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  2. Diego Ricardo

    Diego Ricardo3 daqiqa oldin

    I don't think punk should get back in the ring, He'd do awesome as a analyst

  3. Srinivas Srini

    Srinivas Srini5 daqiqa oldin

    Well done sterio Bro hatsafe

  4. Phil C

    Phil C6 daqiqa oldin


  5. Kuro Kun

    Kuro Kun7 daqiqa oldin

    Emo Bayley

  6. Justin Credible

    Justin Credible11 daqiqa oldin

    Booker at the end fat shameing Ain't nobody talking about Popeys chicken

  7. Rigsby 1

    Rigsby 111 daqiqa oldin

    Gotta love Joe loving it in the back. ROH 4 life

  8. jordan goethe

    jordan goethe12 daqiqa oldin

    When you keep getting your ass kicked in ufc so you gotta go tell Vince to script you a win.

  9. Friday Skate

    Friday Skate13 daqiqa oldin

    Its nice to see how happy Samoa Joe is seeing Punk back. No way the wheels aren't turning in his head about trying to get Punk back to revisit their feud from ROH.

  10. austin c

    austin c14 daqiqa oldin

    Where and how can I watch this ?

  11. Bacon Danglers

    Bacon Danglers16 daqiqa oldin

    If punk ain't gonna wrestle or at least be a manager there's no point

  12. kesly philip

    kesly philip16 daqiqa oldin

    cm punk works in wwe but protected by fox talk about perks

  13. rohit arora

    rohit arora17 daqiqa oldin

    Jo'e's gonna kill you, -- on Mike.... he is a legend!!

  14. roseann james

    roseann james19 daqiqa oldin

    Good team I like that

  15. Junior Delgado

    Junior Delgado21 daqiqa oldin

    I miss 2017:(

  16. Punpun Ono-D

    Punpun Ono-D22 daqiqa oldin

    he's not gonna wrestle for wwe, but that won't stop the company from teasing the fuck out of the "what-if" matches.

  17. Hulk Goal

    Hulk Goal22 daqiqa oldin

    Cm Punk Vs Brock Lesnar

  18. Gary Caw

    Gary Caw24 daqiqa oldin

    Can someone fill me in what role punk has in WWE?.a just want him back wrestling

  19. Arshad Khan

    Arshad Khan26 daqiqa oldin

    it's so funny how he was standing on the chair to look through, looked like a little child

  20. SS Dar

    SS Dar27 daqiqa oldin

    So he's completely pulling back the curtain? Kayfabe is going to be shattered?

  21. Mark AZ

    Mark AZ29 daqiqa oldin

    I never understood the hype for this guy.

  22. Indextrading EB

    Indextrading EB31 daqiqa oldin

    Why the hell did they do this on backstage , why not bring him back live on air and make it iconic ,,, the shock would of been awesome ,

  23. Jarf D. Dorkis

    Jarf D. Dorkis32 daqiqa oldin

    I hope Punk takes a huge, steaming dump on this Lana storyline

  24. 3L J

    3L J32 daqiqa oldin

    @ 5:30-5:33 you can hear a lady say the name AJ she will be back on TV real soon #ajlee

  25. Viper Jódete

    Viper Jódete32 daqiqa oldin

    Every time I see Page all I see is her performance in her sextape with Woods

  26. Juan Cruz Moran

    Juan Cruz Moran32 daqiqa oldin

    WOW! I never thought I'd hear that theme song ever again to see you come out from behind that curtain back on TV to the Cast crew be yourself's fans want to hear honest analyst of wrestling and congrats!

  27. Moussa Omeirat

    Moussa Omeirat34 daqiqa oldin

    Oh hell yeah cm Punk Baby

  28. Naomi Rothschild

    Naomi Rothschild35 daqiqa oldin

    Wwe is already starting to ruin punk lmao! I mean look at the way they debut/present his return, with two piss poor commentars, a pornstar and two gloryfied jobbers. 😄😄😄

  29. Jeremy DeBose

    Jeremy DeBose36 daqiqa oldin

    Imagine if it was in a full arena. On the downside: CM Punk chants will return tonight for sure.

  30. தமிழன் வேலுச்சாமி

    தமிழன் வேலுச்சாமி37 daqiqa oldin

    Mass thala

  31. Jay Sizzle

    Jay Sizzle37 daqiqa oldin

    fuck wwe. they're done. punk messed up. should have went to Tony Khan and AEW. THAT'S where it's at!

