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  1. Sam t

    Sam t9 soat oldin

    2:20 “not everyone is a Zion Williamson who can come in and dominate...?” Zion hasn’t played in the regular season yet. What has he dominated?

  2. Jonathan Jordan

    Jonathan Jordan9 soat oldin

    It wouldn't be a problem if Beckham wasn't black.


    TOPPER TOP9 soat oldin

    Like dude shouldve know better to jump with him tho. 😂😂😂

  4. Polo Dameron

    Polo Dameron9 soat oldin

    Ben Simmons can make that pass

  5. the videos 123123

    the videos 1231239 soat oldin

    Plastic bureau

  6. Ki Song

    Ki Song9 soat oldin

    if I was in the war I don't want Kyrie covering my back

  7. Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook Fan since 20109 soat oldin

    Why not hire Kellen Moore ?

  8. Tosh T

    Tosh T9 soat oldin

    LeBron slipped yet the defender got the foul. 😂😂😂

  9. Jordan Haywood

    Jordan Haywood9 soat oldin

    I'm hella proud of bi. The baby Lakers are growing up all around the NBA

  10. Kvng LA

    Kvng LA9 soat oldin

    Alvin off that gas 😂😂

  11. Niko Gambino

    Niko Gambino9 soat oldin

    LeFraud James stunt his growth

  12. makis papachristou

    makis papachristou9 soat oldin

    Ingram will be a top 10 player in the league for many years

  13. Michael Baby

    Michael Baby9 soat oldin

    Always gotta bring up lebron James.

  14. Rowan-Cabarrus Future Leaders Association

    Rowan-Cabarrus Future Leaders Association9 soat oldin

    Play calling killed us this year! I hope it works. I trusted Garrett’s calling way more than Moore. Sometimes Moore play calling led us to early holes 🕳 in games... then we would get a load of yards while playing catch-up. I’m pulling for you Moore. I hope this works!

  15. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious9 soat oldin


  16. ed3432

    ed34329 soat oldin

    Difference between OBJ and AB? Odell didn't swear off white hookers. Lol

  17. Mamiya Phan

    Mamiya Phan9 soat oldin

    Slavery is alive and well in the south. A bunch of black men risk their health and life to earn a southern colleges tens of millions of dollars. Then they can't even celebrate like men in locker room when that bring that school a national championship.

  18. mikey olympitis

    mikey olympitis9 soat oldin

    ngl; couldn't tell if the lobster thing was funny or condescending

  19. E R

    E R9 soat oldin

    So you mean to tell me with the Astros probably cheating us twice and possibly the Red Sox cheating us in 2018 then we could’ve had another Yankees threepeat dynasty? AND WE’RE THE BAD GUYS???!!! We really are a franchise that’s won 27 WS championships and you need cheaters to stop us.

  20. OofmanRulz

    OofmanRulz9 soat oldin

    These dingbats probably think Tony Romo deserves to be in the HOF. Eli won 2 Super Bowls in 4 seasons. Freaking idiots.

  21. Tré

    Tré9 soat oldin

    How Burrow was smoking tf out of the Cigar tho ?

  22. Drew Massey

    Drew Massey9 soat oldin

    Dan is great. Max is the opposite

  23. Yoel's Lemonade

    Yoel's Lemonade9 soat oldin

    Knew ingram would get his lakers was horrible team for him

  24. Keez YT

    Keez YT9 soat oldin

    Give that man his extension 🤘🏽💰

  25. Joseph Shawn

    Joseph Shawn9 soat oldin

    Shame on the refs, almost robed us once again.

  26. Gramme Sowell

    Gramme Sowell9 soat oldin

    He’s been ballin out this season. Most Improved Player this year no doubt 🔥

  27. Marley Mal

    Marley Mal9 soat oldin

    Kyrie will never lead a team to a chip, ever.

  28. makis papachristou

    makis papachristou9 soat oldin

    Do you guys think Ingram should make the All Star team???

  29. Basketball God

    Basketball God9 soat oldin

    The NBA is taking a turn and players are starting to develop more quickly now because of the Global Outreach that the NBA has now and popularity


    JEFF WAMBISH9 soat oldin

    So that deep venous thrombosis in his right arm was a blessing in disguise🤔

  31. Wallis Bottom

    Wallis Bottom9 soat oldin

    This is so goofy!

  32. Tré

    Tré9 soat oldin

    If Jarvis Landry did this no-one would care

  33. Carter R

    Carter R9 soat oldin

    They described BI like a young kd... 6'10", long, wing that can get his shot from anywhere

  34. Esketit Esketit

    Esketit Esketit9 soat oldin

    If our pels grab a playoffs spot, its going to 6 games or higher with the lakers. Incoming bandwagons.

