Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial out now -

  1. King Ollie

    King Ollie14 soat oldin

    Very creative

  2. Ricardo Nava

    Ricardo Nava14 soat oldin

    People talking about how they want a music video for The Box while I'm here wanting a video for War Baby


    SMOKEMAJOR14 soat oldin


  4. Setta XY

    Setta XY14 soat oldin

    whats the difference between my ex and the titanic? The titanic only went down on 1,000 people. 😂😂 stay blessed.

  5. groundhog1140

    groundhog114014 soat oldin

    The Production 🔥🔥

  6. RamenShay

    RamenShay14 soat oldin

    When he said visionary he sounded like gunna for a sec lol

  7. William Flores Erazo

    William Flores Erazo14 soat oldin


  8. j lo

    j lo14 soat oldin

    Is this Ray's Boom Boom Room?!?

  9. Last Ronin

    Last Ronin14 soat oldin

    Dudes a certified hit maker.

  10. Cristofer david Lopez

    Cristofer david Lopez14 soat oldin

    Godd Shitt nigga

  11. Eat Butt

    Eat Butt14 soat oldin

    I showed this to my door and it stopped screeching

  12. Ninneball

    Ninneball14 soat oldin

    Me tryna sneak downstairs to get food Stairs and door: er er er

  13. Cristofer david Lopez

    Cristofer david Lopez14 soat oldin

    Drip! Drip! Drip!

  14. Cliff Ogega

    Cliff Ogega14 soat oldin

    The only rapper who wants his audience to actually understand what he's saying and even then they still don't get it

  15. Kauê Gomes

    Kauê Gomes14 soat oldin

    O brabo

  16. mrvbadass

    mrvbadass14 soat oldin

    Just realized today that the song is called Boom Boom Room and not “Boom Boom Boom”

  17. OmniSaiyan

    OmniSaiyan14 soat oldin

    when ur makin a banger song and your mom tells you clean the kitchen 0:18

  18. Arionna McAdams

    Arionna McAdams14 soat oldin

    He needs to do a video for Prayers to the trap God , Roll dice or and War baby . It’s going to be a story behind those fr💪🏾

  19. danbow Hartigan

    danbow Hartigan14 soat oldin

    Hope hopsin destroys you.

  20. Q8浅井氏

    Q8浅井氏14 soat oldin

    I searched e oh song

  21. Vina's World

    Vina's World14 soat oldin

    This is what Ray was talking bout in Life 😆

  22. danbow Hartigan

    danbow Hartigan14 soat oldin

    This gansta would get a fright when he come nz they take his gun off him and he sees real gangsters. That fight without guns.

  23. ʙʟɪᴄᴋᴏ

    ʙʟɪᴄᴋᴏ14 soat oldin

    Nobody My broken bed: *_eEe ooo_*

  24. SnIpEr20 xTREM

    SnIpEr20 xTREM14 soat oldin

    I love it and i dont know why

  25. Max Sheikh

    Max Sheikh14 soat oldin

    1:31 “in the rolls Royce” shows Lamborghini

  26. Yuri Silva

    Yuri Silva14 soat oldin

    Brasillll crl, foda demais

  27. Gdd TyM

    Gdd TyM14 soat oldin

    2003 anyone?

  28. Cione

    Cione14 soat oldin

    Why this? Why not the box?

  29. Duhreel

    Duhreel14 soat oldin

    One of the smartest rappers of today making all the right moves

  30. Zzsamal

    Zzsamal14 soat oldin

    Roddy rich: *Bleeding to death* Roddy rich’s consciousnesses: “bOoM bOOm RoOm TimE”

  31. Always. On.top_

    Always. On.top_14 soat oldin

    Befor da 5 mil gang

  32. Magixz Illusion

    Magixz Illusion14 soat oldin

    🔥 this shit fire 🔥

  33. Julia Laiany

    Julia Laiany14 soat oldin

    Quem veio pelo tik tok

  34. Epeli

    Epeli14 soat oldin

    You know I see comments about how tik tok will be using this song and at first I was like how would that even work? But then I was like yea never mind it’s tik tok they’ll find a way.

