Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin

My name's Westen. We make videos and have fun doing so.

  1. dean eads

    dean eads16 soat oldin

    You need to put your seat belt on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Richard Harris

    Richard Harris16 soat oldin

    Great buy!!!

  3. north Oregon beach Life

    north Oregon beach Life16 soat oldin

    What was the price on it

  4. The Geezer

    The Geezer16 soat oldin

    Thats a beautiful piece of Orange machinery, I like orange stuff.

  5. dean eads

    dean eads16 soat oldin

    I put a bigger fuel plate it gave me a lot more power and better fuel efficiency buy a few miles per gallon. Mine is 1997 dodge.

  6. Casey Waller

    Casey Waller16 soat oldin

    What do you look for how about a new transmission to start with

  7. Jeremy Johnson

    Jeremy Johnson16 soat oldin

    You should name it walle or moe

  8. Shane Richardson

    Shane Richardson16 soat oldin


  9. Brian Howard

    Brian Howard17 soat oldin

    Get you some fuel also repo man. Did you spend all your money buying the machine, then could not afford to fill it up before you got it home?

  10. David Hotaling

    David Hotaling17 soat oldin

    I dont even want to ask how much this one cost.

  11. DaemonisBlog

    DaemonisBlog17 soat oldin

    Watching this, I had flashbacks to working for the family pool business. We have had 75, 90, and 94s. Tracks popping off is hilarious for the people watching :) once saw a noobie try to kick a track back on and slip face first into mud

  12. quikmcw

    quikmcw17 soat oldin

    Need to pull Bob in the garage and do a major fix up and repair

  13. shaunkissane

    shaunkissane17 soat oldin

    Is that a gold 944 😍😍😍

  14. Diesel Nick

    Diesel Nick17 soat oldin

    Next project should be rebuilding bob

  15. Kevin Lamarr

    Kevin Lamarr17 soat oldin

    How do you get the money to spend on this stuff? I wanna be like you when I grow up

  16. Aren Schaffran

    Aren Schaffran17 soat oldin

    How much did you spend on the Kubota?

  17. Chuppster

    Chuppster17 soat oldin

    3:58 that tingling feeling when you pull your gut in yep. Been there

  18. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams18 soat oldin

    That was like that I swear lol.

  19. Rich S.

    Rich S.18 soat oldin

    Mission Passed RESPECT

  20. Edward Jackson

    Edward Jackson18 soat oldin

    Where is the installation for inside the hood

  21. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith18 soat oldin

    More content asap!! I already power watched all your videos in just a few days. Certified my new favorite rebuild UZgor. You are smart beyond your years and very entertaining!

  22. Aaron Christopher

    Aaron Christopher18 soat oldin

    Why didn’t you hilljacks fill the dents in the door with bondo before you painted

  23. John Kokocinski

    John Kokocinski18 soat oldin

    Did you damage the trailer? 😆

  24. Tim Nunley

    Tim Nunley18 soat oldin

    Nice machine!!

  25. Emil Gunnary

    Emil Gunnary18 soat oldin

    Not a legal DOT chain down. You need 4 separate chain's and 4 rachets not 1 consecutive chain.

  26. Jesse Woodson James

    Jesse Woodson James18 soat oldin

    I have been watching your videos for awhile now and you never dissapoint.

  27. JayDub And the Family

    JayDub And the Family18 soat oldin

    Out house 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Boss Hogg25

    Boss Hogg2518 soat oldin

    4:49 the Belarus is photo bombing...lol

  29. Tj Faulkner

    Tj Faulkner18 soat oldin

    This is a great looking truck. Good job on the paint. I think it’s something to be proud of that you decided to do it yourself. Mistakes are part of the learning curve!

  30. Tj Faulkner

    Tj Faulkner18 soat oldin

    I like it! Make sure your tracks are tight enough and the Sprockets are clean.

  31. J Nieto

    J Nieto18 soat oldin

    Westen, you're having too much fun, and I'm happy for you. I like your new toy.

  32. Its_Me_Romano _

    Its_Me_Romano _18 soat oldin

    It looks stupid without the lights. Put on the lights pleaseee

  33. john k

    john k18 soat oldin

    Hi Westen how does the windscreen wiper work?

  34. Don Croddy

    Don Croddy18 soat oldin

    Kubota! I have a 2013 B-2920 with loader. It's as big as I need. I have some equipment for it. This video is just a blast. Thanks! Central Indiana.

