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Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.



6 oy oldin

Painting the MIRA
MUDDIES for our Subaru


9 oy oldin

Disrespected Evo

Disrespected Evo

11 oy oldin

2SEXY vs Moog's Daily
Modifying Mum's Car
2Sexy Gets a Turbo
  1. Kearne Bok

    Kearne BokKun oldin

    You miss moog and his liveliness

  2. P8ntballa(paintballer)

    P8ntballa(paintballer)Kun oldin

    I love those rims, great build.👍🏿 What kind of rims are they!?

  3. Cristian Perez

    Cristian PerezKun oldin

    I never wan't to meet a person that has disliked any MCM video.

  4. J_Litter

    J_LitterKun oldin

    Love it. What’s the background music?

  5. bubdubs

    bubdubsKun oldin

    Have you delt with the "hose from hell" yet? It usually requires you pull the motor to remove a 3" hose. NEVERMIND! 4 mins in and you mention it. I wish I had an mr2....

  6. Roger Truss

    Roger TrussKun oldin

    keep it up boyz!! Love the channel! Love the love you all put in to every episode! With the world in complete disarray you two are a shining light of automotive hope!!! So much so my son and I have gotten our family jeep back running again! uzgo.info/video/smWBtaitinlnpIY.html My son is a 5th generation vehicle owner and he is only 17 and the jeep has less than 30k miles on it!!


    CATALYST SGKun oldin

    What is the lug pattern and offset of the stock Yaris hatchback wheels

  8. paddy kelly

    paddy kellyKun oldin

    10 out of 10 welding

  9. JMS3

    JMS3Kun oldin

    I like how they are still in that garage instead of buying a warehouse like other car youtubers...

  10. aeperformance48

    aeperformance48Kun oldin

    Coming from Montreal Canada, I suggest wearing glasses when working under the car. Learnt my lesson the hard way when a piece of rust flew into my eye.. let's just say it was not a good time mate

  11. Jonathan Suaje

    Jonathan SuajeKun oldin

    Hi Moog its me again =} name of the song al 5:07 pleaseeeeeee

  12. soo taylor

    soo taylorKun oldin

    original music by icehouse cough i mean moog

  13. Jonathan Suaje

    Jonathan SuajeKun oldin

    Moog hi plizzzzzzzzzzz name of the song at 15:42. I ask you in another video about the same song please answer

  14. L Alexander

    L AlexanderKun oldin

    The ending was the funniest 😂

  15. Archer A

    Archer AKun oldin

    Name it MRO2 coz it's full of rust

  16. vspetkov

    vspetkovKun oldin

    If you other times a air leaking test here is a tip. Use a soap dumped cooking sponge, it shows clearly if bubbles come out

  17. Daniel Dulu

    Daniel DuluKun oldin

    The trunk of that car held 4 of my buddies when we went to see The Exorcist at the drive-in. Not that actual car but they all had that trunk then.

  18. Keith Walker

    Keith WalkerKun oldin

    Impressive! Can I ask how much you spent?

  19. Xander Dafo

    Xander DafoKun oldin

    Close your eyes and watch 9:38 to 10:30

  20. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiueKun oldin

    Anyone who has done much on cars has "sandwiched" something, a ground strap, pigtail, vacuum hose.....finger hmm

  21. Mykl Milligan

    Mykl MilliganKun oldin

    I know ATS, they are just down the street from me! Great shop!

  22. Ahmed Sarkar

    Ahmed SarkarKun oldin

    Thank You YT algorithm. Beautiful Build.

  23. dirk digler

    dirk diglerKun oldin

    Guys, could you put a 3.5L Toyota Camry v6 in the yaris????

  24. TidyTech

    TidyTechKun oldin

    14:40 anyone know the track ID? I'm sure it's one of Moog's but it's been bugging me for months!