  35. ADMAFIA210

    ADMAFIA2109 soat oldin

    Patriots should be stripped for their championships as well


    XTRIPPIE BLUEEX9 soat oldin

    Dwight never got worse he was hated because of the mf media

  37. Phillip Young

    Phillip Young9 soat oldin

    Wow!! Luka is just gettin started!!!

  38. cmoe 2476

    cmoe 24769 soat oldin

    Garrett kept tying kellens hands and it especially was towards the end of the season. That's why players needed Garrett gone. Garrett chose the eagles game at the end of the season. can see it during games a Garrett call from a kellen. Players knew for a fact by what play is called if it were Garrett or kellen and the team themselves grew frustrated and bailed on plsys sacrificing games to get Garrett gone. It will be 3 way decisions during critical moments for kellen Mike and dak. This really got blown up be a use the title...change it to kellen calling plays and you see it will be a 3 way decision but in what order is Mike will have final call during critical after a 3 way conversation occur. It's definitely going to be another interesting offseason leading up to an extremely interesting football season for the boys. I think they're going to wreck teams next year. They heard the talking and now they got what they needed.......change! Watch...I think best nfc team by week 5 lol

  39. smith lovy

    smith lovy9 soat oldin

    Ben Simmons has left the chat

  40. Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter

    Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter9 soat oldin

    I'm waiting for the race card to be played

  41. Ronald Smith

    Ronald Smith9 soat oldin

    This is the first time that I ever saw police officers, in a locker room , after a game.

  42. David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez9 soat oldin


  43. Starkiller

    Starkiller9 soat oldin

    As a Laker fan im happy to see ingram doing well dude is a superstar in the making!

  44. Hassan Haulcy

    Hassan Haulcy9 soat oldin

    We’ve been seen it but because you ppl always expect a top pick to be MJ in their first seasons no one noticed

  45. Slime A Lot

    Slime A Lot9 soat oldin

    Brandon Ingram is a future MVP

  46. Catherine Williams

    Catherine Williams9 soat oldin

    Kellen Moore is being groomed to be Jerry Jones' next lapdog.

  47. ohio stin

    ohio stin9 soat oldin

    The Hattiesburg Special isn't just a play, or a series of plays, or a play book, & it's not just a concept or a scheme. The Hattiesburg Special is a mindset, & joe burrow can win games anywhere with it.

  48. Dave B

    Dave B9 soat oldin

    Ok many times did u cheat in baseball? (Roids, yanks sign relaying etc). Pot calling the kettle black.

  49. Elridge Davis

    Elridge Davis9 soat oldin

    Kyrie is really messing up his career

  50. Christopher Robert RUIZ JR.

    Christopher Robert RUIZ JR.9 soat oldin


  51. The Mouse

    The Mouse9 soat oldin

    Houston sux . They will pay.

  52. Austin Vazquez

    Austin Vazquez9 soat oldin

    Yo why kyrie be looking like Osama bin laden😂

  53. Meek Money

    Meek Money9 soat oldin

    Both titles should be striped from houston and boston and that franchise and everyone involved should be banned from baseball for 2-4 years

  54. Zurq Tv

    Zurq Tv9 soat oldin

    Bucks are going to the finals this year. But next year When Kevin durant is back, Brooklyn are taking Milwaukee down in the eastern conference finals

  55. Florida Fish Guy

    Florida Fish Guy9 soat oldin

    05:05 SMH

  56. Knowledge Seeker

    Knowledge Seeker9 soat oldin

    WhoDat!!! 💪😃👍


    HYBRID MULTIMEDIA9 soat oldin


  58. Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne9 soat oldin


  59. Jay Thompson

    Jay Thompson9 soat oldin

    It should be possible for people in the arena to notice any specific RF or bluetooth communications with the right equipment. Probably the MLB needs to set up scanners next season/playoffs in ballparks, perhaps build a few to triangulate positions and you will be able to catch who is doing it.

  60. Jessie Marquez

    Jessie Marquez9 soat oldin

    That’s the only way Houston could’ve won the championship by cheating I’m so glad I’m a Texas Ranger fan I’d rather have no championships then to have one by cheating

  61. Jason B.

    Jason B.9 soat oldin

    We saw it last year but the media wanted to tell everyone LeBron didn’t have help last year

  62. matan meloul

    matan meloul9 soat oldin

    Listen to Stephen A is painful.

  63. bacon not cripy

    bacon not cripy9 soat oldin

    everything kyrie said was correct????? what you talking about?

  64. JULowlights

    JULowlights9 soat oldin

    They just now realizing.

  65. Brett

    Brett9 soat oldin

    Put yourself in the eyes of law enforcement; how are they supposed to uphold any type of respect if they let OBJs actions slide because he’s drunk and a athlete/celebrity? They have to make an example of him. The video went viral, he’s harassing a police officer and he’s drunk and disorderly. OBJ might as well have asked them to cuff him on the spot. You can’t find any fault in the police officers for doing their job.

