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13 kun oldin

  1. yk.frannn_

    yk.frannn_2 daqiqa oldin

    what did harry say in the back to school video it was censored

  2. The Alpha

    The Alpha2 daqiqa oldin

    Back here after a year just to realise that simon at 10:02 must have been searching stuff like ' Justin talking to underage girls with moaning'


    POISON _MYST8 daqiqa oldin

    Ksi thinking: your white or not me shrimp dick

  4. tiger cat133

    tiger cat13312 daqiqa oldin

    How dare you! !!!! I know how to teleport! !!!!>:<

  5. Sahil Bean

    Sahil Bean15 daqiqa oldin

    What most people don't realize is that Simon and Tobi are now females. They may be great men, but even better females.

  6. Oliver Willerton

    Oliver Willerton16 daqiqa oldin


  7. Sunderland AFC

    Sunderland AFC17 daqiqa oldin

    what would of beaten JJ is if harry and ethan would be on a diss track together

  8. Oliver Willerton

    Oliver Willerton17 daqiqa oldin


  9. Oliver Willerton

    Oliver Willerton19 daqiqa oldin


  10. Bradley Talbot

    Bradley Talbot19 daqiqa oldin

    Ukele not guitar big difference lol 😂😂

  11. Oliver Willerton

    Oliver Willerton21 daqiqa oldin

    2016 charity match

  12. Oliver Willerton

    Oliver Willerton23 daqiqa oldin


  13. Oliver Willerton

    Oliver Willerton23 daqiqa oldin

    What does Toby bring to the sidemrn

  14. Nicholas Williams

    Nicholas Williams24 daqiqa oldin

    This is the saddest shit i have ever seen😂😂😂

  15. Oliver Willerton

    Oliver Willerton24 daqiqa oldin

    Harry or simon

  16. DonkeyDoofus

    DonkeyDoofus25 daqiqa oldin

    Harry does NOT belong LMAO

  17. Cheha Paik

    Cheha Paik27 daqiqa oldin

    Where’s the ghillie suit at

  18. Nikita Miller

    Nikita Miller31 daqiqa oldin


  19. Avery Husk

    Avery Husk36 daqiqa oldin

    Chad is a member of dude perfect though

  20. Liam Powley

    Liam Powley37 daqiqa oldin

    Please say they know that the youtuber “the black guy with the white chin” is now scarlxrd right? A successful rock/rap artist

  21. Haaroon _07

    Haaroon _0743 daqiqa oldin

    7:12 fffffuuuny

  22. Theawesomeallitygamer // Earthsqiure6986

    Theawesomeallitygamer // Earthsqiure698646 daqiqa oldin

    Family fortunes You mean Family breakdowns

  23. Don don

    Don don50 daqiqa oldin

    Sidemen vs someone snow ball fight please. I beg

  24. Car Witness

    Car Witness58 daqiqa oldin

    That slow mo starting at 10:42 got me so badly XD.

  25. SS Rainz

    SS RainzSoat oldin

    2020 moo of??????

  26. Silvia Fernandez

    Silvia FernandezSoat oldin

    Did any body see that thing in the background oriundo minute 2 46

  27. Asher Robinson

    Asher RobinsonSoat oldin

    Aren’t these just all of his pickup lines?

  28. Fumikage Tokoyame

    Fumikage TokoyameSoat oldin

    This is hilarious

  29. Account for Watch’n

    Account for Watch’nSoat oldin

    Like for cheap v expensive camping

  30. Cath Hoskins

    Cath HoskinsSoat oldin

    Square head

  31. xXteddyXx

    xXteddyXxSoat oldin

    anyone see the ufo at 2:45 ?

  32. Bernie Hanrahan

    Bernie HanrahanSoat oldin

    Sean is Irish England did not win the 1916 rising

  33. Oskar Vester

    Oskar VesterSoat oldin

    2:45 - Yeah, Yeah they call him Scarlxrd now in the skreets ya know

  34. Cyka Blyat

    Cyka BlyatSoat oldin


  35. Dandy K

    Dandy KSoat oldin

    Anyone notice the bitch lasgna music playing for the question about pewdiepie’s pugs??

  36. SkillzForLife

    SkillzForLifeSoat oldin

    9:15 😂😂

  37. ItsameDrew

    ItsameDrewSoat oldin

    Ok but JJ won cause tobi did that same answer twice, thats gotta be a loss right?

