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Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh

Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make UZgo videos now. I am also a happy unicorn that believes in one love. Join me on my adventures!!
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Life During a Pandemic
Stages of FOMO
How To Be Petty 101
  1. R J

    R JKun oldin

    Just here for the thumbs down don't mind me

  2. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarKun oldin

    Michael Osterholm says different on JRE of how you will get infected

  3. Life of Abz

    Life of AbzKun oldin

    fousey is the only arab guy on the ship

  4. Wild One

    Wild OneKun oldin

    142k infected Only 2480k fatalities ??? tWAMP must be doing the sums. If it's liget' thats awesome, you know.

  5. Hebis Hebis

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  6. enlightened1 Wright

    enlightened1 WrightKun oldin

    I hate this - but when I tried to listen there is no audio. Mine is turned up all the way and works on other channels? From the comments it appears to of worked for everyone else? I'll try back later.

  7. Saned Ziad

    Saned ZiadKun oldin

    Um. You're still not funny

  8. Kaylan God Yt

    Kaylan God YtKun oldin

    How is a bad time to have diarrhoea

  9. Lalbiakdiki Biakdiki

    Lalbiakdiki BiakdikiKun oldin

    His dad has nail polish … 😂😂😂😂

  10. gacha_flame xD

    gacha_flame xDKun oldin

    I'm always in my hot house and I'm not getting the coronavirus I don't know how though but I'm not saying don't just live in a hot room it just works for me ok but not for other people ok

  11. Zooce Pierce

    Zooce PierceKun oldin

    Your the last person to take medical advise from

  12. Raima Bhandari

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  13. Gamer Karan Walia

    Gamer Karan WaliaKun oldin

    Yah lokie tha pagil ai Only punjabi's understand this

  14. Alia .684

    Alia .684Kun oldin

    I wish my mom was like that

  15. Daramies Paddio

    Daramies PaddioKun oldin

    Clean Out Your Appearance Cool Kool Cut College Retirement From Daramies Jules Paddio 2020

  16. Monkey See

    Monkey SeeKun oldin

    Why are you even a thing

  17. I am an Alien

    I am an AlienKun oldin

    UZgors are wannabe celeberties that crave attention and money.

  18. Gurpreet Choongh

    Gurpreet ChoonghKun oldin

    I'm just scared of covid-19 mutating..

  19. exodus diva

    exodus divaKun oldin

    Great debunking myth vid and good way to get awareness out there, thank you. For those who are moaning about the fundraising or have nothing intelligent to say, shhh, only donate if you can afford to do so.

  20. Donald Quirk

    Donald QuirkKun oldin

    Yeah I'll buy this for a dollar.

  21. Sean

    SeanKun oldin

    Donations just go to her pocket lol no thank you ive learned to save my money. Use you’re 10 million $ budget to help covid 19

  22. Oshi Kesha

    Oshi KeshaKun oldin

    This is so so true!! I can even tell how many times i have faced a situation like this 😂

  23. Vik

    VikKun oldin

    Didnt she brag about being a millionaire and owning a tesla on her TV show? Why does she need 10k?

  24. Makenzie Copeland

    Makenzie CopelandKun oldin

    Funny that this stared right after T-Mobile came out with 5G network

  25. Dilnaz Afghan

    Dilnaz AfghanKun oldin

    Omg Guys plz watch this its serious

  26. Dilnaz Afghan

    Dilnaz AfghanKun oldin

    Guys plz watch this its serious

  27. SLIME XX

    SLIME XXKun oldin

    There is something bigger then us happening then this little as bideo

  28. keith wilson

    keith wilsonKun oldin

    i must say ginger root and other roots can help but yes they aint going to cure you

  29. Tl Cox

    Tl CoxKun oldin

    Me: *Watches this* My sister: What's Hasan Minhaj doing on Lily Singh?