  66. Inanimate Carbon Rod

    Inanimate Carbon Rod9 soat oldin

    I didn't know strategical was a word... But google chrome tells me it is. You win this round Mark Texeira.

  67. LumpyRex007

    LumpyRex0079 soat oldin

    Richard saying 'ok boomer' is cringe

  68. Lil Dagga

    Lil Dagga9 soat oldin

    We been seen it the media and fans alike hate to be wrong so they didn’t want to admit it

  69. Joshua Gamboa II

    Joshua Gamboa II9 soat oldin

    Hey everyone, let’s watch episodes of “Shaqtin’ A Fool” involving LeBron James instead of this!

  70. Matthew Bonafede

    Matthew Bonafede9 soat oldin

    Odell stealing the spotlight. In a really really dumb way.

  71. Ryan Wise

    Ryan Wise9 soat oldin

    I thought Joe Brady was his daddy

  72. b harty

    b harty9 soat oldin

    The big market media is just pissed they have to cover Cincy and that Burrow is going to destroy their mediocre QBs.

  73. Kras 4

    Kras 49 soat oldin

    The first analyst to speak on the right always sounds like he has a mint in his mouth as he's speaking.

  74. Alvin Shiu

    Alvin Shiu9 soat oldin

    Ja Morant definitely roty

  75. Agent CodyBanx

    Agent CodyBanx9 soat oldin

    Just take the chip already. It sucks but they didn't earn/deserve it

  76. Shaq Witnobricks

    Shaq Witnobricks9 soat oldin

    By the color of his skin this is a big deal 🤦🏾‍♂️

  77. G-Block 053

    G-Block 0539 soat oldin

    His dad must going to put the uniform on for him bad challenge

  78. Mysaruh Massoud

    Mysaruh Massoud9 soat oldin

    Dude if that was a man he wouldve been slammed to the ground with so many charges pressed against him. That was ridiculous.

  79. Brandon Castle

    Brandon Castle9 soat oldin

    Zion WILL get minute restrictions and WILL get hurt again. That man will not be in the league for 10 years and won't be or have an impact in making ANY team a contender. Take it to the bank.

  80. Francisco Ortiz

    Francisco Ortiz9 soat oldin

    The pelicans need to pay this man....what a feelgood story and so much potential with this team

  81. parker2x

    parker2x9 soat oldin

    he couldn’t even get in trouble because there season is over

  82. Joey Jojo

    Joey Jojo9 soat oldin

    Nothing good happens when you run your mouth. Look at Lamar Jackson now!! Stay humble Titans and you can beat the Chiefs

  83. BNAMusic88 _

    BNAMusic88 _9 soat oldin

    I thought we don’t like parents talking.

  84. Outside Looking In

    Outside Looking In9 soat oldin

    Frivolous sports news deserves more 👎

  85. GoldiLox

    GoldiLox9 soat oldin

    if Luka want respect he cant look like the slob he looks like "athletically" even James harden looks like he lifts, Luka looks like he play 2k all day

  86. Rashaad S

    Rashaad S9 soat oldin

    Lavine needs to play in Philly

  87. justaction

    justaction9 soat oldin

    A sport that encourages cheating but it has to be on their terms😂

  88. mdooms76

    mdooms769 soat oldin

    A few of these dudes slipped or tripped and fell.

  89. Jackson Ross

    Jackson Ross9 soat oldin

    Cowboy collects souls at the crossroads

  90. James Carter

    James Carter9 soat oldin

    The Astros 2019 world series championship will be tainted because their cheating scandal.

  91. Demari

    Demari9 soat oldin

    Come on...get Zion out of the hasn't done anything this season...

  92. Christopher Hamer

    Christopher Hamer9 soat oldin

    Why is no one recommending that the Astros get striped of there 2017 title?

  93. AwareWolf

    AwareWolf9 soat oldin

    He doesnt have a probablem he just from miami. Thats how we get down

  94. tate26067 Rogers

    tate26067 Rogers9 soat oldin

    LSU wins natty...but, it’s still LSU...🤣🤣🤣

  95. Rushdan 007

    Rushdan 0079 soat oldin

    I've always loved Moss... 👍

  96. Mercury Rhodes

    Mercury Rhodes9 soat oldin

    This is stupid

  97. Roddy Shaffer

    Roddy Shaffer9 soat oldin


  98. 89tallman

    89tallman9 soat oldin

    Not sure why no one is addressing why Odell chose to give that money out in public instead of behind closes doors. The reason why he seems to be picked on, is he choose do these things publicly. I call it the look at me moves.

  99. Limbs

    Limbs9 soat oldin

    Yeh Kellen Moore has been here since 2015 as a player for 2 year, then a qb coach, then offensive coordinator. Also had one of the best college careers.

  100. Esketit Esketit

    Esketit Esketit9 soat oldin

    Superstar* B.I. Is going to be the best player in the nba soon and D Mitch only scored when he switched off Lonzo.