  35. Tragik Editz

    Tragik Editz14 soat oldin

    3min after release: 45k view Next day:1.4mil veiws

  36. Jordan Pres

    Jordan Pres14 soat oldin

    This video is the rap version of the Weeknd’s the Hills

  37. ivan guric

    ivan guric14 soat oldin

    boogie da hoodie smashed it

  38. Zzsamal

    Zzsamal14 soat oldin

    Roddy: “I got these niggas scary” Selena and Justin: “👀”

  39. ·Galaxy Tide·

    ·Galaxy Tide·14 soat oldin

    "eE EeR." -Roddy Ricch

  40. Max Sheikh

    Max Sheikh14 soat oldin

    Nigga got in a car accident and went in a strip club 😂

  41. Andrielle Davis

    Andrielle Davis14 soat oldin

    top 3 on the album and it’s not 3

  42. TheDreamKareem

    TheDreamKareem14 soat oldin

    GASSED it... put the fire out fam..

  43. julen mauricio

    julen mauricio14 soat oldin

    Ah ah aaaa🎶

  44. QuaintCameronG

    QuaintCameronG14 soat oldin

    Justin Beiber: The most overrated artist that expects to get on the top every time Roddy rich, a very underrated artist: EE ERR

  45. christian armstrong

    christian armstrong14 soat oldin

    me at school err err err my friends SHUT UP

  46. LORENZO 374

    LORENZO 37414 soat oldin

    protect roddy

  47. Heatbylawrence NY

    Heatbylawrence NY14 soat oldin

    This sucks

  48. مصرية فى انجلترا

    مصرية فى انجلترا14 soat oldin

  49. デーモンFaks

    デーモンFaks14 soat oldin

    Από το πλάκα έχει;😂

  50. babygabe 0827

    babygabe 082714 soat oldin

    His lips on the thumbnail said 👄

  51. Osama Ahmed

    Osama Ahmed14 soat oldin

    reminds of the hills car crash

  52. stephen stephanou

    stephen stephanou14 soat oldin

    plaka exei gang?

  53. musthavmusic

    musthavmusic14 soat oldin

    This shit is garbage, you ain't on top of anything but your man

  54. Dark Raffa

    Dark Raffa14 soat oldin

    Nobody: Me:i came for anthonypit1

  55. Kristmaz808

    Kristmaz80814 soat oldin

    These are future's kids lol

  56. Okeyin Riles

    Okeyin Riles14 soat oldin

    Love him ❤️❤️❤️

  57. Epictheone

    Epictheone14 soat oldin

    The box is coming we just had to see the boom boom tho

  58. Ghost Hunters

    Ghost Hunters14 soat oldin

    Normal people when they get into a car crash, OH NO WE NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTER Roddy be like:ima go to the boom boom room

  59. Olivia Ladd

    Olivia Ladd14 soat oldin

    why he look just like hopsin??

  60. Cormac Selby

    Cormac Selby14 soat oldin

    This sound like it belongs in a super comeback scene or something

  61. scent

    scent14 soat oldin

    Nobody: My door: Ee eer

  62. piece of annoying hair

    piece of annoying hair14 soat oldin

    My moms bed at night: 9 months later: 👶🏼

  63. Emiphlocx KarmaSxul

    Emiphlocx KarmaSxul14 soat oldin

    Check my channel u cuntz!