  32. Raylin Aquino

    Raylin Aquino39 daqiqa oldin


  33. stns mrvr

    stns mrvr39 daqiqa oldin

    🔥The real "Best in the World"!!🌟

  34. DriizyXBL

    DriizyXBL41 daqiqa oldin

    #27 on trending 🔥🔥🐐

  35. Eddie 2o2

    Eddie 2o242 daqiqa oldin

    He reminds me of Hugh Jackman

  36. JeefMcQueef

    JeefMcQueef43 daqiqa oldin

    Great video. Mick really cares for punk you can see it and the same from Punk to Mick. Asked him if he was catching the red eye.. great moment.

  37. Pauzidi Ipuing

    Pauzidi Ipuing43 daqiqa oldin

    Ufc champion in back hahaha

  38. Xavier Alvarado

    Xavier Alvarado44 daqiqa oldin

    I want Cm punk to wresle in WWE again

  39. eVoTUBE

    eVoTUBE45 daqiqa oldin

    I love Mick, but it sucks that he got big again. He was doing so well.

  40. Parker Club

    Parker Club45 daqiqa oldin

    Disney +

  41. Andrew's Theories

    Andrew's Theories45 daqiqa oldin

    Please don’t let Paige back on, her voice is the worst and she ruined the segment by over talking during it.

  42. Dante Díaz

    Dante Díaz46 daqiqa oldin

    my adolescence is back that says it will be WWE2K20 DLC

  43. Lee Ferguson

    Lee Ferguson47 daqiqa oldin

    He's a bitch. Did you see him in the UFC? So funny

  44. LuCkYnights713

    LuCkYnights71347 daqiqa oldin

    Im going to start watching

  45. Adam Cornejo

    Adam Cornejo47 daqiqa oldin

    Sellout bitch

  46. Scott Newlin

    Scott Newlin48 daqiqa oldin

    almost 4 million....... . .. . ..

  47. Bergr B

    Bergr B48 daqiqa oldin

    Fox is making this happen. Everyone should thank them.

  48. Big Z

    Big Z48 daqiqa oldin

    It's clobbering time lol I missed that so much.

  49. Hector Mantilla

    Hector Mantilla48 daqiqa oldin

    Fuck CM Punk straight fucking trash 💯🤷🏻‍♂️

  50. Jay X

    Jay X49 daqiqa oldin


  51. Luving Gonzalez

    Luving Gonzalez50 daqiqa oldin

    Cm punk returns now to wwe

  52. Stomi Ball

    Stomi Ball50 daqiqa oldin

    Say hae yu are on TV

  53. teenage mutant ninja turtles

    teenage mutant ninja turtles51 daqiqa oldin

    i president abrham lincolin is glad to see cm punk agion

  54. WAW Network

    WAW Network52 daqiqa oldin

    Idk why this show even exists. It’s wrestling and not real wrestling scripted wrestling. Literally go to wwe UZgo channel and you’ll be informed on everything from promos, match’s, ppvs. There’s no need for this show it’s not nba or nfl.

  55. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller54 daqiqa oldin

    6:37 how they’re both like go 😂

  56. king Kyro

    king Kyro56 daqiqa oldin

    When the UFC just isn't for you....

  57. Jarf D. Dorkis

    Jarf D. Dorkis57 daqiqa oldin

    Mox vs Omega is polarizing. A lot loved it. A lot hated it. That was polarizing. This storyline is not polarizing because everybody hates it

  58. Nick Peluso

    Nick Peluso58 daqiqa oldin

    Don't think for a second McMahon doesn't want him in the ring. He ain't back to be Oprah.

  59. Oukba Nafeh

    Oukba Nafeh58 daqiqa oldin

    Who doesn't love Renee!! Put comment & likes Who love Renee Put comment & likes She's adroable, "lucky French lunatic"

  60. noname

    nonameSoat oldin

    Jeff epstein didn't kill himself.

  61. David Bloom

    David BloomSoat oldin

    David bloom and the Two Strings I don't know what to do it all the

  62. ギャングごみ

    ギャングごみSoat oldin

    Seth Rollins vs cm punk conformed

  63. Mizery

    MizerySoat oldin

    He was embarrassed but still a good guy

  64. Uswah Alpial

    Uswah AlpialSoat oldin

    Real question, is he gonna work with Corey Graves?

  65. Mauricio Coss

    Mauricio CossSoat oldin

    Cm punk is the best in the world. If we do not see him back in WWE than it will be nuts

  66. Kemari Jones

    Kemari JonesSoat oldin

    I'm so happy to see him back punk has changed the wrestling game he has always been one of those top guys

  67. Russian Bot

    Russian BotSoat oldin

    Paige almost instinctively got on her knees......she fucks everyone.

