Stranger Things
Stranger Things
Stranger Things

One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

  1. Cominique Gibson

    Cominique Gibson16 daqiqa oldin

    stranger things 4 what's the release date tell me

  2. Cominique Gibson

    Cominique Gibson17 daqiqa oldin

    your saying that your not in Hawkins anymore

  3. Alexander h

    Alexander h23 daqiqa oldin

    Lets face it: Noah Schnapp is a bad actor

  4. Aashna Naik

    Aashna Naik26 daqiqa oldin


  5. Gael Martinez

    Gael Martinez41 daqiqa oldin


  6. Gael Martinez

    Gael Martinez42 daqiqa oldin

    Very cool I love the serie

  7. VTX Ryan YT

    VTX Ryan YT43 daqiqa oldin

    There’s no Alexei bloopers... *Because he’s perfect.*

  8. dilan flores

    dilan flores44 daqiqa oldin

    Es una mierda strangers things es mejor ver it capitulo 1 y 2 y el joker

  9. Sara-Giulia Chebbi

    Sara-Giulia Chebbi58 daqiqa oldin


  10. Fahim Muntasir

    Fahim MuntasirSoat oldin

    0:55 *spasm*

  11. Fahim Muntasir

    Fahim MuntasirSoat oldin

    0:07 Ted: Enjoy your chicken kids!

  12. NXT Taffy

    NXT TaffySoat oldin

    Season 1: Trapped in upside down Season 2: shifting between upside down and Hawkins Season 3: upside down in Hawkins

  13. Francesca Gulisano

    Francesca GulisanoSoat oldin

    I CAN’T-

  14. Cengiz Hassan

    Cengiz HassanSoat oldin

    Like or hopper dies

  15. Ellie Games

    Ellie GamesSoat oldin

    Nobody: God: Jesus: Hopper: It’s your GRANDMA *dies* Millie and Finn: *dies*

  16. Jeng Kaewla Bortne

    Jeng Kaewla Bortne2 soat oldin

    Erica is just mad at Lucas

  17. Agneta Rupšytė

    Agneta Rupšytė2 soat oldin

    GUYS, HOPP IS ALIVE, at the very end of season 3, (a lot of people missed that scene) when the 2 russian guards went to the door, they went to the wrong door and said "no, not the American one" HOPP IS ALIVE

  18. Byron Loredo

    Byron Loredo2 soat oldin

    Stranger Things crew and actors I have a conspiracy theory about the people who got kidnapped or killed or affected by the shadow monster ok so here it is.... The people who got affected all have the letter B in the name, here is some proof... Will Byers was a host and was kidnapped by the shadow monster and the demogorgon Billy became a host for the shadow monster Heather had a relationship with Billy and also became a host Barbara was killed by the demogorgon and was Bob Newby The DUFFER BROTHERS have the last name of Duffer and always remember,'D' hates 'B' so the Duffers had this planned aye BOOM CONSPIRACY PROVEN

  19. Claire I Smith

    Claire I Smith2 soat oldin

    After season 4 it is came to end

  20. Niamh Crowley

    Niamh Crowley3 soat oldin

    *happy screams over stranger things theme song*

  21. • l ø v x l y •

    • l ø v x l y •3 soat oldin


  22. Valentina Parisi

    Valentina Parisi3 soat oldin

    Noah: new day full of girls Finn: yeah! . . . David: it's you grandma Finn: yea! Haha ❤️

  23. CupCakeFaan

    CupCakeFaan3 soat oldin

    Sadly This is Last season :*(

  24. JannisCreep 1

    JannisCreep 14 soat oldin

    Not that creepy. Just sum fleshy monster boys

  25. Karri Blevens

    Karri Blevens4 soat oldin

    G R A N D M A 👵 👵 👵

  26. Laura Moreira Araújo

    Laura Moreira Araújo4 soat oldin


  27. Junkyu Kim

    Junkyu Kim4 soat oldin

    let me just get this it your grandpa?

  28. ADA#fashion ALICIA

    ADA#fashion ALICIA4 soat oldin

    How funny 😋

  29. Slaapy

    Slaapy5 soat oldin

    TÜRKLER +1

  30. Nazareno Santillan

    Nazareno Santillan5 soat oldin


  31. VTX Ryan YT

    VTX Ryan YT5 soat oldin


  32. Parnika Jaiswal

    Parnika Jaiswal5 soat oldin

    She makes me feel useless..