  25. Creative Space

    Creative SpaceKun oldin

    Dude you should have painted that valve cover that red texture (Ferrari style lol)

  26. Chong Kelvin

    Chong KelvinKun oldin

    I've been watching this amazing video multiple times. This is a really successful project. Mira was my very first car and my friends laughed at me when I drove it back then. Love it

  27. Lee Meadows

    Lee MeadowsKun oldin

    The MRpoo will absolutely rinse the Moog Buggy

  28. Stigs Ukrainian Cousin

    Stigs Ukrainian CousinKun oldin

    I kept a mini electric folding bike in my Golf R lots of fun

  29. scott johnson

    scott johnsonKun oldin


  30. Gamer Therapy: Console Yourself

    Gamer Therapy: Console YourselfKun oldin

    *Moog:* Hey Marty, get us a scanning tool *Martin:* Hey so I got us a big block engine

  31. manny hyatt

    manny hyattKun oldin

    cool tunes man

  32. RealTyro

    RealTyroKun oldin

    The ending though.

  33. Gregory Brettin

    Gregory BrettinKun oldin

    I noticed the universal garage bandage on the finger. For inquiring minds, that's electrical tape used as a bandage. lol

  34. TechTopic

    TechTopicKun oldin

    lol i love this channel but my 3 cars in my drive way cost more then all of there cars together

  35. TrueBlueEG8

    TrueBlueEG8Kun oldin

    That engine is scrap :)

  36. LT7 Automotive

    LT7 AutomotiveKun oldin

    Question: is dump pipe Australian for down pipe?

  37. LT7 Automotive

    LT7 AutomotiveKun oldin

    Good work on this. You have continued to develop your knowledge and ability over the years that I've watched MCM.

  38. BiPolarBear

    BiPolarBearKun oldin

    thx for killing a c4

  39. Darren Swails

    Darren SwailsKun oldin

    Marty you should add 7 percent inflation for 5 years to moog since he bought his car 5 years ago..

  40. pig spartan

    pig spartanKun oldin

    buddy Japan the whole different country they have respect their

  41. t vduijvenbode

    t vduijvenbodeKun oldin

    I love your garage and hoist Marty. Just out of curiosity, why isn't the show filmed in your garage? It's got excellent lighting, all the kit. And you don't have to break your back laying on the ground. Is it a geographical issue of Moog living too far away from you, or does your missus not allow Moog near the house? 😆

  42. Deertan Natur

    Deertan NaturKun oldin

    Moog blowin up those tunes. Freaking magnificent today.

  43. Sean Burroughs

    Sean BurroughsKun oldin

    Ball bag

  44. Marquise Thomas

    Marquise ThomasKun oldin

    Was he supposed to clean the inside if that throttle body like that ?

  45. TallBeachyBlonde

    TallBeachyBlondeKun oldin

    "It's raining that's why it sounds like its raining on the roof" well shid

  46. Nick Ee

    Nick EeKun oldin

    Just to add, if you were in Canada, you could have bought Marty some weed nugget too lol

  47. Nick Ee

    Nick EeKun oldin

    Lol, and you bought him another nugget

  48. Kirk Harrell

    Kirk HarrellKun oldin

    You are going to chop Moog. I’m enjoying this one!

  49. Taha Abdullah

    Taha AbdullahKun oldin

    That Kubota mini excavator at the back

  50. Jordan Baldwin

    Jordan BaldwinKun oldin

    *Car guy/s make a UZgo* Car Guy/s: TECHNO MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Me: You don’t have to play techno, their are other genres!

  51. Noah B

    Noah BKun oldin

    I find it interesting that the Golf only picked up 100 kW with every possible mod. Most of the turbo upgrades I have been looking at for the Mk7 R pick up 125 kW to 165 kW

  52. ruginski

    ruginskiKun oldin

    If there ever was a video to lighten my day during the COVID times, this was it.

  53. Graham Sutherland

    Graham SutherlandKun oldin

    Did you change your lighting setup or camera lens for this episode? Maybe it's just diffuse reflections off those window blinds along with the natural light from outside? Either way it looks fantastic and really sharp, you guys are smashing it with the production quality lately.