  30. arix1313

    arix1313Kun oldin

    I have a aunt and she is a doctor and she has to help people with coronavirus I’m only eleven years old so when I herd my aunt telling my mom who she’s helping and the worst part is that she’s in a country that she won’t get a test of coronavirus so my mom told her to c quit her job But she sed she wants to save the persons so I’m gonna ask my mom if we can donate because if we sacrifice a little bit we can help so much more so if I can give you any advice I would tell you to donate so if you don’t want to take my advice don’t do it for me do it for other people that have the virus

  31. Maruf Maruf

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  32. itjust sharisse

    itjust sharisseKun oldin

    you. era. funny. Lilly😂🤣😂🤣

  33. aman keswani

    aman keswaniKun oldin

    I swear so true

  34. Harry. B. Renner. jr.

    Harry. B. Renner. jr.Kun oldin

    This man Dr. Fauci is a wonderful and important person to all of us right now. and we should look to him for the correct answers. to this pandemic virus situation we are in. and I believe that he will give us any important information. about breakthroughs ect. right away as soon as he finds them out. Thank you so much Dr. Fauci and you stay safe also.


    DOPEBOY_ ADRIANKun oldin

    My ant Dad got the virus

  36. M3rcury Lane

    M3rcury LaneKun oldin

    Just repent your sins and turn to the lord ❤️

  37. itjust sharisse

    itjust sharisseKun oldin

    I. Like. Wishing. you😁😀

  38. America First Paleoconservative

    America First PaleoconservativeKun oldin

    I wish there was a virus only brown people could catch.

  39. Jose Coss

    Jose CossKun oldin

    The source is a goverment spoolie..

  40. keith wilson

    keith wilsonKun oldin

    but dont get me wrong he does give out facts

  41. Gamer Karan Walia

    Gamer Karan WaliaKun oldin

    So im indian and like, why you no take picture with curry?!? AND THEN THAT PLAYER CURRY-

  42. keith wilson

    keith wilsonKun oldin

    yep and gets more crazy when deep state on here dr fauci this rabbit hole gets real deep but one must do massive research. hey dr deep state

  43. Muskan KAUR

    Muskan KAURKun oldin

    That’s mean

  44. Kay Ling

    Kay LingKun oldin

    I disliked the video just bc I don’t like her, I have no reason not to, I just don’t...well she is annoying so I wanted to spread some hate 😁

  45. Anthony Yang

    Anthony YangKun oldin

    How to get the 2k$?? UZgo giving out money right??? I'm poor.

  46. Miss. Arya

    Miss. AryaKun oldin

    Damnn Indians are so talented and beautiful

  47. Ghaemi350z

    Ghaemi350zKun oldin

    damn ngl this girl just annoying

  48. Dwayne Coates

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  49. Gurpreet Choongh

    Gurpreet ChoonghKun oldin

    Bougie pink girl, AND NICKI MINAJ Yass queen!

  50. Nana Aforo

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  51. Blaba Cocaz

    Blaba CocazKun oldin

    im sorry but maybe you should've done some research to articulate your questions better. You're no way near qualified to be interviewing a doctor to teach the public.

  52. Angie Peinado

    Angie PeinadoKun oldin

    can i take my view back. i came for facts and not the longest pointless info with shout outs and donate this donate that .

  53. dani cali

    dani caliKun oldin

    suddenly you're a news reporter, lilly? did you donate $10,000 of your own money?

  54. Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures

    Andy & Amys Arizona AdventuresKun oldin

    It can live on all that ..and a bag of chips 😦

  55. Tomas Moreno

    Tomas MorenoKun oldin

    250,000 from youtube isn't that much know they are a multi-million dollar company it seems kind of cheap

  56. dani cali

    dani caliKun oldin

    i would not go out now in public without a face mask as too many people are going round coughing without covering their mouths. he says for people not to wear masks unless they work in health care, but sorry, f*ck that

  57. itjust sharisse

    itjust sharisseKun oldin

    Hi. Lilly🤗🤗

  58. Sír Knëukel

    Sír KnëukelKun oldin

    Just send the chìnesë virus carriers back to their communist junkyards.

  59. dani cali

    dani caliKun oldin

    spain and italy are both warm climates, and they have the highest mortality rates so far

  60. Natasha Chaturvedi

    Natasha ChaturvediKun oldin

    ..the best youtuber in the world!!!....Lilly please make a parents react to any music video....its always so hilarious when they react to Nicki Minaj.😂🤣


    FARHA AHMEDKun oldin

    The Classic :You can become whatever you want to become in your life a)Doctor b)Engineer c)CA And of course Money doesnt grow on trees

  62. ///RONTOURAGE ///

    ///RONTOURAGE ///Kun oldin

    Hmnnn, giving advice while holding a cough drop and talks like he has smoked for 40 years. Let’s see if this clears up for him a month from now.