  38. Hugh

    HughSoat oldin

    4 inches. Peak

  39. Harry Smart

    Harry SmartSoat oldin

    Does Tobi always suck on everyone’s dick

  40. FaZe SaMar

    FaZe SaMarSoat oldin

    I like simon who do u like

  41. Watna Nhanca

    Watna NhancaSoat oldin

    Rah tobi went cov uni

  42. MaxLord

    MaxLordSoat oldin

    Lol. UZgo ceo

  43. Just

    JustSoat oldin

    poor vikk he didnt deserve this - KSI

  44. BigManTing835 _

    BigManTing835 _2 soat oldin

    Why didn’t the get jj to say Roles Royce

  45. GOLD_ NATE

    GOLD_ NATE2 soat oldin

    Faze clan might be bad at soccer but atleast they can wreck you guys in gaming

  46. A1 Mattice

    A1 Mattice2 soat oldin

    Josh and jj are so akward in this video 😂

  47. purolanpastori

    purolanpastori2 soat oldin

    the girls are so damn boring

  48. euphoria _

    euphoria _2 soat oldin

    Keemstar REALLY let himself go

  49. Mist Darkness :3

    Mist Darkness :32 soat oldin

    Rumour has it that w2s is still walking the way they were going

  50. Frederik Henderson

    Frederik Henderson2 soat oldin

    I dont think i saw just 1 legal serve in the video

  51. Hon Tipp

    Hon Tipp2 soat oldin



    KVNG _STATZ2 soat oldin

    Intro 🤔

  53. James S

    James S2 soat oldin

    16:14 watch your choice of words vik

  54. Bethany May

    Bethany May2 soat oldin

    did anyone else know the child jacksepticeye picture straight away? 😂

  55. Brenden Wilson

    Brenden Wilson2 soat oldin

    The funny thing is I think he's not lying haha

  56. Charrlz Muchiri

    Charrlz Muchiri2 soat oldin

    Wizzite done me good by representing Kenya at 3:52 big up my G

  57. Carlson Ouma

    Carlson Ouma2 soat oldin

    Good work sidemen

  58. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob2 soat oldin

    3:55 is the best part of the video ahahahaa🤣🤣

  59. xTemperMental

    xTemperMental2 soat oldin

    Harry is the most dopiest looking guys but he’s one of the smartest there that’s stupid crazy

  60. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu2 soat oldin

    "You were asking for quite a lot" Dead.

  61. Lucas Bower

    Lucas Bower2 soat oldin

    Outtrow song?

  62. ItsaMeAidan

    ItsaMeAidan2 soat oldin

    fucking hell you lot are loud

  63. SoN Banger

    SoN Banger2 soat oldin

    Watch one piece stretchy arm good af

  64. Legend of Nibbaheem

    Legend of Nibbaheem3 soat oldin

    it's a compilation video ffs

  65. benny penny

    benny penny3 soat oldin

    Wtf jacksepticeye is not from the fuckin UK or US thats anoying...again english claiming famous irish people 👍🏻

  66. Siar Miftari

    Siar Miftari3 soat oldin

    When josh said that vik was the only one who missed, TOBY ALSO MISSED BOTH IN ROUND 1 AND 2 , FUCK U JOSH , STOP BULLYING VIK YOU PRICK

  67. X2erNaL

    X2erNaL3 soat oldin

    would susan wojcicki's last name be pronounce Voychiski, (Polish)

  68. Billy Sener

    Billy Sener3 soat oldin

    Do more moooooooo

  69. long neck

    long neck3 soat oldin


  70. Koala Pinapples

    Koala Pinapples3 soat oldin

    Who gives a fuck about vick lmao Jk

  71. speedy c

    speedy c3 soat oldin

    I feel bad for Tobi

  72. louise Jones

    louise Jones3 soat oldin

    Where's jj

  73. Alex Staniland

    Alex Staniland3 soat oldin

    Where was this filmed

  74. not kgb

    not kgb3 soat oldin

    They all lookin like Randy Orton about to hit the RKO

  75. Mystery food beater HD

    Mystery food beater HD3 soat oldin

    i hear that before they was famous music.

  76. Brad Barclay

    Brad Barclay3 soat oldin

    11 35 he need some milk

  77. HB Gibby

    HB Gibby3 soat oldin

    Whats the intro song called

  78. Danny Hodge

    Danny Hodge3 soat oldin

    Just watch RiceGum in the background of earthquake... Mans such a fucking tit

  79. Ben Browne

    Ben Browne3 soat oldin

    Harry- Tobi cheated Everyone- Harry's the only one who cheated

  80. ederson barrientos

    ederson barrientos3 soat oldin

    I thought you were not going to bulk KSI lol

  81. Yoloswag X

    Yoloswag X3 soat oldin

    Sidemen should drop josh and pick up calfreezy

  82. Clarks

    Clarks3 soat oldin


  83. Dezotion

    Dezotion3 soat oldin

    have you notice that they didnt put abbiegiel there

  84. James Pakianathan

    James Pakianathan4 soat oldin

    Who's here after ksi won against logan paul?

  85. Tiernan Elder

    Tiernan Elder4 soat oldin

    I dont think thats how you say her name lol

  86. Molly Evesham

    Molly Evesham4 soat oldin

    Best sidemen series

  87. Kai Hixon

    Kai Hixon4 soat oldin

    Who used all the hot water that was when JJ new he singed his death sentence

  88. Yaboimo

    Yaboimo4 soat oldin

    lol I legit got all of these right

  89. Chris Craciun

    Chris Craciun4 soat oldin

    Why was I just waiting for someone to say Deji😂😂😂

  90. Xl ow

    Xl ow4 soat oldin

    MOVING ON TO VIK. he likes kids

  91. CHAWN8R

    CHAWN8R4 soat oldin

    KSI acts like he's never played before but yet he has teachable perks unlocked & all them have level 3 perks yh lol talk shit

  92. Kami2 Gon

    Kami2 Gon4 soat oldin

    Love the intro ;> 2:15

  93. Arvind Benedict

    Arvind Benedict4 soat oldin

    that thumbnail tho.........👌

  94. Uchiha Sasuke

    Uchiha Sasuke4 soat oldin

    There is no cam at 30:42 :(

  95. A - Fyz

    A - Fyz4 soat oldin

    11:28 innocent vik

  96. wadu hek

    wadu hek4 soat oldin

    Big up mazi mazz that guy has changed a fucking lot

  97. John Gould

    John Gould4 soat oldin

    I thought this was a game about wanking off cows

  98. Jacob Batson

    Jacob Batson4 soat oldin


  99. MonAndj

    MonAndj4 soat oldin

    from jj that fall tho

  100. Steve

    Steve4 soat oldin

    14:11 that's what Bill Cosby said...