  54. DeputyDanTV

    DeputyDanTVKun oldin

    I would never steal music from moog and use it in a video :P uzgo.info/video/3WNryJzSmqqGsHY.html alright fine i'll credit you and link you.....

  55. VEDS24

    VEDS24Kun oldin

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 4:49 ?

  56. Jim M 75

    Jim M 75Kun oldin

    Covid-19 lockdown, no better time to revisit some classic MCM builds, cheers Marty & Moog.

  57. Paul Aguirre

    Paul AguirreKun oldin

    i feel like without the trunk trick...you never would have gotten that whole assembly in there on your own...


    MODNRODKun oldin

    You can use the 5th injector (if they have one) to take hi-pres methanol/water with rising rate for a really effective kaboom deterrent.

  59. bilisha coli

    bilisha coliKun oldin

    I like it when I see YT mechanics make dumb mistakes. Makes me happy to know I'm not the only one that gets that "damn, I'm a dumbass" look on his face.

  60. Rob

    RobKun oldin

    It probably would have saved you a lot of time if you'd just pulled the engine out.

  61. Jeremy Tavener

    Jeremy TavenerKun oldin

    Fifth injector might've been for cold start?

  62. Matt Magain

    Matt MagainKun oldin

    What brand rust converter you use Marty?

  63. Jimf

    JimfKun oldin

    all these upgrades repairs will make a huge difference...keep persevering. I have found that short shifters on many cars make them harder to find gears

  64. Rob Griffiths

    Rob GriffithsKun oldin

    In Scotland, it's a bawbag :)

  65. killerrush77

    killerrush77Kun oldin

    Can someone local please go help this guy!

  66. G.M .F.W

    G.M .F.WKun oldin

    I like the mr2 even though it's living up to the reputation of being a kick in the dick to work on. I have low hopes of it besting the Goon Buggy which looks like it might be a missile

  67. Kale Golden

    Kale GoldenKun oldin

    You really spent an entire minute on that joke to get Moog to hand you something from the trunk? 7:05 - 8:05 ? What a silly, self indulgent, pointless, ridiculous, childish choice. I loved it. 10/10, top content as always boys. Saving our sanity while we're all staying home as we ought to. Thank you from Americaland.

  68. Ole Deuce

    Ole DeuceKun oldin

    The 5th injector on most older toyotas is a cold start injector, wander if you could convert that to meth injection

  69. Mona Lisa

    Mona LisaKun oldin

    they should make another channel that's called COOKING WITH MCM

  70. Swazy72

    Swazy72Kun oldin

    Why wouldn't you respray the rocker cover after all the effort getting it off? Would've taken 10 minutes and looked so much better.

  71. Robert Kaplan

    Robert KaplanKun oldin

    Yep, had those cars. A lot of work to get to things. Did timing belt replacements etc not much fun. On the flip side fantastic cars to drive and very responsive and very fast. Went for a drive one day, 6000 km's later I came to my destination. And then I had the drive back home, LOL. The GTS Bathurst pack was my favourite. Good video. Cheers

  72. Realtrashpl4z

    Realtrashpl4zKun oldin

    11:45 Corona spotted, they knew it...

  73. Seanzyyy 401

    Seanzyyy 401Kun oldin

    Mr2 is cool just not with the stock motor, a honda k series motor is amazing in the mr2

  74. stromada1

    stromada1Kun oldin

    Three seconds into this I was already completely annoyed by these two clowns. Do they really need to shout.... And what's up with jacking up the car as part of this "process"?..?

  75. Eric Anton

    Eric AntonKun oldin

    I like you Moog and Morty. I like Morty a little better than I like Moog, but I like Moog and Morty so much. I want to see you Moog and Morty. I want to see Moog and Morty when I awaken from my slumber. When my eyes open after a period of sleep I want to see Moog and Morty in the pale moonlight. I want Moog and Morty to come be next to me when I wake up, whether it be from a nap or a full night's sleep. Moog and Morty will you come see me sleep? I am not asking much, just that I wake with Moog and Morty standing over me, maybe touching my hand gently with their hands. A nice little treat when I wake up from Moog and Morty. Then when all is said and done Moog and Morty you can cover me in some Aussie spunk and I will glisten in the moonlight. I want Moog and Morty to cover me if their semen and then I can fall back asleep and wake back up all crusty and covered in Moog and Morty's jizz. I mean what more could a girl wish for than to be glazed in Moog and Morty's jism? I want Moog and Morty to watch me clean their cum off of my skin then. Moog and Morty will then out their shoes on and exit my property feeling much better and lighter in the nutbag area because Moog and Morty dowsed me in sweet, sweet clumps of unborn children. We all win, but especially Moog and Morty.