  63. Patchwork Undead

    Patchwork UndeadKun oldin

    Next time just take a Plan B. It'll kickstart your period.

  64. Dave Ridlespriger 2

    Dave Ridlespriger 2Kun oldin

    Minus a couple of ATTITUDES I think it would've blue the other way

  65. Ayesha shah

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  66. Hunter Kline

    Hunter KlineKun oldin

    He looks like Vladimir Putin

  67. zach stach

    zach stachKun oldin

    1:54 when fake parents meet real parents

  68. Goodnight Robichaux

    Goodnight RobichauxKun oldin

    So irritating

  69. Ivana Rudy

    Ivana RudyKun oldin

    Go get lost!

  70. clickfor mia

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    Why tf is the comments so negative? Like chillllll

  71. Rob Campbell

    Rob CampbellKun oldin

    You stink.

  72. Planet Bolshevik

    Planet BolshevikKun oldin

    I’m a Doctor and I believe we are at the left outer edge of the pandemic. The problem is if we were on the right outer edge our trajectory would be balance to center edge of the virus. Thus making the expediency of this fakery much easier to tolerate... Good luck starving to death folks 👋🏽

  73. Theo Dora

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  74. klash.e1even

    klash.e1evenKun oldin

    Where's the funny part

  75. John C.

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    All false fake news!

  76. Sapar Yasharal

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  77. Verum Dicere

    Verum DicereKun oldin

    Hospital beds ran out from Global Media Fear Mongering. We have a Pandemic thanks to [email protected] Buffet and Bill [email protected] donating BILLIONS for population control, virus creation and vaccines. The website for this ran 2009-2011 and was a decade long process, thus the CEOs resigning at such a convenient time. You're Welcome!

  78. RiseAsTheDawn -

    RiseAsTheDawn -Kun oldin

    11 billion subscribers. pretty sure there aint that many people in the world

  79. Elnease Hasley

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    There is no adio

  80. Paul Pierce

    Paul PierceKun oldin

    How does this chick get views so terrible

  81. zuhair rafeeq

    zuhair rafeeqKun oldin

    Lilly since you travel a lot what is your favorite airline

  82. Brian Mandolini

    Brian MandoliniKun oldin

    Lilly Singh thanks 🙏 for sharing this interview ❤️👍


    JUST LIKE SARAHKun oldin


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  85. Mitali SREENIVASAN

    Mitali SREENIVASANKun oldin

    damnnn now i want a british nicki

  86. Cindy P

    Cindy PKun oldin

    I like how all she's trying to do is spread a little more awareness in the world and is trying to do her part in the fight against this virus, but all everyone is doing is insulting her like they have contributed anything towards this fight

  87. Mariana Becerra

    Mariana BecerraKun oldin

    I feel exposed, I am not a mom, but I am married, and I am exactly like that... AND I used to complain about my mom when I was younger lol...

  88. Cat lover Buchanan

    Cat lover BuchananKun oldin

    What I do is I just wake up a few hours early so I have time to get ready and make my day worse or better

  89. Dharshana G

    Dharshana GKun oldin

    i am unable to donate from my region :india

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    There was no audio!!!

  91. Ajit Rathod

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    she looks adopted :( no offence

  92. Aderlouston Luc

    Aderlouston LucKun oldin

    Why would someone unlike a video who has some serious information like that? Some people are just haters for no reason. SMH 🤦‍♂️

  93. Dharshana G

    Dharshana GKun oldin

    useful max :)

  94. Jason G

    Jason GKun oldin

    25 seconds in and her personality makes me wish COVID would kill me

  95. Zenell Langenhoven

    Zenell LangenhovenKun oldin

    How does lilly know so many people. Is she a celebratey knower. What am I saying ,she knows alot of people.

  96. Claudia vargas

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    8:32 so just like condoms not 50% of protection 😷😷😫😫🙍🙍

  97. Aderlouston Luc

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    What’s the name of the music 🎶 that playing in the background please?

  98. h e r o h i m l o w

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    Is NO ONE going to talk about the fact that her intro changed, what happened to the unicorn

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  100. A wild triangle

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    Lilly: "Look its so hot outside im sweating. Im sweating." Me: *quietly looks at snow outside* Yup, this checks out