  64. COOH BOY

    COOH BOY14 soat oldin

    I thought hopsin came out with another track lol

  65. scent

    scent14 soat oldin

    Ee eer

  66. 🔥Zay97🔥

    🔥Zay97🔥14 soat oldin

    roddy takin over 2020

  67. Sharp Game

    Sharp Game14 soat oldin


  68. Tyrin Turner

    Tyrin Turner14 soat oldin

    damn a nigga cant ever rap the lyrics barley can read that shit

  69. Nyzir Davis

    Nyzir Davis14 soat oldin

    I feel like he one of the best in the rap game

  70. AtlFalcons 4life

    AtlFalcons 4life14 soat oldin

    Eee Errr EeE Err- Boom Boom Boom

  71. TKINGS Gaming

    TKINGS Gaming14 soat oldin

    Eddie Murphy boom boom room

  72. Shawn Douglas

    Shawn Douglas14 soat oldin

    men ! i just hit the liquid box . sweet rythms roddy ricch . its time to move harder . time to move smarter

  73. Florida Productions

    Florida Productions14 soat oldin

    The 23k dislike Ain’t never had to go tro tough times

  74. Lauren Olivia

    Lauren Olivia14 soat oldin

    When u hear "EE ER" outside your window but you're not sure it came from a car or the balcony across the way

  75. Guacamole Man

    Guacamole Man14 soat oldin

    This song fucking exploded

  76. Neon Red Vans

    Neon Red Vans14 soat oldin

    I can’t be the only one that thought it was boom boom boom

  77. Bfmaxou

    Bfmaxou14 soat oldin

    Best music for fortnite montage🎧

  78. Charzay n Simmer

    Charzay n Simmer14 soat oldin

    Only here because of simplyaudd

  79. Jaybenew

    Jaybenew14 soat oldin

    the background singing makes the song 10x better

  80. Elton Penicela

    Elton Penicela14 soat oldin

    I can hear the future and young thug's influence

  81. future myan

    future myan14 soat oldin

    😈💜from nepal😈😇😇 lookend hiphoprealmusic @roddyrich

  82. 247Apex

    247Apex14 soat oldin

    I'm sorry, but this is music for the suburbs. Shit lame as fuck!

  83. sexy person

    sexy person14 soat oldin


  84. Jerrod Davis

    Jerrod Davis14 soat oldin

    This nigga need to make a video for the box like wtf

  85. ItsOnlyKay

    ItsOnlyKay14 soat oldin

    "Respect I Get A Lot Of It" 💯💪🏾

  86. iamnotinvolved

    iamnotinvolved14 soat oldin

    Damn Hopsin been makings HITS lately.


    DRUNK BEATZ14 soat oldin

    Roddy : im a 2020 president candidate Donald trumps shoes in the white house : eeeh errr

  88. Swazie_Baby507

    Swazie_Baby50714 soat oldin

    Been on this song 😁

  89. Imani Farr

    Imani Farr14 soat oldin

    He need new music video ideas bc he use the same idea every time 😂😂😂 strippers are boring asf

  90. Ghost Wolf

    Ghost Wolf14 soat oldin

    Trash can music

  91. Salvador Mejia

    Salvador Mejia14 soat oldin

    Bro this is impactful. No matter where you come from financially, you can make a difference. This message that is the American dream (which isn't perfect by the way, I'll acknowledge that) should be passed on and reverberated across our country to the culture, not one of victim mentality

  92. Karan Kanakadas

    Karan Kanakadas14 soat oldin

    Justin bieber: literally begs for the number one spot through social media. Roddy rich: Hold my EEH ERR!!

  93. Arda

    Arda14 soat oldin

    Nobody: Ambulance:”eEE ErRr”

  94. MTT

    MTT14 soat oldin

    When he said boom boom boom i felt that😎🙏🏽

  95. Cow Bag

    Cow Bag14 soat oldin

    Every song on this damn album a hit

  96. Leeroy Jenkins nli

    Leeroy Jenkins nli14 soat oldin

    yo Roddy Rich used to only have ONE C. NOW ITS RICCH? WTF MANDELA EFFECT


    AKROBATZ RECORDS14 soat oldin

    School boy q should be pissed 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️



    Why he look like a big ass rat