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  1. mark stoodley

    mark stoodleyKun oldin

    They have built a giant bass ball bat and it will be knocked out of the park

  2. eios 4

    eios 4Kun oldin

    this guy is full of crap

  3. aye me

    aye meKun oldin

    Just so yall know before this video started I had an ad with him in it talking abt what it’s like in a rocket ship

  4. V E A U J X

    V E A U J XKun oldin

    How thicc is thiccsilver?

  5. Imbopam

    ImbopamKun oldin

    i didnt even have to do 8

  6. Jed YT

    Jed YTKun oldin

    Rami Malek is still acting freddie mercury

  7. Franzrhed YT

    Franzrhed YTKun oldin

    0:32 most awesome bruh moment

  8. Yeetis Deloutis

    Yeetis DeloutisKun oldin


  9. Max lopolo

    Max lopoloKun oldin


  10. Hani n

    Hani nKun oldin

    Is it just me or the click bait looked like Rounda Rousey

  11. Hailey Davidson

    Hailey DavidsonKun oldin

    *What is the Wakanda language?* Me: Me: ... Me: Wakandin?

  12. Mark Marks A Mark

    Mark Marks A MarkKun oldin

    Cena’s horoscope is Taurus.

  13. Sagen Hansda

    Sagen HansdaKun oldin

    I'm rock skipping champion ( said normally) Me -I'm ad skipping expert (saying proudly)

  14. Yerzhan Kurmanbay

    Yerzhan KurmanbayKun oldin

    again these two are so tired and just wanna get out of there, it's not enjoyable

  15. Josh stevenson

    Josh stevensonKun oldin

    what a king honestly seems nice

  16. yoonmin is real

    yoonmin is realKun oldin

    Mr. Chris Hadfield is the reason why I wanna be an astronaut.

  17. Fin te riele

    Fin te rieleKun oldin

    DR. Sean Nordt be looking like colonel sanders 😂

  18. Pat G

    Pat GKun oldin

    This is great , but someone will get hurt. Those welds look suspect, and the use of wood to support the track will get you into trouble when it starts to deteriorate

  19. Nice Nasw

    Nice NaswKun oldin

    اوهه كيوت فين و ميلي‏ɵ̷̥̥᷄ˬɵ̷̥̥᷅. ليش ماشفشفو بعض‏ɵ̷̥̥᷄ˬɵ̷̥̥᷅.

  20. Ralphy’s Replays

    Ralphy’s ReplaysKun oldin

    i watched an masterclass ad before watching this video and i was amazed that it was the same person

  21. Wanna One

    Wanna OneKun oldin

    Tom holland so cute

  22. Connor Dickerson

    Connor DickersonKun oldin

    Apparently Britney Spears ran it in 5 😂

  23. Gourab Kar

    Gourab KarKun oldin

    Too many interruptions. i came here to listen to her, not video editing skills

  24. Iliya KURTEV

    Iliya KURTEVKun oldin

    Q. Where does Chris Hadfield live? A. "I live on Earth. Wasn't always true."

  25. hiram hacklesworth

    hiram hacklesworthKun oldin

    The Rooney Japanese accent was an intentional comic stereotype. Intentionally politically incorrect. So criticizing its accuracy with a snide F bomb was punkish and unfair. And this guy had to know it.

  26. Acheron LV-426

    Acheron LV-426Kun oldin

    here you have NYC health commissioner on February, 2nd telling everybody to get in the subway as always and go to the parade. corona is a mild thing. A HEALTH COMMISSIONER SENDING PEOPLE TO GET INFECTED. SHAME OF HER. STOP ASKING US FOR MASKS AND DO THINGS RIGHT!!!!!! uzgo.info/video/3n9rpYrHdX5m14o.html SHE STARTS AT 21:37.

  27. Luke Chamberlain

    Luke ChamberlainKun oldin

    Who hired this guy?

  28. simply me

    simply meKun oldin

    Doctors and Scientists are the REAL life savers, real heroes.

  29. Derek Kirchinger

    Derek KirchingerKun oldin

    Covid-19 is fake, it really cause by doctors.

  30. Isak Bakk

    Isak BakkKun oldin

    nah noah

  31. Yerzhan Kurmanbay

    Yerzhan KurmanbayKun oldin

    is there any of these interviews where the people are not dead tired?

  32. Joe Lozzi

    Joe LozziKun oldin

    Are u casted to play Mr.Fantastic?

  33. Marek Stirling

    Marek StirlingKun oldin

    20:06 - His suit and the curtains look ABSOLUTELY nothing alike...