  33. ADA#fashion ALICIA

    ADA#fashion ALICIA5 soat oldin

    Hello my neime is Alicia 😘you are very pretti mili

  34. Kaiden 024

    Kaiden 0245 soat oldin

    I’m sorry but wills face at 2:40 killed me 🤣

  35. Daniela D'Agostino

    Daniela D'Agostino6 soat oldin

    Remember.. Friends don't lie😥

  36. ᒪỮBRツ

    ᒪỮBRツ6 soat oldin

    Best music:)

  37. RagzyHD

    RagzyHD6 soat oldin

    Probably in Russia

  38. ꧁༺sнαıf Quɑdery༻꧂

    ꧁༺sнαıf Quɑdery༻꧂6 soat oldin

    So characters ar changed??

  39. fvuckindrug

    fvuckindrug6 soat oldin

    *nobody* David:😛

  40. Vintage Subliminals

    Vintage Subliminals6 soat oldin

    Millie Bobby Brown: **dabbing in the 80s** M: Wait- that's illegal

  41. Dhritiraj Barua

    Dhritiraj Barua6 soat oldin

    Those are not dislikes, they're like from the upside down.

  42. Flicker the Candlehead

    Flicker the Candlehead7 soat oldin

    Gosh I wish my VR wasn't so bent up rn it's making this blurry as heck for me

  43. Maraine 007

    Maraine 0078 soat oldin

    hey Netflix when will you release the table read clip for ST4 Jan or Feb 2020 ??????

  44. Bell Chipper

    Bell Chipper9 soat oldin

    This takes me back to a couple months ago when me and my dad were watching it, didn’t even feel like months ago...

  45. blogger 4 a day

    blogger 4 a day11 soat oldin

    stress relief

  46. Antonia Nicole Antipolo

    Antonia Nicole Antipolo11 soat oldin

    Me: Green screens in 2016 suCk Also me: *thinking the demogorgon is green screen* Demogorgon: *dancing* Me: jEsUs

  47. Antonia Nicole Antipolo

    Antonia Nicole Antipolo11 soat oldin

    Dustin: JESUS Mike: i FeLL


    HARSH SHARMA11 soat oldin

    I know Hopper isnt dead at all ,He is just passed into upside down dimension

  49. KRAKEN Spirit

    KRAKEN Spirit12 soat oldin


  50. iM a bALd gAy

    iM a bALd gAy12 soat oldin

    The intro where I haven't skip even once

  51. Sedeff Cann

    Sedeff Cann12 soat oldin

    l m from turkey but l love Stranger thinks 🥰🥰😍😍😍

  52. Vishal raghuwanshi

    Vishal raghuwanshi12 soat oldin

    Then release it's trailer very fast😕🤤 Please 🤤 I can't wait anymore... I want to watch it before i die(accidentally)😕 So please

  53. Jayde Claire

    Jayde Claire13 soat oldin

    *it's your grandma*

  54. Javier Afamasaga

    Javier Afamasaga13 soat oldin

    Waaahahhhhhhh st is ending like if your sad 👇🏽

  55. SonicBoss 1991

    SonicBoss 199113 soat oldin

    Netflix: *Skips Intro Automatically* Me: HAH NOPE *rewinds and watches it* Auto skip: am I a joke to you?

  56. Dani Melon

    Dani Melon14 soat oldin

    Please be in englandddd

  57. Gamechangers' Ink

    Gamechangers' Ink14 soat oldin

    me at the end: boi the demorgorgans here will??: HES BEHIND YOU LOOK HES HEREERE ERE me: looks out the window

  58. Mona Narvaez

    Mona Narvaez14 soat oldin

    A only *snap* Ha ha! (Mickey)

  59. Mona Narvaez

    Mona Narvaez14 soat oldin

    Today is day..... FULL OF GIRLS


    CHANUTH WICK14 soat oldin

    Is stranger things coming to an end after season 4?

  61. Leslie Pachuca

    Leslie Pachuca15 soat oldin

    Love nohaaaa👌👌

  62. Thelma DeLaMont

    Thelma DeLaMont16 soat oldin

    People are STARVING TO DEATH in this world and you guys really waste completely fine pumpkins for decoration? I really don't get American people

  63. DatGirl Lizz

    DatGirl Lizz16 soat oldin

    0:31 this is weird but that one person.... I got to get the right size! I don’t know why I found this funny!

  64. Miikhiel Aali

    Miikhiel Aali16 soat oldin

    *Spoiler alert.* What I find interesting the most is how so many fans empathize hardcore with Barb. Some even deny her death and think she’s somehow still alive. Everyone is still buzzing about Barb as a minor character who died, even more than Heather, Tom, and his wife.

