep❤️❤️

  15. Ashton Sarrion

    Ashton SarrionKun oldin

    DRIPPY Snapchat: Ashton0311

  16. Alexandro Cruz

    Alexandro CruzKun oldin

    Drippy🔥🔥 @alexfc516

  17. Andrew 7

    Andrew 7Kun oldin

    I like double chocolate chip from Starbucks

  18. Manuel Pinacho

    Manuel PinachoKun oldin

    "DRIPPY" my Instagram is manuel20072020 i really want a pait of shoes i really like human races but i have never really had expecive shoes

  19. ritika always

    ritika alwaysKun oldin

    When they say don't try this at home but u do it on a daily basis👉👈😶

  20. Edgar

    EdgarKun oldin

    "DRIPPY" _valencia23

  21. Kong Chan

    Kong ChanKun oldin

    DRIPPY Why: Because I cant afford them 😖 Instagram: Kong.Chanz

  22. PolarisMusiq

    PolarisMusiqKun oldin

    The air didnt beat you...corona did

  23. lexi sanches

    lexi sanchesKun oldin


  24. Jayden Colon

    Jayden ColonKun oldin

    plz shout me out

  25. Btw It’s cal

    Btw It’s calKun oldin

    “Drippy”ig cal.44.muller

  26. Brooke Brooke

    Brooke BrookeKun oldin

    she seems so mature. this one girl body shamed me i laughed it off but inside i was really mad and sad about it

  27. Jesus Rodriguez

    Jesus RodriguezKun oldin

    “DRIPPY” sc: jesus.rod7

  28. Mr. Seiah

    Mr. SeiahKun oldin

    Make part2

  29. Erik Guagua

    Erik GuaguaKun oldin

    ”Drippy”, because my brother has a condition that is Called muscle dystrophy and I have never really given him something like he has given me because I an oblygt 16 years old and dont have money like that. Snapchat: eriklitoo

  30. Alonzo Aguilar

    Alonzo AguilarKun oldin

    Drippy. Why: I never was able to afford expensive shoes Ig: Yuungalo230

  31. Carson Clowers

    Carson ClowersKun oldin

    DRIPPPY🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 LOVE YOU RUGGGG sc-carsonclowers

  32. alex sanchez

    alex sanchezKun oldin

    Drippy @vlejvndrox

  33. Jayden Cavazos

    Jayden CavazosKun oldin

    Not that bad rug

  34. Philipe Hajjar

    Philipe HajjarKun oldin

    DRIPPY my insta is @philipehajjar

  35. Shadow Zombie

    Shadow ZombieKun oldin

    “Drippy”you could message me in instagram at pablo_g_805 and nice videos

  36. yyoo yyoo26

    yyoo yyoo26Kun oldin

    DRIPPY yousef0965

  37. Cheyanne Ferreira

    Cheyanne FerreiraKun oldin

    DRIPPYYYYYYY🔥 why??: because i’ve entered in allllll of your giveaways, well a lot of giveaways in general n never got picked, also, i’m a shoe person, so to have a designers shoes from FAZE RUG!!!! that would be amazing!!! (instagram: chx.yannx)

  38. Anthony Martinez

    Anthony MartinezKun oldin

    no matter what waching you makes enyone happy and unbord Rug.

  39. Iman O

    Iman OKun oldin

    Drippy my Instagram is: 3Dontfear3death

  40. Chloe Gomez

    Chloe GomezKun oldin


  41. Jayden Colon

    Jayden ColonKun oldin

    if your hungry and you have no food but you have cherry chapstick put some of it under your throat and smack like when your eating or like your tasting something and you will taste the chapstick

  42. ananya karkera

    ananya karkeraKun oldin

    DRIPPY I have never even seen a Gucci shop or anything like Givenchy etc. U the best UZgor I have ever seen. U just gives a pretty dope vibes from the screen. I hope u pick me . Ig @ananyakarkera19

  43. Sxreenx

    SxreenxKun oldin

    DRIPPY! why: i just love shoes😅 Ig: sxryx.k

  44. Chloe Gomez

    Chloe GomezKun oldin


  45. Chloe Gomez

    Chloe GomezKun oldin


  46. TSG Tapz

    TSG TapzKun oldin

    Rug I love your T-Shirt from where can I have one😂😅

  47. yyoo yyoo26

    yyoo yyoo26Kun oldin

    DRIPPY yousef0965

  48. Chloe Gomez

    Chloe GomezKun oldin


  49. A Oliveros

    A OliverosKun oldin

    Hey why are you even doing in faze

  50. Shane

    ShaneKun oldin

    drippy , could use a new pair with this whole virus going on cant work as much right now so would awesome to get some new kicks my ig is sshane___

  51. Mr.Snowman

    Mr.SnowmanKun oldin

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Rug: SKKRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Am N

    Am NKun oldin

    Browadis 5 rug 20

  53. yyoo yyoo26

    yyoo yyoo26Kun oldin

    DRIPPY yousef0965

  54. TrueCliffin

    TrueCliffinKun oldin


  55. yyoo yyoo26

    yyoo yyoo26Kun oldin

    DRIPPY yousef0965

  56. Jacob Laliberte

    Jacob LaliberteKun oldin

    "Drippy": Because you are my favorite UZgo and I doesn't have some snicker a off white pairs or yezzy it's goog ;) my Tik Tok: @jacob_lali