  34. Pxz qlifz

    Pxz qlifzKun oldin

    is it real blood

  35. Mervess

    MervessKun oldin

    2:49 Chriss!!😂 Who is that cutie girl? I see too many times them together

  36. Dominic Lin

    Dominic LinKun oldin

    Imagine you’re told to write a manual guide for every trick. Specifically at 1:46. Yup.

  37. Chrono

    ChronoKun oldin

    7:15 shes also the most toxic operator in the whole game

  38. juicebox

    juiceboxKun oldin


  39. Miss Cracker

    Miss CrackerKun oldin

    Why was tan holding Antonis hand the the whole time

  40. Hawa Mohd

    Hawa MohdKun oldin

    Everything will be alright.

  41. shabana arshad

    shabana arshadKun oldin

    I wonder what would happened if hulk played this

  42. im

    imKun oldin

    Because we don't get into each other's minds, we can't figure out if someone is lying or not Based on real facts and events that have occurred and after consideration by personal testimonys prove that someone is lying or not Nowadays most of the time, the researchers technique or witness reports help to that helps the authority to find evidence of reality

  43. Dannielle Shepherd34

    Dannielle Shepherd34Kun oldin

    😂 when the question was “why does he not have an accent on riverdale” I was like bish u have an accent he talks normally, where my fellow kiwis at

  44. A. H.

    A. H.Kun oldin

    Add some air mask ;)

  45. Clayton Lehmann

    Clayton LehmannKun oldin

    RSS producer: gets pregnant Other RSS producer: that’s deep man

  46. Alex Rus

    Alex RusKun oldin

    But uh..? Why did we see him tho

  47. Antariksh Cho

    Antariksh ChoKun oldin

    3:30 Samuel L Jackson vs Cat Me: *now that's an avengers level threat*

  48. shubhangi kumar

    shubhangi kumarKun oldin

    Now I realised where we got the name of butterscotch icecream 😂

  49. Tweety bird Gamer

    Tweety bird GamerKun oldin

    Can you do a game boy advance

  50. Yerzhan Kurmanbay

    Yerzhan KurmanbayKun oldin

    The look so tired

  51. Qais zaidi

    Qais zaidiKun oldin

    Why she didn't answer the school question?

  52. Eccentric Dragon

    Eccentric DragonKun oldin

    He's right about the demographics that brought by different race to America. He predicts the innovation and made something out of his passion.

  53. scarce gamer

    scarce gamerKun oldin

    Sooo he has cancer, and survived

  54. Kpop Life

    Kpop LifeKun oldin

    I just finished watching the movie Passengers lmao

  55. Tyler Is a kid

    Tyler Is a kidKun oldin

    Norman you got a nickname with the baby in death stranding it’s called “Norman reedus and his amazing fetus” yeah it’s weird

  56. Ella Rigby

    Ella RigbyKun oldin

    What can't nick offerman do ?

  57. Lol_YouDeadKid

    Lol_YouDeadKidKun oldin

    Mason jar in pants that’s what we men have when we wake up

  58. Anton Luca

    Anton LucaKun oldin

    This man breaks the physics of Minecraft he can craft without a crafting table. Strong man what can I say.

  59. i wayan kartana

    i wayan kartanaKun oldin

    i LOVE John cena

  60. Sam Travis

    Sam TravisKun oldin

    Whoever got the new 180 degree camera and wants to use it on every video, just stop. I actually can’t stand to watch these videos even though I’m sure the content is great

  61. Arif Ikhwan

    Arif IkhwanKun oldin


  62. James Harry

    James HarryKun oldin

    I saw someone's feet under a conveyor belt and knew who it was. It was how he stood I guess. I hadn't seen the person in 15 years.

  63. Lilu B.

    Lilu B.Kun oldin

    I only know him because of Liza.

  64. Michael LUIS

    Michael LUISKun oldin


  65. Aieyan

    AieyanKun oldin

    And for the Which Lilly Singh character are you and i got lillyyyyy

  66. Stefania Feltrin

    Stefania FeltrinKun oldin

    finn:her name is rose,she is dead however thx for the memories me lol

  67. ackroyd11

    ackroyd11Kun oldin

    He needs to find a woman

  68. gacha sophie

    gacha sophieKun oldin

    Noah at the question who is his celeb crush: the other one I love *stares a millie* u know what next question!...... #shipit like if u agree

  69. Sir Dootsalot

    Sir DootsalotKun oldin

    What piece is this though

  70. tubeyoukey

    tubeyoukeyKun oldin

    Best man

  71. Conwills Bruno Bruce

    Conwills Bruno BruceKun oldin

    After watching this, I noticed one thing. Reading through the comments and the clip tells a lot about how we are all so differently affected by this act. Reminds me of the video in the link uzgo.info/video/2Z-q2n3Fno6WqX4.html that speaks about our different levels of perception. Try it out.