  65. alex unger

    alex unger16 soat oldin

    Mrs. Wheeler...oof! That is one heck of a gorgeous woman gentlemen!

  66. Gaby Ortiz

    Gaby Ortiz17 soat oldin

    I like when Millie apologizes to the dummy

  67. cha cha real smooth

    cha cha real smooth17 soat oldin

    that first one actually scared me tho

  68. Chen Richard

    Chen Richard17 soat oldin


  69. Chen Richard

    Chen Richard18 soat oldin


  70. Pokémon Mon

    Pokémon Mon18 soat oldin

    When it said we are not in Hawkins anymore it took four pop ups to get the words together🤔

  71. Haha Funny Man

    Haha Funny Man18 soat oldin

    How many comments are just like How many times someone had sex with me 👇 Like get a fucking life and stop begging for likes

  72. TheFluffyUnis !

    TheFluffyUnis !18 soat oldin

    In Netflix's new show “Raising Dion” one of the characters ringtones is the Stranger Things theme

  73. Rhonda Greene

    Rhonda Greene18 soat oldin

    I love this show

  74. Wolfy Twilight

    Wolfy Twilight18 soat oldin

    If I even saw Finn I would cry

  75. Betty Velez

    Betty Velez19 soat oldin

    Keep the door three inches

  76. Belen Lucero

    Belen Lucero19 soat oldin

    Love you eleven and max❤

  77. Tristina Hoffman

    Tristina Hoffman19 soat oldin

    Am i the only one who kept replaying Noahs snort? It was so adorable

  78. Dylan Solache

    Dylan Solache19 soat oldin


  79. Adzyyy 132

    Adzyyy 13219 soat oldin

    It was so sad for me when I finished stranger things 😂😂😭

  80. Marilyn Flitton

    Marilyn Flitton19 soat oldin


  81. Bonnie K.

    Bonnie K.19 soat oldin

    Me: not scary! Also me: HOLY SH-

  82. Crazy Child

    Crazy Child20 soat oldin

    Everyone: AHHHH Nancy: HeY aSsHoLe

  83. Kid Flores

    Kid Flores21 soat oldin

    He fell of the bed he’s an idiot

  84. Kid Flores

    Kid Flores21 soat oldin

    Thats best dance ever

  85. Amy- Grace

    Amy- Grace21 soat oldin

    Milly was so adorable 😂

  86. Federico Talquenca

    Federico Talquenca21 soat oldin

    This fucking intro it's so fucking good in so many ways.

  87. Allplayah21

    Allplayah2121 soat oldin

    No one: David: GRANDMA 😂

  88. ssksksksk and I oop

    ssksksksk and I oop21 soat oldin

    I don't even watch stranger things but this is hilarious

  89. Mackenzie does Likee Robinson

    Mackenzie does Likee Robinson22 soat oldin

    I love stranger things my classmate Eliza kept saying "stranger things" right when we get in the class I'm like ok what's with this stranger things crap so I watch it and now I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  90. cha cha real smooth

    cha cha real smooth22 soat oldin

    this was the only thing that actually gave me nightmares during all 3 seasons

  91. Ana Emanoeli

    Ana Emanoeli22 soat oldin

    Amo eles d+ ❤

  92. Gabba Locardo

    Gabba Locardo22 soat oldin

    Mike when see eleven walking: what a fuck is that Dustin : ... A spasm EPIC🤣 #LOVESTRANGERTHINGS

  93. Danya Barber

    Danya Barber23 soat oldin

    me: I love stranger things

  94. edits of STUFF

    edits of STUFF23 soat oldin

    I just realized stranger things is copying a song off of battle ship

  95. Little Wolf

    Little Wolf23 soat oldin


  96. Aspect

    Aspect23 soat oldin

    1:51 - 2:28 i watch that everyday😂

  97. João Guilherme B Correa

    João Guilherme B CorreaKun oldin

    Jonathan: WHAT THE [BLEEP] IS GOING ON? Also Jonathan: *laughs like a fucking angel*

  98. Elle Nina Cerrado

    Elle Nina CerradoKun oldin


  99. Dawn Bray

    Dawn BrayKun oldin

    Will:what's wrong? David:iTs yOuR gRaNdMa Everyone: *dies*

  100. Gamerul Xonic

    Gamerul XonicKun oldin

    When i first watched stranger things i didnt know why they did that but now i now eleven was there 0:59