  76. Emerald Dragon

    Emerald DragonKun oldin

    Build a car to especially run me over

  77. Tyrone Marty Stock

    Tyrone Marty StockKun oldin

    That Volkswagen Beetles look so awesome Moog and Marty Good job with the engine👍👍👍👍

  78. Killing Fields

    Killing FieldsKun oldin

    Should of got a gt4 ....

  79. Mark Watters

    Mark WattersKun oldin

    Looks like the little buggy musta run on water

  80. MikeVictor

    MikeVictorKun oldin

    By all the gods how could anyone possibly down-vote this??? Also - love the Enkei wheels on the MR2 they match the car so well.

  81. Thomas mc

    Thomas mcKun oldin

    There youtube i watched it

  82. Jaime Villalobos

    Jaime VillalobosKun oldin

    1/4 mile time

  83. Baptiste Carron

    Baptiste CarronKun oldin

    2300$ for that piece of crap? XD

  84. ApeOfGape

    ApeOfGapeKun oldin

    Every time marty says "mr2" i hear moog calling it the "MrPOO"

  85. Valkrye

    ValkryeKun oldin

    Guys social distancing, uz are in the 1.5 meter range!!!!!!!

  86. Rick te Kronnie

    Rick te KronnieKun oldin

    Anybody else come here once in a while for that awesome guitar bit from 1:25 ?

  87. Matthew Downing

    Matthew DowningKun oldin

    CT26 turbo on my 80 series those things are everywhere. Anyone remotely near the Gold Coast / Tweed Heads needs a turbo high flowed, call Border Diesel in Sth Tweed, they are fucking magic.

  88. Rishabh Verma

    Rishabh VermaKun oldin

    Thank you very much for making this project series. I throughly enjoyed!!!

  89. Kevin Burns

    Kevin BurnsKun oldin

    I hope Marty does keep the mr2. Rare find anywhere in the world that isnt honestly that abused or been messed with alot. But I honestly still just cant stop my self from not really paying attention to marty or moog does anymore. But only to be watching the background for stuff moving or fallin. I am waitting to see what's gonna happen next lol

  90. MustangFan510

    MustangFan510Kun oldin

    Is it sad that MOOG spent AU$5000 on the MCM 180SX, and my parents bought a 2009 Holden XC Combo van (barina/ corsa c van for those who don’t know what it is) for AU$5500 as my sister and my first car

  91. Brian Vaughn

    Brian VaughnKun oldin

    If you leave the trunk lid/boot off you have a Ute. Think about it...

  92. connor green

    connor greenKun oldin

    I feel that marty should be over budget 😂😂

  93. Alex Lao

    Alex LaoKun oldin

    love your shows as always

  94. Iconic Gaming

    Iconic GamingKun oldin

    i love it, even if its not practical haha

  95. Brian Cauchi

    Brian CauchiKun oldin

    They touched tips!🤣🤣😂

  96. Bever Chakus

    Bever ChakusKun oldin

    sw20's going to spank. No contest.

  97. Dave Wsh

    Dave WshKun oldin

    UZgo did take away my subscribtion on MCM

  98. big Hurtt

    big HurttKun oldin

    Greetings from the quarantined, shelter in placers....!!

  99. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyKun oldin

    “The old boost control, don’t need, there’s a bunch of piping that is just in the way” Marty - 2020

  100. Marwin Jacinto

    Marwin JacintoKun oldin

    Does a k series fit in there