  72. Bob Taylor

    Bob TaylorKun oldin

    Minus 1 subscriber. I hate Liberals!

  73. Aieyan

    AieyanKun oldin

    Lilly Singh and I can relate. I don't wanna hurt the other colour's feelings either. And here's the story When my brother and I were little, we would drink milk before going to bed. And he didn't want to drink his milk and then my mom told him that if he didn't, then the milk would get sad. I overheard and to this day, I still don't want any one's feelings even, with non-living things. And what I do is that if I eat something, I will take another piece so the food inside me doesn't feel lonely 😂😂😂 And btw, here makeup and hair are on pointttttt. For the whole video, I was just looking at her lipstick and eyeliner.

  74. Stonic 69

    Stonic 69Kun oldin

    S I M P JK love you Norman reedus

  75. Runs with Bulls

    Runs with BullsKun oldin

    Why my brain thought it was Barack Obama pointing gleefully at strawberries.

  76. Doctor699

    Doctor699Kun oldin

    Hopefully in years to come more and more people get to experience living, working and sleeping in space. I imagine weightlessness feels wonderful, and when the lights are out perhaps the most lethargic and relaxing way to be. Really hope we get back to the Moon within this century. I wonder how living and sleeping on the Moon would be like at 1/6th Earth gravity. Not just in a hammock like the Apollo missions, but perhaps in a base like the ISS, although on the lunar surface. 2 weeks in the sun, 2 weeks in the dark. In the dark i know i'd be fighting to keep the shades off the windows, lying in bed looking up to that blue marble where life began.

  77. Namit Prasad

    Namit PrasadKun oldin

    Amazing. Add colour to them please.

  78. Angie Nicholls

    Angie NichollsKun oldin

    Whoever edited this is a god

  79. Imbopam

    ImbopamKun oldin

    this is way too confusing its stressing me out i think im about to cry

  80. MacMa _

    MacMa _Kun oldin

    Did she play Subnautica?

  81. Syed Abdussalam

    Syed AbdussalamKun oldin

    Noah is trying to be a good friend to millie and she's friendzoning him And getting friendzoned by Finn.

  82. Dreamscape

    DreamscapeKun oldin

    21:40 well that aged like milk.

  83. Mahir Tajwar

    Mahir TajwarKun oldin

    Y'all should really check out "Swissbeatbox" if you really want to see what beatboxers are capable of

  84. shabinaya dhakal

    shabinaya dhakalKun oldin

    Surprised there is no question about the president attempted assaination

  85. Riftsee

    RiftseeKun oldin

    Why cant i see anyone

  86. Raja Kar

    Raja KarKun oldin

    hey in the last layer he teaches pll and oll if you learn f2l you will learn cfop i didnt know that this is oll and pll but when i saw j perm video he was explaining the same thing this is not beginer method this is 50%cfop 50%begginners

  87. english mxffins

    english mxffinsKun oldin

    Tom is my future husband, okay people. DON'T MSS WITH HIM OR ELSE

  88. CptBear

    CptBearKun oldin

    Wait a minute,,, I know the first guy! He famous

  89. Lilly Griffiths-Mawle

    Lilly Griffiths-MawleKun oldin

    Nobody: Tom Holland: ThAtS HOW I Got jAckeD.

  90. funnybus3rd

    funnybus3rdKun oldin

    Drinking game: take a shot every time he says "artistic license"

  91. Harsh John

    Harsh JohnKun oldin

    Anyone during quarantine?

  92. Zuuydak

    ZuuydakKun oldin


  93. R A

    R AKun oldin

    I just noticed Niall have chest hair and I believe Jade mentioned in one of their interviews before that a man with chest hair is a turn on. Omggg! But I know they were just friends 😔

  94. BenTechnology ROBLOX and more

    BenTechnology ROBLOX and moreKun oldin

    I still use Siri it’s cool and I thinke for me ist good but I also like cartona and a bit google

  95. Kevin

    KevinKun oldin

    15:35 is that tom selleck??

  96. magnetictheory

    magnetictheoryKun oldin

    "I live on Earth. Wasn't always true" Smooth

  97. Holy Kafir

    Holy KafirKun oldin

    My wife did it. No experience in bowling, she did 7 or 8 strikes and her last shot was a 7-10 split. It seems slightly surreal.

  98. Mathias the Raccoon

    Mathias the RaccoonKun oldin

    You can put used frying oil in a diesel car. The engine and fuel system might require some modifications, but it can be done for cheap.

  99. Nazmul Islam Pial

    Nazmul Islam PialKun oldin

    His last line was awesome!

  100. Justin Gorton

    Justin GortonKun oldin

    Hey, I go to UWW.