  57. yyoo yyoo26

    yyoo yyoo26Kun oldin

    DRIPPY yousef0965

  58. Good Boi

    Good BoiKun oldin

    Drippy Snapchat juangutierre04

  59. DaJawon Williams

    DaJawon WilliamsKun oldin

    ‘DRIPPY’ Why:Not the Lucky one to get Stuff like but it will feel good to get same thing like this I only got 3pers of shoes

  60. Swankiest Ever

    Swankiest EverKun oldin

    "drippy" why: I dont have money to buy shoes and i need some Instagram: @whereisthebev

  61. funnystupidshit

    funnystupidshitKun oldin

    "DRIPPY" Why: Because I love shoes and clothing(specifically yours) so much. I have been saving up money forever to buy myself just one pair of sneakers because my parents can't afford to buy me one. It would mean the world to me if I were to win one pair of YOUR shoes. I would be forever grateful, as I can't afford them on my own. I've been a subscriber for the longest time! I love you! snap: erineisn ig:erineisner_

  62. Eli Bob

    Eli BobKun oldin

    Anthony didn’t make that last jump

  63. flacko d

    flacko dKun oldin

    drippy ig. @chino4times been sub for da longest

  64. Emil Anil

    Emil AnilKun oldin

    ' drippy "

  65. Cristian Romero

    Cristian RomeroKun oldin

    Drippy Why because i don't have any shoes that are over 50 dorllars and i get bullded at shcool a lot becuse i have don't have good shoes am 10 years old

  66. Angel Cortes

    Angel CortesKun oldin

    “Drippy” Why because I only have 2 pairs of shoes 😭 Ig:angelcortes2o2

  67. Smh. zetsv

    Smh. zetsvKun oldin

    Drippy Ig nm.reveant

  68. Afroz Arif

    Afroz ArifKun oldin


  69. Rizing Dubz

    Rizing DubzKun oldin

    Drippy...........snapchat:snapking1289 instagram:rizingdubz

  70. LuckyGamer YT

    LuckyGamer YTKun oldin

    Dang I only have 2 pairs... OOF

  71. PJ STAR

    PJ STARKun oldin


  72. yyoo yyoo26

    yyoo yyoo26Kun oldin

    DRIPPY yousef0965

  73. Neshan Yakoubian

    Neshan YakoubianKun oldin


  74. Ronit Dobaria

    Ronit DobariaKun oldin

    “DRIPPPYYYY” Man I’m brokeee can’t buy this stuff... help a brotha out @roniiitt

  75. Yuniorcattellano Cantellano

    Yuniorcattellano CantellanoKun oldin

    Drippy ig:@lil.jjr

  76. Bunessa

    BunessaKun oldin

    'Drippy' Instagram: vanessa_c12 appreciate you bro!

  77. Ezequiel Abreu

    Ezequiel AbreuKun oldin

    The one with chapstick it works with carmex

  78. Cancer Squad

    Cancer SquadKun oldin

    ‘Drippy’ Ig: Karan_Sangram

  79. yyoo yyoo26

    yyoo yyoo26Kun oldin

    DRIPPY yousef0965

  80. Wassup Alex

    Wassup AlexKun oldin

    You forgot MARKO

  81. Pookivebear Alpha

    Pookivebear AlphaKun oldin


  82. itzzz Mystic

    itzzz MysticKun oldin

    Drippy, why: I only have 3 pairs of shoes, sc: itsmystibro ig: 714.hugo

  83. Maura Silva

    Maura SilvaKun oldin

    Drippy- Instagram: @maura_silva

  84. Aaron Aguilar

    Aaron AguilarKun oldin

    Drippy why: I'm just trying to get some good shoes cause I always wanted some hypebeast but I can't afford don't plan on winning just trying IG:aguilar_401

  85. Shreyas Mehra

    Shreyas MehraKun oldin

    “DRIPPY” ig- shreyasmehra

  86. Loup River Outdoors

    Loup River OutdoorsKun oldin

    "Drippy" and insta: austinpatzel Why? My reasons are no better than anyone else's, but I'm soon-to-be a father of two and don't really get a chance to splurge on personal things. Whoever gets it will be super lucky though! Great vid!

  87. shawn barela

    shawn barelaKun oldin

    “DRIPPY” I look at these kind of shoes all the time and I’ve never had anything like em. It would be cool to win.

  88. SC-044

    SC-044Kun oldin

    •drippy• Ig: _sc.04 I always wear the same pairs of black af1 since starting of freshman year to sophomore

  89. Jeremy Lopez

    Jeremy LopezKun oldin

    DRIPPY jere_lopezz_1

  90. Jairel Guiao

    Jairel GuiaoKun oldin

    Is Noah actually fired!!!!

  91. Farshan Feroz

    Farshan FerozKun oldin


  92. Coxwic

    CoxwicKun oldin

    Your hair line is bent like the Mc Donald's logo

  93. Bloober Tuber

    Bloober TuberKun oldin


  94. Dylan Roche

    Dylan RocheKun oldin

    Drippy 🙏🔥 hopefully the luck of the Irish 🇮🇪 dylanroche211- Instagram

  95. Gumball Waterson

    Gumball WatersonKun oldin

    Drippy --- Instagram->ghaith.x3

  96. vClxd

    vClxdKun oldin


  97. Dalton H

    Dalton HKun oldin

    Drippy IG : daltonhoner Snap: da1ton3

  98. Joaquin Carrillo

    Joaquin CarrilloKun oldin