  68. Cuenta Feik

    Cuenta FeikSoat oldin

    Ay mi punketo, su regreso es inminente a la wwe, solo hay que tener paciencia para que su regreso a un ring sea a lo grande!!!

  69. Minecraft Adventures Bedrock Style

    Minecraft Adventures Bedrock StyleSoat oldin

    Ding: Winner!!! There is All the trouble in Paradise!!!

  70. Lewis Mckim

    Lewis MckimSoat oldin

    The pop on either smackdown or raw would be insane 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💥💥💥

  71. universo milenario

    universo milenarioSoat oldin

    this is makes me happy

  72. david zero

    david zeroSoat oldin

    Cm puke...loser and all around turd!!


    KING CHARLESSoat oldin

    Children relax they’re gonna do a Daniel Bryan. Have him be on a WWE exclusive show then bring him back him into the ring.

  74. Anime Shorts

    Anime ShortsSoat oldin

    He sparked by my childhood.

  75. Lewis Mckim

    Lewis MckimSoat oldin

    He should have drop to one knee and checked the time!!!!

  76. Anime Shorts

    Anime ShortsSoat oldin

    Best in the Galaxy.

  77. Lewis Mckim

    Lewis MckimSoat oldin

    Jericho punk for best in thr world 👌🏻👀

  78. John Stivers

    John StiversSoat oldin

    In case all of you wrestling babies missed it, he referenced the late Rowdy Roddy Piper, the man who cut pipebombs before pipebombs were a thing.

  79. david zero

    david zeroSoat oldin

    Hey cm bitch, go away....please!!!

  80. Raf 022

    Raf 022Soat oldin

    "You smell like spam" lolololol

  81. matt

    mattSoat oldin

    Good to see Phil again

  82. Jake Koontz

    Jake KoontzSoat oldin

    this segment was waaaaay better than i thought i would be lol

  83. John Stivers

    John StiversSoat oldin

    1:01 Paige creams herself more than she ever did on video

  84. Tronell Love

    Tronell LoveSoat oldin

    I was hyped af when I heard his return

  85. LiquidPhase1307 Phase

    LiquidPhase1307 PhaseSoat oldin

    He's back..... Great. Now i gotta track down old school friends A bet is a bet.....

  86. Jonathon Tapia

    Jonathon TapiaSoat oldin

    This feels so Disney, not one negative comment or thumbs down. Lol Hey CM Punk is my favorite WWE Super Star this generation, so I’m not disappointed, but come on, he has his Naysayers

  87. Gokunova888 ROBLOX

    Gokunova888 ROBLOXSoat oldin

    1:55 ah yes look out the window disney is now sponsoring fox totally

  88. Alexander Jhonn Torres Rodas

    Alexander Jhonn Torres RodasSoat oldin

    Miren a page, como se emociono mmmmm...

  89. Ebk Gotti

    Ebk GottiSoat oldin

    Back to wwe again huh here I come cuz ‼️

  90. Smark Thinking

    Smark ThinkingSoat oldin

    Punk can do whatever he pleases but this was defintely the least impacting way. having that music randomly hit in wwe or aew would have been insane. just like when michael cole had to announce goldberg to the ring, it just takes the piss out of it

  91. No Name Mcgee

    No Name McgeeSoat oldin

    Like seriously omg

  92. Ashley Porter

    Ashley PorterSoat oldin

    Genuinely, CM Punk could properly sink all of the AEW momentum with an appearance at Survivor Series.

  93. Mohammed Faisal

    Mohammed FaisalSoat oldin

    Commentary would have been a lot better

  94. Ryan Hood

    Ryan HoodSoat oldin

    Imagine making your return in front of 5 people

  95. easy414

    easy414Soat oldin

    5:40 Colt wya

  96. বাংলাদেশী

    বাংলাদেশীSoat oldin

    Before he enters the room he was slightly nerves but after he entered the room he just started feeling it!

  97. JonnySuite13

    JonnySuite13Soat oldin

    Hopefully, this is not a one time thing.

  98. Carlos Carranza

    Carlos CarranzaSoat oldin

    It’s only the beginning

  99. alisuo toko

    alisuo tokoSoat oldin

    "It's good to be important" - CM PUNK 2019

  100. Nightmare King

    Nightmare KingSoat oldin

    We need to see punk in the ring again like this if u agree with me