  35. Benjamin Smith

    Benjamin Smith18 soat oldin

    You can leave without a trace! Except for the giant torn up marks in the dirt from the tracks haha

  36. Cummins MAN

    Cummins MAN18 soat oldin

    It smells like Hockey!!!

  37. Franklin Hadderton

    Franklin Hadderton18 soat oldin

    No that smell is not cow sh*t, thats the smell of money!

  38. Ex-Law Enforcement

    Ex-Law Enforcement19 soat oldin

    MORE MONEY then SINCE....huh?

  39. Greggs tools and more

    Greggs tools and more19 soat oldin

    Can't wait to see building of shop funny video .keep it up😀

  40. Jesse Dale

    Jesse Dale19 soat oldin

    I very glad you are in kanasa

  41. patrick Paul

    patrick Paul19 soat oldin

    You forgot the Chevy Silverado

  42. Victor Ramirez

    Victor Ramirez19 soat oldin

    I like your property ,West I just gonna give you a suggestion you have to buy some yards of base gravel spread out over mud with your new kub, and all your equipment gonna appreciate you .avoid rush in all your valuable cars and machines

  43. Dillon Lett

    Dillon Lett19 soat oldin

    Are you gonna do a series of videos on your new shop build?

  44. eds1990sporty

    eds1990sporty19 soat oldin

    I use a svl 752 like a caddy compared to the bobcat

  45. Glenwood Hobbs

    Glenwood Hobbs19 soat oldin


  46. Cody Lashley

    Cody Lashley19 soat oldin

    Show us all of your squarebodys

  47. TheCamaro5

    TheCamaro519 soat oldin

    How about a rebuild BOB video. fix it up and repaint it.

  48. Edward Jackson

    Edward Jackson19 soat oldin

    This crazy

  49. R Js

    R Js19 soat oldin

    Anyone who See's this message you are so to Jesus he knows you personally and loves you so unconditionally no joke!

  50. patrick Paul

    patrick Paul19 soat oldin

    You need to pull out your Chevy Silverado out and why is it just sitting up

  51. Repo ManND

    Repo ManND19 soat oldin

    And while I envy your truck repair skills, i feel your repo skills need improvement..

  52. Scott KlosEnuf - to Polish

    Scott KlosEnuf - to Polish19 soat oldin

    How do you like the fly by wires in that thing compared to hydro

  53. Repo ManND

    Repo ManND20 soat oldin

    I feel having a skid loader is a lot like getting a pickup truck and telling your friends about it.. all the sudden, everyone is moving and you're the first call they make.. but with that I'll give you some advice, if you're ever lonely and want some friends, buy a tow truck. I never knew just how many friends I had until I got my first tow truck

  54. Thomas kelabob

    Thomas kelabob20 soat oldin

    I canceled my subscription after that stupid young kid put his art on the red trucks window. In fact, I reported you to Y-Tube I came back just to give you a thumbs down on all your videos.

  55. Jim G

    Jim G20 soat oldin

    Westen that's not Orange it's Kubota Red for you. Lol

  56. Scott KlosEnuf - to Polish

    Scott KlosEnuf - to Polish20 soat oldin


  57. Cyclone

    Cyclone20 soat oldin

    how do you afford all this stuff?

  58. Russ

    Russ20 soat oldin

    running over the trailer. now that was funny.

  59. Janos Varga

    Janos Varga20 soat oldin

    Trailer: Beginner level Pro: Hits the house - Who and when built it there ? .... Big Blue Tractor ?

  60. John Fischer

    John Fischer20 soat oldin

    You are like a kid in a candy shop!

  61. chucky chuck

    chucky chuck20 soat oldin

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 At Bobs two week notices and his time off. whole video is funny.

  62. Keith Dunn

    Keith Dunn20 soat oldin

    Wash that Nasty Thing!

  63. William Bush

    William Bush20 soat oldin

    For the love of God rehang that door! The gaps are horrible. Love the videos, but mulletman is creepily awkward and needs to go.

  64. OutHouse Idea's

    OutHouse Idea's20 soat oldin

    cummins swap the 3500 crew cab squarebody

  65. oldreliable303 Justin Scott

    oldreliable303 Justin Scott20 soat oldin

    Can i buy bob? And trade that for a real skidloader, a Cat..

  66. Cason Johnson

    Cason Johnson20 soat oldin

    I really wanna see this shop project

  67. MrSilverado1982

    MrSilverado198220 soat oldin

    Just like George of the Jungle uh Westen watch out for that Tree....uh Trailer!! Lol

  68. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie Griffin20 soat oldin

    Put some dang fuel in that thing would ya! Never want a diesel to run outta fuel

  69. Superior Auto Flips

    Superior Auto Flips20 soat oldin

    Smoked that trailer like it wasn’t even there lmao 😂😂

  70. brian tate

    brian tate20 soat oldin

    You can get into the Kubota... It looks like you Put on BOB

  71. Zach

    Zach20 soat oldin

    I've heard Kubota's are the best out right now. Nice unit!

  72. Brian Proffitt

    Brian Proffitt21 soat oldin

    My dad used to run a SVL 75 series all day long, that’s one badass machine.

  73. Jesse La Brosse

    Jesse La Brosse21 soat oldin

    Show us this shop your building. Getting to see you guys build that would be cool too!

  74. UPstater5.9

    UPstater5.921 soat oldin

    put some fuel in it lol

  75. outcastsaturn

    outcastsaturn21 soat oldin

    So what’s up with that gold wide body Porsche 944 👀👀

  76. Mat Higgins

    Mat Higgins21 soat oldin

    Look like fun buddy


    JOSHUA RAYCROFT21 soat oldin

    cow craps a cowboys cologne

  78. Cheap Seats

    Cheap Seats21 soat oldin

    This guy is wheezing just getting to the drivers seat lol. Needs to go see a doctor and join a gym.

  79. benji gutman

    benji gutman21 soat oldin

    How much do you want for the gray square body chevy

  80. John Geddes

    John Geddes21 soat oldin

    and aquire a peaked roof at tyre change ,forks through windows ha

  81. Zach Reade

    Zach Reade21 soat oldin

    I would love to come and just help you with stuff.

  82. Garrett Thompson

    Garrett Thompson21 soat oldin

    Now BOB has a Friend

  83. Leo

    Leo21 soat oldin

    if he bought a car compactor he would be a millionaire

  84. Jacob Zink

    Jacob Zink21 soat oldin

    Your how to drive a bulldozer was how I found your channel

  85. Erik Bob

    Erik Bob21 soat oldin

    I love my bota

  86. Edward Finn

    Edward Finn22 soat oldin

    I think you need to give “Bob” the GW treatment. Its just not right to put Bob in the cemetery like that,,, Rebuild Bob, rebuild the motor, fix that low compression, fix the tires, check the hydraulics. Maybe you can put a cummins in Bob , It would be a “Bummins “ haha

  87. Smoke

    Smoke22 soat oldin

    you will have to Cummins swap it :-)

  88. Ultra vivio

    Ultra vivio22 soat oldin

    That was so funny

  89. 2001pontiactransam

    2001pontiactransam22 soat oldin

    Awesomeness!! Look forward to see what's coming, you guy's are awesome!

  90. Jim Fix

    Jim Fix22 soat oldin

    My gehl 7800 is bigger.👍

  91. Adam Tutt

    Adam Tutt22 soat oldin

    Show us where your putting the shop

  92. Thomas Hare

    Thomas Hare22 soat oldin

    Use that to load your old d6 cat or whatever it is lol question, do you sell the vehicles you repair to keep funding your projects or What? Vehicles and parts and paint and tools cost money how do you finance your operation? Love the channel man!!

  93. Diesel Power

    Diesel Power22 soat oldin

    $1000 for bob

  94. Robonthemoor

    Robonthemoor22 soat oldin

    Awesome, getting to like this stuff, I love tractor stuff, are you getting round to do the TW30? I’m thinking of buying aTW20

  95. Murdoch

    Murdoch22 soat oldin

    That looks like so much fun! I wanna operate one of those! :O

  96. kimblery meacham

    kimblery meacham22 soat oldin

    what's up with the blue Toyota pickup

  97. Jesse Stidam

    Jesse Stidam22 soat oldin

    When u get ready to sell Bob give me a holler

  98. Idontgive 2fucks

    Idontgive 2fucks22 soat oldin

    They remind me of the 3 Stooges 🤣🤣

  99. P- Masta

    P- Masta23 soat oldin

    You look like Seth Rogan

  100. Wayout West

    Wayout West23 soat oldin

    If horse trading vehicles and fixing vehicles slows up any, I would surely watch you doing comic routines.